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Daughter Sucks Dad’s Cock Ch. 01

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Daughter Sucks Dad’s Cock, Ch. 01

Taking her deceased mother’s place, Wendy willingly and consensually has sex with her father.

A sad and stressful time for my family, after a long and painful illness, my Mom, Elenore, finally succumbed to breast cancer three months ago. Dead within six months of her initial diagnosis, she went from Chemo therapy and radiation in a hospital to being neglected and not being cared for in a nursing home. Hospice gave her the very best care before she finally rested in peace.

“May God bless her soul,” said Wendy anointing herself and saying a silent prayer. “Amen. I love you, Mom. I miss you,” said Wendy blowing a kiss to the ceiling as if her mother was there looking down at her from Heaven while watching over her.

As soon as she said, I love you, Mom, overwhelmed with remorse, she felt horribly guilty. She felt as if she had betrayed her mother and abused her advice and detailed instructions on how to give better blowjobs. With her mother barely dead for 90-days, Wendy was already having an incestuous, sexual affair with her father. She had already sucked her father’s prick, allowed him to cum in her mouth, and allowed him to give her a cum bath.

‘What kind of loving daughter am I to have sex with my father after my mother died,’ she thought with guilt, embarrassment, and shame.

How dare she have sex with her father? How could she allow him to touch and feel her through her nightgown while unbuttoning her nightgown? Why would she allow him to have his wicked, sexual way with her big while she stroked his cock and sucked his cock?

# # #

Yet, no one’s fault, with her and her father lonely, horny, and grieving, and with neither of them having had a good night’s sleep in days, not thinking clearly, it just happened. One night when they were both weak, exhausted, horny, and vulnerable, one night when they were cuddling on the couch while watching a movie, their cuddling went a little too far. Her father’s cuddling turned to touching and feeling his daughter in places where he should never touch and feel his daughter.

Yet, how can something that feels so good be so wrong? How can something that feels so right be so forbidden? So, what? With them both adults, they had consensual sex. With everything feeling better the next morning, they finally had a good night’s sleep. When neither of them not eating and losing weight, she cooked her Dad a big breakfast and they gorged themselves on pancakes, bacon, eggs, and coffee before going back to bed to have forbidden sex again.

Easing her guilty conscience, Wendy knew that her mother would be happy that her husband finally found comfort, even sexual comfort, albeit in his daughter’s arms, and in Wendy’s mouth. Instead of finding sexual comfort between the legs of one of those gold-digging whores, who Elenore considered to be her best and closest friends, she’d be glad that Wendy was emotionally, physically, and even sexually there for her father.

“I love you, Daddy,” said Wendy after wiping her father’s cum from her face, her hair, and her naked breasts with tissues.

Her father stuffed his semi-erect prick back in his pajama bottoms while staring at his daughter’s big, naked breasts. Hard to believe and something unexpected, his daughter gave him a blowjob while cuddling with him on the couch and watching a movie. Yet, cuddling on the couch while watching a movie and having sex was something that he did with his wife every night. Now with his daughter such a good cocksucker, as good at sucking cock as her mother, he ejaculated his cum in her mouth.

“Oh, Daddy,” said Wendy when her father ejaculated a load of cum in her mouth.

Then, before she could pull away, in shocked surprise, he ejaculated a second load all over her face, in her hair, and across her naked breasts. Having not had sex since his wife died, in the way that he routinely did with his wife, he gave his daughter a huge cum bath.

“Oh, my God, Daddy. You have so very much cum,” said Wendy.

Perhaps, now, that her father had much needed sex, he’d finally sleep and get some much-needed rest. Perhaps, now, after breaking the incestuous ice, his daughter would replace his wife and have sex with him again.

“I love you, Wendy,” he said talking to her naked tits.

She Avrupalı porno smiled at him with love and sexual affection in the way that his wife used to smile at him with love and sexual affection.

“I love you, Daddy,” she said again while staring at his naked prick as she continued slowly stroking his naked dick.

# # #

Besides, something her mother and her friends discussed in great, sexual, and graphic detail whenever they played bridge and drinking, none of her bitchy, bloodsucking, affluently wealthy friends sucked cock. Hard to believe but none of them, not one of them, gave blowjobs. Even though they played the sexy sexual part by dressing seductively, flirting with and sexually teasing men, none of her sexy, shapely, and attractive friends ever had a cock in their mouths.

Hard to believe but they never blew a man. Difficult to comprehend but they never allowed a man to ejaculate his cum in their mouths. They’ve never had a cum bath. No wonder why they’re all divorced from their husbands. They never gave their men what they wanted. They never gave them oral sex.

“Can you imagine that? None of those selfish, money grubbing bitches have ever given a blowjob. After I die, don’t let any of those conniving women get their claws in your father,” said Elenore to her daughter. “They’d ruin him. After spending all of his money, they’d divorce him.”

