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My Powerful Aunt Krisztina Ch. 05

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Abella Danger

Disclaimer: If you only like reading realistic things, please don’t read this. I only like to read and to write fiction.

All characters and facts are pure imagination. Everybody is over 18 years old.

Please read this story’s previous chapters to better understand this one.


My stepmother’s behavior very much transformed since the day I caught her being fucked by my father’s stepsister. This was not the Mom I knew. She seemed like a totally different woman. Sheila began to wear more sexy clothes and to act like we two shared a secret. We two shared a secret, indeed. It was a terrible secret. She was totally different to the mom I knew. I began jerking off thinking of her.


My best friend Peter came to watch a football game together with me. Sheila had knee length black leather boots with very high heels. They were close fitting and tapered at the knee, cutting away to behind the leg. She was also wearing black nylons, a mid thigh-length black miniskirt and a red top, revealing her belly. Obviously, she had no bra on and I could see one third of her wonderful tits. She played the perfect host that day. She brought us beer and popcorn, moving all around us all the time.

Peter noticed the sudden change about my mother. His eyes were stiuck to her shapely legs and turned his head to watch her ass when she was leaving the room. I couldn’t help myself to not stare at her legs too. I wanted to run out of the room and jack myself off.

When the game was finished, Sheila took place on the couch between us, crossing her legs, turning slightly toward Peter. This move caused her short skirt to slide higher on her slender, well tanned thighs. Peter could not remove his eyes from their smooth curves.

Obviously, Peter was delighted to have my mother so close to him. His eyes were glued to her perfect mounds, barely hidden by an outrageous cleavage.

“You have a beautiful body, ma’am!”

She tenderly caressed his cheeks. “You’re so cute! I see you are starring at my top. Do you think this cleavage is not appropriate for my age?”

“No, ma’am, infact I think it fits you very well!”

She arranged her breasts casually through the thin fabric that was covering them.

“My tits have grown up so much lately. I don’t know what I should wear!”


“Well, you know, when I was 20 years old, I used to complain that a cup B size was fitting me very well, because I knew that boys like big tits! That’s why I began to suck boys’ cocks. I liked cocks very much. Finally, I got to the point that I didn’t consider a date successful if I didn’t get to blow the guy off. As you might imagine, I became quite popular. And now I use DD cups and they are a little bit too tight! Two years ago I had only D cups!”

I was stunned. Was she drunk or something? I didn’t expect her to talk like that. She was using her all feminine charms to entice my friend. Peter accepted the game.

“I don’t see any reason for you to be worried. You have the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen!”

“You are so kind to tell me this” she purred, stealing a glance at his visible erection. “You love big breasts. Don’t you? “

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Oh, Alin! You and your friend are two adorable teenagers full of hormones. Does your friend jerk off for me too?”

“I beg you pardon?” he replied increduously. I was also shocked by her whorish manners. She whispered in his ear, but I could hear very clear every word:

“Wanna know a secret? I put this skirt and this top on this evening thinking it would give you something to jerk off to thinking about! I know what boys like …”

Do you want to see my naked breasts, Peter?”

“Of course, I would like to see them, ma’am! The boys like big tits, remember?” he answered jokingly.

She untied her pink top and removed it in a blink of an eye, fully exposing the most beautiful Bahçeşehir escort tits I’ve ever seen. She caressed Peter’s drawn jaw.

“Do you like my fat tits, Peter?”

He was too stunned to answer. Her little hand slide into his lap while her sparkling brown eyes hypnotised him. Sheila then stared pointedly at his crotch, smiling broadly. She pressed her voluptuous curves up against his body as she whispered into his ear…

“Just relax, Peter! Your naughty cock already answered my question! It’s alright now! Just put your hands on them, to feel their hot flesh. I bet you never touched breasts so big.”

His trembling hands cupped her creamy tits.

“Did you, Peter?”

“Did I what, Ma’am?”

“Did you ever touch breasts this size? The girls of your age usually have small tits.”

“No, ma’am!”

“No what, sweetheart?” she asked gripping his wrists tight and pushing his hands off her impressive mounds.

“I never thought I would ever touch tits as magnificent as yours!”

“How nice of you! What about you, Alin?”

“Wwwhat about me, Sheila?”

She leaned, and whispered softly.

“You watched me and your aunt while we were playing around. You certainly enjoyed the show because I was amazed by the quantity of semen you left in my bra. Now you have the wonderful opportunity to play with my tits. Are going to miss it?”

“Sheila, I can’t….”

She grasped my hands and pressed them against her silky frying skin, then pushed them away.

