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Dominance Corporation, Inc. Ch. 07

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She noticed the goose pimples along her legs as the cool morning air licked her bare skin. She didn’t care as she was taking in the outdoors and savoring all the different hues of green that accompanied a country club’s golf course. The dew still glistened on the grass and you could hear the sounds of birds beginning their day with songs. It was Sunday and she was excited when her butt was given a good smack this morning by RJ’s hand to wake her up. At first she thought she did something wrong, but his warm playful smile immediately relived her fears.

“Its Sunday sleepy head.” RJ stated “How would you like to come golfing with me today?”

She didn’t know anything about golf except how boring it was to watch on TV, but a chance to get out of the office and to be with him was something she definitely wanted.

“Yes Sir.” She smiled and nodded her head.

“Then get ready, we leave in 30 mins.”

She was up in a flash and before she knew it she was trying to balance a golf bag full of clubs in the elevator on its way down to the lobby. He had given her a little white outfit that almost looked like a tennis outfit including a white visor with a small pink swoosh symbol on it. She barely even noticed that he had neglected to give her any panties to wear, as he never let her wear them in the office anymore. She enjoyed how spontaneous he could be and full of passion when it concerned her. At times she felt so completely used and cherish all at the same time.

Like the other day when she walked into his office carrying his lunch, he suddenly grabbed her and bent her over the desk and began driving that delicious cock of his into her from behind. All she could do was hold onto the edge of the desk as his hips pounded against her ass. It was just the wild suddenness of it that was so erotic for her.

A quick wave of panic as his strong hands subdued her; followed by the rough initial thrust inside her making her gasp with pain and feel her cheeks redden with shame as she laid there helplessly used for his pleasure. She loved how he understood her need for shame and then push her past it to a place of freedom she had never known before she met him.

She remembered while he was taking her over the desk, the phone rang and he placed his hand on her back holding her still and he started talking on the phone. She listened to the sound of his voice talking nonchalantly chuckling and making small talk with the person on the other end of the phone while his hard cock was still inside her and it drove her so crazy that she came violently right then and there. After he hung up the phone he pulled out of her denying her his release for cumming without permission and made her stand there bent over the desk letting her juices running down her legs. He took his seat directly behind her so that her ass was directly in front of him and for the rest of the afternoon he kept her in mecidiyeköy escort a state between shame and orgasm by working around her always-calling attention to the nuisance of having to reach around her because she was in his way.

From time to time he would use his fingers to play with her mindlessly as he carried on with his work. He decided she had enough when he asked her a question and all she could do was moan something incoherently. He then stood up and using his hand to spank her and she lost count of the orgasms as his hand brought liquid fire all over her ass. It just seemed like one long orgasm that didn’t stop.

Later, she remembered opening her eyes and she was laying in bed in his arms. He was asleep yet his arms still held onto her and she could hear his heartbeat with her head against his chest. She loved him for using her and for cherishing her. There was nothing she missed…miss…Miss…

“Miss!” repeated the elevator man as he held open the elevator door looking at her.

She blinked and then realized the elevator had reached the lobby. She blushed at the man and mumbled an apology and picked up the heavy golf bag and walked out of the elevator. She gave the bag to the driver outside and then got into the car with RJ and they drove to the country club.

Inside she felt a bit timid, as everything seemed so open. She missed the office already as it somehow made her feel safe from the world. Here the world seemed to close in on her and she stayed very close to RJ wherever he went. It wasn’t long till another couple showed up.

The man walked over in a manner full of himself and wearing the kind of smile a used car salesman wore. He heartily shook RJ’s hand. The only charisma this man had was that he was so transparently fake; you knew you could count on him to consistently be shallow. She noticed that as he talked to RJ, his eyes were focused on her and she felt very uneasy by his presence and took a half step back behind RJ to shield herself from his gaze. When she looked to the lady, all she got was a jealous look of contempt, which magically disappeared into a disarming smile when RJ said hello to her.

“Hello Dave, good to see you and Reysha again,” said RJ. “Our tee time is in about 10 mins. We will meet you on the 1st Tee and get started.”

She wasn’t to thrilled to learn that she would be riding in a golf-cart with Reysha behind RJ and Dave. She decided to make the best of the situation knowing this is what RJ wanted and she would just keep to herself and enjoy the outdoors.

She watched with some amusement when Dave teed up his ball and his swing was short and choppy resulting in all manner of directions, except straight, the golf ball would take when he hit it. RJ’s swing though was something to watch. She held her breath as he stood up to the ball and she wanted to see him do good. As she watch him, it vip escort istanbul seemed he was not rushed or hurried and his body moved with grace bringing all the force of that club head down impacting the ball sending it soaring down the center of the fairway. She almost clapped with delight and he just smiled at her and gave her a wink as he climbed into his cart with Dave to chased off after their balls. She expected their cart to follow but it didn’t move and she looked over to see Reysha looking at her with a smirk on her face.

