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Amy’s Night Out

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Amy prowled the office trying to pass time, absently shuffling papers on her desk that had been shuffled a number of times already. Again she glanced at the clock, realising that it had only been a couple of minutes since she had last looked at it. Anxiously she went to the window, peering through the glass at the car park below, still searching for His car, knowing that as soon as He arrived it would be time for her to go down and meet Him, for tonight was to be a special night for her.

Today the staff had all been told that they could have the afternoon off as Monday would be a public holiday and that she had to be off somewhere else that afternoon, naturally the staff had been delighted at the prospect of having an extra half a day paid leave and they had all gone by ten past one. Amy had said that she would be staying behind for a half hour or so to finish off a chunk of paperwork needed to be attended to before she could leave. Her secretary volunteered to stay and help but Amy said that it would be unfair and sent her off with the rest, she wanted everyone clear when Tim arrived to collect her.

All that was left for her to do now that all the equipment had been shut down was to set the alarm and lock up.

A little nervous she thought about how they had initially met, in a coffee shop some six months ago where Amy had slipped on a wet floor dumping her hot drink in his lap. Surprisingly he had been quite good about it, catching her before she also hit the floor, saving her from what might have been a severe bruising or worse, a broken bone or two. What had surprised her more had been the way in which he had taken control of the situation, bawling out the staff, calling for the Manager and demanding that he put matters to rights, including a cash payment to cover the cost of his dry cleaning bill.

One might be forgiven for thinking of Tim as just an average guy, average height and dressing so that he might fade into the background of a place, but he proved to be so masterful and yet such a charming man, at least to her, Amy falling for him on the spot.

The Manager, most apologetic, paid up for the dry cleaning, gave them fresh drinks and slices of cake free, together with enough vouchers to keep them coming back for at least a couple of weeks. Before Tim and Amy parted they had agreed to meet again in a few days in the same coffee shop.

As they got to know one another it became apparent that Tim, fed up with the basic wham, bam, thank you ma’am sex life that he had been putting up with for so long, so many girls, so little time, but all they ever wanted was to be fucked and leave it at that, all air-heads, the lot of them, he had needed something very different. Casting about, talking to friends, he had found what he needed in BDSM. Now, several years down the line and well versed in the practise of being a Dominant male, he felt that he had found his niche.

Amy on the other hand, a high powered executive running her own severely stressful business had found her answer in the role of being a submissive, a situation where she would no longer be in control of what she did sexually, she had discovered the pleasures of being dominated by a strong but compassionate man, the excitement of spanking, being whipped, bondage and many more of the extreme but wonderful BDSM practises.

At this time she had no Dominant in her life, therefore the meeting with Tim and learning that he was a naturally dominant male to her naturally submissive female had been a blessing in disguise. The had both become extremely close during the six months since that first and fortuitous meeting, she having put her trust in him completely and being rewarded with more pleasure than she could ever have hoped for, he taught her showing much patience and understanding, expanding her boundaries, allowing her to soar to heights that she had never before known. She had learned how to behave as a submissive in public and in private and now looked forward to that wonderful day when he believed that she had sufficient training that she might be honoured to submit to the wearing of His collar.

Over the weeks they had each learned that they had much in common, a love of motor sports, swimming they dined out together, went to the cinema, theatre and even managed a couple of weeks away in Cornwall that had been idyllic, the weather being as wonderful as their relationship

Tonight however was a special night, until now they had kept everything to themselves, behind the closed doors of his flat in London and her home on the East coast of Norfolk. Not forgetting the frequent weekend liaisons in a variety of hotels. Tonight Tim had booked them into a small but accommodating family run hotel, the owners themselves being members of the same club, situated some two hours drive away from where Amy worked. This weekend the hotel had been booked in its entirety by the BDSM club of which Tim had been a long standing member, and here she would be introduced to other Pendik Türbanlı Escort members as his sub. Tim had also mentioned that she would be a star at this meeting, but Amy remained unsure of just what he might have meant, being a well trained submissive however, she had refrained from asking.

Glancing from the window yet again, Amy thought that she had seen a flash of black among the trees, but it could have been anyone, taking a second and more searching look however revealed that Tim was just pulling into the service yard. Now, even more nervous than previously she picked up her bag, set the alarm, and locked up, hurriedly making her way down the stairs.

