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Loosening Up Bk. 02 Ch. 05-09

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Chapter 5 — Film Fodder

Kat asked, “What about the tenth house on our circle of homes. I know we believe that someone else might join us, but has there been any thoughts about it, or who, or timing?”

Ty shrugged along with Dave. He responded, “There are no plans for it, but it easily fit in the design of the Circle. Owen will be the official owner of the home, but it’ll remain mostly unfinished inside awaiting residents who want to pick their decorating and appliances throughout. If you have any ideas, please talk to us or introduce us, or whatever is appropriate.”

Dev sounded out, “Yes, I have an idea, at least for the short term after it’s finished.”

Several people said, “Tell us.”

“We make it a guest house. We do minimum finishing, maybe not even all the rooms, but enough so that it’s livable and a little better than a room at the Motel 6 out by the Interstate. We don’t even finish all the rooms or floors or whatever.

“Since we’ve formed our group and feel about each other the way we do, the only visits from relatives has been when Alice and Julie’s parents showed up, and we know how well that turned out. All the other visits with relatives or parents have been us leaving here and going to them; what if they want to come here? After all, we are in a warm climate and winter will be here not too long after we move into the Circle.

“When relatives came to any of us heretofore, if they stayed with us, we just didn’t participate in our Circle activities those days. It was easy. When we’re all together, especially if sex is occurring on the patio or in the pool, it’ll be kind of difficult to avoid some kind of situation.”

Kat said, “Do you want to announce to your parents — or relatives — our lifestyle? My parents would react worse than Alice and Julie’s.”

Alice said, “Just to clarify, our parents have no idea of the grand scale of things here. They were upset because Pam lived with us and apparently I made love with her. We hinted about Owen.”

Julie said, “I sent them a change of address card, but never got an acknowledgement. I don’t know whether they think we’re all having sex or not. On the one hand, I don’t care. On the other, I hope that they feel the need to reconcile someday. Oh, and on the third hand, they would positively go ballistic if they knew the full scope of the Circle, including that Alice and I make love.”

Sean said amid some modest laughter, “On the fourth hand, I do like the idea of a guest house until someone comes along to really move in and be full-fledged neighbors.”

Clarisse had been mostly quiet, but she asked, “How do you invite somebody to join us? ‘Hey, we’ve got this little swinging cohousing project and we trade partners all the time, wanna join us and fuck all the time because we have one house available?'”

Dave said, “Be a little subtle, Clarisse; more like, ‘Do you like to fuck? Oh good, then we have a deal for you.'” There was more laughter.

Christie said, “You make me think about what will happen if word gets out about our little venture. Lots of people already know about it, plus we’ll have tradespeople in and out all the time. It won’t be a secret, and I’m sure our lifestyle will leak out someway. During the weekdays or when workers are coming, we’ll need some way to put the word out to cool it in the public spaces.”

Ty said, “Let me address that. For one, we will be a private gated community. We’ll all have remotes for the gate down by the main road. If we’re having anybody up here other than the mailman who’ll stay on Circle Road, we’ll want to know about it so that we can warn everyone to dress and behave appropriately. We have a security firm looking into cameras and other alerting devices.

“If some individuals or groups, say a church or something, wants to picket us, they’re welcome to do it, but by law they can’t block the access to our property. Dave, Owen, and I talked about this, and we’ve decided to also put a single lane road out the back to the neighborhood to our north. It’ll be gated like the other, but with even greater security. We want to hide and disguise it even. It’ll be for real emergencies, as you might predict.

“The official story we are giving out now and will propagate in a press release when some of the homes are completed will be that we are a circle of close friends who have formed a modern day professional commune. Who knows, maybe some of you will even start to grow a few things on the outer acreage around the project to help solidify that earth mother and earth father image.”

Roy said, “I apologize for missing some of the early meetings, but won’t the banks want to know exactly what’s going on. After all, they’ll be the real owners of most of our project.”

Ty shook his head, “No banks are directly involved with us except in the float loans we have now. The long-term bank is Owen. Our mortgages, as we complete the process and get ready to move in, will be with one of his subsidiary financial corporations casino siteleri that amazingly specializes in funding and propagating cohousing projects with various missions. Realize that we are small change compared to most of his business dealings. He mentioned that we get lost in the round-off error in some of his financial statements.”

