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The P.I. and The Hooker

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A Big Thank you to LadyCibelle and Techsan for their editing prowess in making this story a better read.

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Chapter 1

I was a private investigator. I’ve had my own agency for the last twelve years. I started out as a police office and let them teach me the ropes. Then after a couple of years I decided to become my own boss. I usually only took one or two cases at a time depending on what I needed to do. I made a great living at it and made my own hours.

I was thirty-eight years old and had been divorced for a year. I was only married for less than six months. I dated a lot of women in my life. I never had any trouble finding dates. A decent looking male, financially stable and a good future; that is what a lot of women were looking for! My ex-wife was close to my age; a nice looking woman who was a pretty good sex partner. We dated on and off for about a year when she convinced me to take her to Las Vegas and we were married. I don’t know why I did it. I liked Margaret well enough but I can’t really say I loved her. I guess I decided it was about time to settle down.

We moved into my condo. It had all the trimmings: pool, sauna, hot tub, fireplace. It was a really nice place. Margaret lived in an apartment and was a beautician working in a small establishment. I know she wanted to have her own salon. That was probably why she wanted to get married; for me to buy her it for her.

After about a month I got her that little business. It was a nice four chair salon. She hired two friends of hers and she of course was the owner. I didn’t pay much attention to her business but I guess she was doing well.

One Saturday she said, “I’ve got a couple of appointments and will be home later.”

I told her, “Fine. I have a case I’m working on and will be gone most of the day myself.”

I was a few blocks from her salon and had to take a piss. I figured I’d stop by her place and use the restroom. When I got there, the sign in the window said closed. I figured she was done early and went home. That was alright because I had my own key so I unlocked the door and headed for the restroom when I heard sounds coming from the office. I knew what the sounds were, being a private investigator. What I didn’t know was who was in the office. I slowly walked up to the door. I felt the door knob and could tell it wasn’t locked. I took out my gun that I always wore in my belt behind my back. I quickly opened the door and there was my wife of a few months with her skirt up to her waist and sitting on the lap of a very hard cock.

I know I startled them. Margaret screamed and yelled “Dan!” – that was me. That was all she could get out before her lover pushed her off his hard cock. He was about to get up off her couch when I pistol whipped him one time, bruising and scratching his cheek.

I said to him, “Get up and get the fuck out. The next time I see you, you’ll be a dead man.

He was pulling up his pants and scurrying out the door as fast as he could move.

Margaret was crying and said, “It wasn’t what it seemed.”

I told her, “Shut the fuck up. You’re supposed to be my wife and you were fucking another man. That’s what it looked like and that’s what it was. Our marriage is over. You’ve got two hours to go to the condo and get your things. You can leave your key on the kitchen table. If your stuff is still in my condo when I get home, it will be thrown out onto the pavement.” Then I turned around and walked out.

I stopped by my buddy’s house. He was a lawyer and I knew he didn’t work Saturdays. He answered the door and invited me in. I told him I wanted a divorce as soon as possible because I caught Margaret fucking a guy not fifteen minutes ago in the salon.

I mentioned that she could have her damn salon. That’s probably why she married me. I had no use for it. That was all she was getting. If she wanted to fight the settlement, so be it, I had a prenuptial agreement and she would lose the salon if she fought the divorce.

Roger, my lawyer, called my house. Margaret was there packing her things and according to Roger crying while she talked. He told her about the agreement and she said she would agree to it. He could send any communications to the salon. She didn’t know where she was going to live yet.

The divorce flew through which I figured it would. Roger said he found out the guy she was with was her old boyfriend before me. They had gotten back together after the divorce. That was the last I saw of either one of them.

I was the single guy again which was alright with me. I was working on another cheating wife case and had to stay at the Ramada Inn. I was keeping tabs on my client’s wife. It was a pretty standard case where she tells her husband she had to take a trip with her boss and of course they had a joint room at the motel. I had found out which room they were in and set up two surveillance cameras in the room. I had a lot of friends out there in businesses such as the motel employees and paid them ByCasino well. So all I had to do was wait till the next morning and retrieve my tapes.

As I was sitting at a booth in the lounge having a drink, a young beautiful lady dressed like a hooker came up to me and asked if I wanted some company. I couldn’t believe someone this nice had to hustle her ass. As I was about to say, “No, thanks, honey,” the manager came up to her to tell her there was no solicitation allowed in this establishment.

