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Corporate Training – Day 02

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Allison meets with Miss Carla, her Disciplinarian, for a second “training ” session. The young Engineer finds out more about herself and her desires. Allison unknowingly meets her Accountability Partner.

DISCLAIMER: This is a Fantasy work that in no way reflects real workplace situations or practices. All Characters over 18 years.

Please view the Tags to decide if you want to read this Fantasy.

* * * * * * *


Allison slapped the Snooze button on her alarm clock hard. She was in the middle of a hot dream and frustrated.

“Damn! What have I done? Not even out of bed and I already swore!”

She yelled at herself. Allison opened her blue binder to her Discipline Chart and looked at the consequences for swearing. She bit her lip. No way would she tell Miss Carla!

Allison got up slowly out of bed. Every muscle in her petite body ached. She flipped the pages in her binder and studied the Exercises more. Reluctantly she started her workout.

Allison began to slowly stretch her limbs and stood on her tiptoes. Looking in the full-length mirror she studied herself.

The restraint marks on Allison’s wrists, upper arm, thighs, and ankles showed light pink from the chaffing. She turned around and looked at her butt in the mirror. The seven caning welts were still pale red. They felt firm when Allison rubbed them. She bent over, spread her cheeks, and examined her butt-hole. The two converging welts were still pale red . The cold Epsom salts bath did help out. Thank you, Miss Carla.

Allison let out a sigh and began her workout. She started slowly then worked up until her skin glistened with sweat. Pushups. Sit-ups, Running in place. Her favorite, squat thrusts, reminded her of her dream and she broke out in a big grin thinking about her dream man.

Allison followed the workout with an ice-cold shower. Her tiny tits stood at attention and ached. She briskly toweled herself off. A hot shower would have been nicer – but she listened to Miss Carla’s advice and did not want her welts to ‘set’.

Running late, Allison quickly put on her bra, white blouse and navy blue skirt. She put on her pantyhose then immediately pulled them down and off. No pantyhose or high heels. She took her oak hairbrush off the nightstand and put it in her purse as Miss Carla asked. Allison put her flats on, jumped into her Prius, and sped off to work.

* * * * * * *

Allison got to work on time and walked quickly into the cafeteria. She sat down and immediately noticed Jill from International was wearing the same necklace as her Disciplinarian.

Jill smiled and sat down to have coffee with Allison. She pointed out Liz from Accounting and Bekka from Operations as other “students” of Miss Carla. They compared experiences. Allison told Jill all about her morning. Both women had an animated discussion about the Training and agreed to have lunch together sometime.

Allison gasped and got pale as she saw the cafeteria clock.

“Oh NO! I gotta go!”

Allison quickly grabbed her coffee and raced to her office for a report for her presentation. She ran like Cinderella after midnight!

Allison quietly opened the door to the presentation room and tried to sneak in. Too late. Mr. Masterson stopped in mid-sentence.

“Glad you could join us – even though you are fifteen minutes late!

What do you have to say for yourself?”

The gray-haired Manager spoke sternly to Allison. She hoped the question was rhetorical because she didn’t answer it. All eyes were on the young Engineer as she took her seat.

Mr. Masterson continued and the meeting ended in fifteen minutes.

Allison offered Mr. Masterson a heartfelt apology and he accepted it.

* * * * * * *

Allison went home early. She felt horrible about being late for the meeting. She took off her business clothes and stripped Pendik Sınırsız Escort naked to try to relax. This always helped her calm down, even as a child.

Allison reached over to the night stand and picked up her laptop.

The Engineer knew what she had to do and it was gonna be hard.

Allison began to type her Discipline Request email to Miss Carla. She struggled for words to try to justify her tardiness – but nothing came.

Allison brought her bare feet up, like she was covering her butt, as she confessed being fifteen minutes late to the presentation meeting.

She apologized to Miss Carla for her misbehavior.

Allison groaned, hit ENTER, and sent her first Discipline Request.

Allison felt relieved to have that confession off her mind but knew that a hard spanking session awaited her this afternoon.

The Engineer stretched out and tried to take a nap.

Her mind was racing about the spankings and her tummy hurt a lot.

* * * * * * *

Allison’s Calendar app rang out at two-thirty.

Allison slowly dressed in her business clothes, sans pantyhose.

She wished the drive there was longer but knew better than to be late for her discipline session with Miss Carla.

Parking in her usual spot, Allison slipped off her flat shoes and started to walk barefoot up the driveway. Her feet stung more and more with each step she took. Fortunately, the door opened quicker today.