The questions fell by the wayside as some of the men and women coupled up and started to get romantic with one another. Alice’s moans from having Dev suck on her taut breasts shifted the direction of the after-dinner discussion. Kat going down on Jack also seemed to disrupt things.

Grace motioned Christie to join her, as the two of them started to kiss and make out with a very willing Dave. Bathing suits and monokinis soon disappeared, and then some serious sexual play commenced on the various chaises and futons on the patio. Kat soon had Jack fully entertained as she lay back on one of the picnic tables and he moaned in satisfaction in front of her as he sank his meat into her. It was the first union of the two. Dori had decided that Roy deserved some serious attention, something he didn’t often get to do with her despite the two of them working in the same office.

* * * * *

Owen sat in a casual chair in Ty’s living room. Dave, and the other board members for The Circle Cohousing Project sat nearby, along with most of the spouses or other singles in the Circle.

Owen spoke, “I have a proposal — a request really — that I wanted to put to you as the board for our ongoing project. I would like your serious consideration, but I don’t want special consideration either because I once owned the common land the project is being built on or because I am the banker. In this instance, I am just another one of you with a request for consideration. It involves use of some of the land.”

Ty was presiding over the meeting. “The floor is yours, and we understand your desire for common treatment.”

“Thank you. I’ll be blunt in my proposal and then elaborate. I would like to build a paved runway and helipad along the northern edge of the property. The runway would be about fifty feet wide in a one hundred eighty foot clear-cut swath, and would be 8,000 feet long. It would not be visible to the Project because of the curvature of the terrain, but obviously noise from my plane landing or taking off would be heard, as well as any helicopter noise. During a busy week, there might be four to six small jet operations and four helicopter operations in that area. More typically, there might be one or two a week, and some weeks there would be none.

“I would also like to build a hangar in the northwest corner for the plane and copter; it could hold other aircraft as well, but I do not plan further craft for now. I might buy a smaller private plane, but that’s kind of iffy. If any of you were inclined to become pilots and use the runway or hangars, it would be available. The building might be visible to part of the Project, but I would like to plant conifers between to make the building relatively invisible from the residential part.

“I have checked with the local authorities and I can do this providing The CCP — you all — approve. Zoning is not a problem, and only a few neighbors might be concerned, but one of my staff has talked to them to alleviate their issues.

“Having the plane, helicopter, and home within a few feet of each other would be a huge convenience and time saver for me. I could do some of my work at home, and be ready to travel in a flash. We’d do some aircraft maintenance and fuel storage there, but that’d be serviced by way of the back road.”

Owen stopped and looked from person to person to see their reaction.

Ty turned to the board and others, “Questions? Concerns?”

Heather asked, “Will the area be fenced? I’m concerned about children getting into mischief or being in the way down there.”

Owen nodded, “Except for the perimeter fence around the entire property that is now being installed, I hadn’t planned on any, but I could add that. My feeling was that we were far enough away from the homes that younger kids wouldn’t be in the area. As for older kids, my personal experience is that a fence won’t stop them.”

Heather said, “OK. I guess I’m fine with that for now. If it became a problem you’d be willing to add a fence?”

“Absolutely, and I’ll put that in writing, say contingent upon a request from CCP board.”

Alice asked, “Will there be another access road?”

Owen said, “Oh, I forgot to mention this. Between the Project and the hangar area, I’d want a narrow road, just wide enough for one car, but more likely to be used by a golf cart or two to shuttle me and any luggage to the plane. This path could be the same one we talked about as the back exit from the property out to the other neighborhood in the north behind us; it’ll be gated and secure at all times. One would have to drive around the end of one runway to exit, but with property freespin bonus signage that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Will there be lights?”

“Yes, but they’ll only come on based on motion sensors around the hangar, or runway perimeter lighting triggered by the plane’s radio. Both will go off after a few minutes. Both are also related to safety and security.”

Dave asked, “What kind of plane?”

