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My Crazy Hot BUSTY Mother-in-Law

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Okay, this is my first story, and absolutely 110% true… I’m not a writer, so forgive me for all of you that are “writer critics”, this story isn’t going to cut the mustard on that front I’m sure…

The only “fact” about personal information I’ll share is that all of these events happened in Florida. That’s it, no real names, no real location names, nothing, too risky…

Here we go…

I met a girl at a retail location when I was 26. I thought she was probably 22-23, but she turned out to be only 18, so I told her that I was too old for her unless her parents said it was okay as I just don’t like unnecessary drama. One day about 2-3 months later she called me, and said that she and her mom were at a restaurant and why don’t I stop by, so I hopped in my car and did. When I got there, I was kind of stunned at how young her mom looked, keeping in mind that I was 26. The name I’ll use for her mom is Mary. Mary was divorced and I remembered thinking, “who was the fool?!” Mary had her daughter when she was about 22, so she was about 40 years old at this point and I mean smoking hot, just smoking, a head turner no matter where she went… Think kind of Morgan Fairchild, but not quite as flashy, but every bit as hot, sexy and busty, OMG, her tits were AMAZING, full, firm, magically firm and crazy side-boob that was to die for and just begged to be nuzzled. Later I looked at one of her bras and they were 34DD’s and perfect. If you are a tit man, these were the best I’ve ever seen.

Anyhow, I show up and it was basically an interview, her mom, Mary asking me questions, etc, and at the end, she said; “I’d be glad for you to date my daughter!”. So that is how this all got rolling. Technically she wasn’t my mother in law because I never married her daughter, but dated her for 5 years, lived together for 3, but her daughter was just too much Escort bayan of a whiney bitch and her mom, Mary, actually helped me see this and I never married her and moved on after 5 years.

Mary always dressed to kill, tight tops, that showed off her incredible breast her amazing side boob, slim waste and amazing ass and legs…. I’m telling you this woman had it going on and going on big time. I of course never lead on that I thought these thoughts, but I’m sure I must have been caught staring at her tits a few times, it was impossible not too!

When Mary would hug me, it was like she was intentionally pressing her tits into me, but, I really couldn’t tell. Sometimes I felt like she would move them from side to side a bit, as if almost rubbing them on me during a hug. She would kind of go out of her way to get close to me, bump into me and the like, but I just couldn’t believe at the time that she wanted to fuck me, but later I would find out.

When her daughter was in the shower getting ready, she would always make a point to come out and have a glass of wine and converse with me, give me sexy looks, tell me how handsome I was, that her daughter was lucky to have me, that if she was my age she’d be all over me. The signs were all over the place, but I chose to not see them, largely.

When I was first dating my girlfriend sometimes I would spend the night at their townhome, but out of courtesy I would sleep on the sofa. Mary was incredibly nice and very thoughtful, so I was that way in return. I’m a night owl, so often I’d be up late, watching TV or reading a book. She would come out in a nighty, initially not see through, but I could for sure make out the outline of her amazing breast and they would jiggle and sway and often I could make out her amazing nipples… I mean this woman reeked of sex and sexy in everything she Bayan escort did. I also noticed that she always had “fresh breath” during these late night encounters and I clocked that as interesting. She would gradually sit close and closer to me, and eventually would sit kind of cross legged hiking up her nighty to a point that my boner would hurt, or be ready to poke out of my sleeping gym shorts!

This progressed over time to where should she would wear these fucking see through night gowns that flowed with her breasts… You’d have to be a fucking fool to not figure it out at this point… But I was afraid to make a move, but damn, she’d leave, probably in frustration and I’d go bang one out. She was unreal.

Finally, the day came…. I went over to get her daughter but her daughter had to stay at work for 4 extra hours to cover for someone else so she suggested we have some wine and relax, so we did. Oddly, this particular day, she was dressed very non-sexy, shorts, loose fitting top, very non-descript. We have a few glasses of wine and about an hour later she disappeared for a minute. Their town home had a very large loft and the master bedroom was off of that. I heard her over the railing call me and asking if I could help her with something. So I went upstairs and went into the bedroom and she was spread out on the bed, legs open with a vibrator on her pussy with her AMAZING TITS begging to be sucked on! I was stunned, OMG, I had wanted to see her like this for a year now, but good god, I was fucking frozen. She just looked up at me and said; “You know I want this, and you would have to be crazy to not want it, so get over her, we only have a few hours and I need at least one for a good long fucking by my future son in law”

I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough, in fact, I almost fell down, I kid you not. I dove into Escort her pussy like a wild man, she wrapper her legs around my head and screamed; “OMG, lick mommy” (she always told me to call her mom). “OMG, I think you’re already going to make me come, DAMN YOU, I wanted this to last longer”. I kid you not, in like 60 seconds she was coming all over my face and bucking and playing with her tits, then my hair, then back to her tits, screaming that I was making her cum”. It was wild and I loved every minute of it.

I came up for air and she just looked at me like a woman crazed and said; “fuck me, fuck me with that big cock of yours, I’ve seen it at night, I’ve wanted it for a long time now get up here a fuck the shit out of me with that cock and now!” She was mad! I kid you not, I guess there was a year of pent up demand for me in her.

I plunged my cock into her pussy and pulled her to the edge of the bed and finally got my mouth on those tits that I wanted since the first day I saw her at the restaurant. OMG, her tits were just unreal, I fully became a tit man at 26 I can promise you that.

Now, this was a townhome, but she didn’t seem to care and was just going bananas over me fucking her for the first time. Screaming; “FUCK ME, FUCK MOMMY, FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK, FUCK ME GOOD, GOD DAMMIT YOU BETTER FILL ME FULL OF YOUR YOUNG CUM, I NEED YOUR FUCKING CUM, FUCK YOUR MOM!” And this went on for like 2-3 minutes and I unloaded the largest load of my life to date. We just laid there, still together, panting, breathing, smiling, living a moment we both had wanted for a long time, but her longer than me, because I was a fool! I remember thinking; “OMG, why did I wait so long to see it?”

We got up, laughed at some funny comments we made to each other, smiling, knowing, this wouldn’t be the last time, and it wasn’t, because we needed to wash off the sex before her daughter got home, so, of course, I fucked her up against the back wall of the shower with her leg up on a bench while I sucked on the absolutely amazing tits.

What a woman, what a fucking hot hot woman…

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