There she saw him, sitting casually in his sleek and highly polished black BMW 3 series car with its beige leather upholstery and a sound system better than the one she had at home. A nice warm and sunny day he had the sun roof open and the windows wound down, sitting there patiently awaiting her arrival with the inevitable Dunhill cigarette between his fingers, a brand of which he was particularly fond.

As she saw him, her heart lurched, pounding in her breast like a jack hammer, as it always did in His presence. She felt hot, cold and excited, all at the same time, her nipples perked and her pussy became moist, something that it was never very far away from since first meeting Him at the coffee shop. Tim had taken over her life in every way, leaving her with an empty feeling when home alone, at these times she would get out her rabbit applying it to her pleasure zone with much relish, thoughts of Him and His beautiful cock at the forefront as she imagined the beast thrusting into her to fill that ravenous wet pussy.

His broad grin infectious as he climbed out to open the door on her side and helping her in she smiled, proffering her cheek for his kiss. On the back seat lay two pink boxes tied with scarlet satin ribbon. Amy wondered what it might be but said nothing as Tim put her bag in the back beside it.

Climbing back into the car after closing her door he slipped the car into gear and turning pulled out into the lane at last heading for their rendezvous. The side windows to the car had been changed for one way glass, making it possible to see out but none might see in, so dutifully, as it was expected, Amy fastened her seat belt and pulled her skirt up around her hips to show her Dom that she wore no knickers per His requirement and that her pussy had been freshly depilated. Amy preferred depilation to shaving for two reasons, the first being that she only had to do it once every three months now and the second being that it left her billiard ball smooth.

For a couple of weeks now she had also been using the tanning booths at the local beauty parlour in anticipation of this night, she had wanted to look perfect for Him in every way, she had even gone to the trouble of holding her breasts up every other day so there would be no white bits underneath them.

Truth was that she had become so used to not wearing any when with him that she invariably went out without any most of the time, and being without was most comfortable, especially in the summer months, the breeze keeping her cool. Amy also found that without them she could more readily stroke herself when feeling horny too.

To look at, Amy was just 5′ 2″ weighing in at a healthy 133 pounds, a full but not imposing bust and soft brown eyes that just melted you when they smiled. Shoulder length red hair and full lips completed the picture and although a submissive by choice, in business she had a fiery temper to match her tresses. Anyone that dealt with Amy in her business world knew her reputation for not taking prisoners.

As a submissive, and now with the right Dom, her role reversal had been striking, Tim had taken her and moulded her and teased things from her that she had no idea were hidden away deep in the subconscious. Amy had readily become the clay on his potters wheel as she grew from being just any other person into the most delightful and obedient of submissives, a tribute to his skill, knowledge and patience.

He had always taken the time to talk her through every step, explaining what and why she should try this and that, instead of giving her a safe word they used the traffic light system as it gave a greater idea of how she might be feeling about any new game they might become immersed in. She learned not to be afraid of things but to welcome something new with open arms, to embrace it and to eventually love it, indeed she learned to beg also, but the game she liked best was puppy training, and she hoped that soon she would be able to go to the local BDSM puppy training school where all the pups were human and all the dog walkers were Dom’s or Domme’s. He had promised her that soon this would happen and she looked forward to it eagerly, she intended to make her Dom so proud of her.

He reached over gently stoking the inside of her thigh moving higher Pendik Otele Gelen Escort to feel her wet pussy, Amy only had to think of him and she became wet immediately and now her sweet pussy was flooded with love for him.

“Beautiful,” he said softly, “you have the most beautiful pussy and the sweetest I have ever tasted, your clit is quite prominent, the little glass bells have done their job well over the weeks, not that you didn’t enjoy it mind, feeling the sucking force on your clit actually caused you to cumm a couple of times. You are going to love what is happening tonight. Remember I told you that tonight you were going to be a star, well you will be, take my word for it darling.”

She smiled, content and happy that her Dom had such pride in her. “I have been looking forward to this day ever since you told me of it Sir, and I am happy to be whatever you want me to be.”

“You will be blindfolded but that is something you have grown used to now, many other things will be happening also and you will experience many things that you have never seen before. Remember that even if you can’t see me I am with you, you may or may not hear my voice but I shall always be by your side, so just relax and enjoy what is happening, I know that you are going to love it all and that you will make me so very proud. This is your initiation into the club and everyone is looking forward to meeting you. All the female subbie’s there have undergone this same ritual initiation but they will not tell you anything about it.”

“Oh Sir, I promise that I’ll not let you down and you will be proud of me by the time this night is over.”

