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Sex at the Beach

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I was on vacation from the States. One bright, sunny day which is often most unusual in England while strolling along the beach, I listened to the ocean waves swishing onto the sandy-small rock strewn shore to kiss the land before returning out to sea from whence they came.

It was in the mid-fifties, and I was wearing a somewhat revealing bathing suit for that day and age, especially in staid England. It fit my body snuggly, accentuating my large breasts and firm, round ass. The bottom of the suit was cut straight across the tops of my thighs just below my pubic area, and beneath the front panel was a form-fitting panty that was cut high on my ass cheeks and showed the outline of my pussy or quim as the Brits like to call the female genitalia. It was black, and the V cut bodice accentuated my cleavage and fair, pale skin common to many of Irish ethnicity.

I was walking past a seaside Caravan in front of which sat two woman in lounge chairs. They were looking out at the water and chatting away loudly enough for me to hear them but not so I knew about what they were talking. They were large women, one elderly with grey hair and the other quite a bit younger with dark hair. Both women had exceptionally large breasts, and even though they were sitting down I could tell they both had broad, well-formed hips. Each was dressed modestly casually as they should since they were obviously vacationing at the shore.

As I walked slowly along the water’s edge, feeling the cold water as each new wave sloshed up around my feet, I couldn’t help but look their way since I knew they had been watching me.

Wanting to be polite I said somewhat loudly so they could hear me above the sound of the waves, “Good Morning! Lovely day. Isn’t it?”

The elderly woman called out in an equally loud voice, “Right you are. ‘Tis a beautiful morning.”

The younger woman chimed in, “From your accent I’d say you’re from the States. Yes?”

I stopped and answered, “Yes. From the States. Here on vacation. My maternal grandmother was from Sussex.”

“Ah, Sussex. A lovely place,” responded the elderly lady. “Why don’t you come up and join us so we don’t have to shout to be heard above the waves. There’s an extra lounge for you.”

I wasn’t heading to any particular place, so I didn’t mind having my morning walk interrupted. Besides, I enjoyed meeting new people, especially here since my grandmother Lucy Ann emigrated from England to America with some of her family, the older ones staying behind because they had jobs, when she was just two years old. I, therefore, walked up towards the two women until I was standing in front of them, and while looking down at their smiling faces, I couldn’t help but notice how large both their breasts were and how full they were in their hips. Both would be considered Rubenesque in form, meaning voluptuous.

My sexual orientation being a lesbian I must admit both women turned me on just looking at their large breasts and round, full hips, and I loved women of all ages, including the elderly. There is something so sensual about a large, buxom, elderly lady with her soft round curves and malleable flesh who usually has a large, rounded pubic mound covered with either dark pubic hair with streaks of grey running through it or totally grey. They also often have large clits that I find are so good to suck on and enjoy having my mouth full of their erect, hard clit and puffy, blood-engorged shaft. Very sexy. Besides, I enjoyed making love to large, full-bodied women. Although, I loved making love to women of any age and any colour. My taste in women is very eclectic.

The two ladies must have caught me starring down at their large breasts because I saw them look at one another and exchange a knowing glance and smile.

The elderly woman spoke up first.

“Well, I must say that is quite some swim suit you have on there, or should I say almost on? One doesn’t see too many like that here. A wee bit modest don’t you know.”

I blushed which is quite visible on my fair skin and felt a little self-conscious, but the elderly woman added, “Oh, don’t be embarrassed, Deary. On you and with your lovely body it looks very good. Doesn’t it, Barbs?”

Still blushing, nevertheless, I said, “Well, thank you for the compliment, Mrs….”

“Oh, please, my name is Louise, but most of the time I’m called Granny, and,” pointing to the woman sitting next to her, “this is my daughter Barbara who usually goes with just Barbs or Aunty Barbs by her nieces and nephews. She likes being called Aunty Barbs. Don’t you, Love?”

Aunty Barbs smiled and answered, “Yes, Mom, I like being called Aunty Barbs just as we all call you Granny. Almost like nicknames.”

I smiled down at Granny and Aunty Barbs and said, “Isn’t this a coincidence? My name is Maggie, but often I’m called Maggs by my friends and family.”

Granny glowed and said, “Well, Maggs, it’s a pleasure meeting you. Now, do sit down. Aunty Barbs, why not move into the other chair so Maggs can sit between us so we can be more comfortable while we adana escort talk and get to know one another better.”

