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Harry’s Horny Mummy Ch. 02

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Thinking back on what happened here, I do feel I acted quite foolishly. Honestly, I wonder how i didn’t see this all coming. Let me not spoil it for you. Enjoy.


“Harry. Harry. Wake up” my Mum’s voice echoed in my head, I opened my eyes, she was standing at the door, forearms folded and one arm resting on the door frame.

“Yeah I’m awake, I’m awake,” I said groggily as I sat up looking around to see if I’d left any evidence of my masturbation lying around.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I need you to go get some things from the grocery store for me, would’ve gone myself but I’m making dinner.”

“Alright Mum. Gimme a second to get ready.”

“Okay,” she said still standing still there waiting for me to get up.

“Uhm, Mum I uhm, I’m ahh sorta… You know…” I rambled awkwardly gesturing to my body from the waist down, I was nude.

“Ohhhh, I’m sorry honey I didn’t realise,” she smiled and put one hand over her lips and turned to go. “It’s not like I haven’t seen it all before though,” she said as she disappeared from view.

“Mum!” I said trying to act ‘normal’, in actuality I wanted her to walk over to my bed and shove my cock deep inside her throat, coating it with her saliva as she played with herself, i knew she wanted it too but we both were pretending at the moment, i think. “I need to do something about this,” I thought referring to the situation then I looked down at my blanket, I already had a hard-on. I could hear her laughing as she walked away because of my reaction.

I stood up from the bed, took a quick shower and set off for the grocery store after collecting Mum’s credit card and car key.

I got back home about forty-five minutes later, dropped Mum’s key on the living room table and stepped into the kitchen to see what we were having for dinner, it was Turkey and a special sauce she liked to make every now and then, “Yum,” I said trying to stop myself from grabbing a piece.

“Mum I’m home!” I announced, there was no answer so i decided to go let her know I was here so she’d come out for dinner.

When I got to her room I saw that the door was almost closed, I knocked but she didn’t answer, I didn’t want to peep so I knocked again and then, “Oh God yes,” came her desperate moan from inside, I opened the door just a bit and saw my Mum, headphones in her ear, eyes glued to a laptop screen and a vibrator on her clit, she was watching porn, thankfully she wasn’t facing the door.

“Holy shit,” i exclaimed under my breath with eyes widened.

I wanted to barge in and see what would happen but decided against it, because I wasn’t sure how she’d react, although the fact that she just recently started leaving her door open was proof enough that she wanted something, a part of me still had doubts, I loved watching her make love to her pussy and I didn’t want it to stop.

I took out my cock which was slowly gaining length from my pants and stroked it softly as I watched my hot Mum moan in pleasure as her orgasm drew nearer. “Yes baby, fuck mummy’s pussy. Fucking make her cum,” she escort fatih whispered, I almost didn’t hear her.

My cock stood at full length now, I stroked faster, those words turned me on, I wanted to put my cock inside her so bad, “Your baby’s right here Mum,” I thought to myself.

I couldn’t help but think she knew I was watching and it turned me on even more. Suddenly she arched her back and started to jerk her hips back and forth, “Ohhh yesssss. Fuuuuck” she whispered as she started shaking violently, her vibrator still on her clit for a few seconds until she couldn’t take it anymore, she lay there shaking as she rode the waves of her orgasm.

I stroked harder trying to cum right after her but she was already done thrashing around and I was nowhere near close; masturbating with a dry cock didn’t feel as good as with lube. She sat up and I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish here so I left for my room, I wanted to cum so bad, I didn’t even bother putting my dick back in my pants, I just walked swiftly to my door with my dick swinging left and right in the air.

As i got to my door I impatiently opened it noisily and it seems she’d turned off her porn because she called out, “Harry! Is that you honey? Come down for dinner before it gets cold, don’t make me come and get you.”

“Fuck,” I mouthed, I knew she wasn’t joking but I really wanted to cum. “Alright Mum, I’ll be down in a second,” I opened the door, stepped in, put my back against the door and continued to stroke my dick as fast as I could without killing the pleasure and I thought of my naked Mum as she watched porn, I imagined myself walking into the room, unnoticed until i stuck my dick into her pussy…

Then there was a knock on my door, “Harry, where are you? Turkeys not gonna eat itself.” She turned the door knob, that sent a shock wave through my body, the blood flowed back into my brain and I knew I had to stop. I stuck my dick right back inside my pants with the head facing my head and my pants holding the shaft so it wouldn’t be so visible.

I opened the door before she did, “Alright I’m coming, just how good is this Turkey anyway?” Then I looked at her and my dick twitched in my pants.

From the waist up Mum wore a smile and a crop top that barely covered her boobs, she wasn’t even wearing a bra, I could see the lower fleshy skin of her massive jugs peering through the underside of the crop top, they were calling me to grab them whole and suck on their nipples. Thinking about it now, I probably should have said something about her ‘inappropriate’ dressing but I was in too deep at that point to even comprehend the moral implications of what was going on.

From the waist down she wore tight elastic sweat pants, they held on tightly to her hips and accentuated her curves, as if they weren’t pronounced enough, I glanced downward for a second and saw the impression her puffy lips made on her sweat pants, I imagined running my length through them, “Fuuuuck,” I thought.

“You’ll see, come on.” She said as she walked towards the kitchen.

“You escort istanbul look amazing Mum,” I blurted out behind her.

