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Marty’s Visit

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Sunday morning had come. I was in my element. At last Marty kept his promise to join me for a weekend of bliss.

Marty? Well to cut a long story short I met him on the Utopia page online. We got chatting how you do about lots of things – but mainly our homosexuality and how that had been for each of us since we realised we were in this mainly heterosexual world.

Now Marty, after the third time of planning, had kept the date and I was happy. No,. I was much more than that, my dream of being with a real live guy had materialised and there was I, early in the morning, laying on my side in a king sized bed with a full blooded Scot behind me, sound asleep but feeling so good – his well pampered cock fitting snugly between my buttocks, feeling the warmth of it there tantalising my whole being even though it was half mast.

But not for long because just a little wiggle and a little squeeze remedied that and I was treated to the most wonderful feel of growing cock, even though Marty was still sound.

I was intent in partaking of one of my favourite sexual longings, to suck him – and this was special because if I adjusted myself very carefully I could enjoy him while he still slept.

For so long I had fantasised just how it would be with a real live guy. Looking back now it seemed so weird the things I did to try and accomplish that. My imagination coaxed me to do wild things like making an effigy of a guy in all his gear with – and this sounds absolutely crazy now as I think about it – with a good sized carrot and two potatoes placed in his jeans. With my imagination carrying me into those fantasies I was there, unzipping and finding the carrot-cum cock and it is amazing just how one’s imagination can work wonders when those sexual longings demand some sort of action other than just a good stiff wank.

I was there, closing my eyes and pretending it was a real live hard cock inside my mouth, bending to the most exquisite suck I could muster – my fingers feeling his balls.

The same carrot had been inside my ass just moments before. I’d sculptured one like to look like the head of a cock, p-hole cut in place and there was I running my tongue around the rim and prodding the p-hole like it was the real thing.

I guess, weird or not, it served a purpose and I spent many really soothing times laying in the floor with a well placed mirror fucking myself with a carrot – sometimes a cucumber, sometime s broom handle fixed for manoeuvrability. It all served a purpose but eventually the need for reality kicked in and I started to wander the streets in an endeavour to find a guy with canlı bahis whom I could really share my dreams, and it had to be a guy after my own heart, I didn’t want a quick bash in a toilet, been there, done that In my search for gratification, it was ugly, uncouth and I would never lower myself again.

Now I had discovered Marty and all my most secret ambitions were being fulfilled.- that carrot could never be so nice and wonderful, as real live cock, no flexibility and warmth combined with the scent and taste of cock ,made it an experience to remember and repeat again and again as I was now endeavouring to do, wondering how would it be sucking cock while Marty slept.

He was still in his soiled black and red rimmed boxers from last night – his deep fucking last night was so wonderful and good, the fullness of his wonderful length throbbing deep up inside was simply a thrill beyond any description and, as I moved my head to his crotch I felt I could still feel it inside, he’d fucked me so deep and so wonderfully

To take in the scent of our sex together the night before was enduring enough but the thought of sucking him asleep was another dimension, I wanted to reward him, if that’s the right word, for making it feel so lovely for me. I had never taken it half mast so this was different but nevertheless still thrilling, I wanted to actually feel it growing in my mouth and suck him deep and good, and the feel of his balls were so much better than a couple of potatoes. I laugh at that now thinking how sad that was, I told Marty and he responded: ” Well you have real tackle now to experiment with” and experiment I did. We were both having glorious times in the privacy of my bedroom those weekends he was able to come – and I knew by the time he left to go I would be well and truly satisfied, well fucked and everything, my body would be numb after his explorations and I would smell and taste of him, not wanting to wash until I had to, lamenting the everything of him afterward like he was still there, ravishing my asshole and squeezing my cock and balls the way he longed to do during our oral exploits, even the occasions he felt in the mood to have me leaning across his lap spanking me, stinging me like hell but all that being made worth while with what followed, that so wonderful spoiling with cream and touch – and the sensation of simply being wanted – that warmth and need – his head lodged tight between my crotch as he urged me to crouch over him and smother him. I cannot possibly explain just how good that felt but his deep French kiss immediately afterward proved to me how he betwoon appreciated that and it was an intimacy we shared again and again and vice-versa and I can tell, you, it is something very special and it has become like a drug to me, the taste and feel of his cock inside my all.

