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Lizzy P.

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Lizzy’s DaddyDom helps her through a doctor’s appointment

“Lizzy? Lizzy!? ELIZABETH!?”

“Snnrk, hmmm? Wha?”

“Why are you still sleeping? We have to get going or you’ll be late for work. Get up.”

“I don’t wanna go, Daddy. I don’t feel good.”

“Why don’t you feel good? What’s wrong?”

“You know…”

Lizzy blushed and pulled the blankets over her face. She’d been having an ongoing issue that was rather embarrassing and she didn’t like to talk about it. She felt the bed dip as he sat down next to her, pulling the blankets back. Lizzy curled up into a ball of embarrassment as Daddy rubbed low on her tummy, his big hand pushing gently against her.

“Are you gonna go pee for Daddy, babydoll?”

Lizzy shook her head mutely.

“Come on, munchkin, you haven’t gone since last night before bed, I know you have to go.”

Daddy grabbed Lizzy’s hand and tugged her up out of bed, leading her to the bathroom. She really did have to go, but it hurt, and it was so humiliating having to go pee in front of Daddy. Pulling her PJ’s down, Lizzy sat there in silent protest. She wanted to be mad at Daddy for invading her privacy in such a debasing way, but as his big, warm hand started gently rubbing her tummy, putting steady pressure on her bladder, Lizzy found it harder and harder to be mad, and more difficult to hold it in.

“Can’t I go by myself, Daddy?”

“Now, Lizzy. What happened the last time Daddy didn’t watch you go? Hmmm?”

Lizzy mumbled, cheeks flushing in shame. “I held it too long.”

“Yes, you did. And what happens when little girls hold their pee too long, Lizzy?”

Incoherent mumbling.

“What was that, Lizzy? Speak up, babydoll.”

“I saidddd I peed my pants, Daddy.”

“Yes you did. Now you don’t get the privilege of deciding when to go, or having privacy when it’s time to empty that tiny baby bladder of yours. Now pee for Daddy.”

Lizzy sighed heavily, unable to hold it anymore. As she started to go, Daddy’s hand pushed a little more firmly, his voice soft and encouraging, distracting her from the pain. “Good girl, Lizzy. Let it all out. That’s Daddy’s girl.”

Lizzy finished, waiting for Daddy to leave so she could clean herself and get in the shower. Instead of leaving, though, Daddy grabbed a wet wipe from the nearby container, nudged Lizzy’s legs open, and very gently wiped her clean. The blush on Lizzy’s face was so hot she wondered if Daddy could feel the heat radiating off of her skin. After mumbling a hasty “thank you, Daddy,” Lizzy hopped up and into the shower.

Lizzy went to work, spending nine hours in grown-up clothes making grown-up decisions at her very grown-up job. Daddy checked in with texts throughout the day, and each one made Lizzy smile and feel warm and small in that way only Daddy can make her feel. The last text was her favorite; it came at the same time every day and always filled her with a bubbly excitement. “Daddy is waiting out front, come get in my car, pretty girl.”

Lizzy said goodbye to her co-workers at the elevators and walked through the lobby, her low heels click-click-clicking on the marble floors. Through the glass doors and down the steps, Lizzy hurried to the car waiting at the curb, and got into the passenger seat. Lizzy’s smile was bright and happy as she greeted Daddy, and she stole a kiss as he leaned over her to buckle her seatbelt.

“I missed you so much today, Daddy.”

“I know babydoll, Daddy missed you too. I was thinking we could make a few stops on the way home, pick up-“

“Daddy can we go straight home, please? I, uhm, I gotta… I gotta go.” Lizzy was fidgeting in her seat.

“Lizzy,” Daddy’s voice was very stern, “Did you hold it in all day again?”

Lizzy nodded mutely, looking down at her feet and blushing. She wasn’t supposed to hold it in like that.

“Lizzy, honey, that’s not good for you. It’s not healthy. We’ll go home but we’re calling the doctor and making you an appointment as soon as possible.”

Lizzy spent a long time sitting in the passenger’s seat in silence. She was upset that she disappointed Daddy again, and so terribly embarrassed about her little pee problem. She was also very afraid of going to the doctor. The more she thought about it the more her fear grew, until she blurted out “Daddy I don’t want to go to the doctor. He’s mean.”

“Lizzy, honey, Doctor Hill isn’t mean, he’s a very good doctor and he takes really good care of his patients.”

“Daddy. The last time I was there he did ouchy things.”

“Sweetie he had to do that test to make sure you’re healthy. He was just doing his job. I promise I’ll go with you. You’ll be brave for me if I hold your hand, right, babygirl?”