As they talked the big black car just ate up the miles until they were rolling up a long drive eventually arriving at the hotel, it looked more like a country seat than a hotel, expansive grounds, tall trees, the smell of pine and was that a couple of peacocks she saw striding around? Tim tooled the car around to the back where she spotted tennis courts and an indoor swimming pool, and yes, they were peacocks, for here there were no less than a half dozen more, a wonderful place to spend a weekend, this hotel had been converted into a country club.

As the car slowed to a stop she saw two gorgeous young hunks coming towards them, both bid them a good evening and Tim handed over the car keys. As doors were opened for them both debussed while the second hunk picked up their bags carrying them inside.

Tim exuded a quiet confidence as he chatted easily to the lady behind the reception desk, situated on the right side of the great entrance hall registered and collected the keys, everything had been paid for in advance, even the buffet and any room snacks they might wish for. Amy stayed a little way behind him, admiring the quiet beauty of the hall, taking in its ambience and olde worlde charm with the Jacobean oak panelling, multi beamed ceiling and masses of beautiful flowers, staff going about their business quietly and efficiently.

To the left a grand stairway led up to the next floor, the strapping young man leading the way with their bags spoke softly to Tim, “there is a lift to the left of the stairs if you would prefer that Sir.”

“No thank you, I have been driving for a couple of hours and I think I prefer to stretch my legs, the stairway will be fine, but you may use the lift, with our bags.”

“No, that will be okay Sir, I can manage the stairs quite easily.”

They went up line astern the youth leading and Amy dragging behind, still taking in the size of the Entrance hall and the efficient way in which it had been laid out, everything for practical and visual effect.

Reaching their floor the marble stairway disappeared to be replaced by a thick, deep and very plush maroon carpet, here too the walls had the same Jacobean panelling, Amy wondered if it might be fake, but it didn’t seem so to her. The young man stopped outside the door, put down their bags and the box before opening it. As Amy stepped in she once again became awed at the elegance and size of the room, the bed striking her straight away.

At first glance one would imagine an Elizabethan drawing room with a bed in it, a huge four-poster that could easily sleep six, what she couldn’t see were the six ring bolts fixed to the cross beams but hidden behind the plush maroon drapes and valance. These beds had been specially made and every room in the country club had one similar, the same plush carpeting covered the floor and like panelling too. A high ceiling sported a chandelier while to one side stood a huge sofa.

Before leaving the young man showed them the mini bar, TV and wardrobes hidden away behind panelling, he explained the workings of the TV and also showed them the bathroom equipped with a shower and a huge Jacuzzi, this room had marbled walls and floor and mirrors all around, Amy felt that she could spend the entire weekend in the bathroom alone, such was its sumptuous luxury and Pendik Ucuz Escort the Jacuzzi looked exceedingly welcoming.

Thoughts of playing games in there with Tim dominated her mind and what could they get up to in that huge bed, excited thoughts ran pell mell through her mind, so much so that she had not realised that the young man was no longer there, that was until Tim’s voice cut sharply into those thoughts, bringing her back to reality.

Quickly turning around she saw that he had sat on the sofa, she knew what she had to do and immediately divested herself of all clothing going to him and kneeling, adopted the pose he had taught to her.

“Got quite carried away for a while, didn’t you!”

“Yes Sir, please accept my apologies, for once I forgot my duty, I didn’t hear him leave.”

“Enough with the apologies, you know what you must do now, so get on with it and no more talking,” he commanded, damned if you couldn’t talk a parrot to death woman.

She silently turned away from him to open up their bags and put the contents away. Furious with herself that she had neglected her duties and determined to put things right, quickly and with practised efficiency she cleared everything away to leave the two bags on the floor of the wardrobe. Going to Him and once more adopting the pose, wordlessly Amy began to unlace his shoes before carefully removing them setting them to one side, socks quickly followed and then she began massaging his feet. When He grunted she knew that enough time had been spent on them and kneeling up started to undo his shirt. Seeing his hairy chest once more set her insides purring with pleasure, she so loved to run her fingers through that hair.

Without haste she slowly pulled the shirt from the waist band before removing it to leave Him stripped to the waist. Now the belt, slowly, gently, carefully she undid the belt followed by lowering the zip of His fly and then the catch at the waist. Still being gentle and with great care she removed the trousers to expose the light grey boxers that he had bought whilst in the USA.