Now I felt him grow, The bulge was in my mouth as I was in my own little world enjoying that certain aroma and nectar of Marty’s stiff throbbing cock as I then heard the familiar moans from Marty.

He was awake sure enough and I had accomplished what I wanted, he complimenting me on the most wonderful awakening ever and how he would repay me with a good deep ass fucking.

But I was still mouth full of cock. Running my finger his along his balls – time passed and I didn’t want to stop,

“That is sensational Jason” he said.

I smoothed his lips with a brushing touch of my finger tips as, eyes closed I so loved the precious feel of it moving in my mouth as I sucked and licked it all from stem to tip and then back again, running my tongue beneath those wonderful firm balls, so enjoying all that he had to offer big time.

“Just a minute, Jason lets try this way” Marty said in that so sexy voice of his and next thing I knew he was on all fours, legs wide apart, his lovely balls hanging like grapes and his cock standing high.

“Lick my ass babe” he whispered in such an enduring way how could I refuse?, and besides the way I felt at that point I would have done anything he asked, I was so absolutely worked up.

“Like this?” I said running the tip of my tongue from under his ripe balls and along beneath to the rim of his asshole; like you do to me huh?”

He started to moan as I found delight in the feel of his asshole with my tongue, I teased it open with my small finger as he yelled with delight and he simply loved it, soon he was nesting his crop down over my head smothering me. I held my breath and enjoyed the taste of him to the full. He had a good firm ass on him and I just went berserk sucking and licking it all over until he announced in his demanding voice for me to then do the same, for me to plant myself on all fours and then, my mouth still full of the taste of him, he embarked on sucking me everywhere.

The feeling was just explosive – his strong firm hands grasping my buttocks so dominantly, stretching me apart and complimenting me on my ass. And then the delight of his fingers and tongue exploring and thrilling me, his hand slapping me firmly.

“I want you to bend over and touch your toes” he demanded allowing me to get up. I wanted to betwild do that for him and knew I was due for ten lashes of the cane. I felt the first come down on both my buttocks and he said to count and thank him for every stroke. Now my ass was stinging and I held my breath and gritted my teeth for the feel of the next stroke, hearing the familiar swish and contact just before the pain set in, making me jump each time, but putting up with the pain for his pleasure knowing that he would make amends directly afterward with the fuck of his thick fresh sucked cock, number ten came and my ass was numb, I felt the soothing of his hand smothered with body cream and as always, after such a punishment, sometimes like this and sometimes in my tight jeans, he’d have me deep suck him again as I still felt the tingling on my ass cheeks which had now changed to an immense pleasure zone, the beating done and the sexual delight in all that despite the pain

I knelt before him as he arranged that gorgeous cock so that it was level with my mouth and gave him the most deep and moving suck – knowing soon that the bulk of his pulsing delight would soon be in side my ass. I took him deep throat which he absolutely loved and I felt his hands clasp behind my head to push his cock even deeper into my throat. Almost gagging me but releasing just before.

“Now lick my shaft and beg for it” he yelled and I relished the feel of that, he was all cock for me, balls as well and I felt privileged that it was all for me longing to feel the pulse of it deep inside me.

Next he had me bent on all fours again, but this time on the bed, my wrists tied to the bedstead and my mouth gagged with his soiled briefs as I got the scent and taste of him all over again, combined with the thrill of his gradually working his cock head into my hole by way of grasping my buttocks again and moving me from side to side working it in this way and then that.

I just wanted to be all ass for him that he could fuck me for all his worth. The plunge said that he was ready and then the deep, deep thrusting, lifting my ass into the air with each thrust, my yell bellowing out for his fucking. Then the way he paused, just for a moment, we both feeling the surge of his throb inside me, his bulk stretching me as again he started to fuck.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as it was hurting now, but the hurt combined with the pleasure was all part of it.

We continued to enjoy each other well into the morning and I was to feel the spurt of his cream over my face for the first time as I wanked him into oblivion

It is so nice being with Marty I never want it to end, but when it did, and he had to drive back 100 miles to take up his job the next day, I felt his deep fuck still inside me once again and longed for our next session which I knew would be full of exploration and surprise.

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