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Dale and Liz Do Mom

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I hadn’t meant for this to be a two (or more) part story but it seemed to demand it, also, I had a request for a second part. The first part is titled Dale. So here is the second part. I’m thinking of a Chapter 3, but I don’t know yet, my time is at a premium.

A word for those of you who have nothing better to do with your time or life, if you have nothing but insults for me, save them, I know the limits of my skills. On the other hand if you’ve creative criticism I’d be happy to hear it. And if you want to chat, it would be best if you are female. Thanks


It had been a long and exhausting day and all Susan wanted to do was get home and pour a glass of red wine. She was ten minutes from her house and the traffic was beginning to back up and she began to swear. Usually when this happened she didn’t let it bother her, but she was going on four hours of sleep and a crushing work load.

It had taken her twenty minutes to complete the usual ten minute drive and by the time she was out of the car and the garage door was only half closed, she was already opening the buttons on her blouse. She slammed the kitchen door and headed straight for the liquor cabinet and poured a healthy glass of wine. She tossed her blouse onto a nearby chair and sprawled on the sofa in the den. She kicked off her shoes and swallowed half the glass of wine and sighed with relief.

Dale, her eldest, was home from college for the summer and he had a job but he usually didn’t get home till late, but now it was past nine and he wasn’t in which meant that he was with his friends. His sister Elizibeth was working part time but she had said she’d be with her friends which for her that meant that she wouldn’t be home till at least midnight. Susan had the house to herself.

She loosened the button and zipper of her skirt and lay back on the sofa, not wanting to move anything but the arm with the wine glass at the end of it. It wasn’t long before the glass was empty and she was dozing off. Soon the glass fell from her hand and her head bowed down and she was sound asleep.

The moment she had left her office she had removed the band that held her dark up in a bun and now it had fallen loosely halfway down her back. The hair had fallen forward and her face was half hidden and it was this way Liz saw her an hour later when she got home. Her mother wearing a lacy, black push-up bra that barely covered her nipples and her skirt open. She wasn’t wearing a slip so her panties were nearly visible. Liz wondered if she was wearing panty-hose or a garter belt.

She poured herself a glass of wine and sat down to study her mother. She was lovely, but she was also half naked and her brother Dale would be home soon. So what should she do about her it? She could wake her and send her to bed or she could get a blanket and cover her, or she could wait for Dale and they could carry her to bed.

She’d seen her mother naked but that had been years ago, now, laying there with her hair in her face and wearing nothing but a bra and skirt was rather erotic. Liz found this exciting and tried to think why she found her mother so. She wanted to pull her mom’s skirt off to see if her panties matched her bra and whether or not she was wearing panty-hose, mostly she wanted to see what her mother looked like naked.

She poured another glass of wine and stood beside her mother trying to make a decision. As she starred at her mother she decided the heck with it, and setting down her wine glass she carefully pulled her skirt of. She dropped the skirt on the floor and looked at her mom. She had black lacy panties that matched her lacy bra and Liz took in a sharp breath. Through the material she could see that her mother shaved her pussy and that surprised the girl. She casino siteleri giggled.

But now she wanted to see her mother’s naked pussy, see what her lips looked like and if they looked like hers. She watched her mother’s face, making sure she was still sleeping soundly and after several minutes she thought she could go ahead. First, she needed another sip of wine. Now she was ready and with a deep breath she took hold of the waist band and started pulling the panties down, past her knees then off altogether. Liz stood and looked at her mom’s pussy and smiled. Bending down she got her mother’s ankles and spread her legs apart until she could see all of her pussy.

It was beautiful! The lips were closed so that they made just a slit between her legs and that was what Liz’s pussy looked like until she was aroused. Then the lips parted and the inner lips opened like a flower. Liz could feel her juices running down her legs, her panties were soaked and she loved it. Also she was so horney she could hardly stand it. And that meant she wasn’t done with her mother yet. Carefully she reached behind her and unclipped her bra and pulled it away from her tits.

