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She smiled. He must have waited outside her door looking at his watch to time it precisely, for he knocked just as the clock noted the exact time she had specified for him to arrive. She had emphasized punctuality, stressed why arriving more than a couple minutes early or late was disrespectful and a poor way to begin a session. His efforts to follow this important instruction pleased her immensely; he was off to a good start.

She opened the door to see him, freshly showered and shaved, dressed neatly. She noted that his manicured fingers nervously, unnecessarily, and absent-mindedly smoothed out his pants; and his eyes struggled to focus on her eyes but were unsure just where to look. She was truly proud of him for his decision to try submission for the first time. His emails had gradually revealed his desire to please her, his willingness to follow her lead sexually. It took courage she well knew since she was in turn a sub to another, and she respected his concerns.

“Please come in. I’m very happy to see you.”

She beamed at him, honestly in high spirits and becoming aroused already at the sight of him. He was just the right height for her, well-proportioned, and exuded masculinity even in his evident submissiveness to her. He clearly felt embarrassed, unsure, outside of his comfort zone, but willing to do this for her. Oddly, his awkwardness endeared him to her, and she smiled more warmly, eagerly, hungrily. She enjoyed in advance what was about to happen.

“This will be just as we discussed in our emails and it is your choice to be here;” She noted tenderly as she ushered him into the room, “You have made a conscious decision to please me, and when you do that you will find a deeper fulfillment for yourself … on many levels.” She pointed toward a chair in the middle of the room where he carefully draped his jacket.

“Please stand over here and clasp your hands behind your back… Yes, just like that. You have no idea how beautiful you are to me standing there. It will be very difficult for me to stick to our agreement not to touch each other this first meeting. But just as I need to trust you, likewise you need to know beyond all doubt that you can trust me to be true to my word, to protect you, to tend to you, and” she continued as she lowered her voice, dropped her eyes to his crotch, “to satisfy your needs.”

The pictures he had sent had not done him justice, she thought, wavering in her determination to follow her plan. Instead of keeping at least a couple of paces between them at all times, she modified her tactics by stepping closer to him, within arm’s reach.

“I won’t ask you to do anything that I haven’t done, nor will I ask you to take risks before I do. Sometimes I’ll say ‘please’ and other times I won’t, but at all times it is my request and your decision to follow.” As she said this, she very slowly walked around him to get a better look at him, her voice gradually betraying how much she truly liked what she saw. “You are to always be honest with me, to ask for clarification – especially in the beginning – whenever needed. You need to be true to yourself, never fake your responses or submissiveness, yet you should seek to stretch your current boundaries and understanding of yourself. Because you are so new to this role, for now I’ll address you as Babe. This only implies that you are at the beginning of tremendous personal growth that I will help to nurture. Believe me, I see you as the full man that you are, and that is a big part of what arouses my passion for you.”

Standing in front of him, now half an arm’s length away, she could feel the warmth from his body, and his natural, masculine scent, fortunately free of any masking colognes, filled her nostrils with the pheromones that for millennia have attracted women to men. She wanted so much to lean forward and kiss that sweet mouth, patiently waiting for her. Being so near him inflamed her but she strove to maintain authority in her voice and stance. She looked deep into his eyes, nearly melting with the beauty and intensity of lust combined with obedience she saw there. Perhaps he thought she was testing his nerve when she stood there, not moving at all, practically hearing his heartbeat, but she simply needed the time to regain composure through a few deep breaths.

“Babe,” she eventually whispered, “are you really ready to do as I wish, to deny yourself immediate gratification for greater satisfaction, to please and trust me?

Why was she frightened of what he would say? All her life she could rarely have been so close to a man at their first meeting, feeling so aroused, without him taking her regardless of her desires. She expected him to overpower her, something he certainly was physically capable of doing as they both knew, and something she often loved at other times. However, this time she was Domme and he was her sub … or at least she hoped so. What if he said no? What if he chose not to respect her?

“Ma’am, yes, I porno izle am ready and very willing to serve your needs and wishes.”