I quickly stood up and asked, “Where have you been? You’re a half hour late.”

The manager quickly apologized and walked away. I don’t think he believed me but who cares. I asked the young lady to sit down. I could tell she was extremely nervous.

She first thanked me for protecting her the way I did. She was new at this and wasn’t sure exactly what to do.

I sat back and asked her name. She said, “Dolly, Dolly Wison..”

I said, “Now tell me your real name.”

She raised her head and replied, “Peggy Sue Williams.” Then she asked me if I wanted her services and, if not, she would have to leave. She said she needed to make some money.

I asked her if she had a pimp or was on drugs or something. She shouldn’t be out trying to sell herself.

She had tears in her eyes, “I don’t have any pimp and I’ve never taken drugs. I need the money for my daughter. So please, if you don’t want anything let me go so I can make some money.”

Now I was fascinated with this young girl. There’s no way she should be selling herself. She was so timid she would be taken over by a pimp or end up dead. “Okay, Peggy Sue, how much for all night?”

She looked up at me startled. She had no idea what to charge. “Would you come up to my room for the night for three hundred dollars, Peggy?”

“Um, I guess so. What do I have to do for three hundred dollars?”

“Talk to me, Peggy. That’s it. You just have to talk to me.” I reached into my wallet and pulled out three one hundred dollar bills and set them on the table then stood up.”

Peggy picked up the money and followed me to the elevator. We didn’t talk at all until we got to my room. I unlocked the door and opened it for her to walk in. She looked nervous but went in. I followed and closed the door behind me. She slowly undid the top two buttons on her blouse.

I stopped her and said, “That isn’t necessary. Please just sit down either on the bed or over on the couch.

She chose the couch and I pulled up a chair next to her. She looked at me and said, “I don’t understand. You paid me three hundred dollars to come to your room. What is it that you want from me? Are you a cop?”

“I’m a private investigator, Peggy.”

“Oh, my, God, are going to arrest me?”

“No, Peggy, I’m a private investigator, not a detective or a cop. I want to help you if you will let me. I was a cop at one time and if I was still one I would have had to arrest you tonight.”

“I don’t understand. Who are you and why would you want to help me?”

“Listen, Peggy, my name is Dan Gray. You can call me Dan or DG. You seem like you are having some problems and I for some reason am worried about you. If you’ll talk to me I’ll see if there is any way I can help you. I don’t think you are a prostitute and don’t think you really want to be one. You have to trust me and talk with me. Are you willing to do that?”

“I don’t know why you want to help me. No one has ever helped me. They always wanted something in return. I just need to make some money to help my daughter. We’ve lost our insurance and she needs some medical help.”

“Whoa, Peggy, back up a little. Let’s begin with this prostitution gig. How long have you been at it? My guess is not very long.”

Peggy burst out in tears. “This was my first night and you’re my second trick. I need money for my daughter’s medical expenses.”

“I understand you needing the money for your daughter. I get that. I want to know about your first trick and why you approached me tonight.”

“Well, I was on the corner like you see in the movies and a guy came by and asked if I would give him a hand job for twenty dollars so I said yes. He pulled around the corner and I masturbated him. He told me I looked more like the hotel type girls instead of a streetwalker so I decided to come inside the motel and look around. I saw you sitting by yourself and approached you. That’s it.”

“Damn, Peggy, you could have gotten arrested or beaten up or even killed. What were you thinking? Where would your daughter be then?” She started the crying again. I really felt sorry for her but simply giving her some money wasn’t going to solve her problems.

“So, Peggy, you are saying this is the first and only time you prostituted yourself? You have to tell me the truth if I’m to help you. Tell me about yourself. I promise I won’t judge you. I really want to see if I can’t help in some way. Why don’t you start from the beginning and tell me about your family and work your way up to By Casino the present?”

Peggy said it was the first and only time she tried being a hooker. Then she began her story about her life.

