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Pandora’s Promise Ch. 01

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Author’s note: there is no such person named Malcolm Madison, he’s a figment of my imagination, and while there may be plenty of ladies named Pandora, the one in this story is purely fictional as well. This is fantasy. Have fun, but remember – practice safe sex.

Now let’s get one thing straight for starters. There’s nothing gay, queer, whatever name you want to put to it, about me. I’ve got nothing against gays. I employ quite a few of ’em in my business. Similarly with lesbians. If that’s their bag, fine with me. It’s a free world.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll explain how I got mixed up with Pandora. See, I’m a self-made millionaire – none of daddy’s money went to help me make it in the construction business.

It’s made me one of the richest men in California – hell, one of the richest men in the 50 states! Look around downtown LA and I reckon of all the ‘scrapers built there in the last three to five years, 50 per cent were put up by my company.

I live in a sprawling great mansion which looks down from the hills onto LA, private, secluded, gated, very safe – the mansion, not LA. I have a friend in the porn business, and every now and again I let him use the place as a location for one of his movies.

Once he got one of his lovely leading ladies to pay for the rental with her charms and she and I had a three-month fling, before she went off with some guy wanted to marry her. Me, I’m not the marrying kind.

Anyways, last week Dave called and asked if he could use the place again. “I’m shooting one of those ‘chix with dix’ movies, so you probably won’t be interested,” he said.

Well, he was wrong there. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been – and I know this is a cliche to end all cliches – but I’ve always been curious about transsexuals. I’ve even looked up some of the sites on the net and I’ve been amazed at how pretty some of ’em look.

Anyway, I laughed and told Dave: “You never know, Dave, you never know. I’m coming up to 40 and maybe it’s time I tried a bit of a different approach in my love life.”

Dave laughed one of his throaty porno director’s laughs and said: “In which case you’ll fuckin’ drool when you see Pandora!”

“Promises, promises, Dave,” I laughed and we ended the call.

But sheet, he was right! When the crew had arrived in their minivan and unloaded all the equipment, they were followed by Dave in one of his fuckin’ stupid stretch limos. Dave emerged first followed by a young man, the male lead, I guessed, and a tall blonde, with long hair down to her mid-back. She was stunning!

Dave, one of his ever-present disgusting stogies stuck in his ugly mouth, walked over with the blonde and introduced us: “Pandora, I’d like you to meet my friend Malcolm Madison. It’s his house we’re using.”

Pandora transfixed me with a long gaze, her eyes deep and blue like the Pacific. She held out a strong hand and clasped mine: “Pleased to meet you, Mr Madison. This place looks absolutely wonderful. Will you show me around the house when we’ve finished shooting?”

I eyed her superstructure – big breasts sheathed in a black leather bustier, a black mini skirt and black leather fuck me boots which came half way up her gloriously brown thighs. “It would be my pleasure, ma’am,” I told her.

“Right,” said Dave, “would you mind showing Pandora up to one of those changing rooms by the pool, Malcolm? We’re gonna start with some poolside suck and fuck shots.”

I escorted the lovely blonde to a changing room, noticing her height – she was around five foot 10, I guessed – and her age. About 23 or 24, I guessed. I was right about the first guess, wrong about the second – she turned out to be 22!

“I’ll make myself scarce,” I told her, opening the cabana door. “Make sure you find me after filming and we’ll have a drink and I’ll show you around.”

Pandora Pendik Ukraynalı Escort gave me one of those slow, sizzling smiles and pecked me on the cheek. She smelt sensational!

I disappeared into the house, but after a while I’d done all the business I could on the problems we were having with some construction project in Dallas – why are things always so fuckin’ difficult in Texas? – and I slipped upstairs to spy on proceedings by the pool.

Pandora was naked for the shoot they were filming and I saw at once that while her tits were great – obviously not natural, but superbly shaped and around 35-36, I thought – her cock was superb! Like I said, I’m not gay, but that don’t mean I can’t appreciate a nice-looking prick!

Her prick was about eight inches long, I supposed (in fact it was eight and one half) and while it appeared circumcised it could just have been that her foreskin had been pulled back. I got a pair of binoculars and focused on her. The cock shaft and her balls had been totally shaved but there was a little sprout of blonde hair on her pubic bone. A natural blonde?

I pried myself away and went into my den and tried to work on some drawings we’d been sent for some office block they wanted me to build in Sacramento. I wasn’t sure about it, I hate going north of San Francisco. Then I heard calls of “Lunch” and I went to my kitchen and pulled out a Bud and walked poolside.

Dave doesn’t stint on the expenses. He’d got in a catering company and the crew was tucking into shrimp salads and some sort of lobster main course. Wine even!