Lizzy sighed and nodded, anxious about a visit to the doctor sometime in the near future. Of more immediate concern, however, was her urgent need to pee. When they finally pulled into the driveway, Lizzy bolted out of the car, unlocked the door, dumped her purse and briefcase at the foot of the stairs and ran upstairs to the bathroom. She canlı bahis was sitting on the potty, panties and pantyhose around her ankles, whimpering when Daddy walked into the bathroom. Lizzy looked up at him, her expression pained.

“I held it too long, Daddy, I can’t go…”

“Yes you can, sweetheart. You’re going to be a big girl and go pee. Keep trying. You can do it.”

Lizzy shook her head, on the verge of tears. Seeing his little girl like this broke his heart, so Daddy came over and pulled Lizzy up, taking off her clothes. “Get in the shower on your knees, little one.”

Lizzy did as Daddy said, getting into the big glass-walled shower and kneeling facing the door. She watched as Daddy took off his clothes, folding them neatly and putting them on the counter, then he stepped into the shower in front of her.

“Daddy has to pee, too, sweetie. Spread your knees nice and wide for me, and when I start going, I want you to rub your princess button and pee for Daddy, okay?”

Lizzy nodded, spreading her knees wide and exposing her pink slit. Daddy took his soft cock in his hand, aimed it at Lizzy’s cunny and started pissing, the warm spray landing just above her pussy, then more directly on her clit. Lizzy rubbed her piss covered clit and watched the stream of piss coming out of Daddy’s cock, drenching her pussy lips and forming a puddle underneath her. After a few seconds she started peeing too, the relief sending a little shudder through her body.

Daddy’s voice was enthusiastic as he exclaimed “Good girl, Lizzy! Keep going, babydoll. Daddy is so proud of you!”

Daddy finished pissing all over his babygirl, and waited a moment more while Lizzy finished. When she was done he instructed her to keep rubbing her clit, and he used his hand on the back of her head to pull her mouth onto his cock, cooing “suck Daddy clean, my little piss princess.”

Lizzy took Daddy’s soft cock into her mouth, her eager tongue lapping up the last drops of piss still clinging to him. She could feel his cock getting hard in her mouth, and smiled up at Daddy while she continued to suck, her clever tongue flicking and teasing the head of his cock. It wasn’t long until Daddy was fully erect, holding the back of Lizzy’s head while his hips pumped his manhood in and out of Lizzy’s mouth. The firm grip on her head, the taste of Daddy’s cock on her tongue and the sounds of his growling and moaning pushed Lizzy over the edge and she moaned around Daddy’s cock while her little cunt twitched and convulsed in orgasm.

Lizzy gasped as Daddy grabbed her roughly by the arms, jerking her up off the shower floor and turning her around, pressing her hard up against the shower wall. Daddy’s thick cock pushed inside her wet cunny, stretching her open.

“Is Lizzy Daddy’s girl?”

Whimpering. “Yes, Daddy, I’m your girl.”

“Daddy owns you, doesn’t he? Daddy gets to use you like a filthy little urinal and you like it, don’t you, dirty girl?”

Moaning. “Yessss, yes, Daddy.”

“Rub your little baby clit. Come on, you dirty piss slut, cum again. Cum on Daddy’s cock like an obedient little whore.”

His hands gripped her hips tightly, pulling her back onto his cock as he thrust forward, ramming himself into her over and over again, dragging his cock along her g-spot, bumping painfully against her cervix. The pain mixed with pleasure made Lizzy feel high, her fingers flying over her clit, and Daddy’s words were the final push she needed to cum again, her cunt gripping Daddy’s cock like a vise. It wasn’t long before Daddy was spilling his seed into her and telling her what a very good girl she was for Daddy.

Two showers and a phone call later, Lizzy was resigned to her fate; she was going to see the doctor next week.

Lizzy was dragging her feet, both figuratively and literally as she shuffled up the concrete walkway that led from the parking lot to the front door of the doctor’s office. Daddy was holding her hand, pulling her along.

“Come on, little girl. You have to be brave for Daddy for just a little while. If you’re a good girl, when you’re done seeing the doctor we can go buy you a new stuffie, okay?”

Lizzy sighed and nodded, but even the thought of a new stuffed animal was not doing much to bolster her mood or her courage. She hated seeing the doctor, being poked and prodded and humiliated all while wearing one of those ugly hospital gowns. For a few seconds Lizzy contemplated running away, but decided the punishment for that would be worse than just sucking it up and seeing the doctor.

The receptionist was friendly, and she smiled warmly at Daddy and Lizzy, taking Lizzy’s information and telling them to have a seat. The nurse that came and called Lizzy to the back and took her height, weight and blood pressure was also warm and friendly. She took Lizzy and Daddy into a private exam room, wrote a few things on Lizzy’s chart, then instructed Lizzy to take off all of her clothes and put on a hospital gown.