“Why thank you honey,” She giggled turning back only slightly.

I watched her ass as she moved, God! it was amazing, I wanted to grab those cheeks and fuck her bare back with her hands on the wall and my hands on her breasts as she said my name out loud after every moan, then I’d kiss the back of her neck as my strokes went so deep my engorged member touched her cervix, I felt a bulge grow in my pants, I tried thinking of something else to get my hard-on to go away but Mum wasn’t helping at all.

She seemed to be moving her hips vigorously, intentionally trying to get my attention, “Is this all in my head?” I asked myself.

Dinner was awesome, My Mum is an amazing cook, she cooked food as good as she looked, tasty. I had been staring at her boobs constantly, I think she caught me once or twice; I was mostly hard through the entire affair. I’d gotten some wine at the store which we drank as we ate so we were quite tipsy after dinner.

I did the dishes and Mum sat on the kitchen counter asking me questions about the girls in my life.

“So how’s Gwen? Have you guys spoken recently?”

Gwen was my ex; she was someone I preferred not to talk about so I didn’t really talk much about her when Mum asked.

“No, no we haven’t.”

“Ohhh, you haven’t gotten over her have you?” She said in such a soft voice I might have shed a tear, I didn’t give an answer I just kept doing the dishes. “Don’t worry baby, you’ll heal. So that’s why I haven’t seen you with a girl for the past six months huh?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m not ready for a relationship yet and I wanna take my time.”

“That’s good, I guess you must be feeling really blue up here” she touched her chest and I nodded, “And down there too,” she said suggestively and smiled sheepishly.

“Mum!” I stopped washing the dishes and turned towards her pouting my lips, she laughed so hard, I smiled and continued washing the dishes, “Maybe,” I finally said.

“There used to be so many of them over until Gwen, I had to buy ear plugs at a point” She added laughing, I was a bit embarrassed but still found what she was saying quite funny.

She sat with me till I was done and kept asking provoking questions making innuendos whenever she could and I kept pretending I didn’t like it. After I was done she decided to watch her favourite shows, I didn’t really have much to do so it was easy for her to convince me to join her.

We sat on a single sofa, the first show wasn’t so bad, she fell asleep during the second one, I realised half way into the show that she’d stopped gasping when ‘shocking’ things happened to the her favourite characters then a few minutes later I felt her head fall on my left shoulder, she held my hand and snuggled closer, her boob melted into my arm, I could feel the underside of the bare flesh of her right breast on my skin; it felt so warm, my cock strained inside my pants. Each time she readjusted, my cock tried to do escort bayan taksim the same.

The room was dimly lit so I wasn’t too worried that she’d see my boner if she woke up, her readjusting finally lifted her top just enough that I could see the silhouette of her nipple, although the lighting made it hard to see it still turned me on and my tent grew. She’d interrupted me before dinner and now with her boob pressing against me, barely covered by her crop top, I was aching for a release. After 20 minutes of ogling her big soft tit as it rubbed against my arm a bad idea popped into my head, I couldn’t take it any longer, I took a chance, I reached for my cock and started to rub it through my pants.

My mind went back to the time I saw her using her vibrator, I grabbed my cock through my pants and jerked myself off slowly watching her to see if she would wake up, the fear of getting caught made it more exciting, I wanted to cum so bad. I wanted to grab her head and stick my rod into her mouth, she kept making sweet sleep noises that sounded like moans, they turned my twisted mind on.

I finally took my cock out and stroked my bare meat as I imagined fucking my Mother right on this sofa, she moved her body slightly, I stared at her tits as my hand continued to stroked my cock, I was so close. I stroked harder, I tried so hard not to move my body so she wouldn’t wake up. I pictured that moment when I entered her wet pussy in my imagination before she called me out for dinner trying to imagine how it would feel and how she’d moan as my meat filled her pussy, “Ohh fuck,” I whispered involuntarily, I could feel the cum coming, I braced myself so I wouldn’t move much, just then I realised I didn’t have anything to clean up with, “Shit,” I thought, it was too late, I didn’t want to stop, my muscles were already tensing up, “I’ll just cum in my pants,” i said to myself.

Just as I was about to erupt, the most unexpected thing happened, My Mum who was supposedly sleeping bent her head down to my cock and enveloped my cock’s head inside her wet mouth. I spewed my seeds all inside her mouth, “Fuck,” I said under my breath, I came so hard and she took in every single drop. My cock continued to pulse at irregular intervals inside her mouth as it gradually lost wood.

Mum took her head off my shrinking member and took her hair back to the back of her head as she sat back up, she looked at me then swallowed the last bit of cum in her mouth noisily and licked her lips, “Hmmm,” I sat there speechless and satisfied, “Sorry I slept off honey, how was the rest of the show?” She asked as if nothing had happened.

“Uhmmm… That guy… uh Michael… he, he was the father.” I stammered still trying to figure out what I just saw, and felt.

“I knew it! …” She said in a slightly raised voice and continued to blab on about the characters and the story so far, all I could think of was what just happened, I just sat there with my mouth open and my eyes darting back and forth, i couldn’t even maintain eye contact.

“Well I’d better turn in for the night honey,” she yawned after talking for nearly a minute, “Goodnight, make sure you come to bed okay,” she kissed me on the cheek and left for her room not waiting for my reply, I just sat there like a dummy for a minute.

“What?” I asked myself in the empty room.

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