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Another Ride Home from the Beach

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This is kind of a follow up to one of my previous stories, Ride Home from the Beach.

My boyfriend Joe was really excited by all that happened on that first car ride I wrote about, I mean REALLY excited. It was all he could talk about for the week after and it always got him really horny talking about other guys seeing me nude and the trucker videotaping me as I got myself off. This had been my first real experience with a boyfriend who got off on having other guys see me. It kinda confused me at first, I thought maybe he was testing my loyalty or something, but it turns out that it was just as simple as it seemed. Joe got off on other guys seeing me bare ass. Period! Who woulda guessed? So, this story is sort of an extension on that first experience. It happened about 3 weeks after the initial car ride. Joe wanted to go back to the beach for the day, his old roommate was in town and he thought it would be cool to head out for some partying before school started up the fall session the following week. What I didn’t know was that Joey had sent Richard an email describing in detail everything that happened on that ride home.

Richard showed up at our place on Friday night and we partied for awhile. I was pretty tired and knew the guys would want to spend some time catching up so I went to bed early, while the guys stayed up getting high and talking. The next morning we were on the road to the beach bright and early. Well, around 8am anyway. It was about 2 and half hours to a place called Roy Carpenter’s Beach in Rhode Island. We loved this beach, it was nice and you could bring coolers of beer on it and no one bothered you for partying as long as you were cool about it. We had a great time. The sun, the water, the waves… everything, It was just a perfect day. We really had a riot playing in the surf. Both guys also paid me plenty of attention; a girl’s gotta love that. I hadn’t known Richard too well before that day, but really got to like him, he had this wacky sense of humor that you just had to laugh along with.

I had one incident that could’ve put a damper on the day, but Rich was cool in how he handled it. A huge wave sent me sprawling. When I stood up, I didn’t realize that my bikini top was around my waist. Joe was behind me body surfing and didn’t notice. Rich, however was standing just a couple of feet away watching me in the water. He stepped forward and pulled my top back up over my breasts with no hesitation. I was embarrassed, but thanked him for his help. I was pretty impressed with his chivalrous gesture. I’m sure a number of people probably got a good look at my liberated breasts, but they aren’t that big and didn’t seem to draw any attention. I thought that it was a sweet gesture on Richard’s part nonetheless.

That afternoon around 4, we decided it was time to start thinking about heading back home. The sun had begun its sink into the west and the beach was thinning out. It was still really hot though; probably high eighties and I decided to take a nice cool shower before going back to the car. I had learned my lesson from the last time. The guys on the other had decided to just hang out in the car partying while I showered.

I had brought a dress with me, no hot uncomfortable bathing suit for the ride home this time. The dress was a simple white sundress that buttoned down the front and 2 spaghetti straps that held it up. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath and it felt really sexy walking to the car with the two guys waiting for me.

As soon as I got there, I could tell that the guys had been partying a bit harder than I had thought. Rich was passed out in the middle of the back seat with his feet stretched out over the front console between the front seats. Joe had his seat reclined and appeared to be conked out as well. When I opened the driver’s door, Joe opened his eyes looking up at me. I told him that I would drive at least as far as the highway and let him straighten out a little bit. Rich seemed to be really out of it. He had a beer cradled in his lap and there was a half-spent joint in the ashtray. Joe moved over to the passenger seat and I reached into the back seat and got a cold beer out of the cooler next to Rich. I got in the car, relit the joint in the ashtray pulled out of the parking lot.

“You guys must’ve really been packing it down while I showered,” I said to Joe.

“Well”, Joe said, “not me too much, but Rich had a pint of brandy and well…. He pretty much wiped it out. Between the beers and hooch and then the brandy, well he’s loaded and out of it for the ride home I guess. I’m ok though, just a little burned out from being in the sun all day. I’ll be fine to drive when we get near the highway.”

“Good” I said passing the joint over to him.

We weren’t on the road for long when Joe started getting frisky. He started rubbing my thigh, and telling me how sexy I looked in my dress.

“You wearing anything under it” he asked.

When I smiled over at him and told him not to fresh, he slid his hand up to my bare pussy and started to gently massage my clit. It felt delicious çekmeköy escort and I opened my legs to give better access as I drove. He moved a hand up to my chest and cupped my breast, his thumb rubbing across my erect nipple.