Miss Carla greeted her warmly again as they headed to the leather chairs and water glasses. De’Jevu as they sat and drank water together.

“Did you bring your hairbrush as I requested?” Carla queried.

Allison opened her purse and handed the wooden hairbrush to her Disciplinarian. She hoped it was gonna only be used on her hair.

“Thank you for sending me your Discipline Request earlier. I’m sure it was hard to send. But it shows you are becoming more responsible Allison. Now it’s time for discipline.”

Allison entered the Discipline Room, stripped, assumed the submissive position she was taught and faced the bench. She knelt quietly and still as her Disciplinarian fastened the leather restraints.

Miss Carla took out her spanking paddles. A “Jokari” game paddle was her favorite. Next favorite was a small, thin, rectangular paddle with a nine-inch-long blade. A third, longer thinner, paddle was brought out – just in case. She put them on the bench in front of Allison and smiled. The sight of the paddles made Allison squirm her butt slightly.

Allison unfolded her hands, wrung them once in nervous energy, then refolded them in Prayer Position again. She looked back at Miss Carla to see if she saw her move. Fortunately not.

“Allison. Knee and bend over with your elbows on the table”

Miss Carla secured Allison in the Knee-Elbow position with her ankles together, her wrists together, and upper arms chained to the bench.

Miss Carla noticed Allison was looking uncomfortable and asked what was bothering her.

“My stomach aches. I think it’s just nerves about my spankings.”

Miss Carla was concerned. She opened one of the drawers and removed a nylon exam glove, rectal thermometer, and some KY.

“Please don’t take my temperature THAT way!” Allison whined.

Miss Carla ignored her plea. She put on the glove, lubed it, and gently inserted her index finger deeply into the tight butthole. She removed her finger and quickly inserted the thermometer. Carla occasionally twirled the thermometer while taking Allison’s temperature. She smiled and nodded as the young woman reacted to the stimulation.

“Your temperature is normal but I noticed some poop on my glove. When was your last bowel movement? Be honest Allison.”

Allison confessed it was three days ago. At least she was honest.

Miss Carla was non-plussed by the answer and told Allison Pendik Suriyeli Escort that she would be getting a cleansing soap-suds enema if she didn’t have one by Thursday. Allison whined and pleaded with Carla but to no avail.

“I will not discipline women who are ill or who have bruises from spanking sessions. I will add another day if needed.” Miss Carla said.

” I promise to take better care of myself. I sure don’t want an enema!”

The young Engineer certainly didn’t want to study fluid dynamics.

Miss Carla appreciated Allison’s promise and undid the restrainted Knee-Elbow position.

“Come back to the parlor again. I want you to drink more water and chamomile tea – so you will be hydrated and relaxed for the rest of your discipline. I hope you did your morning stretches and exercises.”

Allison obeyed and went back to the parlor to wait. The leather furniture felt sensual to her bare skin as she sat on it. She smiled.

Miss Carla came back shortly with the drinks. Carla and Allison shared their drinks and talked about themselves. The similarities they had was uncanny and amazing.

Both women were college graduates with Carla getting a Nursing degree and Allison her Engineering degree. Each woman was first-born and leaders in their family and work. Finding out how things worked was also something they had in common. There seemed to be a bond between the two women. Then Carla looked seriously at Allison.

” Allison. Time to get spanked for being late to the meeting.”

+ + + + + + +

Miss Carla led Allison back into the Discipline Room and had the young lady Kneel with her bare feet off the table. Carla lowered the midthigh restraints until they were near her knees. The adjusted restraints were secured to the table with chains so her thighs were apart, exposing the tender area between the butt-cheeks.

Miss Carla lifted Allison’s slender waist and put a thick, triangular, bolster under it. This helped jut the woman’s butt upwards sharply.

A leather pad was used to lift her tummy as she lay over the bolster.

Allison’s tiny, yet pert, tits hung freely in front of the leather pad.

Carla bound her student’s wrists, elbows, and upper arm in the painful Reverse Prayer bondage position. Allison’s tits hardened in reaction to the position’s pressure.

Allison groaned as she was restrained. Bare skin against something

like pillows brought back memories of her bedroom spankings. Like before, she hoped it was over soon.

Carla took the Jokari paddle and rubbed it against Allison’s tiny, tense butt. Carla lifted the paddle and waited patiently for Allison to relax.

+ + + + + + +

The bigger Jokari paddle covered both of Allison’s butt-cheeks.

Miss Carla brought the Paddle down hard but was not impressed by the spanking action. She left the room and went into the parlor.

