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Goldicocks Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Oral

“I can’t believe how perfect you fit me. All of me. Every hole.”

It’s great to hear that, I must confess. I’ve been lucky, I suppose, in that I’ve been told this by more than one woman. Why is that important? Because it means that there’s less likely a chance that someone’s just trying to say something they don’t mean.

All my life I’ve heard people talk about how important dick size is. I think I might be one of the few people in the world who doesn’t have a gigantic dick and is quite happy about it. I mean, I actually feel sorry for those guys who have never experienced a deep throat because they’re just too big.

Even at my average size of six inches, I’ve “bottomed out” while being inside a woman. Hitting a woman’s cervix does not look like it’s very comfortable, despite what the pornos seem to indicate. I can’t imagine having to withhold a good hard session because I’d be afraid of hurting someone on every thrust.

But it’s not just about length or even girth; it’s about shape. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of pornos, and there’s something about my cock that just looks ideal. The head flares at the right proportion and erect I’m rock hard but with silky smooth skin. I confess, I truly love holding it in my own hand. Oral, vaginal, anal: my cock is the perfect shape for any orifice.

My girl, though, it’s as if she lives for it. I confess her obsession about my cock has been the single biggest boost to my own confidence and made me start believing the things girls had told me before. Look, I know women lie in order to make guys feel better about themselves. It’s easy to convince yourself when you don’t have a porn-star’s cock size that they’re just giving platitudes.

Oh, but my girl changed all that. The way she wants me, the way she takes me whenever she likes, I’ve often wondered if she treats my cock like a security blanket. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

She’s one of those women that guys dream about – an absolute lady in public, and a complete vixen just for me. The best part is that I never know when she’s going to just do something. Every time she does, our sex life just gets better.

I still remember how I came to understand all this. I was taking a rare break from work and sitting on the couch trying to decompress in front of the TV. I had put on a DVD and settled into the corner to watch some mindless violence. Lesley came home from going shopping and came into the living room and lay down with her head in my lap.

“Taking a break?” she asked. She knew I was trying to prepare for a client meeting that I wasn’t looking forward to.

“Yeah,” I sighed.

She didn’t say anything, but just lay in my lap watching the screen. I kind of got the impression that she was distracted about something, and that her question was just perfunctory.

I stroked her hair absentmindedly as the movie played, and her arm came up to stroke mine. Her fingers started fixbet tracing down to my bare thigh, just under the hem of my shorts in a sort of no-look caress. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it except she was starting to stroke the sensitive part of the inner thigh. Like a magic button, I could feel myself start to become aroused.

I looked down at her, watched her golden hair filter through my fingers. Her face in profile, the light caught her glossy lipstick as well as her eyes and reflected back at me. She stayed focused on the screen, however, oblivious to me marveling at her. She’s one of those women – you know the kind – the women who has no idea how stunning she is.

Suddenly I felt like I was 19 again. I had no control over my cock growing as her fingers played over my skin. Little by little her fingers were moving the hem of my shorts upwards and out of the way so she could caress my thigh, and I watched with amusement and slight embarrassment as my cock began to grow towards her hand.

At that point, I knew it was all over. Just the sight of my cock growing harder and extending towards her unsuspecting fingers sealed the deal. With an involuntary contraction, my cock leapt at her outstretched fingers.

Completely unfazed, she simply started running her fingers over the head of my cock, lightly tracing her fingertips around the ridge of the head. She made no sound, no acknowledgement of what was going on, and I was stunned at how she seemed to make no difference between running her fingers along my thigh and along the shaft of my hard cock.

In fact, the coolness of her behavior just started to rock my world. I had to fight the urge to move my hips up and down (mostly because she was still lying there). But it started looking as if she really was just playing with my cock rather than trying to turn me on. Still hard, I turned my focus back to the television.

It didn’t last long. Suddenly she turned and ran her lips over my cockhead. Her eyes were closed, and she never looked up at me. Light kisses across the top, then her tongue slipped out between her glossy red lips to slide along the length. It’s hard to describe, but it was almost as if she wasn’t really wasn’t there. She was clearly in her own world, just sucking and licking my cock.

Her movements were so minimal. She wasn’t giving me a blowjob: she was tasting me. She wasn’t going down on me, this was something obviously only for her. There was something about the way she was doing this that made me keep my mouth shut and my body still. My cock, on the other hand, couldn’t stand still and jumped around her mouth with each tight suck.

I watched her in astonishment. Despite the fact that she wasn’t trying to get me off, she was giving me some of the best head I’ve ever had. Her mouth, lips, and tongue explored every part of the flare of my cockhead rim, sucking hard at times.