I looked in the mirror, and said. “Joey as good as this feels, we shouldn’t… Ritchie’s back there, I don’t want to have him wake up and see what you’re doing”.

“Shhhhhh,” Joey soothed, “Ritchie’s passed out, he’ll never know. I’m thinking if I can get you hot, I might be able to undress you again, it was so fucking wicked the last time”.

I knew he loved our last experience, but I couldn’t see how we were going to be able to do anything like that again. I looked into the mirror and Ritchie was out cold and what Joey was doing to me felt so delicious. I decided to just relax and enjoy the attention for a little while. I really loved Joey and really would’ve done pretty much anything he asked within reason. If Ritchie really was passed out, then maybe this could be considered reasonable. I shifted slightly in my seat and opened my legs a bit further so he had easier access to my tender vitals. He grinned and started unbuttoning my dress for even more access.

Pretty soon he had it completely open. The wind from having the top down on the car blew my dress back, revealing me completely to whoever looked our way. It was so exciting to be driving naked again though. Joe leaned over and sucked one of my nipples deep into his mouth while pushing the straps of the dress off my shoulders. The dress dropped down my back so that I was more or less just sitting on the material; otherwise I was completely naked driving down the road.

Joey caressed my breasts until my nipples were tight and puffy. He leaned over again and sucked the other nipple into his mouth. It sent ripples through my body. With his other hand, he slid a finger into my wet pussy and slowly started to slide it in and out. After just a few seconds he sat back leaning against the passenger door and watched me drive.

I had already gotten pretty excited and really needed to get my attention back on the road. I already totally turned on and loved to have him looking at me like he was. I think it was also getting me hot knowing that Ritchie was just behind us in the back seat and could wake up at any moment and see me driving like this. With that thought I looked in the mirror again and he was still out cold, he hadn’t moved.

Joey saw me look and told me not to worry, just enjoy the moment. He started to caress me again, softly rubbing my pussy. I moaned quietly as he slid a finger back into me. I was definitely getting hot, maybe too hot. I was having some trouble concentrating on driving. We came to a red light and I leaned back, closing my eyes to enjoy what the finger was doing down there when I heard a horn.

I opened my eyes and looked to the next lane and there was a pickup truck with 2 construction guys maybe in their mid 40’s staring at me with leering grins. One of them called over “Nice tits baby, how about a blow job for an old man?”

I just smiled and waved toward the guys in my car. “Sorry honey… I’ve got all I can handle right here, thanks anyway.” As the light changed, I heard him yell out, “love your pussy”. I just beeped the horn and took off. Joey’s car was really pretty fast and we left those 2 behind us quickly.

Joey laughed about the encounter and continued to play with my pussy and breasts as I drove. After a while I just couldn’t drive safely. I pulled over and was really pretty hot by this time. I didn’t care who saw me naked, in fact it got me off even more when I thought about the possibility of being seen by passersby. I told Joey that he’d have to drive and got out of the car intending to walk around to the passenger side to get in. I didn’t even think or I guess care about how busy the road was that we were on, but was reminded as soon as I got out of the car.

Horns honked as I made my way around to the passenger side of the car.

My face was flushed and I anxiously looked back to see if all the noise had woken up Ritchie. But he hadn’t moved.

“Really… Jenn… don’t worry about Ritchie”. Joey said exasperated. “It’d take a bomb to wake him up. Don’t you remember me telling you about trying to get him awake for classes.”

I did remember that, but still felt a little nervous and excited to be not only naked but also aroused with him back there. I knew Joey would continue to play with my body as we drove and I wanted him to. On one hand it was exciting to be doing this with him right there in the car… it was a real rush, but on the other hand, I just wasn’t too crazy about putting on a show for his old roomie in the process. I have to admit though, the danger of getting caught was really getting me super hot, so I guess that hand was winning out… twisted girl that I am.

About 10 minutes later we turned onto the highway, it was only maybe 5pm so it was still plenty light out. With all the trucks I decided to recline my seat back into a less conspicuous position. cevizli escort I was sitting a little bit kitty corner in the seat with my head kinda against the inside rear door area of the car and my pussy facing Joey. He was still playing with it. I was soaking wet by now and my breathing was just a little ragged, not out of control or anything yet, but definitely excited and wanting more. With my seat reclined, my head was about maybe a little above Ritchie’s crotch area and I could see the tip of his dick sticking out the top of his bathing suit. Joey caught me looking and smiled over at me.