Except that her mom’s tits were bigger than hers, they looked the same. Both had protruding nipples and the areoles were darker. Liz sat down on the chair across from the sofa and stared at her naked mother. She slid her hand down the front of her pants and began rubbing her pussy. She slid her fingers between her pussy lips which were getting wetter and wetter. Slowly she was working her way to a climax but first she had to take her pants and panties all the way off. Now she was naked from the waist down, her legs spread wide, and she was rubbing her pussy with one hand and her clit with the other. She inserted three fingers into her cunt and fucked herself as hard and as fast as she could. It wasn’t long before she was cumming, trying hard not to scream.

Her orgasm has started somewhere in her brain and rocketed all the way down to her toes and back up again, slamming into her cunt with the force of a mac truck. For several minutes her hips bucked up and her body rocked to the multiple orgasms before she finally stopped cumming. She was near to passing out, sweat was rolling down her body. She quickly shucked her blouse and bra and now she was naked, too.

It was then that Dale came home and before Liz knew it he was standing in the living room door looking at the two naked women. “Liz! What the …?

Liz shushed him, “mom’s asleep, keep your voice down.”

He hissed at her, “what the fuck is going on here? Why are you guys doing naked?”

“Mom was asleep on the couch, she had her skirt open and her blouse off. I think she was drinking.”

“That doesn’t explain why she’d completely naked.”

“I undressed her, dummy.”

“What the fuck for? Couldn’t you just wake her and send her up to bed?”

“I could of but I didn’t, I wanted to see her naked.”

“Are you turning into a lesbian?”

“No fucking way, asshole, I love cocks too much!”

“Yeah? So why are you naked? Your cunt is all wet, are you jerking off?”

“What do you think?”

“So you got mom naked, so you could get naked and jerk off?”

“Yeah, you got a problem with that?”

“Fuck, now what? We can’t leave her like that.”

“We can carry her upstairs and put her to bed.”

“Right.” For the first time Dale began to look at his mom. She had a gorgeous body and he had to wonder what it would be like to fuck her. He loved the way her pussy looked and wondered what it would look like when she got hot. Her tits were like Liz’s and he wanted to play with them. Hell, he’d fucked Liz once already, but it was a wham bam sort of thing. He had shoved amerikan ruleti his cock in her and fucked like a rabbit until he shot his cum and then pulled out. He wanted to take time with her now and give her a proper fucking.

“Okay, I’ll take her shoulders and you get her feet, but move up so you can get her by the back of her knees,” Dale said.

He got her under the arms and around her chest just under her tits, and giggling, Liz got between her legs where she had a perfect view of her mom’s pussy. She wondered what it would taste like and if she would ever get a chance to find out.

Walking slowly backward Dale made his way to the stairs with Liz following. Slowly they made their way up the stairs and into her bedroom. Gently they laid her on the edge of the bed and pulled the covers down on the other side then moved her over there and pulled the rest of the covers down. Their chore done they both stood and looked at their naked mom. Liz, naked was dripping pussy juice down her legs and Dale’s hard on was beginning to leak pre-cum.

“What now?”

“What do you mean, what now?” Dale was sure he knew what she was talking about but he wanted to hear her say it.

“Wouldn’t you like to touch her pussy, if not with your tongue then you fingers?” Liz smirked.

“You lick her pussy, you’re the one who wants too.”

“You’re a sissy!”

“Fuck you.”

“Well then, lick her pussy.” Liz challenged.

“What, you think I’m scared?”


“Aw fuck you.” And with that Dale took a deep breath and bent over, his nose less than an inch from that glorious pussy. A faint scent rose from it and it was intoxicating. Putting out his tongue he slowly licked her from the bottom of her pussy to the top then back down again. This was awesome! He licked her again top to bottom and back again. About the forth time he pushed his tongue between her lips and got the first glorious taste of his mom’s pussy juices and he loved it. He continued licking her pussy, inside and outside and having the good sense to avoid her clit, that would surely wake her. And that was the last thing he wanted. He pushed his tongue deeper into her cunt and fucked her with it, wishing it was his cock, but hopefully that would come later. He felt a tap on his shoulder and looked up.

“My turn,” Liz said.


“Yeah, move your ass I want a taste too. Watch so she doesn’t wake up.”

Reluctantly Dale moved away but now without one final lick. Liz bent over her mother’s pussy and didn’t hesitate for a moment. She had her tongue between the lips and was licking fast and furious. This was the first time she’d tasted pussy and she loved it, in her mind she make sure that she would get more.