Aunty Barbs willingly got up from her lounge and sat down in the one to Granny’s left, leaving the middle seat for me. As I studied their faces and bodies, I guessed Granny to be about sixty-five and Aunty Barbs to be in her mid-thirties.

I sat down in the lounge vacated by Aunty Barbs and stretched out my long legs to stretch my calves and thighs instead of crossing my legs and rested my forearms on the arms of the lounge.

“There, now isn’t this better?” asked Granny.

I smiled and answered, “Yes, Granny, this is much better.”

Granny smiled back as she reached across to a small table beside her lounge, picked up an empty glass, and poured some lemonade into it.

“Here, Maggs, you must be thirsty from your walk on this unusually sunny day,” Granny said as she handed me the glass of lemonade that already had condensation on the outside.

“Thank you, Granny. This will hit the spot,” I said politely. “Thank you.”

I felt Granny’s and Aunty Barbs’ eyes giving me the once over as they looked at me from head to feet.

“Maggs, I must say you have a beautiful body that you show off so well. Doesn’t she, Aunty Barbs?” asked Granny.

I looked down my own body, having received such a nice complement from Granny, and saw that the bottom of my outer swim suit had slid up my thighs, revealing the brief under panties beneath. I also saw my inner bottoms of my bathing suit had also crept up, creasing between my pussy lips, and since I had a thick, heavy bush of ginger-orange pubic hair, some of it was visible beyond the legs of my inner panties.

Self-consciously as I was reaching down to pull down the outer part of my swim suit, Granny spoke up, “Oh, Maggs, you don’t have to do that. If you’re comfortable as you are, keep it that way. We’re all women here. Aren’t we Aunty Barbs?”

Aunty Barbs answered quickly and with a slight tremor in her voice, “Oh, my yes, Maggs, we’re all women here. No need to be modest. Just relax and enjoy your lemonade as we talk and get to know one another better.”

I felt relieved but still somewhat embarrassed, but Granny and Aunty Barbs were doing their best to make me feel comfortable, so I put my forearms back onto the arm rests of the lounge and relaxed, taking sips of my lemonade as we talked.

It seemed like hours that we talked about anything and everything. Granny and Aunty Barbs wanted to know about my grandmother Lucy Ann, where I was from in the States– I told them was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania–and what brought me to this particular part of England. They in turn told me much about themselves.

While Granny was talking, she raised her hands to the top of her shirt and began to unbutton it, saying, “It’s getting quite warm. Maggs, you don’t mind if I open my blouse to let some air cool me off do you?”

Now, feeling comfortable in Granny’s and Aunty Barbs’ presence, I said, “No, Granny, I don’t mind. Why should I? We’re all women here. Isn’t that I was told.”

Granny smiled at me warmly, and I saw a gleam in her eyes.

“Aunty Barbs, you must be getting warm, too. Why don’t you open your blouse and get comfortable,” Granny said.

When Granny said this to Aunty Barbs, I automatically looked over at her and saw she was already unbuttoning her blouse, too, until both of them had a good portion of their breasts revealed to me, neither one wearing a bra underneath their blouses, and I saw both of their large cleavages down to the beginning of their areolas. Granny’s areolas were a dark pink while Aunty Barbs’ were a lighter pink. I could not see their nipples though; although, I saw their nipples were standing out hard and erect against the thin material of their white blouses.

Within myself I had to admit that seeing Granny’s and Aunty Barbs’ large, melon-like breasts excited me, and I felt myself getting wet between my legs from my pussy cream seeping out of my slit.

Granny and Aunty Barbs continued talking, telling me about themselves…where they lived, what they enjoyed doing…you know…alot of trivial details that goes with small talk.

While we talked some more since Granny and Aunty Barbs had exposed a good portion of their large breasts, I noticed Granny drop her hand down onto her lap and begin to rub her fingers over her pubic area. That must have been a sign to Aunty Barbs to do the same because she also dropped her left hand into her lap and began massaging her pubic mound with her fingers.

Needless to say I was becoming more and more sexually aroused, and I began to wonder what Granny and Aunty Barbs were up to.

“Surely,” I thought, “they can’t tell I’m a lesbian, or is it written all over my face now that I’ve been staring so much at their large breasts and couldn’t keep my eyes off them.”

I was also not aware that while we were talking and I was becoming sexually aroused I had inadvertently spread my legs a little that exposed more of my crotch, making my wet spot quite noticeable.

“Oh, my Maggs,” said Granny in a thick voice, “look at yourself. You have a wet spot on the crotch of your bathing suit panties. Look Aunty Barbs. Isn’t Maggs wet between her legs?”