“Wonder what’s he dreaming about Jenn” and he laughed

I giggled

You know Jenn, I’d love to see you suck on that”.

I laughed at him… “No way, not a chance” I said.

“Come on Jenn, it’s a perfect opportunity. You give such great head, I always wanted to watch you suck someone else’s cock while I watched, it’s one of my fantasies”.

“Yeah and when if he wakes up, what then”? I asked. “No way, so stop begging.”

“He’s not going to wake up, but if he did, he’s so drunk that he’ll never remember anything about it. Come on Jenn, this is perfect, It’ll be just between the 2 of us, he’ll never know and I think it’d be so awesome to watch you suck his cock. How often does an opportunity like this come up? Probably never again… I know you wouldn’t do it if he were awake, but this is different”.

“Stop it… ” Then I looked at Richie and back to his dick again considering…

I don’t know” I replied… laughing… What if he wakes up while I’m doing it; I’d be so embarrassed… Why do you want to watch anyway, I’d think you’d be jealous to have me giving some other guy head? You know even if he doesn’t wake up, he’s probably going to come in my mouth, doesn’t that bother you?”

“Jenn, it doesn’t… I mean I don’t know why it gets me off, it just does” Joey said. “I think it’d be wicked cool to watch you doing some other guy as long as I got to watch and wasn’t worried about you leaving me for him or something. I don’t know maybe it just gets me off thinking that you would do something like that just because you know how much I’d enjoy it. This isn’t much different from that time that you got yourself off while I watched. It was just you and I, you weren’t comfortable with that either, but got into it and I loved that. This is just like that, Ritchie’s out for count, he’ll never know what happened and I think it’d be so fucking hot to watch you do him.”

I looked back at Richie and then back over to Joey “I don’t know Joey…. I’ll kill you if he wakes up”.

With that Joey reached around and grabbed Ritchie’s foot and started to shake it hard, saying, “Wake up Ritchie, come on buddy wake up, I gotta tell you something.”

I grabbed his arm and stopped him, “Don’t do that you idiot” I said laughing, “that’s just what I need to have wake up and see me lying here next to him naked …jeez I don’t know about you sometimes, you’re such a jerk, what’re you’re thinking.”

“I just wanted to prove to you that he sleeps like a log, He didn’t even budge did he?”. Actually he had groaned a little bit, but that was about all.

“Come on Jenn, do this for me… please, I’m begging you, we’ll probably never get this chance again”. He pulled the top of his bathing suit down to release his hard dick and said “Look how hard I am from just thinking about it Jenn, I want to see you do it so bad”. His dick was really hard and the head a deep purple color, he was definitely getting off on the thought of watching me blow his old roommate.

“Joe I’ll kill you if he wakes up or if he finds out about this ever Joey, I swear it”.

“I promise Jenn, nobody but you and I will ever know”.

Joey was practically shaking with excitement over the idea. His dick was literally twitching and he seemed not to be able to resist giving it a stroke while he drove. I don’t think I’d ever seen him quite this excited before.

This was something new and to be honest I found it kind of sexy and kinky too… hell I guess I thought it was really sexy to do this in front of Joey. With my seat reclined, I was a little above the level of Ritchie’s waist and when I looked over I could still see the head of his dick just peeking out. I wondered what he was dreaming about to give him such a hard on. I wondered how what I was about to do would affect that dream.

I moved over so that I was lying on my side right next to Ritchie. My hands trembled as I reached over and very gently undid the button at the top of his shorts. I looked up to see if he had moved or felt anything. Nothing, he was still out of it.

I looked over at Joey who was trying to split his time between driving and looking in the rearview to see what I was doing. I reached back up and caught his zipper and very slowly pulled it down, the whole time watching Ritchie’s face for any sign of waking. He didn’t move a muscle. I pulled the top of his shorts open and his dick popped up, hard as a rock. It was a nice one and it was unique in that it erenköy escort had a huge head on it, I’d never seen such a large head on a dick before. It looked to about the size of a small lemon, I wondered if I was going to be able to get my mouth around it even. The way Ritchie was sleeping, most of his butt was kinda hanging off the seat. I tugged a couple of times and his shorts came out from underneath him, I was able to pull them down his legs and out of the way. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Joey was spending more time watching me than driving now and I pointed to the road.