Now, she thought, for the bit that was sure to relax her Dom. Gently with a feather light touch she began to caress His cock, not to make it hard but to console it, the huge snake had already become hard. She had to suppress a momentary smile as she wondered how many subbie’s were doing the same thing or something very similar right now in this hotel.

It wasn’t long before Tim’s cock made a huge tent in his boxers, standing as upright as any telegraph pole ever could. Slipping one hand inside the waist band, fingers curling around the thick and very hard length she held it while pulling the covering of his underpants away to bring it out into the open where she would be able to play with it in a much more intimate and personal way.

Amy could really feel the wetness between her thighs now, her pussy hot and burning for attention, she wanted His beautiful shaft to be buried deep inside her now, thrusting and filling her with His gorgeous cream. As her tongue flicked out to lick the glans she heard Him moan and knew that He was indeed ready for what was to come next. Her mouth opened taking the purple head, caressing it all around with her tongue, lavishing it with the love that she felt for Him.

He was her intensity, there could never be anything that she would not do for him except for the taboos that they had both imposed from the very beginning, no children, no bestiality, no asphyxia, no scat and no piercing, these then were the standing limitations and both agreed that the relationship would be over if he tried to impose any of the practises on her, everything else would be a go, and most of everything else she had already willingly undertaken.

Now, as she took Him deeper and still deeper into her mouth Amy could do what she loved best, giving Him pleasure with her mouth, ready to drink down His cream, but at the same time her pussy also needed pacification but at this juncture had no idea what form it would take. Greedily her head bobbed up and down until she could take the entire length, the head just nudging into her relaxed throat.

“Stop now Amy,” He commanded her, “it’s the shower now for both of us, come, get up and we’ll go together.”

Amy immediately stopped although reluctant to let go of His wonderful eight inch shaft, so hard and thick, it always felt so good in her mouth. Rising she put out her hand to help Him up from the sofa and taking that cock in one hand led Him into the marble bathroom. The shower had been built with a view to accommodating up to four people at the same time, allowing plenty of room.

Dutifully Amy bent low facing the wall, supported by her hands her bottom sticking out and legs spread wide, ready for the great cock that she knew from experience would shortly be plunging into her very welcoming depths. Amy positively ached to feel Him inside her, she had become so aroused, loving it when He took control of everything that she did, He had become her man, and to her, the best there ever could be. Oh yes, she had been with other men and women since meeting Tim, but always with Him present, they had enjoyed threesomes with another man or another woman and sometimes four, but as yet never any more than that.

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Harry’s Horny Mummy Ch. 02

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Thinking back on what happened here, I do feel I acted quite foolishly. Honestly, I wonder how i didn’t see this all coming. Let me not spoil it for you. Enjoy.


“Harry. Harry. Wake up” my Mum’s voice echoed in my head, I opened my eyes, she was standing at the door, forearms folded and one arm resting on the door frame.

“Yeah I’m awake, I’m awake,” I said groggily as I sat up looking around to see if I’d left any evidence of my masturbation lying around.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I need you to go get some things from the grocery store for me, would’ve gone myself but I’m making dinner.”

“Alright Mum. Gimme a second to get ready.”

“Okay,” she said still standing still there waiting for me to get up.

“Uhm, Mum I uhm, I’m ahh sorta… You know…” I rambled awkwardly gesturing to my body from the waist down, I was nude.

“Ohhhh, I’m sorry honey I didn’t realise,” she smiled and put one hand over her lips and turned to go. “It’s not like I haven’t seen it all before though,” she said as she disappeared from view.

“Mum!” I said trying to act ‘normal’, in actuality I wanted her to walk over to my bed and shove my cock deep inside her throat, coating it with her saliva as she played with herself, i knew she wanted it too but we both were pretending at the moment, i think. “I need to do something about this,” I thought referring to the situation then I looked down at my blanket, I already had a hard-on. I could hear her laughing as she walked away because of my reaction.

I stood up from the bed, took a quick shower and set off for the grocery store after collecting Mum’s credit card and car key.

I got back home about forty-five minutes later, dropped Mum’s key on the living room table and stepped into the kitchen to see what we were having for dinner, it was Turkey and a special sauce she liked to make every now and then, “Yum,” I said trying to stop myself from grabbing a piece.

“Mum I’m home!” I announced, there was no answer so i decided to go let her know I was here so she’d come out for dinner.