She felt goose bumps race over all of her skin, igniting her senses when she heard these words, saw the truth of them in his eyes. She wanted him, could easily climb on him then, unleash his cock, and ride it while wrapped around his body, holding on to him as she rocked herself to orgasm on him. He didn’t look like he would object, either. Her smile filled her face, and she even felt misty-eyed with gratitude, with delight, and with anticipation.

“Oh Babe,” she purred, “I am so thrilled to hear you say that. Thank you for giving yourself to me; your submission is a gift I will enjoy and treasure.” With a deep sigh of contentment, she stepped back away from the temptation he presented. “Now you will see more of me.”

With no further word, she began to unbutton the top of her blouse, taking her time to do so. Clearly, he hadn’t expected this, and his eyes grew large at the thought of her petite, curvaceous body being revealed to him so soon. When she had reached the second button, just at her breasts, she looked into his eyes and caressed her neck and exposed chest. It felt so good to her to touch herself while thinking of him, to be able to see him standing there for her, and to see the desire in his eyes.

She quickly unbuttoned all the other buttons but kept the blouse closed as she carefully untucked it from her tight jeans. The long-sleeve blouse had buttons on the cuffs, so she attended to those as well, hoping he wouldn’t notice that she was trembling from excitement. She dearly hoped he’d think of it only as teasing. Thinking of that, of teasing him, made her smile – she loved to be a tease, to display her body and erotic ideas for select people, and her Babe was no exception. Already she knew she would adore teasing and pleasing him.

With the sleeves unbuttoned, she caressed up her forearms, sighing and moaning slightly from the hug it inadvertently gave her and the realization that it opened her blouse more. She traced her finger down from her chin to her belly button then back up leisurely, exposing more of her skin each time. Holding the blouse over just her breasts, she rubbed her flat belly and probed beneath the waistline of her jeans with her fingertips, knowing full well they both wanted her to continue into her pants. Instead, she reached under her blouse, tweaked her nipple, closed her eyes with moan of pleasure, and then slid her blouse off completely, revealing her firm tits and solid nipples being rubbed between her fingers.

For a moment, with her eyes closed, She forgot he was there at all, just lost herself in how wonderful if felt to touch herself after the excitement that had been built in her and the freedom of having her skin caressed by the air. She reached her right hand down over the black denim to between her legs, and with little effort brought herself to a quick, sweet, juicy, rushing orgasm. Only after recovering and opening her eyes did she see him staring at her, and she smiled.

“Oh Babe, do you see what you do to me? I want you, and yet I promised not to touch you, so I have to touch myself instead. I almost can’t wait for you to touch me … almost.” She added the last word with a wink to remind them both that she was indeed in control of herself and the situation. Walking toward him she stopped a pace away, her naked upper body tingling now that it was closer to his frame. She loved this dynamic between them, learning to trust each other, to be aroused around each other. She was wet for him, no doubts about that; and the bulge in his pants, when her eyes had traced down his buttons one by one to it, revealed his lust for her. In a few steps she stood behind him, smiling that he still looked forward, didn’t try to turn around. She dropped to her knees, blew kisses on his fingers, described how much pleasure those fingers would give her when she eventually sucks on them, when they dance lightly over her body, when they explore deep inside her.

His fingers twitched at these words but never unclasped. Returning to be in front of him, she asked him to unbutton half the buttons on his shirt. His pause was merely a momentary surprise that he was to move now, and he reached his hands around to within almost no distance of her and undid the buttons, having to be extra careful not to touch her. Only a small portion of his chest was revealed, but enough to increase her hunger for him even more.

“Stand at the foot of the bed.” Her voice sounded oddly commanding, in a way that invigorated her. She sat on the edge of the bed and removed her shoes while saying, “It will be so much better when you can undress me, Babe.” Lying down with her feet near him, she propped pillows under her head so she could see him better. She knew it would be more difficult to remove her pants this way, but she loved watching him, needed to rub herself while she undressed.