Her anger subsided when she looked lovingly at her daughter. Obviously, seeing her in herself, they looked so very much alike. They could have done one of those Dove soap commercials where people think that they’re sisters instead of mother and daughter.

“Trust me because I know. All of those women are just out for what they can get. None of those women will make your father sexually happy. None of those women ever had a cock in their mouths. Shocking but true, none of those women allowed a man to ejaculate his cum in their mouths. None of those women had ever received a cum bath,” said Elenore while sexually confiding in her daughter.

Wendy laughed.

“They don’t know what they’re missing by not sucking cock, Mom,” said Wendy. “Unlike women who only look good on the surface but who can’t produce the goods, a woman who knows how to give a good blowjob will always have control over her man.”

Elenore nodded her head in agreement.

“After I’m gone, you must promise me to keep those women away from your father,” said her mother. “I don’t want any of those gold-diggers hooking up with him.”

Ready to protect her father from those conniving women, gold-digging women, Wendy nodded her promise to her mother.

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll protect Daddy from them,” she said. “I won’t allow any of them near him.”

If only she knew then that she’d be having sex with her father soon while dressed as her mother, she’d never believe it. Wendy wondered what her mother would say if she knew that they were having incestuous, sexual affair. Hoping that she wouldn’t be angry, barely, three months after her death, she wondered if her mother would be okay with them finding solace in each other’s arms and sexual comfort in her mouth.

Now that they actually went through with having incestuous sex, they were both happy cuddling and sleeping together while continuing to have illicit sex. If nothing else, instead of him missing his wife and not sleeping, with him dead to the world after having had sex with his daughter, her father slept like a baby. In the way that her mother did with her husband, now her daughter did with her father.

Every night they cuddled on the couch while watching a movie. Every night before they fell asleep on couch, they had had sex. Every night, in the same way that her mother did with her husband before her death, Wendy blew her father. Every night, her Dad ejaculated his cum in her mouth and all over her face. Every night her father gave his daughter a cum bath.

“Oh, my God, Daddy. You have so very much cum,” said Wendy laughing while scooping her father’s cum from her face and licking her fingers clean.

# # #

Truly, an odd conversation for a mother to have had with her daughter about sucking cock and a daughter to have had with her mother about giving blowjobs, nevertheless, they were both admitted cocksuckers Video porno and great cocksuckers at that. Years ago, when Wendy started dating and having sex, her way of keeping her daughter from becoming pregnant, Elenore gave her daughter detailed instructions on how to give better blowjobs. Like mother like daughter, now her daughter loved sucking her father’s cock as much as her mother loved sucking her husband’s prick when she was alive.

Something that Elenore’s friends admitted that they never did and would never do with their husbands, Wendy’s mother sucked her father’s cock nearly every night when they were cuddling on the couch while watching a movie. Perhaps, had her friends sucked cock and given their husbands regular blowjobs, they wouldn’t be their ex-husbands now, and they’d still be married to them. Much different from women who never gave a blowjob, whether sexually satisfying a man with their hands, their mouths, or their pussies, Elenore and Wendy considered oral sex a big part of sex.

Once a cocksucker always a cocksucker. Wendy followed in her mother’s footsteps by loving to suck her boyfriend’s pricks. Starting with her prom night when she was 18-years-old, not shy, modest, or sexually reserved, she sucked the cock of nearly every man she dated. Something that most 18-year-old women didn’t do, she had oral sex with the men she liked. She’d allow the men that she hoped to see again to cum in her mouth. Not stopping there, she’d swallow them and even allow them to give her a cum bath.

“Cum in my mouth,” said Wendy to a man she was dating. “I want you to cum in my mouth. Then, after you cum in my mouth, I want you to give me a cum bath. I want you to cum all over my face, in my hair, and across my naked breasts.”

Sometimes, as odd as it may sound, Wendy would rather give a hand job to a man she didn’t like and didn’t want to see again, instead of giving him a goodnight, French kiss and/or making out with him. As far as she was concerned French kisses were much more personal than were hand jobs, and sometimes even more personal than blowjobs, especially when not allowing them to cum in her mouth. To her, allowing a man to part her lips with their tongue and stick their tongue in her mouth was more invading than allowing him to stick his cock in her mouth.

“I can’t imagine not sucking cock, Mother. I can’t imagine not giving blowjobs. The first man I sucked was my 19-year-old prom date when I was 18-years-old. He couldn’t believe it when I allowed him to cum in my mouth and I swallowed his cum,” said Wendy with a dirty laugh. “Totally surprising him, he was shocked when I wanted him to cum again to give me a cum bath.”

Wendy looked at her mother with appreciation after she taught her all that she knows about cocksucking and giving blowjobs while Elenore looked at her daughter with pride.