Just as I looked down at myself, Granny leaned forward, reached out with her right arm, and ran her fingers over my wet spot, sending shivers of sexual delight course through my aroused body. She raised them up for me to see my pussy’s moisture on her fingertips, and then she pointed them at Aunty Barbs.

“See, Aunty Barbs. Isn’t our Maggs wet?”

I looked quickly over at Aunty Barbs in time to see her smile wickedly and say, “Oh, my yes, Granny. Our Maggs is truely wet. No denying it, but I wonder why?”

Now, I turned my head to look into Granny’s eyes, feeling caught between them in the knowledge they both now knew that I was sexually aroused and I was wet between my legs, my pussy cream having seeped out of my slit to make the large wet spot on the crotch of my swim suit panties. Even though my suit was black, the wet spot shown even darker.

Before I had a chance to make up some excuse to explain my wetness between my legs, Granny put her fingers between my legs and ran them up between my puffy labia that were three times their normal size from my being sexually aroused.

When I felt Granny fingering my pussy, I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan of pleasure at her gentle touch.

Hearing my moan, Granny said salaciously, “Oh, my Maggs, you are sexually aroused. I can feel your wetness, and I just heard you moan.”

“What made you become sexually aroused, Maggs? Seeing Granny’s and my large breasts?” asked Aunty Barbs.

Before I had a chance to answer Aunty Barbs, Granny asked, “Do you like women, Maggs? Is that the reason you are so wet between your legs? Don’t be shy. You don’t have to be shy or embarrassed with Aunty Barbs and me. Does she Aunty Barbs?”

“Oh, my no, Maggs. You don’t have to be shy or embarrassed in front of Granny and me. You see, we both love women, and not only that Granny and I, Mom and I, have been enjoying an incestuous relationship for some time now. Ever since I was eighteen and becoming quite the lady.”

While listening to Aunty Barbs, I didn’t realize Granny had worked her first two fingers beneath my swimsuit panties and was fingering my pussy. I was mesmerized by what Aunty Barbs was telling me about hers and her mother’s incestuous relationship. I didn’t realize Granny’s fingering me until she flicked her fingertips across my now hard, erect clit that had popped out completely from beneath its protective hood.

I jumped at Granny’s touch and thrust my hips up off the seat of the lounge to push my sensitive clit against Granny’s delightful fingers.

My upward movement of my hips pushed Granny’s two fingers off my clit and down to my open, creamy slit into which Granny shoved them all the way over my rows of fleshy ridges and onto my puffy, soft, spongy area where she rubbed my hard G-Spot.

“Oh, my god,” I stifled a cry of pure sexual delight as I felt Granny finger fucking my vagina as she slipped her thumb beneath my swimsuit panties and placed it onto my throbbing clit. Once in that position Granny continued to finger fuck me while rubbing my hard clit at the same time.

I bucked my hips up and down on Granny’s hand as my sexual excitement mounted and I felt myself nearing an orgasm.

While Granny played with my pussy, Aunty Barbs got up from her lounge and came around to stand behind me. She reached down and slid her hands onto my breasts and got them beneath my bodice until she had my hard, erect nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and started to tweak, pull, and roll them.

Leaning down, Aunty Barbs put her mouth onto my ear and breathed into my ear canal and said, “Maggs, let it happen. Cum for Granny and me. We want you to cum all over Granny’s fingers.”

Having Aunty Barbs whisper those words into my ear, I groaned my wanton, sexual arousal and felt my body tense, that brief moment before being hit with orgasms.

“Ungh! Oh, my god, I’m cumming!” I moaned.

I pressed my feet against the ground and shoved hard on Granny’s hand, her two fingers deep inside me rubbing and pushing up against my G-Spot and her thumb massaging my vibrating clit. My inner thighs trembled with erotic tension when I cried out and ejaculated a hard stream of my love juice all over Granny’s hand that was cupping my pussy.

Granny cried out, “Yes, yesssssssssssssssssssssssss, Maggs, cum for Granny!”

I thought I’d never stop ejaculating, but in time it came out in a trickle as I gasped for air and my heart bounded inside my chest, my breasts rising and falling with Aunty Barbs’ hands still cupping them and squeezing my hard nipples.

When I had myself under control, Granny slid her wet hand out from beneath my swim suit panties that were soaked and wet, and Aunty Barbs took her hands off my breasts and put them onto my shoulders and massaged them to help me become relaxed after my intense orgasms.