“Nother coupla hours and we’ll be finished for the day,” said Dave. “OK if the boys leave their equipment here overnight?”

My first thought was “As long as they leave Pandora here!” but replied: “No problemo, Dave, it’ll be safe as Fort Knox.”

Again I made myself scarce, stripping off to a T-shirt and Speedos before punching up some ball game from the East Coast. I saw that those damn Yankees were making a mess of some poor pack of bastards from another division when I heard a call from my TV room door.

“Hi, Mr Madison, may I come in – the rest of the crew’s just left,” I heard Pandora inform me.

Now let’s get her voice dealt with right here and now, OK? It wasn’t one of those impossibly deep bass voices that many trannies have, nor was it a higher job, either. It was pitched happily between bass and soprano and sounded as if she smoked a few cigarettes – in other words, it sounded husky and horny as hell!

I leapt to my feet and plunged the screen into blackness. Pandora stepped down to the couch and smiled at me. She looked fuckin’ A – that’s as in “a” for adorable!

I don’t know why, but I stammered and mumbled something about getting her a drink. Well, I do know why – it was the fact that she was only wearing a shiny blue satin bikini and high heels.

“Absolut vanilla and coke, please, Mr Madison,” she told me, and I mixed us two from the bar while she settled back on the couch. Her legs were long, and brown, and the thighs were toned. Not body builder toned, but nicely muscled. They looked strong!

But her breasts, bunched against the lustrous, shiny satin were magnificent, large nipples pressing out against the material. Her hair looked like a golden wheat field, her lush lips red and oh-so-kissable.

I knew she had a cock, but it wasn’t readily obvious, although there was a nice bunch at the groin of her thong-style briefs. I tried to disguise the trembling in my hand as I handed her the Absolut.

Pandora accepted the glass and patted the couch by her side. “I just love this place,” she said, placing the stress on the word “love”. “It must have cost a fortune.”

I laughed. “No more than I could afford, Pandora,” I smiled, then we clinked glasses.

She beamed at me, sucked on her Pendik Üniversiteli Escort vodka, then put the glass on a couch-side table and slipped into my arms in one easy, polished movement. Her mouth, with a fragrance of vanilla, fastened onto mine and she kissed me gently. It was my first tranny kiss, but I felt my cock starting to stir in my tight little Speedos.

And you know why? Because she was so fucking pretty and her breasts jutting against my T-shirt were so fucking firm! Just then the fact she had a cock didn’t enter into it.

I felt my mouth working keenly on hers, then my tongue flickered into her mouth and we meshed, our bodies caressing against each other, my prick pressing against the shiny front of my Speedos and against the crotch of her bikini panties.

Then I was fumbling with the back of her bikini bra, until finally the darned thing became unhooked and fell from her full, firm globes. The nipples were almost brown and erect like organ stops.

I lowered my mouth and started to suck on her boobs. They were so fuckin’ great! They may have had a helping hand from some Los Angeles plastic surgeon, but I’ve never slobbered over a better pair of beauties.

As I was working on her breasts, Pandora had her hand on my Speedos and was removing my erection from its hiding place. As I was freed from the swimmers, I pulled them down and kicked them to the floor.

Pandora’s hand fondled my eight inches of uncut cock and breathed huskily into my ear: “Oh fuckin’ great, Mr Madison – I love an uncut cock, it’s so much nicer to play with!”

Then she lowered her mouth to my stiffness and I felt her warm mouth encircle my stiffy, sucking and licking at it hungrily, as if it was the first cock she’d sucked all day – although I was pretty darned sure it wasn’t!

I lay back against the coolness of the leather couch and closed my eyes for a moment, then realised that I wanted her nude! I bent slightly and not dislodging her mouth from my cock I grabbed the hip-high straps of her thong and pulled it away from her middle, planting it on the floor by my Speedos.

Her cock sprang to attention as I stripped the thong from her and I saw that she was, indeed, circumcised, a glob of pre-cum nestling on her piss slit. With a firm grasp on her shoulders, I pulled her from my hard-on and pushed her back into a semi-lying position, her shoulders resting on the arm of the couch.

I placed my face close to her thick, starkly veined prick and gazed at it. It was beautiful! Then, for the first time in my 39 years, I placed my mouth on a penis! I kissed her cock head, slowly and reverently. Pandora let out a slow gasp, then I opened my mouth and sucked it down to the ring. It tasted so good!

“That’s it, Mr Madison,” Pandora breathed, letting her words slide out in a husky, ever-so-sexy trill, “suck me, darling, suck me!”