“Feel free to go wank yourself in your room, Peter! Go on, jerk off and tell me what you fantasize when you do it. It will be fun for your mummy”

I didn’t move at all. She freed my hands, but stuck again to her body. She pushed one sharp fingernail deep in my throbbing erection.

“You are a very, very horny stud, dear! You would like to touch your mommy’s breasts, don’t you?”

Suddenly, she rose from the couch and said, with her hands on her curvaceous hips:

“OK, boys, let’s put it like this! If you feel you are not men enough to please me, get the fuck out of here!”

An icy silence was covering the room. Not one of us moved an inch.

“I am much more experienced than both of you and I know what’s better for you!”

She took her place between us again and said with low sweet voice:

“From now on you will address me as “Mommy”. You will do whatever I tell you to. I only want you to feel good. Really good. Otherwise, you may go! “

“Kiss my breasts! Both of you, boys!” I felt a delicate hand rubbing my thigh. I froze. The hand moved upward toward my cock. I had a perfect hard on and the weight of her small hand was exciting me to the limit. We both started to kiss her beautiful tits. My large sweaty palms cupped Sheila’s swinging left breast, running my hands all over the smooth texture. I couldn’t believe how heavy yet soft they were.

I heard the sharp noise of Peter’s zipper.

Her hand sunk deep in his pants, relieving a thick shaft. Her fingers encircled his thick manhood. She started jacking his cock with long, slow strokes while he began to moan soundly.

“I need to see your boner!”

“You’re welcome…!”

“What a beautiful cock you have, Peter! I bet you are tasty as well”

“My cock is more sweet than chocolate, so feel free to taste it!”

She knelt in front of him, kissing down his base to his heavy nuts. She was still caressing my throbbing erection through my pants.

“Do you want me to keep doing this?”

All Peter was able to do was a weak moan of definite pleasure. But this didn’t seem to be obvious enough for her. She scooped one of his balls into her mouth and sucked it, then asked.

“Do you, sweetie?’

She tenderly licked his helmet, while starring in his eyes.

“Yes, ma’am!”

She quit licking and asked him.

“Yes Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan what?”

Annoyed by this painful interruption, he shouted “Ma’am, please keep sucking my dick!”

She digs her sharp fingernails in deep in the flesh of his balls and replied in feigned innocent voice “But I wasn’t sucking your cock, I just tasted it! Do you want me to suck your fat cock?

He barely managed to wail.


“Oh, you like blowjobs, don’t you sweetheart… All the boys do…!”

“Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhh… it hurtssssssss……!”

She was keeping the unbearable pressure over my friend’s nuts.

“You know you’re supposing to call me mommy instead of Ma’am, don’t you?”

“Yes mommy!”

“Good boy!” she said kissing his engorged shaft and releasing him from the painful grip.

“Now, what do you want mommy to do?”

“Please suck my dick, mummy!”

As an answer, her lips gently encircled his swollen head for a few seconds

“Has any girl ever sucked it before Jimmy?”

“Just suck, it, pleease!”

I was very surprised to realize I had such an erection. Still sucking him passionately, she opened up the fly on my trousers and my cock sprung out. She wrapped her fingers around the base and slowly began to wank me.

“Don’t be ashamed, baby, mummy wants you to have a nice time, too!” she told me while trying to breath.

Suddenly, Peter began to grunt. His entire body was shivering. Sheila turned her face towards me and opened her mouth, filled with cum. She drunk it very slowly, enjoying its taste, looking straight in my eyes.

“Give me your precious seed, too, son! Mommy wanted to taste you since a long, long time ago!” Her warm, wet mouth slid softly over my painfully erect cock.

I exploded unexpectedly in the moment her sensual lips engulfed half of my shaft. I shot my entire load into her beautiful mouth. She then carefully used her hand to milk the final drops from my dick.

“Boys, do you think you could get your cock hard again? I’d love to do some more serious sex with you.”

We both boys had cum, but we were far from being exhausted, so we both said “yes”.

“Why don’t we go upstairs to make ourselves more comfortable?”

We went upstairs, in the master bedroom. We were completely naked by now.

“Lady, you are so hot every one I know wants to fuck you. You have the nicest tits I had ever seen on any woman of any age”, said Peter.

She then put her hand on his chest and pushed him down so that he was lying on his back.

“Just lie down and relax, sweetie! I want to lick all cum from your dick!” She turned her attention towards me. “Alin, please join us, sweetheart! Take me from behind, baby!”

I gasped.

“Don’t you like to please your horny mother” she said, kissing my burning cheek and stroking my hair. Her hand slid over my completely erect cock. I closed my eyes. I’m not sure how I managed not to cum right then.