“Admittedly, disgusted by having a man’s dick in their mouths, my dear friends all cringed at the thought of giving blowjobs,” said Elenore. “Unless they were stripped naked and forced by home invaders, they would never suck anyone’s cock. They never understood why I loved sucking cock so much. They never understood why I loved it when a man ejaculated his cum in my mouth. Obviously, they never enjoyed sucking cock,” said Wendy’s mother. “Clearly, they didn’t love their husbands enough to suck their pricks, allow them to cum in their mouths, and give them a cum bath.”

With them both on the same page regarding giving blowjobs and allowing men to cum in their mouths, she smiled at her daughter. Obviously, Elenore was proud of her daughter. She was glad that she wasn’t like any of her selfish and self-centered friends. Yet, Wendy wondered how she’d feel about her now after taking her place and sexually taking up with her father. Would she be happy that her husband wasn’t with one of her friends but was being cared for and sexually satisfied by their daughter?

# # #

“I tried to explain the feelings of sexual pleasure that I receive when controlling a man with my hand and, especially, with my mouth,” said Elenore. “Yet, they looked at me as if I was crazy. Disgusted by the thought of a man’s prick in their mouths, they didn’t even want to hear it.”

Her mother sipped her wine while confiding in her daughter about her holier than thou, sexually frigid, and virginal friends. An unfair exchange, all of them married for money but instead of giving their men what they wanted, sex, they gave them their unpaid, charge card bills. Instead of giving them sex, while hoping that their husbands would take lovers and they could divorce them, they gave him their nasty attitudes.

Seemingly, only having sex in the beginning to get what they wanted, money, they all hate having sex. Obviously, they truly don’t love the men they married. Sadly, and undeniably, they had sexual intercourse to entrap their man. Then, once they had his baby, and got what they wanted, they stopped having sex,” said Elenore. “Is it any wonder why all of their marriages ended in bitter divorce?”

Much different from those women, like mother like daughter, she knew that Wendy sucked cock because they had that mother and daughter sexual talk years ago. With them open and honest in their mother and daughter sexual discussions, she knew that her daughter loved sucking pricks as much as she loved sucking pricks. A natural aphrodisiac, albeit an acquired taste, like mother like daughter, Elenore knew that her daughter loved the taste of cum as much as she loved the taste of cum.

“Because of you, I love sucking cock, Mom. There’s something special about getting a man off by stroking him and sucking him. Then, when he ejaculates his cum in my mouth, I take that as a compliment for a blowjob well done. Finally, always a nice surprise, when I release his prick from my lips, I love it when he ejaculates a second load of cum all over my face, in my hair, and across my naked breasts,” said Wendy while relaxing with a glass of wine with her mother.

Elenore smiled lovingly at her daughter.

“I assume you’re using that oral sex, cum bath technique that I taught you,” said Elenore.

Wendy returned her mother’s loving smile with her loving smile.

“Of course, I am, Mother,” she said. “Thank you for teaching me that. I never met a man who didn’t like that special, oral sex talent.”

Even though her daughter admitted that she was using her mother’s oral sex technique, and with her not having much longer to live, less she forget, Elenore felt compelled to reiterated her sexual instructions regarding giving men better blowjobs.

“When sucking a man, after he cums in your mouth, especially when he hasn’t already ejaculated a second time yet, you must continue sucking him while licking him clean. Using your mouth as if your lips are your hand, apply firm pressure to both sides of his cock with your lips,” said Elenore.

Wendy nodded her head.

“I know all of this mother. You told me and I use your technique when giving a blowjob,” said Wendy.

Ignoring her daughter, her mother continued with her oral sex instruction.

“When applying additional pressure to the sides of his cock with your lips and to the head of his cock with your tongue is like shaking a champagne bottle,” said Elenore. “As if his cock is a volcano that’s about to blow, you’ll know if you’re doing it correctly when you feel his prick throb and pulsate in your mouth.”

Wendy patted her mother’s hand.

“I know that Mother and thank you for teaching me how to give a better blowjob,” said Wendy obviously grateful to her mother’s tutelage in instructing her on how to be a better cocksucker.

Clearly, thinking it that important enough to reiterate her instructions, and not wanting her daughter to forget her last oral sex instructions after she was gone, she continued repeating all that she told her daughter.

“Then, when you finally release him from your mouth, he’ll explode a second load of cum and give you a much deserved cum bath,” said Elenore with a dirty laugh. “All men love women who suck cock. All men love cumming in a woman’s mouth. All men love women who swallow. It’s really not a blowjob, unless a man cums in your mouth and you swallow his cum. All men love giving women cum baths.”

If only her mother knew that she was giving her daughter instructions on how to blow her father. If only her mother knew that soon, Wendy would be sucking her father’s prick. She couldn’t help but wonder if her mother would have been as forthcoming with her blowjob and cum bath instructions if she knew that her husband would be cumming in his daughter’s mouth and all over her face. Then, again, maybe her mother wanted her daughter to take her place. Maybe, she wanted them to have sex after she was gone.

To be continued…

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