When I got to her room I saw that the door was almost closed, I knocked but she didn’t answer, I didn’t want to peep so I knocked again and then, “Oh God yes,” came her desperate moan from inside, I opened the door just a bit and saw my Mum, headphones in her ear, eyes glued to a laptop screen and a vibrator on her clit, she was watching porn, thankfully she wasn’t facing the door.

“Holy shit,” i exclaimed under my breath with eyes widened.

I wanted to barge in and see what would happen but decided against it, because I wasn’t sure how she’d react, although the fact that she just recently started leaving her door open was proof enough that she wanted something, a part of me still had doubts, I loved watching her make love to her pussy and I didn’t want it to stop.

I took out my cock which was slowly gaining length from my pants and stroked it softly as I watched my hot Mum moan in pleasure as her orgasm drew nearer. “Yes baby, fuck mummy’s pussy. Fucking make her cum,” she escort fatih whispered, I almost didn’t hear her.

My cock stood at full length now, I stroked faster, those words turned me on, I wanted to put my cock inside her so bad, “Your baby’s right here Mum,” I thought to myself.

I couldn’t help but think she knew I was watching and it turned me on even more. Suddenly she arched her back and started to jerk her hips back and forth, “Ohhh yesssss. Fuuuuck” she whispered as she started shaking violently, her vibrator still on her clit for a few seconds until she couldn’t take it anymore, she lay there shaking as she rode the waves of her orgasm.

I stroked harder trying to cum right after her but she was already done thrashing around and I was nowhere near close; masturbating with a dry cock didn’t feel as good as with lube. She sat up and I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish here so I left for my room, I wanted to cum so bad, I didn’t even bother putting my dick back in my pants, I just walked swiftly to my door with my dick swinging left and right in the air.

As i got to my door I impatiently opened it noisily and it seems she’d turned off her porn because she called out, “Harry! Is that you honey? Come down for dinner before it gets cold, don’t make me come and get you.”

“Fuck,” I mouthed, I knew she wasn’t joking but I really wanted to cum. “Alright Mum, I’ll be down in a second,” I opened the door, stepped in, put my back against the door and continued to stroke my dick as fast as I could without killing the pleasure and I thought of my naked Mum as she watched porn, I imagined myself walking into the room, unnoticed until i stuck my dick into her pussy…

Then there was a knock on my door, “Harry, where are you? Turkeys not gonna eat itself.” She turned the door knob, that sent a shock wave through my body, the blood flowed back into my brain and I knew I had to stop. I stuck my dick right back inside my pants with the head facing my head and my pants holding the shaft so it wouldn’t be so visible.

I opened the door before she did, “Alright I’m coming, just how good is this Turkey anyway?” Then I looked at her and my dick twitched in my pants.

From the waist up Mum wore a smile and a crop top that barely covered her boobs, she wasn’t even wearing a bra, I could see the lower fleshy skin of her massive jugs peering through the underside of the crop top, they were calling me to grab them whole and suck on their nipples. Thinking about it now, I probably should have said something about her ‘inappropriate’ dressing but I was in too deep at that point to even comprehend the moral implications of what was going on.

From the waist down she wore tight elastic sweat pants, they held on tightly to her hips and accentuated her curves, as if they weren’t pronounced enough, I glanced downward for a second and saw the impression her puffy lips made on her sweat pants, I imagined running my length through them, “Fuuuuck,” I thought.

“You’ll see, come on.” She said as she walked towards the kitchen.

“You escort istanbul look amazing Mum,” I blurted out behind her.

“Why thank you honey,” She giggled turning back only slightly.

I watched her ass as she moved, God! it was amazing, I wanted to grab those cheeks and fuck her bare back with her hands on the wall and my hands on her breasts as she said my name out loud after every moan, then I’d kiss the back of her neck as my strokes went so deep my engorged member touched her cervix, I felt a bulge grow in my pants, I tried thinking of something else to get my hard-on to go away but Mum wasn’t helping at all.

She seemed to be moving her hips vigorously, intentionally trying to get my attention, “Is this all in my head?” I asked myself.

Dinner was awesome, My Mum is an amazing cook, she cooked food as good as she looked, tasty. I had been staring at her boobs constantly, I think she caught me once or twice; I was mostly hard through the entire affair. I’d gotten some wine at the store which we drank as we ate so we were quite tipsy after dinner.

I did the dishes and Mum sat on the kitchen counter asking me questions about the girls in my life.

“So how’s Gwen? Have you guys spoken recently?”

