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Two Cocks for Hazel

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Hazel was one of those women who men lusted after. She had an attractive face, was of average height and build but the weight she did carry was evenly distributed giving her a highly desirable womanly shape.

But her crowning glory truly was her hair. She had a mane of the most gorgeous deep brown, almost black, wavy hair which came down below her shoulders. She had lovely firm breasts, around a 36C and the most perfectly rounded arse. Her eyes were the deepest brown imaginable and coupled with her lovely smile, when she spoke to you with her soft Northern accent, she had this way of drawing you in, in in the most magnetic way. She had what you would call charisma and was basically very fucking sexy.

She was around 35 years old and was married to a guy called Clive. Clive was the kind of guy who tended to dominate the marriage. He was super intelligent and soaked up knowledge, almost like a human Wikipedia. So Hazel, as attractive as she was, always tended to be something of a lesser being as far as Clive was concerned. He had a very condescending attitude and without really meaning to, tended to belittle her, which had a negative effect on her confidence and self-esteem.

One afternoon, Gary and his best mate Alan were around at Hazel and Clive’s house. Earlier on, Gary’s wife had been round there as well with their two sons but had left to take the boys home. Clive was away, leading some expedition to the Brecon Beacons or somewhere. This was the second weekend of a two-week trip.

Hazel was wearing a startling pair of bright canary yellow cut-off trousers which came down to just below her knee, together with a stripy t-shirt. The outline of her lacy bra was clearly visible under her shirt, enhancing the fullness of her rounded breasts.

Earlier that afternoon they had all been enjoying a few glasses of wine and ended up playing Twister. The adults were pretty hopeless at playing the game, but it proved to be a great opportunity for Alan and Gary to engage in some rather enjoyable bodily contact with the lovely Hazel.

After all the wine, Hazel had become a little tipsy and for some reason was still laying on the floor in the lounge. She had her head on the carpet and had raised her arms, with her fingers entwined through her thick wavy hair on either side of her head, as if reclining in a comfortable bed.

Alan and Gary were sitting at right angles to each other on the corner sofa, chatting about nothing in particular. Hazel’s bare feet were pointing towards them, affording them a lovely view of her outstretched body, the curve of her breasts swelling upward in the most charming way.

Alan and Gary couldn’t help but keep looking down to admire Hazel’s prone form. Then at one point, she sleepily raised her knees and allowed her legs to open fully. Alan and Gary shot a glance at each other. She was literally laying in a missionary position, as if in the middle of being fucked.

But what really got to the two guys was that, clearly visible under the thin yellow cotton material of her trousers, was a dark black triangle — and not the kind of solid black that you might see on account of her panties showing through. What they could clearly make out was her hairy black bush.

Alan looked over at Gary and with a slightly stunned expression on his face, silently mouthed the words ‘Fuckin’ hell!’

Gary was slightly less discrete and gave a quiet moan under his breath in response. Hazel stirred from her slumber and glanced up at the two guys.

‘What are you two up to?’ she said with a smile.

‘Nothing,’ Gary said, trying to steady his voice and sound innocent. Alan was a little more forthright.

‘Actually Hazel, we just couldn’t help admiring you… thinking how incredibly sexy you look. Fair to say, you’re getting us both pretty turned on, the way you were laying there.’

Hazel closed her legs and rolled onto her side to face them.

‘Aww, you’ve spoilt the view now!’ said Alan.

‘Really?’ said Hazel. She almost looked puzzled, as if surprised that men would find her sexually attractive, let alone come right out and say it.

‘Jesus, Hazel, I don’t think you realise the effect you have on men. The way you were just lying there… I think I’m speaking for both of us…’

He shot a grin and winked at Gary. He continued, ‘I think we were both imagining what it would be like to have sex with you right there on the floor.’

‘I can’t believe I’m getting you turned on just by laying here!’ said Hazel, still slightly taken aback, but she seemed to be egging Alan on a bit. She didn’t seem offended by his rather forward remarks and Alan certainly seemed to have got her attention.

Hazel was one of those rare women who didn’t actually realise just how fucking sexy she was; she had no need to accentuate her looks by wearing short skirts or low-cut tops. She just was sexy, simply by being herself. When she spoke to you, her eyes drew you in and created that achy, lusty twinge in your chest. But canlı bahis having been married to the overbearing Clive for ten years, it had probably been quite a long time since anyone had really complimented her or told her how utterly fuckable she was.