“Watch where you’re driving” I whispered, and I pointed out the windshield. He turned back to the road, but almost as quickly turned back to watch me.

I reached over and very gently took Ritchie’s dick in my hand. It felt hot to the touch. I was lying on my side facing the driver’s side of the car in my seat and I slowly started to stroke his hot dick. A tractor-trailer came slowly by us in the passing lane. I looked up as the passenger looked right down at me lying there nude with Ritchie’s dick in my hand.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just tried to ignore them as I played with Rich’s dick. I kept checking him to see if he was waking up or anything and it didn’t look like he was. Pretty soon traffic forced the truck to pass us. When we were alone again or as alone as one can be naked in a convertible on a highway, I snuggled closer to Richie and lay my head on his stomach. I pulled his dick down to me and leaned forward to kiss the tip of it. I heard Joey let out a moan and when I looked over at him, he was stroking his own dick while he watched me in the mirror. I looked in the mirror and caught his eye as I lowered my head to the stiff dick in front of me. I wrapped my lips around that huge head and then rolled my tongue around the engorged mushroom.

Joey moaned, “Oh Fuck, I’ve got to find a place to pull over to watch this”.

I worked on just the head of the dick for a couple of minutes and then in one motion, took the whole thing into my mouth. Ritchie arched his hips and gasped, Joey moaned. I released his dick and turn to look up at Ritchie’s face in horror.

His eyes were still closed but he was breathing a little faster. I looked over at Joey.

He just shrugged his shoulders and laughed saying, ” I told you you were good, even passed out he’s loving it.”

I looked back up at Ritchie and he did seem to be just as out of it as before I started. I thought maybe it was true what Joey had said. It still spooked me though. I looked back at Joey and then at Ritchie and finally leaned back over him and started again on him.

I ran my tongue down the shaft and slowly stroked him as I sucked/licked/kissed that big head. I could hear the traffic passing by us over the stereo but didn’t pay attention to anything other than what I was doing to Ritchie.

Joey had his own dick out was stroking it as he tried to watch me with his friend and drive. I felt the car begin to slow and looked up to see that we were pulling into a rest area. Joey looked back at me and said that there was no way he could drive and watch what I was doing. The area wasn’t at all crowded and Joey parked as far as he could from the rest rooms.

Once he parked, he reached under his seat and pulled out a vibrator, then turned to watch me as I started to go down on Ritchie again. Without the road noise, I could hear that Richie’s breathing was fast and see that his dick was twitching. The head began to swell and I thought he might be getting ready to explode. I stopped moving and he began to calm down. When his dick stopped twitching, I went back to work on him again.

I took it out of my mouth and kissed and licked the shaft while fondling his balls. Joey slid the vibrator between my legs and against the folds of my pussy. I almost bit down on the Ritchie as the rush of pleasure surged through my body. Joey slid the vibrator slowly back and forth along my pussy lips as I started to suck on Ritchie again. I stroked his shaft faster as I wrapped my tongue around the head of his dick. Ritchie let out another moan and gasp. I didn’t even bother to look up. I was getting so hot from what Joey was doing that I was losing control myself. Ritchie’s hip started to slowly pump as I sucked. I kept stroking the shaft while sucking and kissing his dick. I moved my hand down and cupped his balls again rolling them around in the sack.

I pulled his dick out of my mouth and lifted his balls into my mouth and sucked first one then the other one. He tasted salty just like the ocean. By this time I was moaning pretty hard and was definitely out of control. I finally released Ritchie’s balls and was just taking the head of his dick back into my mouth when Joey slid the vibrator deep into my throbbing pussy.

I sucked the whole dick into my mouth, feeling that huge head slide down my throat. Ritchie let out a loud moan as I took all of him into my mouth. I held the base of his dick and started to slowly deep throat him while Joey watched. I twisted my head from side to side while I took his dick deep into me. I had my tongue wrapped around the shaft and I paid special attention to the spot just under the head on the shaft. Ritchie was thrusting his hips to meet my mouth as I moved to swallow him on each down stroke.

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