“Good boy, good boy… Just put it inside me, baby! I know you wished for this since a long, long time! “

I had nothing to do but to listen to her. Her pussy was very slippery, so my entire shaft plunged deep in a blink of an eye.

“Ohh, your cock fills me so well! Com’on, baby, screw me! Dig harder! Deeper, baby! And you, Peter, just let me know when you are ready to cum, honey”

My fingers dig into her shoulders and soon we hear her cry out, facing a violent climax. I was surprised it occurred so fast. She was in no rush by then; we were under her complete control. It was obvious she knew much more than us about sex.

“Mrs. Sheila, I’m cumming!” Peter managed to say while receiving the most wonderful blowjob ever.

She tightened her hand around his nuts and bites his shaft. He screamed in pain and jumped away.

“What the fuck are you doing, slut?”

“I Escort Bahçeşehir told you to call me mommy, not Sheila or slut!” “Now, Alin, you’ve been doing sooo much work! Please lay on your back, sweetheart! Do me a favor and let me ride that big cock of yours! What a nice big cock you have!”

Peter retired on a chair to watch us.

She straddled my hips and instantly had my throbbing dick right at the opening of her vagina. I felt my cock being engulfed again in the hottest, sweetest cavity one could imagine. Our short hairs meshed as she bottomed out and began making little circular motions that ground her clit against my pubic hair. Then she began sliding up my shaft, and then plunging down again. As she pumped my cock in and out of her, I look up to her face. She was filled with passion and lust. I put my hands on her savagely bouncing tits.

Soon, she falls on my body, shivering of pleasure.

“Should I put your cock in my mouth now, honey?”

“Yes, definitely” I grunted.

She was a perfectly skilled cocksucker.

“Ooh, my baby, you have such a sweet cock!”

I couldn’t belive my eyes! My manhood suddenly dissapeared completely between her lips. Peter couldn’t help but watch the action and stroke his own cock. Soon she noticed him.

“Peter, you like to watch, don’t you?” She tried to articulate while slurping with her tongue on my cock head.

“I love looking at your ass from this angle.”

She moved her hands over to the side of her legs, and then she caressed her ass still wildly bobbing her head up and down my manmeat.

“You really like my ass don’t you Peter?”

“Yeah it’s awesome!”

“Why don’t you stop looking, stand up and stick that big cock inside me? Mummy is forgiving you!” He jumped, very glad to please her.

“Peter, dig deeper, honey, will you? Fuck me harder, baby! Yes, give me your cock! Give mommy your fat cock! Oh, your cock is soo good! Yes, keep fucking me! Yes, like that! Keep fucking your mommy! Good boy!

Her legs were trembling like hell, so she layed on her back, resting her calves on Peter’s shoulders. He began pumping instantly. My position was a little bit odd, but she managed to take my head in her mouth. She encircled her fingers around my shaft.

“Just fuck my mouth!” she said as her grip tightened on my dick. “You’re going to have a nice big cum for mommy…”

I put my hand on her neck, gripping her tight and pulling her face against my groin. My cock head reached deep down her throat.

She wrapped her legs around Peters’ neck, while I was deep inside her throat.

Still fisting my engorged penis, she asked my friend.

“You’re going to cum for mommy aren’t you, Peter…? Come on, sweetheart…!”

” Yessss…. Unnnnngh…!”

“Yesss!…Come on!… Give it to me…!… I know you can’t hold it anymore, baby…! Mommy wants you’re cum! Yess, honey! Just let it go! Let it go, give your mummy your seed, boy! Do you want to cum on my body?”


He started to pump faster.

“I’m close. Very close.”

“Good, shoot your cum all over me.”

He shot Sheila in the tits, spraying enormous blasts of sperm, then she grabbed his dick and empted his balls all over her body.

Her body was entirely covered with glistening jism drops.

“Now Alin, it’s time for you to cum, my sweet boy!” She said while jacking me off with long fast strokes.

“Come, on, I know you want to give me your cum, baby! I know you have such a pressure in your young balls! Just cum on my face! Mommy loves you, boy! Cum! Cum! CUM NOW!”

Her shout seem to be very effective, because I erupted like a volcano. The first spurts completely covered her cheeks, her lips and chin with cum. In a second, she imprisoned the jerking prick. Swallowing in time as my cock was jerking and my cum filled her mouth, she kept holding my cock captive in that warm, wet, soft opening until my spurting stopped.

“You guys are very promising! My pussy felt really great. I’m sure the girls will appreciate your very nice big dicks.”

“This fuck was out of this world!” I managed to say.

“Your mother is certainly a good fuck!” replied Peter.

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