Hazel rolled onto her back again with a cat-like smile. She slowly and teasingly raised her knees and opened her legs again.

She turned her face towards Alan. Looking at him with her deep brown doe eyes she said, ‘You mean like this?’ She was clearly getting into this little game.

‘Fuckin’ hell,’ said Alan quietly under his breath, looking directly at Hazel’s crotch and the dark smudge under the thin yellow fabric. The seam of her trousers had tightened slightly into her pussy, making her puffed outer lips visible in profile. It was as if she were naked, just sprayed with yellow paint.

Both Alan and Gary were starting to shift a little uncomfortably in their chairs on account of the stirrings which were going on in their shorts. They were beginning to wonder just how far things might go in this slightly bizarre situation. Both of the men’s minds were reeling, as if trying to think this through…

‘Her husband’s away; Alan’s wife was at work; Gary’s wife was back at home with the kids. The two men clearly on their own with the lovely Hazel, with realistically, little chance of being disturbed.’

‘How long has Clive been away now?’ asked Gary, innocently, but with a heavy hidden meaning.

‘Oh, I don’t know, about ten days now,’ replied Hazel.

More mental calculations on the men’s part… ‘That must mean she hasn’t had it for at least a couple of weeks then,’ they were both thinking.

Out of Hazel’s line of sight, Alan made a discrete gesture for only Gary to see. He held his palm downwards near the sofa and made a hooked, stroking motion with his middle finger. Alan gave a sneaky grin and briefly raised his eyebrows briefly at Gary. The gesture was clear to Gary. ‘Has she been masturbating?’ was the question being silently asked.

The two men immediately had visions of Hazel laying there in exactly that position, playing with her pussy and found themselves wondering if she had a collection of toys.

‘Are you two just going to sit there then? Or are you going to show me?’ murmured Hazel, in a seductively sexy voice.

Alan needed no further encouragement. He slid off the sofa and knelt beside Hazel. Judging by the tent in the front of his shorts, he was primed for action.

In one smooth movement, Hazel brought her hand down from her head and placed it on the front of Alan’s shorts, feeling his rigid cock inside. ‘Ohh, hello there!’ said Hazel.

Not willing to be left out, Gary immediately moved off the sofa and dropped to his knees beside Hazel. Taking her other hand, he placed it on his equally swollen cock. Alan and Gary grinned at each other over Hazel’s prone body… ‘Game on!’ they were both thinking.

Hazel felt instantly aroused by the feeling of having a hard cock in each hand. It had been some time since she’d felt one, let alone two. Her clit was twinging, and a dull ache was starting to develop deep in her pussy as she gently massaged their swollen pricks through their clothing.

Gary ran his hand over Hazel’s closest breast, delighting at the soft and yielding flesh under his fingers. Her t-shirt had ridden up slightly, exposing a few inches of her soft but flat stomach.

He gently kneaded her breast and felt her nipple harden, even through her t-shirt and bra. He rolled It gently between his thumb and forefinger.

Alan took his cue and started giving Hazel’s other breast the same treatment. Soon all three of them were sighing as they became more aroused, the men by Hazel’s increasingly active stroking of their cocks, she by the tingling in her pussy, caused by the stimulation to her nipples.

Hazel started squirming her hips as the feelings rippled down from her breasts to her pussy, adding to the growing ache inside her.

It was very obvious where this was all heading, which was causing a dilemma in Gary’s mind. Even though he had experienced dozens of women over the years, and on several occasions, two women together, he had never had any kind of sex with another naked man present. Indeed, he had always found the idea quite off-putting.

Alan had been a great mate for years, and they did all kinds of stuff together, and although they talked about women and sex a lot, as blokes do, this was altogether different. But the thought of not only seeing the lovely Hazel, who he had lusted after for months, naked, but also of having full-on sex with her, went a long way to dispelling those concerns. In fact, it was fair to say that most of his higher brain functions were now under the control of his cock and aching balls.

Gary’s other hand strayed down to Hazel’s stomach. Her skin felt warm and soft to the touch of his fingertips. He slid his hand upwards under the material of her t-shirt and ran his kaçak iddaa fingers up over the swelling of her breast, feeling the soft lace-edged material of her bra and the hard nipple beneath.

Alan was still busy kneading her other boob over her t-shirt and was pinching her nipple. Then between them, they pulled her t-shirt up, Hazel raising her body slightly to help, exposing her bra and the delightful round curves of her breasts.

