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Special Gift for a Special Bride

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After a very small and private wedding, my groom, Ben, and I passionately made out in the back of the limousine. My short white wedding gown was bunched up around my waist exposing my white silk panties. My hands roamed the front of my new husband’s pants and made short work of pulling out his hard 8 inch cock.

As I wrapped my fingers around Ben’s shaft I felt his fingers slip under the side of my panties. I cooed as my hot husband pushed my panties to the side letting my 7 inch cock free. We kissed deeper as his hand encircled my smooth girly cock as I slowly pumped his hard shaft. Of course my kinky new husband didn’t raise the privacy glass so our driver’s eyes scanned our sexual fondling every few seconds, sharing his attention with the road ahead.

I locked eyes with our chauffer as my husband kissed and sucked my neck. He could clearly see I had a hard throbbing cock as my kinky husband slowly stroked me as he kissed down my neck. The limo made a slight swerve and I knew we had his attention. My hand took to the back of Ben’s head and I pushed his kissing mouth lower and lover until his lips were kissing my glistening cock head.

I looked forward to the rear view mirror with my mouth half open. The feeling of Ben’s mouth gliding down my girly shaft made me let out a soft moan. I pulled down the tight corset like top of my wedding dress exposing my firm perky A cup titties and I began rubbing them still looking forward to the driver.

My attention to the driver’s eyes faded as Ben’s finger slipped back into my boi pussy as he sucked me faster. I began moaning louder and tensing my body as my orgasm built. Ümraniye Grup Escort Ben’s fingers fondled my smooth balls as his tongue circled my swollen cock head. He pushed me past the point of no return as he finger probed me deeper. I whimpered and grunted as my girly cream rushed into my husband’s mouth. I heard Ben moan around my hard shaft as he swallowed each squirt of cum.

Ben’s pants were around his ankles and his throbbing cock swung from side to side as he turned me and put me on all fours in the back of that limo. My wedding dress was pushed up to my lower back exposing my milky white ass cheeks and my smooth hungry boi pussy. I cooed as my husband licked my spread ass lubing my hole. I was grateful my maid of honor bathed me and cleansed my ass.

My head rose up and my back arched as I felt my husband’s cock head kisses my smooth hole. His shaft slowly sank in between my round ass cheeks. We both softly moaned as my boi pussy began to squeeze his invading cock. I whimpered “I love you” back to him as I felt his hard cock bottom out in my bowels. My wedding veil slipped back down over my face as the force of my husband’s thrusts shook my petite body. The smell of our sex filled the limo along with our soft moaning.

I let out a disappointed moan as Ben pulls his cock from my ass. I knew he was close but I knew my dirty husband likes to fuck me on my back. My eyes widened as I saw our limo driver was sitting in the back with us on the opposite seat. Ben was fucking me so deep and long I was oblivious to the limo stopping and him sneaking into the back with us. I looked at my husband Ümraniye Manken Escort who only smiled and offered our driver as my first wedding gift.

I look back to the limo driver who had taken off his pants and was stroking his hard smooth cock. I lay back on the large bench seat as Ben lifted my legs. The driver approached us as my husband pushed his wet hard cock into my quivering hole. I locked eyes on the driver’s cock as it neared my face. I felt the velvety hard flesh of his shaft slip across my face as he moved in closer. As the driver’s cock pushed between my lips I fondled his balls. Ben’s cock kept fucking me and his hand caressed my hard clitty. I knew what my husband wanted as he leaned his face towards mine. I locked eyes with Ben as I flicked my tongue on the underside of the driver’s cock. I moaned as Ben’s lips rubbed along the top of the man’s shaft as I continued to lick the underside.

My new hubby stole the cock from my mouth and he began pumping his mouth up and down the throbbing shaft. I heard him moan and his cock swell inside me. The driver’s cock popped out of his mouth as Ben moaned out. I whimpered as I held him tightly. Several ropes of my husband’s seed squirted deep inside me. With a few more deep thrusts I was filled with my husband’s creamy load.

My boi pussy felt empty as Ben withdrew his cock. Our dirty limo chauffer was eager to take his turn. I held my bridal dress up around my waist as the driver sat and held his hard dick straight up for me. I straddled him as he held my ass cheeks apart. Globs of my husband’s cum dripped out of my freshly fucked ass Ümraniye Masöz Escort onto the driver’s cock. It was quite a sight to see as the pearly white drips ran down his shaft. Ben reached out and held the driver’s cock steady as I began to sink down. I groaned deeply as his shaft pushed the load in my boi pussy around.

I began riding the driver slowly making sure he felt every tight part of my ass. I felt my husband behind me rubbing my ass cheeks and smearing the leaking cum on my ass. The driver began sucking my tits as he held my ass cheeks apart. I felt Ben’s mouth on the back of my neck as he began kissing and nibbling on me. He knew my sensual spots and worked me quite well. My girly cock rubbed on the driver’s stomach as I bounced up and down on his shaft. The feeling of two men fucking and fondling me made my body shutter.

Then I felt my husband kiss down my back and run his tongue down the crack of my spread ass. The driver was close to cumming and as my man licked around his hard shaft and down to his balls, I felt his load jet up into my bowels. My clitty was now in the driver’s hand and he stroked me faster and faster. The feeling of his still cumming cock hitting my prostate worked me into a huge orgasm. I yelped as he pulled me down as hard as he could on his dick. My girly cock began to squirt my load of cum up onto the driver’s stomach and all over his hand. I kept rocking his cock getting every last bit of cum. My husband pulled the dirty shaft from my boi pussy and he sucked the cummy mixture of the driver’s cock before his kissed and licked my well fucked taboo hole.

The driver pulled himself together and got back into the driver’s seat. Ben and I kissed and relaxed as we drove away to head to our posh hotel downtown. We had the rest of the night to play before we were to fly to the Caribbean for our honeymoon. I kissed my husband and thanked him for the hot and dirty wedding present.

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