She licked for several minutes and now the juice from her mother’s cunt was flowing fast, puddling around her ass, soaking the bed. That didn’t stop Liz, she licked as much juice from her ass as she could. Dale tapped her on the shoulder. He was naked and he had his massive hard cock in his hand and jerking off. He wanted to lick more pussy while he jerked off. Liz had another idea. When Dale resumed licking his mother’s cunt Liz took over jerking him off. Life, he thought, doesn’t get any better than this.

If either sibling had bothered to look they would see that Susan’s eyes were open just a tiny bit and she had a little smile on her face. Dale’s licking was getting him closer to her clit and if he could hear her thoughts he’d know it was time to start sucking on it. But he couldn’t and he was concerned that that would wake her.

Liz had never had a cock in her mouth, let alone one this big, but she was doing the best she could and loving every second of it. She was hoping that she could avrupa ruleti get him to cum in her mouth but she had to see if her mother was still sleeping. She was amazed that she could sleep through all this. But that was okay, maybe next time they could play when they were all awake.

Dale was running out of control and now he was sucking his mother’s clit and fucking her with three fingers. Liz, working hard on his cock had him seconds from cumming, he stiffened, he felt his balls beginning to let go and suddenly he was shooting streams and streams of cum into Liz’s mouth and down her throat. His mother was cumming too, but she tried hard to control herself, not wanting them to know she was awake, but her orgasm, like her son’s was earth-shattering.

Dale fell away from his mother and leaning against the bed, sat on the floor trying to get his breath. He had a smile from ear to ear, his cock was still semi-stiff and oozing cum. Liz sat there looking at it and decided this was too much to waste. She slide it into her mouth again and sucked on it till there was nothing left to suck out. But this time Dale’s cock was hard again.

“Do you think mom came?”

“I think so, she was moving around, and thanks for the blow job. Your first one?”

“Yep, good, huh?”

“Yes it was.”

“Okay, you and mom got off, now what about me? What are you going to do to get me off?”

“See this hard cock here, sticking straight up in the air? You can sit on it.”

Liz got up and straddling her brother’s lap, placing his cock at the entrance to her cunt, slowly sliding down on it. She loved the way her pussy felt being stretched out by such a magnificent cock. Slowly she slid down, relishing the feeling that it had on the inside of her pussy. At first she didn’t think she could take it all the way in, but before long she was feeling his balls against her ass. She was riding his cock, loving the feeling of every stroke, the way it felt against the walls inside her pussy. And the stretching, she couldn’t believe how wonderful that felt inside her cunt.

For several minutes she kept a steady pace, not wanting to cum, but simply to feel his cock inside her cunt. She didn’t know how long she could put off an orgasm, but she held her pace. As it turned out her brother wasn’t going to hold out that long and he began ramming his cock into her hard and fast.

She couldn’t help it, she matched his speed and Dale went stiff and so did Liz and both started cumming at the same time. Dale was pumping stream after stream of cum into his sister’s cunt and she was pouring out her pussy juice down his cock, balls and onto his ass. After several moments their orgasms were slowly faded and they collapsed against one another. Dale loved the feeling of his sister’s tits against his chest, they were small and firm and the nipples were rock hard.

If they would have paid attention they would have seen their mother leaning over the edge of the bed watching them, and fingering herself. And her two lovely children fucking their brains out. It wasn’t long before she had three fingers in her pussy and a couple from the other hand twisting and teasing her clit. She still had her son’s cum running down her legs as well as her own pussy juice and she wanted more, but not tonight.

She watched as they began to cum and she worked her fingers even faster until she too had a most intense orgasm. She couldn’t remember if she’d ever cum so fantastically. But she was shaking all over, rolling over on her back with her legs still spread wide apart and her fingers still in her pussy, moving slowly and sensuously.

She was thinking about fucking her children. She knew that there was not only moral issues involved, but there was also the legal aspect of it. But she had felt her son’s cock in her and she wanted more of it. And her daughter’s lovely little shaved pussy was a sight to behold and she thought it would be the perfect to put her tongue. Her fingers were still busy as she slowly drifted off too sleep, her legs spread wide.

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