“When I was about seven years old, I was made a ward of the state. My parents, both mom and dad, were taken away by the police. My case worker told me they were cocaine dealers. I had no idea what that was. After all I was just a kid. When I got older different foster parents tried to explain it to me. To the best of my knowledge my parents went to prison. I have never heard from them since but one foster parent said that my dad was killed while in prison. I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

“I went from one foster home to another. Some of the people were really nice and others treated me with disgust. I really don’t know why. I guess they thought I was going to be a drug addict or something seeing my parents were. I did decent in school considering all the moving around. I never had many friends. Once their parents found out about my parents they told their kids not to hang out with me. It was really rough on me. I didn’t do anything wrong. I guess it was called the sins of the parents or something.”

“As I got older I tried to adjust to each family. I never got close to them because as soon as I did, I was shipped out to someone else. I didn’t like the last family I was with when I was seventeen. I just had to stick it out till graduation. I met a boy at school named Tim Addy. I guess you could say he was my boyfriend. Right after graduation I turned eighteen and I ran away with Tim and we rented a trailer. I started at a community college and worked at a store. Tim got a job in a local factory. Then I got pregnant.”

“Tim said he was too young to be a dad and I should get an abortion or he would leave me. You have to understand that I never had anyone. I wasn’t about to give up my baby. So Tim left us. I kept working as long as I could until the baby came. A girlfriend I met at the market moved in with us and helped pay the rent and food. I had to quit school after Trina – that’s my baby – was born. Believe it or not I was able to get a job at the local bank. I did bookkeeping for them. It was a decent job and gave Trina and me both insurance. I still had some medical bills to pay from the pregnancy before I had insurance but the hospital let me make monthly payments.”

“That’s the way it’s been for the last three plus years. Sue, my roommate, and I both kind of take care of Trina. I worked during the day and Sue watched Trina for me. Then I stayed home with Trina at night. I think Trina developed asthma. The doctors prescribed medication for her.”

“About three months ago the bank said they were laying off employees. I was on the list. After I got laid off I went looking for another job. I had to have insurance because of Trina. I was getting unemployment but my insurance stopped. I couldn’t find another job like I had at the bank because I never finished college. I was getting desperate. Trina was getting sicker and I had no way to pay for it. I was scared and worried about my daughter. I didn’t go to children’s services because I remember my life and was afraid they might take Trina from me. She is all that I have.

“The medical bills were mounting and I had to do something. So one day I just looked in the mirror and said to myself, ‘You don’t look so bad. Maybe someone will pay to sleep with you.’ I had to do it for my daughter. Once I got dressed I was scared to death. So out the door I went. That’s all I can tell you.” She started crying again.

“Don’t cry, Peg. Everything is going to work out. Are you hungry? Have you eaten lately?” She shook her head ‘No’ so I called room service and ordered up a couple of sandwiches and a couple of salads. I asked her if she wanted something to drink and she said pop would be fine. So I got her a soda and ordered a couple of beers for myself.”

While we were waiting for room service I flipped on the television to watch a little of the news while I continued to talk to Peggy. She told me she was twenty-three and her daughter Trina was four years old.

While watching the news, they talked about a special outstanding citizen award being given to a Harold Beatty for his contributions to many charities. I looked over at Peggy and watched her face grimace. It was a reflex reaction. She didn’t say anything.

I turned off the TV when there was a knock on the door. It was my friend Rob, a hotel employee bringing up our food. I asked him how everything was going next door and he laughed saying he heard a lot of moaning and groaning going on. I reminded him to call me in the morning before the room was cleaned. He said, “Yes, sir” as I gave him a large tip for bringing our food.

Peggy asked me what that was all about so I told her the truth. I was running surveillance for a client and needed to complete my work first thing in the morning. It was getting late and I asked Peggy if she wanted to spend By Casino Giriş the night. I didn’t want to send her out this late at night. I told her she could have the bed and I would take the couch which turned into a bed. She asked if she could call her friend Sue and make sure Trina was alright.

I could hear her on the phone. Sue said, “You did it, didn’t you”

Peggy said, “Kind of. I’ll tell you about it in the morning. Is Trina alright?”

Sue replied, “I gave her the medication and told her you would see her tomorrow and she went right to sleep. Are you going to sleep with the guy?”

“I said I’ll talk to you tomorrow, now good night,” I could almost hear her smile.