“Oh honey, you really got this whole thing down.” Said Reysha.

She looked at her questioningly. “What…what do you mean?”

“Ooooh pleaaase.” Reysha responded rolling her eyes. “Your little shy routine isn’t gonna work on me honey. Let’s get something straight here and now… You so much as bat your eyelashes at my master and I am gonna scratch your eyes out.”

She felt her anger build up inside her along with a measure of fear. She didn’t know what to say so she just focused ahead and didn’t say anything. The cart leaped ahead as Reysha stomped on the accelerator.

One thing about golf was it was a long game. They were only on the 9th hole two hours later and still had 9 more holes to go. She was glad they were stopping at the club house for a break as she had her fill of Reysha wiggling her little ass around and bending over shamelessly picking up the golf balls from the cup making sure that she gave the men a little shot of her undercarriage each time she did. She just wanted to take the flag she was holding and stab this little bitch with it.

She calmed down a bit when RJ came over and gave her a quick kiss and told her we were going to take a break before doing the back nine. She got up from the cart and walked around back to use the bathroom. When she came out she wasn’t watching where she was going as she was looking down and bumped into Dave. When she looked up and saw who it was she took a step backwards.

“I…I’m sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” She said stepping quickly to the side.

His hand reached out and quickly grabbed her by the arm and she held her breath.

“It’s ok. I don’t mind at all.” He replied as he looked her up and down. “Hmmm aren’t you a little sweet thing?”

“Please let go of me.” She said quietly.

His grip on her arm tightened as he replied. “I will let go of you when I am done having my look at you.”

Just then a voice came from around the side of the building.

“No, you are going to take your hand off of her right now.” RJ’s voice came low and with conviction carrying with it a promise of retribution that made Dave’s blood run cold.

Dave’s hand released it’s grip. She quickly moved over behind RJ.

Dave broke out into his salesman smile and shrugged with his palms outward towards RJ.

“Hey now… come on you know sarıyer escort how it is RJ, I was just looking at the new girl is all. I didn’t mean anything by…”

RJ didn’t say a word he just stepped up and caught Dave across the jaw mid sentence with a powerful right hand and watched him fall to the ground.

“No Dave I have no idea what you are talking about. We’re threw. Your out.”

Dave tasted blood and spit. “You can’t get rid of me! You need me to finish the real-estate deal.”

RJ rubbed his hand, which pulsated with pain. “Not any more I don’t.”

RJ turned and walked away and she followed him.

Just then Reysha was coming out of the club house with a full tray of ice-tea drinks for everyone. When she saw Rehsha she reached out and hit the tray of drinks from underneath causing all the drinks to pour all over her.

They walked through the clubhouse to the car and drove to the office building. It was clear RJ had broken his hand and it was swelling and turning black and blue. They didn’t say anything she just knelt down in the back of the limo and laid her head on his thigh. She lightly held his hand and softly kissed it.

She looked up at RJ who stared out the window deep in thought.

“Sir?” She whispered.

He looked down in her direction and met her eyes. Waiting for her to continue.

“This…is bad isn’t it?”

At first he thought she was talking about the whole incident, which just happened, but then he saw her eyes and knew she understood the deeper ramifications of the situation. He could tell she knew the important role Dave played in the real-estate deal.

“Yes, it is bad.” He replied quietly and then turned and looked out the window again.

She kissed his hand and let a few moments of silence pass gathering up her courage for what she was about to say.

“Sir, don’t do this over some foolish pride notion over me. It’s not worth it.”

He turned and looked at her again. Then pulled her up into his lap and kissed her.

“It will be alright, I will think of something. And…”

He lifts her chin to look into her eyes.

“Don’t ever call how I feel for you foolish again.”

“Yes Sir”

She put her arms around his neck and held onto him till they reached the office building. RJ told the driver to go pick up his doctor and bring him to the office. She made up an ice pack and made up a drink for RJ and made sure he was comfortable till the doctor arrived. The doctor told her it wasn’t too bad, just a small fracture and he placed it in a wrist-hand brace to keep it straight. He told her he was sleeping as he gave him something to help him sleep. If it began to bother him further, have him come down and he would take another look at it. She thanked him and saw him out.

She peeked in and saw him sleeping and turned and walked to her desk. She opened up her laptop with a calculating coldness. She looked once towards the room where RJ rested then spoke to herself in a low voice.

“Before I am done with you Dave, you will wish you never caused trouble for my master.”

Her fingers began to move over the keyboard setting her plan into motion.

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