I needed no encouraging. My mouth was eagerly, hungrily at work, as if making up for lost time as I sucked, kissed and licked at her wonderful prick. Then, just when I thought I was getting into a nice tempo on her erection, Pandora turned away and knelt with her backside to me, her brown-puckered anus gleaming seductively only inches from my face.

My tongue licked softly against her brownness and I placed a few globules of spit on her sweet slit and then knelt behind her and thrust my eight-inch prick against her anus. Slowly I drove into her, feeling my hardness slide into a lush, velvet smooth aperture.

As I did, I placed my left hand on her left breast, cupped it, still marvelling at its firm smoothness, then put my right hand to her erection. It was standing up, hard as a lump of lead!

“Oh fuck, it’s so great when I’ve got a nice piece of meat in me, my hard-on gets harder, thicker, oh I just think it gets longer!” Pandora informed me, as she thrust Pendik Vip Escort her buttocks back in time with my fuck tempo.

And what with the tightness of her anus, the slap of her pert buttocks back against my groin, the full firmness of her left globe and the thick richness of her cock, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I came with a roar of approval, plunging my semen deep into her.

For a moment or two I panted, my body quivering as I heaved myself down from the peak of the passion I had just spent in Pandora’s gloriously tight little anus. Then my rapidly diminishing cock slid from her, leaving a trail of semen slime on her inner thigh as I collapsed back onto the couch, pulling my T-shirt from my torso as I did so.

Pandora stayed kneeling in her place and sipped from her glass of vodka, which she’d placed on the couch side table.

Then she turned and smiled at me, a smile which was so fuckin’ beautiful! “How was that, Mr Madison?” she asked. “Was it good? And was it your first time?”

“It was fuckin’ great,” I told her. “No, it was better’n fuckin’ great, Pandora, it was fuckin’ sensational. And yes, it was my first time with a – er – with a …”

She laughed a husky, sexy laugh. “With a transsexual?” she said.

“Er, yes, that’s right,” I said, feeling somewhat gauche.

“Hey,” said Pandora, “no problem. There’s always a first time for everything. I take it you enjoyed the experience?”

I sipped on my vokda and coke and nodded with enthusiasm. “I’ve always been …”

And Pandora interrupted me. “Curious. That’s the word everyone uses – ‘curious’.

“What they mean is, ‘Shit, I’d love to fuck a pretty bird with beautiful big tits and a big cock. ‘Stead they just say ‘curious’, which I guess is shorthand for fucking a pretty bird with big tits and a big cock.”

I laughed. “I think that just about sums it up, my dear,” I told her. “Now, what do we do about that?” And I pointed to her erection, the cock glowing and golden and looking very suckable with its shaved shaft and ball bag.

“Oh, that,” said Pandora, glancing down at her hard-on. “Well, you were such a great fuck, I’d love to give you a face fuck. Would you mind? Or I can just stroke myself off.”

“No you couldn’t,” I cried, feeling the knight in shining armour all of a sudden. “I’d love you to come in my mouth – I mean, you’re, well, you know, you’re OK, aren’t you?”

Pandora laughed. “I’m in the adult movie business, Mr Madison. I’m clean, I’ve got a certificate which says I’m healthy.”

“Sorry I was so clumsy,” I told her.

“Forget it,” Pandora said, pushing me back so my shoulders and upper back rested on the arms of the couch. Then she took her hard-on in between the thumb and middle finger of her right hand and guided it to my mouth.

I accepted her erection, taking about half of it in while Pandora sighed, then told me: “That’s fine, no need for deep throat action, Mr Madison, you’re tongue’s doing jus’ fine.”

And soon, too soon as far as I was concerned, Pandora was spurting her lovely salty ejaculate down my throat, two, three globs of semen spunking from her slit into me.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, pulling slowly from my lips, “I’m sorry about that, but I’ve been thinking about doing that all fuckin’ day and when the chance came along I just couldn’t hold back.”

She collapsed on the far side of the couch and I cuddled up to her, stroking her stunning tits and running a finger along her now dwindling cock.

“You’ve been thinking about it all day?” I whispered, kissing her on her throat, then on her mouth.

“Sure have,” said Pandora, replying to my kiss with an open-mouthed response of her own.

“Ever since Dave introduced us I’ve been fantasising about what you’d be like. How big? Cut, uncut? Gentle? Rough? What it would be like with my cock in your mouth. What it would be like with your cock in my ass.”

“And the decision?” I asked.

“Fucking A-grade sex, Mr Madison. And you?”

“Best yet,” I said, “best yet. Wanna stay the night, darling?”

Pandora stirred in my arms: “I want to stay forever, Mr Madison.”

To be continued.

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