As Lizzy sat on the exam table in the thin gown, she shivered, her 3d slot oyunları nipples tightening into stiff little peaks. Daddy was sitting in a chair nearby, reading one of the anatomy posters on the wall. Lizzy was just about to ask if they could leave now when the door to the exam room opened and Doctor Hill walked in. The doctor was older than Daddy by at least ten years, his hair thick but almost completely gray. His glasses were thin gold frames, and they lent a seriousness to the doctor’s dark brown eyes.

“Hello, Elizabeth. I’m surprised to see you back so quickly; it’s only been a few months since I saw you last.”

Before Lizzy could answer, Daddy spoke up. “Lizzy has been having some pretty serious bladder issues lately, Dr. Hill.”

“I see. Well we’re going to do a full exam today. Will you be staying and observing the exam?”

“Yes, I’m staying, just to help keep Lizzy calm.”

The doctor turned to Lizzy as he put his stethoscope in his ears, pressing the metal disk against Lizzy’s chest through the hospital gown. With a frown, Dr. Hill tugged the gown down to Lizzy’s waist, then pressed the stethoscope to her chest again. This time the metal was cold on her skin, contrasting against the heat in Lizzy’s blushing cheeks. With a firm hand on Lizzy’s shoulder, the doctor moved the stethoscope to her back, instructing Lizzy to “Take two deep breaths for me, Elizabeth. Good, your lungs sound very clear. I’ll need you to lay back for me now.”

Lizzy laid back on the exam table, blushing and trying very hard not to fidget. The doctor pressed his fingers against the sides of her neck, then pushed firmly on her stomach. Lizzy whimpered when the doctor put pressure on her bladder.

“Do you have to urinate?”

Lizzy shook her head vigorously, but Daddy piped up from his seat in the corner of the room. “It’s been a while since she went. She holds it in because it hurts to go.”

“Elizabeth, you’ll need to vacate your bladder before we can continue the examination. There’s a bathroom right there.” He pointed to a door on the other side of the exam room, then pulled the hospital gown away from Lizzy’s lap.

Lizzy was completely naked and totally mortified as she got up and walked over to the bathroom. She flipped on the light, then sat there trying to go but unable to, her nerves making the task all but impossible. After a few minutes of nothing happening, the doctor knocked on the door, but didn’t wait for a response before entering.

“Are you having difficulty, Elizabeth?”

Lizzy nodded.

The doctor pulled a pair of rubber gloves out of his pocket, putting them on with a rustle and a snap. Crouching in front of the still-seated Lizzy, Dr. Hill pushed her knees open wide, then parted her cunny lips, looking closely at her. He rubbed a fingertip gently over her urethra.

“Does it hurt when I touch you there, Elizabeth?”

“No, Doctor.”

He rubbed a little more firmly, and Lizzy winced. “Sorry, dear. Can you push for me?”

Lizzy tried to push out the pee while Dr. Hill rubbed her gently, and finally after a few moments there was a trickle of yellow liquid coming out. Lizzy emptied her bladder while the doctor watched closely. When she was finished the doctor stood up, removed his gloves, washed his hands and instructed Lizzy to clean herself then return to the exam table.

Lizzy sat on the edge of the exam table, but the doctor took her shoulders and laid her down on her back. This time when he pushed on her bladder Lizzy stayed still and didn’t make any noise. His hands continued to press firmly along her abdomen, all the way down to right above her cunny. Lizzy couldn’t help but turn red.

“I don’t think the problem is actually your bladder, Elizabeth. I’m going to need to examine you further. Put your feet in the stirrups for me.”

Lizzy scooted down on the table, the red in her cheeks turning three shades darker as she put her feet in the stirrups and Dr. Hill pushed her knees open. Standing between her open legs, the doctor put on a fresh pair of rubber gloves. He parted Lizzy’s pink pussy lips, noting that she was slightly aroused, a sheen of wetness coating her inner lips.

The doctor’s gloved finger brushed gently up and down between Lizzy’s lips, spreading her wetness over her clit and making Lizzy whimper. Daddy mistook the whimper for one of fear and came over to hold Lizzy’s hand while the doctor closely examined Lizzy’s labia and clitoris.

Lizzy closed her eyes and Daddy brushed a strand of hair out of her face. “You’re a brave girl, babydoll. Just hold Daddy’s hand and it will be over soon.”

“I’m going to insert a speculum now, Elizabeth. This may be uncomfortable.”

The doctor pulled a clear plastic speculum out of a drawer, removing it from its sterile packaging. Holding it sideways, the doctor slowly pushed the speculum into Lizzy’s tight pink hole, opening her up to his gaze. He pulled a flashlight out of the pocket of his white coat, shining the bright light on Lizzy’s most private klasik slot area.

