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Hatred Leads to Fucking

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Gary’s sister-in-law Sherri can be a first class bitch. She’s 38 and sees the world in black and white and when someone disagrees with her she attacks them with the types of arguments and veracity a top-notch prosecutor would use. She is relentless in beating someone down. However, she is best at beating down her kid sister and Gary’s wife Terri, who is 34.

One day Gary had enough and fired off an angry e-mail to Sherri, attacking all of her flaws using the types of arguments and verbal beat-downs she uses.

They exchanged a few angry e-mails and their mutual like and respect of each other disintegrated into bitterness and borderline hatred of each other. Sherri arrived for one of her visits from the West Coast a few days before Thanksgiving.

Gary, who just turned 40, stands 6-foot with an above-average build and well-toned muscles brown eyes and brown hair. Sherri is 5-foot-6, with shoulder-length straight dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, 36D breasts and a killer figure.

One morning that Gary had off from work, he and Sherri started having a heated argument in the kitchen right after Terri left for work.

“You’re taking off from work again?!” Sherri yelled. “How can you be so fucking lazy? You just got this job last month didn’t you and you’re already taking time off? You seem to be one lazy motherfucker. You’ll never keep a job if you keep taking days off!”

“Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?!” Gary shot back. “You gave up your six-figure job in New York City to follow some guy you’ve known for three months kartal escort bayan to California. Now it’s sixth months later, you’ve broken up with him, and you still don’t have a steady job because you don’t like office politics”

With that, Sherri, who had her back to a wall at the time took a swing at Gary which he easily blocked. Gary responded by pinning her arms above her, looking into her eyes and shouting “you miserable bitch, don’t ever take a swing at me again” and let her arms go.

Her response after the initial fear was to say “I won’t you sexy son of a bitch” and leaned forward wrapping her arms around his shoulders in a hug and plunging her tongue into his mouth.

He responded by picking her legs up, moving his hands to her ass and pushing his pelvis into hers, pinning her to the wall, and said “you better not”

She kept her arms wrapped around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist and started grinding her pelvis into his while pushing her tongue into his mouth. He responded by squeezing her ass tighter and thrusting his pelvis against hers so he was dry humping her while she was pinned to the wall.

When they broke their kiss she gave him an evil smile and said “Does this mean you want to get into my pants as much as I want to get into yours?”

He responded “Yes” and let go of her ass.

They quickly ripped off their clothes and she dropped to her knees and proceeded to take his cock in her mouth. She lowered her mouth over his semi-hard five inches and moved her lips up and down on it. She yakacık escort twirled her tongue around the shaft as she bobbed up and down. Then she proceeded to lick up and down the entire length, twirling her tongue around the head while gripping the shaft tightly and stroking it hard as it grew and stiffened to a full seven inches.

Gary thought to himself “My god, she’s fantastic, how can I get her to give Terri pointers?”

Sherri said “I think you’re ready, now give it to me hard” and she turned around and bent over the counter.

Gary got on his knees and gave her pussy a few licks and rubbed his fingers along the lips to make sure she was wet and ready for him. He stood up and grabbed his cock. He teased her by swiping it over her pussy lips a few times before slamming into her as hard as he could. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting hard and fast, slapping her ass every few strokes. She looked over he shoulder and grunted “that feels great, but is that all you’ve got?”

With that he pulled out of her pussy, grabbed a bottle of olive oil and poured some on his cock to make it slick and took some on his fingers. He teased her asshole with his fingers for only a minute to make it slippery before plunging into her ass hard. He reached around and grabbed her breasts as he fucked her asshole mercilessly. She had reached down to play with her clit while he pounded her saying “God this is fantastic, I knew you had it in you, keep going until I cum, otherwise Terri finds out”

For the next several minutes hürriyet mahallesi escort she was bucking her ass back against him and squeezing her ass muscles, reaching between her legs to cup his balls, doing everything to try to get him to cum. But somehow he held back and right after she screamed in orgasm he pulled out, pushed her down to her knees and spun her around before trying to put his cock into her mouth to cum. She grabbed his hand and aimed the shots to her face and tits.

She got to her feet and said “Asshole, I never swallow or take a shot in my mouth, especially when it’s ATM I like it better on my face and tits. Remember that for next time.”

Gary said “There’s going to be a next time?”

Sherri replied “Yes, there’s going to be many more times. That cock is mine the rest of the weekend. You’re going to fuck me when I want, where I want, and how I want, or else Terri finds out all about this.”

Gary gulped and said “ok, just as long as you pick times and places we won’t get caught.”

Sherri said, “You don’t seem to understand. It’s when I want, where I want, and how I want. If she catches us, she has three choices – watch, walk away or join in. I bet you’re hoping she chooses choice number three.”

Gary said “You’re right, that is my number one fantasy – you riding my cock while she rides my face, but she won’t go for it. I’ll be your sex slave, boy toy, whatever you want to call me the rest of the weekend just as long as you promise we do it at times we won’t get caught.”

Sherri said, “Ok I’ll compromise on that point, just as long you promise that you’ll make me cum multiple times each time we fuck”

“Deal,” Gary said.

It was the start of a fuck-filled Thanksgiving weekend and by the end Gary was thankful that Sherri was leaving so his cock could have a rest.

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