Allison watched and groaned as she saw Miss Carla coming back with her yery own hardwood hairbrush. She tried to tighten her cheeks.

Allison also made a vow to herself to not cry during her paddling.

She clenched her teeth and held her breath before the next smack.

This time it was better for Miss Carla – but not for Allison. The Hairbrush made a loud slap. The Disciplinarian smiled and began spanking in earnest. Loud staccato slaps echoed off the walls as Allison kicked her lower legs and yelped out often.

Allison’s no-crying vow went out the door in five minutes.

Miss Carla stopped. Then she began spanking again at a much slower tempo but with more strength. She aimed the hairbrush on skin between the Engineer’s butt, turning it a glowing shade of red.

Carefully she painted Allison’s butt a bright shade of red like an artist would paint a canvas.

Within ten minutes, Allison was sobbing hard and sniffling. Miss Carla Pendik İranlı Escort helped Allison blow her nose. She left the tears to fall on the table.

Carla put down the hairbrush and picked up the rectangular paddle.

She began to spank rapidly on the upper half of Allison’s butt to make it bright red. The Engineer tried to squirm but was held fast.

Allison had to do something to forget she was getting spanked. She began to push her pelvis into the bolster with each smack. She rocked back and forth, thinking she was on top her dream man.

Miss Carla saw this and smiled. She unloosened the mid-thigh restraints so Allison could rock back and forth across the bolster easier. She waited until Allison thrush her butt backwards then gave her sharp smack across both cheeks to push her against the bolster.

She kept this up and watched Allison’s tiny tits firm and stay erect. Allison took short, raspy, breaths and dug her hips into the bolster and tightened her muscles. When she pushed her bottom up for another spanking, Carla looked approving at the glistening clit.

Miss Carla saw engorged lips and breathed in the intoxicating Allison’s sweat and turn-on. She loved her Disciplinarian job!

Allison’s eyes squeezed shut and she threw her head back as the excitement started to overtake her.

Just. A. Few. More. Times.

Carla pulled roughly Allison into a kneeling position to prevent her from coming.

She undid the thigh restraints and untied the Reverse Prayer position. The bolster, paddles and hairbrush were placed at the bottom of the discipline table

“Lie on your back and put your hands in the air. Now!”

The young woman obeyed and Miss Carla fastened her wrist restraints. The Disciplinarian lifted Allison’s slender legs up to the high hook on the wall and secured them there in the Diaper Spanking position. She took the long paddle and rubbed Allison’s red butt.

The slap sound from this longer paddle were even louder! Carla paddled Allison from the plump part of her ass to mid-thigh. She started slowly then worked up tempo and strength until all of Allison’s thirty-four licks were given.

Carla undid her restraints and ordered Allison to kneel on the chair Time-out. She stepped out of the Discipline Room.

Allison couldn’t take it anymore! Index fingers from both hands plunged into her vag as she began to squirm in ecstasy. Fluid glistened and dropped onto the seat of the Time-Out chair. Her butt-hole winked as she thrust her pelvis forward and back.

Finally! She gave a big sigh and dropped her hands to her sides.

“Allison!” Miss Carla said sharply.

Allison looked in the mirrors and saw her Disciplinarian standing with crossed arms in the doorway. Allison’s face cheeks soon matched the redness of her butt cheeks. She hung her head.

“You better clean that mess!” she barked.

“Yes Miss.” The embarrassed girl ran to the bathroom, cleaned her vag, and returned with a wash cloth to clean the Time-Out chair.

Allison winced as she brought her business skirt up over her soundly spanked bottom. Miss Carla made her bend over and lift her skirt.

Her Disciplinarian inserted an unlubricated thermometer in her already moist rear. After four minutes, Carla removed the thermomtete and read the numbers.

“One hundred and four-tenths! I sure warmed you up!” she laughed.

Allison was not as thrilled as her Disciplinarian was about things.

She gathered her purse and walked out the door.

Miss Carla called out to her about walking and not running down the driveway. Allison prolly didn’t hear. The hot flagstone began to burn her bare feet. About halfway down the drive, she ran to her Prius.

Miss Carla shook her head and made an entry in her notebook.

+ + + + + + +

Allison tried not to squirm on the ride to her apartment. She went into her apartment and stripped naked as was her custom.

Laying on her bed she tried to sort her feelings. Sure the spankings hurt tremendously. Yet the excitement she felt during and after it was amazing! She rubbed her vag against the bedspread and went off into a deep, contented, sleep.

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