She amatör porno undid the top button and bit by bit unzipped her pants to reveal neither panties nor hair; she was as naked as possible under her jeans. She wriggled them down to her hips, the bottom of the zipper teasingly on her clit, so she put three fingers beneath the fabric to rub herself. “Thank you for putting your hands behind your back again without me telling you. God, Babe, you’re making me hot!” Her hand gradually reached further as she looked down at his pants, then while cupping her pussy in her hand she let a finger dart inside her and bring her close to climax. But no, not yet … she had released that first intensity so she could wait.

Pulling her hand from her jeans, she brought that drenched finger to her mouth, closed her eyes for a moment, and licked her juices, smiling with the taste. She couldn’t help but wink at her Babe, knowing how he would please her in future visits. Thinking of this with evil delight, she asked him to climb on the bed, on his hands and knees, with his head held high and directly over her pussy yet still never touching her. If he can do this, she thought, mmm, yes, the fun they’ll have.

He gulped audibly, slid off his shoes thoughtfully, and then did as she had directed. Directly beneath his head, holding his gaze, she licked her finger fully then slowly reached under her pants again. Pushing them down a bit farther, which would have exposed her pussy had her hand not been there, she rubbed herself again and this time sent two fingers inside her wetness. She gave in to the sensations and desires, saying aloud the fantasies she imagined when he would mount her, enter her, fill her, and fuck her far more effectively than her two small fingers. They were enough, however, with his intimate presence, to send her over the edge, take her into a gently bucking ride of pleasure, calling out “Oh god, Babe! Fuck me!”

To his credit at his restraint, he didn’t, but his hips began to pulse in time with her hips, his cock feeling the fabric of his pants but aching for the inside of her slippery, tight pussy. She smiled at him then purred, “Babe, you are being so good – I have no doubts that very soon you will have me in all the ways you want. Just not tonight.”

With that, she licked her two wet fingers then rolled over to expose her half-naked ass. Shimmying out of the jeans required her to wriggle this way and that, and she nearly pressed her ass against his arm, chest, or face, but caught herself in time. In future, the no-touch rule wouldn’t apply – at least not for the whole session, she noted to herself. Fully nude, with her ass beneath him, she could feel his eyes on her back and everywhere.

“Can you guess what I’m thinking? Oh, Babe, there are so very many ways you can please me in this position, and you too will find your satisfaction when on top of me. Please tell me what you are thinking.”

Taken aback, he fumbled for self-control, air, and words. With complete understatement he ultimately whispered, “Ma’am, I want you.”

A shudder of pleasure rippled through her from what he said and the subdued animalistic tone he used. She wanted him too, in all the ways she had ever known. Vividly picturing one of those ways caused her hand to shoot between her legs to assist her instant climax, her whole body twitching and pumping in response. He was so very temptingly close to her … oh why was she driving herself mad this way?

“Get off the bed and stand where you were,” she snapped. Disappointment showed on his face as he did so, fear of having displeased her, and seeing this she softened. “It’s okay, really. I simply want you too much. You are being so wonderful; I need to resist the lure of you, which is not easy when you were so close.”

Sitting again on the edge of the bed she found her strength again, but when she looked at him standing there she almost lost that resolve. She asked softly and shyly, “Babe, will you please undress for me?” Smiling, nervous, uncertain again and suddenly fidgety, he did so, trying to do a slow strip tease for her pleasure. His strong shoulders and arms, not bulky but definitely manly, much stronger than hers, caused her to slide around on her tummy, to squirm around like a teenaged girl staring at a poster of her rock-star idol. He undid his trousers, and, after a moment of hesitation, decided to simply let them drop and to step out of them. Upon doing so he felt more than naked, beyond exposed, but made no attempt to cover himself, simply reached around his back and clasped his hands again.

She was thrilled with her treasure – his physique, his submission to her, his very apparent arousal for her. Lying as she was, she was at the perfect height to ask him to step forward for her to suck him as she so hungered to do. He must have read that in her face, seen how she involuntarily licked her lips when she devoured his cock with her eyes and mind.