“It’s my Gulfstream 650LR. It’s new, with relatively quiet engines. I don’t have a helicopter yet, but I was thinking of a four or six-passenger model like a small Bell. So far, I’ve been renting the copter as I need it but it has mostly been spur of the moment.”

Sean asked, “What about costs to the Project?”

“There should be none. The Bennett Foundation and Bennett Enterprises will lease the land from CCP, so there’ll be a net positive cash flow to the overall treasury. The figures are on the other side of the one-page plot plan I passed out. It’ll amount to $5,000 a month above any taxes or other city assessments on the property that we’d pick up. We’d handle all legal fees to establish this as well, both CCP’s as well as our own.”

There was general nodding around the room.

Ty said, “Only a board vote is needed for this decision, but I would like to get a broader consensus from everybody here. To do that I want to pass out two different colored pieces of paper: beige for non-board members and white for board. I want a secret ballot as well since we all know and love Owen, but this is kind of a unique situation.”

Alice jumped up and helped distribute the half sheets of paper to everybody along with an odd assortment of pens and pencils. She then collected everything in a large Tupperware container.

Ty, Dave, and Kat went off to the dining room to look at the ballots. The others heard laughter at one point.

Ty led the contingent back into the room with a smile. He looked at everyone and then at Owen, “Mr. Bennett you have your miniature airport by unanimous agreement.”

Owen looked surprised. “Thank you one and all. I promised to make this have as little impact on the Circle Cohousing Project as possible. If you have any concerns or questions, please come and see me.”

A month later, the secondary road from the Project to the rear exit on the property was cut into the landscape and paved. A month after that some heavier earth moving equipment showed up to create the level strip through the land for the runway. Paving and such took another month. A prefab hanger was installed in the fourth month. Poof! Instant airport. But other things happened during those months.

* * * * *

Rachel’s svelte teenage body leaned forward over Dave’s nude form in cowgirl position. They were madly kissing. She was obviously impaled on his large cock and had been for several minutes, time enough for her to experience two orgasms and become a sodden mess of female lubricating fluids from waist to knees. Of course, her breasts were also covered in her juices because Dave had dined at the ‘Y’ and then slavered over her beautiful breasts. Her neck, face, and mouth were also alive with her juices for a similar reason.

Sean knee walked up behind the two, between their legs on the bed. He sprayed some lubricating fluid on her ass and then worked some of the excess inside her pucker. He coated his cock, and then said, “I’m ready; are you?”

Rachel said in an excited tone, “Yes, but please go slow. I want this, but I don’t want it to hurt.”

Sean pushed into her ass slowly as she’d requested. There was no significant progress for a minute or more, and then Sean put his thumb into the taboo space, pushing deep, and then quickly withdrew and pushed his cock into her again. This time, the head popped into her allowing the rest of his lubricated dick to slowly slide into the teen.

“OH, FUCK!” Rachel said loudly. “This is crazy. People actually like this?”

Dave said, “Rub you clit. Jill off, right now.”

Rachel started to follow his edict as Sean started to slowly move back and forth into her body. Dave also restarted his slow fuck of her pussy.

“OOOOOH, FUCK,” Rachel said loudly, this time for a different reason. She’d had her first orgasm based on anal penetration. She’d was DPed, but the effect had come from the tightness inside her and the stimulation of nerves no one had ever touched before.

Ty came up to the teen, and presented her with his cock. Her mouth instantly latched onto his stiff shaft, pulling him in and running her tongue around his glans as he carefully face-fucked her.

Rachel was airtight for a few minutes.

Ty pulled away.

Sean said, “Do you want me to stop? To pull out?”

“NO!” Rachel almost screamed. “I’m used to you now, and it feels good — really good. Fuck me — fuck my ass, and cum inside me — both of you. Ty, come back and fuck my mouth until you cum. I want to be dripping in cum from all of you. I want to be özel bonuslar the biggest slut here tonight.”

Sean said, “Babe, you are so tight, I’m not going to last more than a minute or two more. Every time you cum you’re whole body milks me almost to a climax.”

Dave said from underneath the pile of flesh, “I agree. I can only last a minute or two. With Sean in your ass, you’re really tight.”