Gwen was my ex; she was someone I preferred not to talk about so I didn’t really talk much about her when Mum asked.

“No, no we haven’t.”

“Ohhh, you haven’t gotten over her have you?” She said in such a soft voice I might have shed a tear, I didn’t give an answer I just kept doing the dishes. “Don’t worry baby, you’ll heal. So that’s why I haven’t seen you with a girl for the past six months huh?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m not ready for a relationship yet and I wanna take my time.”

“That’s good, I guess you must be feeling really blue up here” she touched her chest and I nodded, “And down there too,” she said suggestively and smiled sheepishly.

“Mum!” I stopped washing the dishes and turned towards her pouting my lips, she laughed so hard, I smiled and continued washing the dishes, “Maybe,” I finally said.

“There used to be so many of them over until Gwen, I had to buy ear plugs at a point” She added laughing, I was a bit embarrassed but still found what she was saying quite funny.

She sat with me till I was done and kept asking provoking questions making innuendos whenever she could and I kept pretending I didn’t like it. After I was done she decided to watch her favourite shows, I didn’t really have much to do so it was easy for her to convince me to join her.

We sat on a single sofa, the first show wasn’t so bad, she fell asleep during the second one, I realised half way into the show that she’d stopped gasping when ‘shocking’ things happened to the her favourite characters then a few minutes later I felt her head fall on my left shoulder, she held my hand and snuggled closer, her boob melted into my arm, I could feel the underside of the bare flesh of her right breast on my skin; it felt so warm, my cock strained inside my pants. Each time she readjusted, my cock tried to do escort bayan taksim the same.

The room was dimly lit so I wasn’t too worried that she’d see my boner if she woke up, her readjusting finally lifted her top just enough that I could see the silhouette of her nipple, although the lighting made it hard to see it still turned me on and my tent grew. She’d interrupted me before dinner and now with her boob pressing against me, barely covered by her crop top, I was aching for a release. After 20 minutes of ogling her big soft tit as it rubbed against my arm a bad idea popped into my head, I couldn’t take it any longer, I took a chance, I reached for my cock and started to rub it through my pants.

My mind went back to the time I saw her using her vibrator, I grabbed my cock through my pants and jerked myself off slowly watching her to see if she would wake up, the fear of getting caught made it more exciting, I wanted to cum so bad. I wanted to grab her head and stick my rod into her mouth, she kept making sweet sleep noises that sounded like moans, they turned my twisted mind on.

I finally took my cock out and stroked my bare meat as I imagined fucking my Mother right on this sofa, she moved her body slightly, I stared at her tits as my hand continued to stroked my cock, I was so close. I stroked harder, I tried so hard not to move my body so she wouldn’t wake up. I pictured that moment when I entered her wet pussy in my imagination before she called me out for dinner trying to imagine how it would feel and how she’d moan as my meat filled her pussy, “Ohh fuck,” I whispered involuntarily, I could feel the cum coming, I braced myself so I wouldn’t move much, just then I realised I didn’t have anything to clean up with, “Shit,” I thought, it was too late, I didn’t want to stop, my muscles were already tensing up, “I’ll just cum in my pants,” i said to myself.

Just as I was about to erupt, the most unexpected thing happened, My Mum who was supposedly sleeping bent her head down to my cock and enveloped my cock’s head inside her wet mouth. I spewed my seeds all inside her mouth, “Fuck,” I said under my breath, I came so hard and she took in every single drop. My cock continued to pulse at irregular intervals inside her mouth as it gradually lost wood.

Mum took her head off my shrinking member and took her hair back to the back of her head as she sat back up, she looked at me then swallowed the last bit of cum in her mouth noisily and licked her lips, “Hmmm,” I sat there speechless and satisfied, “Sorry I slept off honey, how was the rest of the show?” She asked as if nothing had happened.

“Uhmmm… That guy… uh Michael… he, he was the father.” I stammered still trying to figure out what I just saw, and felt.

“I knew it! …” She said in a slightly raised voice and continued to blab on about the characters and the story so far, all I could think of was what just happened, I just sat there with my mouth open and my eyes darting back and forth, i couldn’t even maintain eye contact.

“Well I’d better turn in for the night honey,” she yawned after talking for nearly a minute, “Goodnight, make sure you come to bed okay,” she kissed me on the cheek and left for her room not waiting for my reply, I just sat there like a dummy for a minute.

“What?” I asked myself in the empty room.

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