It felt like hours ticked by, but it was actually only a couple of minutes that the doctor stood there. He left for a moment and Lizzy opened her eyes, looking up at her Daddy. He smiled down at her and brought her hand to his lips, kissing it tenderly. As Lizzy put her hand back down on the exam table, she accidentally brushed the front of Daddy’s pants, shocked to feel her Daddy’s cock was hard. The first touch wasn’t enough for him, so Daddy took Lizzy’s hand and put it on the front of his pants, making her rub him discretely while the doctor was on the other side of the room. Lizzy continued to gently massage Daddy’s cock through his pants, feeling herself getting wetter and blushing more brightly. She jerked her hand away quickly, though when the doctor returned with a tray of instruments.

“Elizabeth, the problem you’re having, and the reason why urinating is painful, is because you have a small urethra. When you’re aroused, the swelling in your vaginal area makes the urethra even smaller, which makes it difficult for you to pass urine. What I’m going to do is use these sounds to stimulate and stretch your urethral opening. It’s going to be uncomfortable at first, but as you become more aroused you may enjoy the sensation.”

The doctor picked up a very thin metal rod and Lizzy squirmed watching him apply a clear lubricant to one end.

“Hold still for me, Elizabeth, I’m going to insert it now.”

Lizzy whimpered as the doctor rubbed the tip of the cool metal sound against her tiny little pee-hole. It felt weird, but not in a painful way. Slowly the doctor slid the thin rod into her. When it was about halfway inside of her, the doctor stopped pushing.

“There, now, is that painful at all, Elizabeth?”

“N-no, Dr. Hill. It just feels funny.”

“Good girl. Now don’t wiggle around. I’m going to touch your clitoris.”

Daddy stood there holding Lizzy’s hand and trying to hide his erection as the doctor used his gloved thumb to rub Lizzy’s clit. She whimpered and moaned, embarrassed but enjoying the sensation.

The doctor addressed Daddy, asking “Is she able to reach climax?”

“Yes, she climaxes often.”

“What is her preferred method of stimulation?”

“She enjoys penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. That’s the quickest way to make her cum.”

“I see. Elizabeth, I’m going to go to a bigger size now, it may hurt at first.”

Lizzy whined when the delightful stimulation on her princess button stopped. She opened her eyes and watched as the doctor selected a new sound, the same length as the current one but with a larger circumference. After applying lubricant to the larger rod, the doctor removed the first one.

“Ah, yes I can see you’re more dilated now. Let’s see if you can take this bigger one, hmmm?”

Sliding the new sound into her, the doctor was not quite as gentle as the first time. Lizzy winced and bit her bottom lip, but the doctor was focused intently on sliding the sound into her urethra and didn’t pay attention to her reaction. Daddy noticed, though, and started petting Lizzy’s hair.

“Daddy’s right here, darling. I know it doesn’t feel good, but the doctor is going to make you all better, babydoll. Be brave for Daddy.”

Lizzy squeezed Daddy’s hand and moved her head closer to him, being careful to keep her lower body still while the doctor slid the sound in and out of her. After a moment or two Dr. Hill started rubbing her clit again, soothing some of the uncomfortable feeling.

Daddy asked “how much longer do you think it will take, Doctor?”

“Well that depends. We need her to climax. Perhaps it would move along more quickly if you helped?”

“Yes, of course, Doctor. What can I do?”

“I’m going to stimulate her clitoris and her g-spot. Could you perhaps stimulate her nipples while I do so?”

Daddy nodded and smiled down at Lizzy as his hand moved over her tummy and up to her breasts. Daddy pinched and pulled on her left nipple just as the doctor inserted two fingers inside of her pussy, pressing against her g-spot and Lizzy moaned. While Lizzy was distracted by Daddy’s fingers playing roughly with her nipples, the doctor removed the sound and inserted an even bigger one, this time slowly fucking her with it while his other fingers pressed and rubbed against her g-spot, which was made clearly visible with the speculum still inside her.

“Elizabeth, what makes you orgasm the strongest?”

Lizzy blushed and whimpered, “when Daddy cums inside me.”

The doctor continued to press against Lizzy’s g-spot and fuck her urethra with the small metal rod. Even with all the stimulation, Lizzy just wasn’t getting close to having an orgasm.

“Elizabeth, would it be easier for you to cum if your Daddy put his semen inside of you?”

Lizzy nodded and moaned, her cunnyhole clenching at the thought alone of having Daddy cumming inside of her. The doctor noted her response and motioned her Daddy over.

“For the treatment to be effective she needs to orgasm and it just isn’t happening. I need to leave the sound and the speculum as they are, but you can stimulate yourself manually and ejaculate into Elizabeth. That will hopefully trigger her orgasm and we can finish the treatment.”

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