The two each slipped a hand inside the top of the lacy material, their fingertips brushing over her hard nipples, causing Hazel to gasp at their touch. Hazel squeezed their cocks hard as they tweaked her nipples.

Gary was desperate to feel between her legs, so he slid his other hand down and deftly popped the button on her waistband, then slid the zip down a few inches.

As his fingers travelled down inside the opening of her trousers, his fingertips encountered the treeline of her thick pubic hair. Running them down through her luxurious growth, he then felt the top of her slit.

‘Glancing across at Alan, Gary sighed ‘Fuckin’ hell, mate. She’s not wearing any!’

Hazel sighed and involuntarily raised her hips slightly as Gary’s middle finger slipped into her moist slit and rubbed across her clit.

Gary leaned his mouth down to Hazel’s ear and whispered hoarsely ‘Oh, aren’t you a naughty, naughty girl! Not wearing any knickers when you’re around two horny blokes!’

Hazel started fumbling with the front of Alan’s shorts, trying to undo the belt. He quickly removed his hand from her tit, and in a moment, had his belt and buttons undone, his dick bulging out the front of his boxers.

Hazel pulled the waistband of his underwear down and his cock sprang out. She grasped it firmly in her hand and started stroking it up and down.

Gary worked his hand deeper down the front of Hazel’s trousers and was able to slide his finger through her mat of dense hair into her fleshy crevice. As he wormed it downward toward her pussy hole, he felt a flood of warm, creamy juice.

‘Oh my God, mate, she’s sopping wet!’ Gary exclaimed, talking over her, almost as if she weren’t there.

Gary worked his middle finger into the opening of her creamed-up pussy and hooked his finger onto her G-spot, Hazel driving her hips up to help ease it in. He was still pinching and rolling her nipple under her bra as he started to drill his finger in and out of her.

‘Oh, you fucking horny bitch!’ Gary exclaimed, as he started to pump his finger in and out of her hairy cunt. ‘You just need a fucking good fucking, don’t you?’

Hazel didn’t reply, but swiftly turned the top half of her body toward Alan, so her face was directly in front of his jutting cock. Gary reluctantly allowed his hand to slip out of her bra.

Moments later, Alan’s cock was engulfed by Hazel’s warm, wet mouth and her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked it with long, deep strokes. Alan had his eyes closed and was moaning as she pleasured him.

Gary pulled his hand out of Hazel’s trousers and couldn’t resist lifting his fingers to his nose, inhaling her scent, before licking her delicious juices off them.

Then, moving down between her legs, he grasped the bottom of her trousers and tugged, to move them downwards.

Hazel lifted her hips to help Gary pull them down. In a moment they had slid past the curve of her arse and were down around her thighs, exposing the whole of her beautiful triangular bush, nestling at the juncture of her legs.

Gary again pulled on the bottom of her trousers and they slid down over her feet, leaving her naked apart from her bra and t-shirt, which was now rucked up around her neck.

Hazel’s back was exposed as she was sucking Alan, so Gary reached up and unclasped her bra, which fell loosely around her, exposing her gorgeous tits with their dark pink nipples. He moved down between her legs, then gently pushed one of her knees upward and outward, completely exposing her hairy gash.

He moved upward to look at her pussy more closely. Gently brushing her hairs to either side, he could see her puffy outer lips and the dark pink of her inner flaps, which were peeking out, wet with moisture.

Hazel’s body was moving rhythmically as she continued to suck on Alan’s cock and Gary slid two fingers straight into her wet hole, which was pleasantly tight, but so very wet. Hazel shifted her hips as Gary worked his fingers in and out, so he soon had them in up to the knuckle.

Hazel was alternately sucking Alan’s cock deep into her mouth, her long dark hair framing her face, then pulling it out and running her tongue up and down its length, before lowering her lips over it again. He had his hand on the back of her head, helping to force her mouth right down over his cock.

Gary parted Hazel’s pussy lips with his fingers, loving the sight of her dark pink gash, which was soaking wet with her juices. As he pushed his fingers in and out, more flowed out of her. She had a lovely kaçak bahis big, swollen clit which was poking out from her folds.

He slipped his fingers out of her, before using his thumbs to spread her pussy lips wide open. Then moving his face nearer, he started to lick up and down her slit, from the base of her pussy hole, right up to her clit.

