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Mommy’s Magnificent Muscles

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It was 16 months since my father had given my mother a gift certificate to Gold’s Gym, and two months since my father moved out, after she beat him to a pulp for taking a swing at her while he was drunk

Many 18 year old males might feel a little weird when their mothers develop muscles and strength to put their own to shame, but my mother’s new muscular body turns me on incredibly. Not only have her constant 3 hour a day workouts made her incredibly well built, but they have also made her super horny, and being the man of the house since my father is gone has allowed me to reap the rewards.

Although it’s quite unusual for a mother to be taller than her son, my mother stands 5’9″, to my 5’7″. I keep my 18 year body in good shape with running and wrestling, tipping the scales at 165, but my 48 year old mother has packed on 50 pounds of muscle since she started working out, and now tips the scale at 173 pounds.

I guess my obsession with my mother started long before I witnessed her thrashing my father, but I had never gotten a harder erection than I had when I saw her blacken his eyes and bloody his face as she threw him around the living room. Previous to that, my awe of her started one day after school when I was in my parents bathroom. I was taking a dump, and casually tipped over the hamper.

Laid out before me were my mother’s workout shorts, top, and sheer white panties. I don’t know what came over me, but I looked around the spacious bathroom as if I was being spied upon, then slowly lifted the soiled panties. I held them up and could see a slight yellowing at the crotch, and a weak brown streak at the back.

I felt like a jerk, but I slowly brought them to my nose a took a weak sniff, then threw them quickly back onto the pile on the floor. Only thirty seconds went by, then I bent over and grabbed bonus veren siteler them up once again. I drew them up to my face and could see the pubic hairs, and this time I held them firmly to my nose. The scent was intoxicating, and the more I tried to return them to the pile, the more I inhaled her aroma, and the harder my cock became. It soon became my standard ritual to go into her bathroom after school and jerk off while taking in her wonderful fragrance.

One night I was doing sit ups and pushups in the living room when my mother got home from the gym. She sat down on the couch dressed in her skimpy silk shorts and tank top, making it hard to concentrate, but I managed to crank out 50 more pushups.

“You’re getting quite a nice build on you. I’m impressed.”

I sat back to catch my breath with my hands locked around my knees. “Thanks Mom. I still don’t think I will ever catch up to you if you keep hitting the gym, but I’m getting there.”

“Well I had an incredible workout, and whenever I workout hard, it makes me horny as Hell.”


“What? I’m just being honest.”

“You don’t tell you only child that you’re horny as Hell.”

“OK. I apologize. Maybe a cold shower will take the edge off my randy thoughts.”

“Um Hon…would it be too much to ask for you to just maybe…um wash my back? Even though your father is a lazy drunk, he was a warm body who could occasionally provide for some closeness and warmth.”

My heart went out to my Mom, so I agreed to wash her back, and we headed to the bathroom.

I became nervous as Hell as I watched her strip down and was unable to hide my raging hard on as I slipped off my shorts.

My mother looked at my full 9 ½” and her eyes got wide as a smile crossed her lips. “My my…Mommy’s little boy is bahis not so little anymore. I think you have your father beat by about 5 inches.

I shyly blushed, but my chest filled with pride, hearing that I was much more of a man than my father.

“I’m sorry Mom. I didn’t mean to get an erection.”

“Honey, please don’t apologize. The fact that you are turned on by your 48 year old Mommy is extremely flattering. Think I’ve still got it?” She moved into a double biceps pose while she stretched and flexed her legs to make her thigh muscles bulge and jump.

“Mom, you have the most incredible body I’ve ever seen, and no girl in my class can even come close to your sexiness.”

“You always know just the thing to say to make Mommy feel good. Well, let’s hit the shower and get all this sweat off our bodies.”

My mother was facing the shower head and my cock was resting at the tip of her ass as she washed her hair. Her biceps exploded as she ran her fingers through her hair, and I could not resist running my soapy hands over the rock hard mounds. The feel of them was incredible.

I lathered up my hands again and slowly began to move them over her broad back, getting lost in the feel of the hard bronzed flesh. I wondered if she would object to me moving lower, so I gently moved to the round hard globes of her ass and washed them thoroughly, paying special attention to the crack of her ass, causing her to moan with pleasure.

Before things could get out of hand, she washed off the lather and bent her beautiful body to turn off the water. We took our time drying each other off, then had a nice dinner and got ready to turn in. When she tentatively asked me if I would sleep with her, the thought of holding her muscular body sent me soaring, and I readily agreed.

Both of us just enjoyed deneme bonusu the human contact, and were becoming inseparable. After the gym, she would return from her workout, and we would go down in the basement to practice my wrestling moves….in the nude. Although I was undefeated in my school matches, I was unable to defeat my incredibly strong and fast mother.

After a particularly tough match; which she naturally won by a pin, we had our usual shower, then when it was time to turn in, she did something which she had never done before. Instead of just cuddling with me, she took a hold of my cock and gently began to squeeze, causing me to harden in no time.

I gasped and cried out “Oh, Mom That feels incredible, but we shouldn’t!!”

She slowly licked and bit at my earlobe as she continued to stroke me, and whispered, “Please don’t tell Mommy no.”

I had only been with one girl and it was pretty much a sexual disaster, with neither one of us knowing what to do, so it was an incredible feeling to be with a grown woman who was a sexual animal and knew how to guide me correctly into the art of making love.

Her strong body attacked me, nipping and biting at my aroused nipples, grasping my balls, blurring the line between pain and ecstasy, and when she flipped to her back and inserted me in her hot wet pussy, it was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced.

With her great strength she was able to lift my hips up and down, as I thrust my long hard tool into her beautiful tight opening. I was losing all control as I thrust faster and faster, and our bodies slammed together. Both of us were on the edge, and she took me over that edge as she inserted a long strong finger up my ass and matched my thrusts by butt fucking me. We yelled out in unison as we clutched and grabbed each other in the ultimate orgasm.

I held her head on my shoulder and heard her whisper, “Mommy did good?”

I held her closer and kissed her forehead and said “Mommy was incredible!” and we drifted off to sleep knowing that this was only the beginning.

The End

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