“I anal porno want to see you stroke yourself … not yet … while I share with you a vision of our next visit. I want to see how you please yourself, what touch turns you on. I want you to share this very personal act with me, to trust me to help you to pleasure, to know you are safe with me. I want you to see how I hunger for you, how your increasing excitement amplifies mine. If you would like to use any lotion or something, feel free to get some, of course. Babe, will you please masturbate for me?”

Embarrassed, but too aroused, too eager to please her to refuse, he simply replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Thank you, dear one. You are making me so incredibly happy – and horny. I’d prefer for you to stand, but if you need to sit at any time I completely understand, that’s why the chair is there.”

Sitting up on the bed again, she arranged all the pillows at one end as a backrest, into which she settled before describing her view for their next visit or soon afterward. She watched him timidly reach for his cock while she began to touch her breasts and waist.

“You will have been teased, like tonight, and in the process I’ll find many ways to bring myself to climax from you, because of you, as you’ve seen me do. While you are blindfolded, perhaps with your wrists tied behind you this time, I’ll help you to stand against a wall. I’ll instruct you to be quiet and still while I whisper to you how contented you have been making me, how proud I am of your sweet submission and willing obedience, how great it has felt to cum in front of you when you were so ready for me. All of which is true tonight, my sweet Babe.”

“You will sense me standing very close to you, within an inch or two, and you’ll feel only my warmth and breath, not my touch, while I describe in detail the moments of intense pleasure you have given me. I’ll continue to arouse your mind with those recent memories as I’ll descend to my knees in front of you. I’ll stop talking and nothing will happen. You will know that I’m there, with my face so very near your naked and ready cock, and you’ll know what I will soon do, and yet I won’t do anything for a while. I may then ask you some questions, perhaps even casually chitchat with you, while I savor the sight of your hardness. Eventually, after who knows how long, you’ll feel one butterfly kiss somewhere on your cock, followed by another kiss perhaps on your balls or again on your cock.”

The naked cock she saw before her, not the one in her mind, was now being held assertively, all shyness forgotten. She loved it and rubbed herself more, dropping her voice to be a bit huskier as she continued her tale.

“You’ll sense my tongue alighting on your shaft randomly, my lips grazing the crown, and when I finally, eventually, take you in my mouth your cock will discover the tightness of my lips enveloping it, the swirling of my tongue, the silkiness of my cheeks against the head … and the back of my throat.”

She paused to let this image unfold, to see his hand move more energetically as he understood this picture of his cock fucking her mouth, so close to him now – just a few steps away. Her hands felt her firm nipples, pinched and played with them. When his eyes focused again on her in the present, she slowly placed her right index and middle fingers up to her lips, sucked the tips, then licked and sucked the length, taking them all the way in her mouth. She drove her fingers into her mouth faster, then slowed to show him what her tongue was doing, would be doing to him. Seeing him stroke himself almost absent-mindedly, she felt that her fingers had in fact become his cock, and she sucked on them with greater passion and enjoyment, finally giving her an orgasm as she pumped her mouth with her right hand and forcefully rubbed her pussy with her left. It took her longer to recover, and this time it was she who was embarrassed, felt guilty for her pleasure, especially when she saw how strained his cock was, how much self-control it took for him to stand there rather than to consume her, fuck her. When she had regained her voice, she continued the narrative more slowly, emphatically.

“With my mouth and hands I’ll begin to pump you, except when you move too much or make too much noise, and then I’ll stop completely – remove my hands and mouth. I’ll explain to you why you are to be quiet – so you can hear me sucking you, fucking you with my hands and mouth, since you would not be able to see me as you do now.”

“Your deeper breathing will tell me when you are close to orgasm, and I may evilly consider delaying your release even longer, relishing the energy and elation your erection in my mouth gives me. I wouldn’t delay for long, but I might stand, press my entire naked body against yours, entrap your delicious cock between our bellies, and kiss your mouth with all the lust and passion I’d feel for you. The same hunger and ache I have for you now. My hands will caress your face and hair, and then I’ll remove your blindfold. Reminding you that nothing else has changed, that the instructions are the same (for you to be still, silent, with your hands behind you against the wall), I’ll drop again to my knees in front of you.”

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