After we finished eating, Peggy went and cleaned up. While she was in the bathroom, I jotted down a few notes and names. I had to make sure Peggy was being honest with me if I was going to help her. When she came out of the bathroom, she had on one of my long tee shirts and asked if it was alright for her to wear it. I smiled and said the tee shirt never had it so good. The funny thing was it was true. I went in the bathroom and took a shower. When I came out, Peggy was fast asleep. She looked like an angel lying there sleeping. God, I hope she was telling me the truth. I really wanted to help her.

The next morning I got up early. Peggy was still fast asleep. I left her a big note that told her that she better still be there when I got back. I took off to a local Wal-Mart that was open twenty-four hours. I went into the ladies section and bought her a blouse, a pair of jeans, a package of bikini underwear and a pair of girl’s sneakers. Then I went to the cosmetic counter and bought her ‘White Diamonds’ cologne, and a tube of lipstick that I thought would look good on her. Then I remembered I forgot the bra and went back and picked that up also. I bought an overnight bag to put everything in and headed back to the motel.

As I opened the door I could hear her in the shower. She was actually singing. She had a nice voice. I could picture her sitting with her daughter and singing to her. I heard the shower stop and a minute or so later the bathroom door opened. I guess I scared her at first because she let out a little scream. She was standing there with a bath towel wrapped around her. Damn, she looked sexy.

I handed her the overnight bag and she asked me what it was. I told her it was clothes because I wasn’t going to take her out to breakfast looking like a hooker. She took the bag and walked back into the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later smiling and asked me how I knew her sizes.

I told her when I went to the bathroom the night before, her clothes were all over the place. Her bra, panties and blouse from the night before all had size tags on them along with her shoes. I guessed at the jeans according to her skirt. The cologne and lipstick I picked because I liked them.

She thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then she asked me, “What happens now?”

I told her we would go to breakfast and then we had to come back to the room and as soon as I finished my business I would see she got home.

After returning from breakfast, I had to say I totally enjoyed her company. Dressed in jeans she could have passed for my daughter. She was one pretty girl and smelled great. She smiled at me all through breakfast. I went next door and retrieved my tapes. By the look of the room my client’s wife and her boss had an all nighter. I would take the tapes to my client later.

I asked Peggy if she had a car and drove to the motel the night before. She laughed and said her car was so old it would be a classic if it looked better and ran good. It was just an old rust bucket that helped her get around.

As we were getting ready to leave the room she offered me my three hundred dollars back. She said she never earned it.

I told her she did so. I offered her three hundred dollars if she would spend the night with me and all she had to do was talk and I told her she did plenty of that. Again with the tears in her eyes. She was a regular tear making machine.

We got into my Mercedes and I drove her home. She lived in a trailer court not too far from the heart of town. As I drove her home I asked her to promise me that she would never try the hooker scheme again. I gave her my card and told her to call me if she needed anything. Otherwise I would contact her in a couple of days and she should hold tight and everything would be alright.

As she was getting out she gave me a big hug and kissed me on the lips this time, thanking me over and over for helping her. Then there were the tears as she grabbed her overnight bag and went into the house.

I stopped by my office to make a couple of calls. I got hold of one of my contacts and told her to find out anything she could about a few names that I had. Peggy Sue Williams, Tim Addy and Harold Beatty, I wanted anything she can find at all. I asked her to please keep it under wraps and get back to me as soon as possible. Then I called my client and told him I had some tapes to give him confirming that his wife was having an affair and the tapes should be all the proof he needed. We set up a meeting for later that day.

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Hatred Leads to Fucking

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Gary’s sister-in-law Sherri can be a first class bitch. She’s 38 and sees the world in black and white and when someone disagrees with her she attacks them with the types of arguments and veracity a top-notch prosecutor would use. She is relentless in beating someone down. However, she is best at beating down her kid sister and Gary’s wife Terri, who is 34.

One day Gary had enough and fired off an angry e-mail to Sherri, attacking all of her flaws using the types of arguments and verbal beat-downs she uses.

They exchanged a few angry e-mails and their mutual like and respect of each other disintegrated into bitterness and borderline hatred of each other. Sherri arrived for one of her visits from the West Coast a few days before Thanksgiving.

Gary, who just turned 40, stands 6-foot with an above-average build and well-toned muscles brown eyes and brown hair. Sherri is 5-foot-6, with shoulder-length straight dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, 36D breasts and a killer figure.

One morning that Gary had off from work, he and Sherri started having a heated argument in the kitchen right after Terri left for work.