Ty stepped back in position after jerking his cock for a minute bringing him closer to a climax.

The three men moved in and out of the writhing teen with renewed vigor.

Sean said a minute later, “Oh, fuck. I’m cooked. Cumming!”

Rachel said loudly, “Orgasm express cumming through. Oh, soooo fucking nice!”

Dave announced, “Me too.”

Ty grunted and cum started to surge from his cock into Rachel’s mouth and then splatter across her face as she pulled his cock from her mouth. Some splattered on Dave’s chest.

The teen and three men surged into one another as their orgasms took hold of their bodies and brought pleasure to each.

As they finished, Ty backed away, Sean pulled away, and Rachel rolled to the side off of Dave. All of them were panting and still savoring the climaxes they’d had.

Applause from eight others gathered around the massage table rippled into the night.

Grace moved to her daughter’s side and kissed her. “Oh, baby, you did so well. I couldn’t have done better myself. I’m so proud of you.”

“It was much better than I thought after I got used to having something back there.”

Alice stepped forward, “I agree with your mom, you did really well. DPs are not for everybody.”

Mike said with pride, “I’ve got it all on film. We can watch it later or anytime you want.”

Rachel said, “Would you make me a DVD or send me the vid by email or something?”

“Of course. That was championship porn. If you didn’t look like you were fifteen I could make a fortune putting that on the market, but if I did I’d get hate mail and have every government agency on my case. This one, I promise you all, is just for the Circle, and especially for Rachel.” Kat stood next to him holding another of the cameras that had recorded the airtight event.

Clarisse came up to the pair with her high def camera in hand, “I got a lot of good shots, too. I think between the three of us you’ll like the outcome.”

Kat stood up from where she’d been videoing the pornographic performance, “May I have the honor of editing the footage. I mean we all love Rachel, but this would be such a privilege for me and I’d do it with love for her and all our new friends.”

Mike nodded, “Baby, you have the job. I liked what you did with that co-ed that got fucked last week. I think you could make a lot of money in this business.”

Kat laughed, “And tell my parents I do what for a living?”

Mike thought about that, “I’ll give you some nature photography videos to edit, so you can share those with them. It’ll at least give you some credibility outside the Circle.” He thought a moment and added, “As for going public, I could see doing that with a front-end on it of some kind where Rach shows her driver’s license or something to prove she’d eighteen. Guys love the idea of sex with nubile teenagers.”

Owen said, “I need some very tame videos for the Bennett Foundation. Mike, you interested? If so, Kat could also edit those to further her respectable resume.” He was smiling as he spoke.

Mike said, “Absolutely. Let’s talk later and we’ll compare calendars, too.”

The group broke up, and those who’d been in the performance or filming drifted off in different directions.

Rachel lay sprawled out on the table in way that truly resembled a wet noodle. Alice came up to her, “You all right?”

“Oh, God. I’ve never been better. Monday, I am so going to one-up my nemesis at school with this. Sharon is going to eat crow.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, just some slut in my class that thinks she’s better than everyone else. She claims she’s fucked anybody worth fucking, and they’re all high school boys. I want to show her a picture of me being made airtight and tell her to stuff her amateur sex games up her loose cunt. She’s terrible and needs to be put in her place.”


“Don’t worry. I won’t show anybody’s face other than my own. She won’t believe it anyway, but I’ll challenge her to try what I did. She wouldn’t dare even try anal sex, let alone be with three men at one time.”

“Just be careful. We do NOT advertise what we do to the outside world. This is where some maturity may need to come into play. You hold a number of reputations in your hands. Don’t mess up. Think about what you’re doing.”

Monday night Rachel showed up with an air of hubris. She winked at Alice.

Alice went over to her after she sat down with her dinner. “All right, what happened.”

“I took three shots of me when I was airtight from the video. I blanked out the faces of Ty, Sean, and Dave, and then when Sharon started to strut around telling how she’d been fucked by her boyfriend five times over the weekend, I just told her to stuff it. I told her that was child’s play. She should get some real men to service her.”

Alice asked cautiously, “And she said?”

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