Hazel started to writhe her hips and push her pussy into Gary’s face, making throaty noises onto Alan’s cock. Gary pushed his tongue deep inside her pussy hole and discovered a pool of lovely pussy juice that had gathered in her vagina; he sucked it into his mouth and swallowed it down.

Hazel was beginning to flood juice as Gary rhythmically worked his tongue over and over her clit, and then thrust three fingers into her aching snatch, pressing them hard against her G-spot. The writhing of her hips became more frantic as she bore down on his tongue and fingers, her orgasm welling up inside her.

Her body suddenly tensed and quivered; Gary felt her pussy muscles clamp around his fingers and her hips rose in the air as her climax hit her. Gary let her calm for a few moments, before gently slipping his fingers out.

‘Time to fuck her, don’t you think, Alan?’ Gary stated, rather than asked. ‘You can go first,’ he offered. Like Hazel was getting much choice in the matter. Alan didn’t reply, but just pulled his t-shirt over his head in preparation.

‘Why don’t you lay on your back mate, then Hazel… you can climb on top of him.’

Hazel stood up, a bit shakily, then pulled off her t-shirt and bra. She looked quite a sight, standing there completely naked, the dark hair on her head and pussy contrasting delightfully with her pale skin, her chest heaving, and face flushed with excitement.

Alan dropped to the floor without even bothering to pull his shorts right off. Hazel stepped over Alan’s body, facing him and was about to lower herself down, when Gary took her arm and said, ‘No, turn round this way. Please.’

Hazel complied and squatted down over Gary in a reverse cowgirl position. Alan was transfixed as he watched his swollen cock disappear into the lovely Hazel’s sopping pussy. He grasped her hips and started working her up and down in a steady fucking motion.

Gary ripped off his clothes and positioned himself in front of Hazel, his cock and balls right in her face. His cock was dripping precum, which he rubbed over Hazel’s parted lips, making her taste his juice. Then, holding the sides of her face, moved forward so that his cock slid deep into her warm mouth, which was moving around in time with Alan’s thrusts from below.

Hazel was grinding her dripping pussy back and forth on Alan’s dick, gasping with pleasure as Gary thrust in and out of her mouth. But Hazel was panting and gasping too much to be able to suck Gary properly, but she managed to free one hand to cup his balls and stroke his cock.

Alan was working hard under Hazel, his thrusts becoming faster and faster, her pussy making sloppy noises and he shafted in and out. Hazel was in raptures, her face contorted with sheer pleasure as she rode him. Gary reached down and grabbed her bouncing breasts, rolling and pinching her nipples, which were so hard, they were like little thimbles.

Suddenly, Alan let out a bellow and rammed upwards, lifting Hazel nearly a foot off the floor, as he pumped a massive, pent-up load deep inside her wet cunt. Hazel’s body was wracked by spasms as her orgasm erupted through her in waves.

Gary was desperate to get his cock inside her and dump his load, too. He helped Hazel to ease herself off Alan’s softening cock, then he turned her round and got her to kneel, so her face was above Alan’s dick.

Gary knelt behind her and saw the gobs of white spunk starting to ooze out of her gaping pussy. He didn’t much care for the idea of sloppy seconds, so he pulled her cheeks apart and pressed his thumb against the flower of her puckered, twitching anus, feeling it give way to his pressure.

‘Suck Alan’s cock!’ Gary directed. Hazel dutifully bent her head down and started licking and sucking their combined juices off his cock and balls.

Seeing that Alan’s cum was about to drip all over the lounge carpet, Gary scooped up Hazel’s t-shirt and used it to wipe down her cum-drenched pussy. Then he stuffed a section of it in her pussy hole, leaving the rest of it dangling obscenely, like a tail.

‘Now it’s time for you to get your arse fucked, you horny fucking bitch,’ thought Gary. He spat into his hand and smeared the saliva all over his aching cock, then pressed the tip against Hazel’s tight little bum hole.

After a few moments of steady pressure, her ring suddenly relaxed and his cock slid deep into her rectum, her muscles gently gripping his throbbing prick. Hazel groaned as his prick stretched her anus.

Moments later, Gary’s balls were slapping the back of Hazel’s thighs as he fucked her arse with long, deep strokes. As he drove into her, he pulled on her hips to impale her arse even further onto his rigid cock.

Alan was busy tweaking her nipples and squeezing her breasts as she slurped on his cock. Gary delivered a series of stinging slaps to Hazel’s gorgeous backside, making her jolt and writhe in response.

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