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My First Cock

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This is a story started on red clouds bulletin board and was ask to finish it. So here goes. The ages are changed to be allowed on this media.

* * * * *

A friend of mine told me he had seen my cock at the gym and he would like to play with it. At first I thought it was strange but then I thought I like to play with it so why wouldn’t another guy? I have been blessed with a rather large appendage and was proud of it. So I agreed to let him.

We met at his home, we were both still living with our parents while in school. His mom worked and his sister took classes at the same collage we were in. She is about 3 years older than the two of us. He showed me some of the magazines he had found in his dad’s study, they were of guys sucking each other and they really turned us on. He asks if I would let him do that to me? I said sure it looks hot. He had some rubbers that were his dad’s and ask if I wanted to use one? I said no I didn’t think he was infected. T

he guys in the mags didn’t have one so I didn’t either. Also I didn’t think I could get him pregnant. He laughed at this. I ask him to take off his clothes and let me see his ass and dick. When he did I saw why he wanted to play with my cock his was only about 3 to 4 inches and real thin even in his aroused state. He had a real sweet looking ass and no hair on his chest. Very little around his cock either. He then ask me to remove my clothing and got a real glassy look when my prick came into view even in my semi hard state it is a good 7 inches long and around 2 and a half inches around.

Neither of us had been with a girl before and we were a bit nervous about where to start. He reached out and took me in his hand real gentile like and started to rub it till it got to it’s full 9 inches. Oh god I’ve seen it in the shower at the gym but not this big and hard. Then he got on his knees and placed about 2 inches in his mouth. Then he took it out and started to lick the underside of it then the tip. He had seen this done in some of the movies he had seen of his dad’s. It sent chills clear down my spine. I let out a loud groan that let him know I liked it a lot. He took about 2 inches of me back in his mouth the rest he was pumping with his fist like crazy. Twirling his tongue around it like he was wrestling with the tip sent me over the edge. When he started to hum I exploded in his mouth. He swallowed all of my cum and had a great smile on his face.

When I saw how Escort bayan he liked to suck me I had to try it so I laid him on the floor and got between his legs. As I said he wasn’t very big so I was able to take him in with ease. I played with his sack and he came very quickly.

When he had recovered he ask if I had enjoyed it? I said yes and I wanted to try something else also. He ask what? I told him I wanted to fuck his ass. This seemed to scare him, as it was so big. I told him I would let him go first and he could see what it was like. He said he had seen his dad do his mom there once and they had used some lube so he got the baby oil out of his folk’s room. He brought a towel also and placed it over the end of the couch. When I bent over it my ass at just the right angle for him to enter me. He put some oil on his dick but when he tried to enter me it still hurt.

So I told him to put some more oil on my ass, and rub it in. When he did he entered easily he had just came so it took him a while. He reached around and played with my cock and had me all hot. When he was about to shoot he ask if I wanted him to pull out. I said no I wanted to feel it explode inside me. When he did his cock felt like it grew larger than it had ever been, it was great. He came so hard he almost passed out and had to grab hold of me to keep from falling.

When we recovered we took about 5 min to clean up. When we started to get ready for my turn I ask him to jack me off so I would last longer when I got inside him. He said he would love to do that and put some oil on my prick. He started out real slow then built up the speed. He had done this to himself many times obviously. He then surprised me and bent forward and sucked on my left tit I had played with them before when I was masturbating myself but hadn’t had them sucked before. Stars shot into my eyes and I blew all over him and the towel.

Now I was ready to try his ass and he was willing to let me. He bent over the end of the couch. Placing some lube on my hand I put it on his ass and rubbed it around real good. I had herd that a man had a place in his butt that would make him have an erection so I pushed my finger in as far as it would go. Trying to give him as much pleasure as I had gotten when he was in me. I reached around and got hold on his cock and started to pump. After about 3 minutes he had another climax with my finger in his ass and my hand around his dick.