When I was able to open my eyes, I was looking up into Granny’s grey eyes. She was smiling at me while licking her hands clean of my pussy cream and love juice.

“I must say, Maggs, when you cum, you really cum. That was intense,” Granny said.

I, on my part, was speechless as I still continued to get control of my bodily senses.

Still smiling, Granny said, “Maggs, let’s go into the Caravan where we can be more comfortable and not be on public display even though the beach is usually deserted. Okay?”

Granny reached down with a helping hand and pulled me up until our bodies pushed against each other. I now felt Granny’s large, pendulous breasts pressed against mine and sighed through parted lips.

“Would you like to see Granny’s big breasts, Maggs? Aunty Barbs’, too?” Granny asked seductively.

“Uh hum,” I murmured.

“Well then, lets go inside,” Granny said as she took my hand and led the way with Aunty Barbs opening the screen door and letting us pass before coming in behind us and closing it.

Once inside Granny led the way to the bedroom where we three took off all our clothes, leaving us standing naked in front of one another.

Granny and Aunty Barbs marveled at how tall I was and mentioned my long reddish-blonde hair and my ginger-orange pubic bush, and they loved my large breasts that were still firm and stood out from my chest.

I, on the other hand, was taken aback by both Granny’s and Aunty Barbs’ Rubenesque bodies with their huge breasts, each having very large areolas and large, round nipples. Granny’s big breasts sagged some because of her age of sixty-five. Aunty Barbs’ big tits also sagged because of their size, but they still held their form.

Looking down at their wide, round hips I was stunned at how large Granny’s pubic area was stretching full across her lower abdomen and over her puffy mons. Her thick forest of pubic hair was almost completely grey that matched the hair on her head that she kept up in a bun pinned onto the back of her head. Her pussy lips were quite puffy and full, especially now that hers, too, were swollen due to sexual excitement. However, it was Granny’s clit that intrigued me the most.

Granny’s clit was enormous. It was at least a half-inch long and round the size of a little finger, but it even looked bigger with the large protective hood and the blood-engorged shaft that disappeared over her pelvic bone into the forest of pubic hair.

God, I wanted to go down on Granny so badly and suck on her big clit.

As to be expected, Granny had a paunch or slight potbelly that creased above her pubic line that spread from hip to hip. She also had a deep bellybutton, quite large.

Granny’s thighs were large and a little flabby from loss of muscle tone, but her calves were still well formed.

Aunty Barbs had medium dark hair and hazel eyes, a pretty round face with pouting lips, and delicate ears close to her head.

Her large breasts were well suited for her broad hips that were still firm because of her age. She had nice legs even though somewhat large like Granny’s but, nevertheless attractive.

What both Granny and Aunty Barbs had were large asses, Granny’s being more flexible with a little flab while Aunty Barbs’ was tighter but still very round.

Aunty Barbs’ pubic area was also large like her mom’s but covered with a heavy, black bush of pubic hair. She had large labia, both large and small, that came together at the top of her pussy where her clit was popped out from beneath its protective hood. Her clit was almost as large as Granny’s. Her abdomen was on the paunchy side but firmer than her mom’s.

Granny and Aunty Barbs gave me plenty of time to look at their bodies before Granny spoke up.

“Well, Maggs, what do you think? Do Aunty Barbs and I pass the test? Do you like what you see?”

I cleared my throat and answered, “Oh my, yes, Granny. I like both yours and Aunty Barbs’ bodies. I love the Rubenesque figure with large breasts and equally large hips, giving it that hourglass look.”

Both Granny and Aunty Barbs smiled approvingly with my answer.

“Well, then, Maggs, come here and give us a kiss…both of us,” Granny said enticingly.

I walked over towards the bottom of the bed where Granny and Aunty Barbs were standing and took turns taking them into my arms and kissing them passionately, licking their lips; pressing my open mouth onto their open mouths; thrusting my tongue inside and sucking on their tongues and investigating their teeth, gums, and inside of their cheeks with the tip of my tongue; and then French kissing each one hungrily as I thrust my tongue into their throats as far as I could.

Granny and Aunty Barbs in turn did the same with me.

While we kissed, we each roamed over the body of the other with our hands…cupping our breasts, tweaking our hard nipples, running our hands down our sides, caressing our buttocks in our hands and squeezing each ass cheek in the process. Best of all we insinuated our hands between the legs of the other, feeling our pussies and sliding our fingers along the wet, creamy labia.

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