“You’re taking off from work again?!” Sherri yelled. “How can you be so fucking lazy? You just got this job last month didn’t you and you’re already taking time off? You seem to be one lazy motherfucker. You’ll never keep a job if you keep taking days off!”

“Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?!” Gary shot back. “You gave up your six-figure job in New York City to follow some guy you’ve known for three months kartal escort bayan to California. Now it’s sixth months later, you’ve broken up with him, and you still don’t have a steady job because you don’t like office politics”

With that, Sherri, who had her back to a wall at the time took a swing at Gary which he easily blocked. Gary responded by pinning her arms above her, looking into her eyes and shouting “you miserable bitch, don’t ever take a swing at me again” and let her arms go.

Her response after the initial fear was to say “I won’t you sexy son of a bitch” and leaned forward wrapping her arms around his shoulders in a hug and plunging her tongue into his mouth.

He responded by picking her legs up, moving his hands to her ass and pushing his pelvis into hers, pinning her to the wall, and said “you better not”

She kept her arms wrapped around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist and started grinding her pelvis into his while pushing her tongue into his mouth. He responded by squeezing her ass tighter and thrusting his pelvis against hers so he was dry humping her while she was pinned to the wall.

When they broke their kiss she gave him an evil smile and said “Does this mean you want to get into my pants as much as I want to get into yours?”

He responded “Yes” and let go of her ass.

They quickly ripped off their clothes and she dropped to her knees and proceeded to take his cock in her mouth. She lowered her mouth over his semi-hard five inches and moved her lips up and down on it. She yakacık escort twirled her tongue around the shaft as she bobbed up and down. Then she proceeded to lick up and down the entire length, twirling her tongue around the head while gripping the shaft tightly and stroking it hard as it grew and stiffened to a full seven inches.

Gary thought to himself “My god, she’s fantastic, how can I get her to give Terri pointers?”

Sherri said “I think you’re ready, now give it to me hard” and she turned around and bent over the counter.

Gary got on his knees and gave her pussy a few licks and rubbed his fingers along the lips to make sure she was wet and ready for him. He stood up and grabbed his cock. He teased her by swiping it over her pussy lips a few times before slamming into her as hard as he could. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting hard and fast, slapping her ass every few strokes. She looked over he shoulder and grunted “that feels great, but is that all you’ve got?”

With that he pulled out of her pussy, grabbed a bottle of olive oil and poured some on his cock to make it slick and took some on his fingers. He teased her asshole with his fingers for only a minute to make it slippery before plunging into her ass hard. He reached around and grabbed her breasts as he fucked her asshole mercilessly. She had reached down to play with her clit while he pounded her saying “God this is fantastic, I knew you had it in you, keep going until I cum, otherwise Terri finds out”

For the next several minutes hürriyet mahallesi escort she was bucking her ass back against him and squeezing her ass muscles, reaching between her legs to cup his balls, doing everything to try to get him to cum. But somehow he held back and right after she screamed in orgasm he pulled out, pushed her down to her knees and spun her around before trying to put his cock into her mouth to cum. She grabbed his hand and aimed the shots to her face and tits.

She got to her feet and said “Asshole, I never swallow or take a shot in my mouth, especially when it’s ATM I like it better on my face and tits. Remember that for next time.”

Gary said “There’s going to be a next time?”

Sherri replied “Yes, there’s going to be many more times. That cock is mine the rest of the weekend. You’re going to fuck me when I want, where I want, and how I want, or else Terri finds out all about this.”

Gary gulped and said “ok, just as long as you pick times and places we won’t get caught.”

Sherri said, “You don’t seem to understand. It’s when I want, where I want, and how I want. If she catches us, she has three choices – watch, walk away or join in. I bet you’re hoping she chooses choice number three.”

Gary said “You’re right, that is my number one fantasy – you riding my cock while she rides my face, but she won’t go for it. I’ll be your sex slave, boy toy, whatever you want to call me the rest of the weekend just as long as you promise we do it at times we won’t get caught.”

Sherri said, “Ok I’ll compromise on that point, just as long you promise that you’ll make me cum multiple times each time we fuck”

“Deal,” Gary said.

It was the start of a fuck-filled Thanksgiving weekend and by the end Gary was thankful that Sherri was leaving so his cock could have a rest.

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