By Bayan escort now I had a great big hard on and was about to enter him when his sister came in the room. She started to shout at us and call us all kind of nasty names. She said would have us thrown out of school, plus have their mom kick her brother out of the house.

About this time she caught sight of my rigid cock. And gasped. As I said she was about 3 years older than we were. She had a real nice body with big tits and a great ass.

She was still very angry with us. However she said if we agreed to do what she said for a week she wouldn’t tell anyone. We agreed of course.

Ok the first thing is you have to be punished. Get one of dad’s belts from the bedroom. Her brother had a scared look on his face but did what he was told. When he came back she had us bend over the end of the couch. With our butts in the air she hit us either 5 or 6 times each then ask what we thought was a good number to give us? We both agreed 5 was enough she said ok 5 more then. She then struck us each 5 more times.

Now I want you both to lick my feet. We were glad to do this instead of getting hit with the belt again. When I was kissing her foot I looked up and saw she had no panties on, and she was clean-shaven.

She saw me do this and hit me across the back with the belt again. Did I say you could look at my pussy?

I said no she hadn’t.

Hadn’t what?

Hadn’t Sharon I stuttered?

You must call me mistress from now on slave. Yes that’s it you both are my slaves for the week.

Ok slaves you like to play at sex games well you will have to be my sex slaves for the week.

First draw me a bath I need to get the filthy feeling you have given me off my body.

Telling her brother to draw the bath. She told me to undress her, but not to touch her unless she told me to.

As I did she would run the belt up and down my body making my skin jump each time she touched me. I couldn’t believe it but my dick started to grow hard again and my mind kept thinking I wanted her to strike me again.

Slave have you ever had a woman before she demanded.

No I haven’t I said.

Whack the belt hit me just above my groin area. No what slave?

No mistress I cried.

You will be my sex toy for today. Do you understand?

Yes mistress. I understand I said.

Ok first I want you to eat my pussy out real good, or Escort I will hit you again do you understand.

Yes mistress I will. What do I do first?

She set in a chair with her pussy right at the edge of it. Lick the whole of it from my anus to the top with your whole tongue.

I did this several times she started to get a far off look on her face and her breath started to come more rapidly. I placed a finger in the slit and started to move it back and forth. Paying close attention to the ridge at the top of her cunt with my tongue. She started to shake and moan real bad. At first I thought I might be hurting her, but then figured if I was she would hit me with the belt. She clasped her legs around my neck and started to squeeze real hard. She almost cut off the air; I couldn’t breathe for a second. I could taste the cum. in her box and feel the large protrusion at the top. I figured this was like a man’s cock and started to pay attention to it. This must have been good… she started to scream suck it damm you suck it hard. Play with my titties you fool pinch my nipples. Make me come now!! Dammmm this is good.

When she had calmed down she stood up and pushed me back on the floor standing above me she smiled and grabbed my erect cock; and said you wanted to put this in my brothers ass did you? Its too good to waste on a guy ill show you what it should be used for. Then she turned to face my feet and lowered herself onto it. Leaning back she started to pump up and down real slow at first, then building up steam she moved faster and faster. She started to shake real bad and I could feel her velvet tunnel get tighter and she started to whine again ohhhh yes… fuck this is so much better than the little cocks my other lovers have had. She started to yell so loud her brother came into the room and ask if something was wrong. Hell no nothing is wrong. But you get over here, suck on my breast’s make me come harder. He did first kissing one then the other sending her into another spasm.

She settled back on my chest and nearly crushed me as she relaxed. When she had recuperated she ordered us to both get into the bathroom. When we were in there she made us both lay down in the shower stall. Now you will see what girls think of guys who play with other guys. Standing over us she started to piss all over the both of us. This was the most exotic thing I has ever had done to me. (To this day I love for a women to piss on my after sex it really gets me hard quick.)

Them she told us to clean ourselves up, as her folk’s would be home soon. But that we were to be in the house at 1 p.m. tomorrow ready for more punishment.

To Be Continued if interested…

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