She never opened her eyes. Whatever fixbet giriş fantasy she had going through her head she kept it to herself, but she was definitely getting into it. She left my cock in her mouth as both hands moved to her jeans. Unbuttoning them, she reached into her panties to dip her fingers inside her pussy.

Now, if you watch pornos, or even women who are putting on a show for men, you’ll see very easily that there are some things you do for show, and not because it feels good. This was not one of those times. The way she was sucking on my cock with both hands deep in her pussy, it was easy to see that this was completely for her.

I don’t remember ever being so turned on. I’ve always felt self-conscious that women didn’t really like oral sex, that they were just doing something because I liked it. For me, though, I need to know that a woman really enjoys it for me to get into it too. Without realizing what she was doing, she was allowing me to let myself go as well and get truly turned on without fear or worry.

I could feel her breath alongside my cock shaft as her breathing started to get staggered. Her face started to wince, a pre-orgasmic grimace of concentration. I would have given anything I had to find out what the hell she had been fantasizing about, thinking about. Whatever it was, it was bringing her to the brink, and her being at the brink brought me there too.

I looked down at what she was doing between her legs, and could only see the outline of her fingers working underneath the cotton fabric. I could hear the soft wet noises from there, though, and watched in erotic fascination as her panties spread soaked wetness outward. I could imagine her fingers sliding over her bare naked pussy, unhindered by even the slightest trace of hair. I couldn’t see it, but I knew it was happening, and it had the same effect.

Just knowing that she had gotten so turned on that she couldn’t even wait to take off her clothes just made this all the more sexy. I didn’t know which made me more excited: the fact that she was masturbating to a fantasy in front of me, or the fact that she was using my cock to satisfy an oral fixation in order to get herself off.

She was desperate to come. I could see it in her face, her eyes pinched shut, the look of fierce determination, her breathing staccato and forced through her nose. She refused to release my cockhead, sucking harder in fact, going deeper down the shaft. Her mouth opened and swooped down a little farther before sliding back. She never went more than halfway down my shaft, but it was as if she was trying to suck her own orgasm out of me.

Now, it usually takes a lot of work for a woman to make me come in her mouth. My mind gets in the way and I can’t just let myself go. With Lesley, though, I didn’t have a choice. Watching her grab at my cock with her mouth as she fucked herself, the sounds of her fingers bringing her off, brought the familiar tingling that started down around my balls and hips, racing around to the front and up through my cock shaft.

My come hit her mouth and she paused momentarily, not surprised as much as allowing the force of my orgasm to register in her own body. It was the calm before the storm, a trigger that sent her far far beyond the edge. She screamed around my shaft, the vibration coursing through my cock and resonating deep to the bones of my pelvis. If her mouth hadn’t been wrapped around my smooth cockhead the neighbors would probably have thought she was being murdered.

She continued to suck me, which was becoming more and more sensitive – too sensitive, in fact. Trying to be careful not to buck my hips, my back convulsed instead. Her mouth created a strong vacuum with each orgasmic muscle cramp between her legs.

I watched her come back down to earth, her body starting to relax. I could see the wetness of her fingers as she withdrew them from her panties, and I felt an absolutely overwhelming urge to suck them dry, to lie down right there and lick her pussy. This was not the time, though. I’d get my chance later, just not now.

This was something different; this was her masturbation session. She had allowed me to watch her, to let me know that she had been turned on by me, knowing that she needed my cock in her mouth at that moment, needed me to come in order for her to finish (though I doubt she even knew that’s what she needed at the time). She could have gone upstairs, could have run into the bathroom, could have even claimed she wanted a shower and run off to take care of herself without me knowing.

Instead, she felt comfortable enough to not only simply start masturbating in front of me but actually simply took the initiative and used me to do it. All of it worked for me. She could do that any time she liked.

And she would – several times afterwards. It became a fantastically common occurrence, one that didn’t happen every time we sat down on the couch, but enough for us to understand exactly the rules. She sometimes just got the urge to have my cock in her mouth, she told me later that it was the perfect size, that she adored the texture, that she would think about her tongue running just under the ridge and up around to the tip and would feel an absolute need to have me in her mouth.

It wasn’t spoken, but it never felt right to touch her; this was her masturbation, her way of getting off. The chance that I came was just a bonus. Sometimes I didn’t, though, I just enjoyed watching her take me in her mouth as she brought herself off. Usually she came far too quickly for me to orgasm, when she would stop and go back to watching TV. The times that I came, though, were always the strongest for her. There was something about feeling my cock swell and come that sent her to much higher places.

That first time, though, after she started watching TV again, she said, “God, I love your cock. It’s not too big, not too small. It’s just right.”

She paused. “You’re my Goldicocks,” she said, chuckling.

I stroked her hair, and went back to watching TV as well.

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