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Pam and Ben had worked together for several years, there was occasional flirtyness between them, but nothing serious had ever happened. One Thursday afternoon, Pam suggested going out for a drink after work, this surprised Ben, Pam had never agreed to stop after work any time Ben had suggested it.

After finishing half their drinks, Pam started telling Ben about how frustrated she was with her boyfriend. They had been together for many years, and had two, nearly grown children together. Pam told Ben she had moved out, she found out her guy was fooling around with someone else.

After a second drink, Pam opened up even more, and started discussing her sex life, or rather lack thereof, even before she left her boyfriend. She told Ben: “All he ever wanted was a quick hump, once he was done, he’d just roll over and go to sleep.”

Ben replied, “He never took the time to pleasure you? No warming you up or anything?”

“No”, Pam said, ” just a quick one for him, pump it out and done.”

Ben thought for a moment, “Has he ever pleasured you orally?”


Has anyone ever pleasured you orally?”

Pam looked down, embarrassed, “No, nobody ever has.”

Ben put a hand over Pam’s hand, and gave it a little squeeze, “I would be delighted to do that for you, anytime, with no reciprocation required.”

Pam looked quickly up at Ben, “What do you mean, no strings attached?”

Ben smiled, “I didn’t say no strings, I said no reciprocation was required, you don’t have to do anything for me, I’ll pleasure you, then cover you up with the blanket, and go home.”

Pam laughed, “Of course there has be a catch, what strings are attached to this so-called offer?”

Ben answered, “Three things: One, you can’t tell anyone about it, two, do not shave your pubic hair, and three, I’m going to strip you butt naked first.”

Pam shivered, “I’ll be too cold to enjoy anything if I’m naked.”

“You can cover up to keep warm, I’ll be fine under the blanket.”

Curious, Pam asked, “Why would you do this if Escort Pendik you don’t want me to do anything for you?”

“Simple, Ben replied, “first off, I like you, secondly, it’s something I love to do, and third, my payment will be just seeing you naked.”

“Can I think about it?”

“I hope you do think about it, often.”

After their second drink, both went home. The next day, Pam came up to Ben at lunchtime, and told him, “I thought about it last night,” she blushed a bit, “thinking about it made me so horny I had to, umm…”

“Pleasure yourself?” Ben finished the sentence for Pam.

“Yes, twice. I think I’m ready, how do we do this?”

“Ben laughed, “I don’t think you need a lesson, just a plan. How about next Friday after work?”

Pam looked at Ben, took a long calming breath, and replied, “OK, follow me home after work next Friday.”

Ben was quite exited, he had been attracted to Pam since they started working together, she was always friendly, and smelled really nice. Ben had generally found that if a woman smelled nice, her pussy also smelled and tasted nice, and if there was one thing Ben liked, it was a sweet pussy.

Friday finally came, Ben made sure he shaved closely that morning, no sense in being scratchy. When Pam arrived at work Friday morning, Ben noted she was dressed extra nicely. After the normal “good mornings”, Ben stepped close to Pam, she smelled extra good this morning.

“You smell fabulous today,” he told her, then softly added, “I’m looking forward to tonight.”

“So am I.”

After work, they met in the parking lot, Pam had parked right next to Ben that morning, he followed her to her new apartment, and parked several houses away. After walking back to her door, they went inside.

“Would you like a drink? “Pam asked Ben.

“No, I want to have a clear head for this, but you can have one if you like.”

“No, let’s just start, I’m nervous enough, already.”

Pam led the way to her bedroom, and pulled the covers down. She turned to Ben, “What now?”

Ben smiled, “Just relax, follow my lead, and let me do what I love best.”

Ben positioned Pam close to the bed, facing her away from it. He began to unbutton her blouse, then he pulled it out of her slacks, and slid it off her shoulders. Tossing it over a chair, he touched her chin with his forefinger, leaned in, and began to kiss her neck, nibbling back until he could gently flick her earlobe. Pam took a deep breath, and let out a long sigh. Ben reached behind Pam and unhooked her bra, then slid the straps down her shoulders, releasing Pam’s full breasts. When the cool room air touched them, Pam’s nipples clenched hard from the sudden chill. Ben leaned forward, and took a nipple gently in his mouth, he suckled on it a bit, then switched to the other one. After a moment Pam let out a little moan of pleasure.

Ben held Pam’s waist, and kneeled lower, kissing his way down Pam’s soft tummy, until he reached her slacks. He gently lifted her left foot, then the right, removing Pam’s sandals. Reaching up, he unfastened her slacks, hooked his fingers in the top, and slid her slacks and panties down to the floor in one smooth motion. Ben then lifted each of Pam’s feet, to free her slacks, and tossed them over the chair with the rest of her clothes. He stood back, and admired Pam’s luscious body, hard nippled breasts that trembled slightly, soft tummy, and a full, thick tangle of pubic hair. Ben pulled off his shirt, tossing it to the floor. He pushed Pam back, then set her gently on the bed. Laying her down, he positioned Pam across the bed, and started to slide his head and shoulders between Pam’s legs. She resisted at first, then relaxed, and let her thighs part. As they did, Ben was rewarded with a view of Pam’s pussy, opening like the petals of a pink flower. As her petals opened, the sweet aroma of a woman’s pussy filled Ben’s nostrils, and he slid his torso fully between Pam’s parted legs, wrapping his hands around her upper thighs to hold himself in position. He took one more deep breath of her sweet scent, before lowering his face, and taking the first taste.

Pam jumped a bit at the first touch of Ben’s tongue, then as he gently caressed her bud, she sighed, and relaxed completely. Ben very slowly licked Pam’s succulent pussy, gradually working her from calm to very aroused. As Pam’s level of arousal grew, her pussy began to drip her sweet juices, and Ben eagerly licked up each succulent drop. All too soon, Pam arched up, moaned, and began to orgasm; as she did, she rocked her hips up slightly, and clamped her thighs tightly on Ben’s head, holding her pussy in direct contact with Ben’s mouth. As the powerful contractions coursed through her body, her pussy pulsed, driving large gouts of her juices into Ben’s mouth. Ben strived to suck on Pam’s pussy in time with her contractions, trying to extract every drop of her succulent juices.

As the waves of Pam’s first orgasm subsided, she held her hips up, keeping her love bud away from Ben’s questing tongue. After about a minute, she let her hips rock down a bit, inviting Ben to apply more stimulation. The first few flicks made Pam jump, as if bolts of lightning were shooting through her body, then she let her thighs relax again, allowing Ben to continue applying his magic tongue to her throbbing clit. Gradually, her excitement mounted again, until she rocked her hips up, pressing Ben’s face to her pulsing pussy, squeezing fresh waves of sweet juices into his eager mouth. Over and over, Ben licked Pam’s hard bud, and Pam released her pent up desires in a flood of succulent juices. They both lost count after a half dozen orgasms. Finally, after a particularly large orgasm, Pam put her hand on Ben’s head, and pushed him gently away.

“Please, no more, I can’t take anymore.” begged Pam.

Ben eased himself out from between Pam’s legs, picked up the covers, and covered Pam over, up to her chin. He gently smoothed the blankets around Pam, and watched her drift gently off to sleep. Ben put his shirt back on, buttoned it up, turned off the light and closed the door. For his entire ride home, Ben could taste the lingering flavor of Pam’s sweet pussy. He would be delighted to pleasure her again, anytime.

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