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A Sissy’s Reward

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Every time he does this to me he drives me crazy, keeps me addicted to his hand. I feel my sissy-like penis strain to escape from between my legs. I’m very small, only about 3″ when hard. I keep it tucked for him, hold it tight between my legs at all times…except for when he does what he’s about to do to me now.

He’s not interested in my tiny thing. Only uses it to do what he calls ‘reward’ me. Calls it ‘milking’ me, it’s more like remind me just how very owned I am. I’m his completely. He knows that, smiles up at me as I present my penis to him. And he knows that this is a very humiliating thing for me to do, knows I’m very self conscious of the fact that I’m small, not man-like as he is.

I part my legs slightly and let it fall out from between them. The head of my penis stands up in front, pointed right at him. I look like the sissy I am, little dick says it all. I can see myself in mirrors on the walls. We are in my ‘play’ room, as he calls it, in the basement of my house. My little thing is as he says, ‘worthless to any woman’. I’m shaved baby smooth top to bottom, makes me look even more like a little boy when exposed like this, don’t look like a man at all. He savors that feeling, that image. And the way he exposes me, does it so slowly, so matter-of-factly, takes his time.

He’s seated in his leather chair in the center of the room. It is HIS chair, sits it in when I’m to be inspected or talked to about an infraction on my part. I’m standing in front of him. He’s still dressed as he was at his office, before he called and told me to be ready for a quick visit, before he drove from work to my place, mid afternoon. Told me that I should be dressed in just panties and shoes, lubricated rear, collar and wrist cuffs too.

He’s sitting in front of me, lowering my panties. He makes me shiver the way he does it. Does not do it like some men I have known, he takes his time. He doesn’t put his fingers in the top waist band and then rip them down, doesn’t just grab them and pull them off. No. He makes it seem like forever! This drives me crazy! Takes the sides of the panty leg openings from below, toys with the lace around them with his fingers and pulls them down slowly. He unwraps me like a gift. Let’s them slide down so suggestively across my soft and smooth rear, I feel the cool air on my butt as I becomes completely exposed, tight little bubble butt that I work hard to maintain just for him. I feel the lacey waist band drag slowly against the end of my penis, now sticking out from between my legs. Feel the soft and girly ruffles drag across head and the sides of my smooth and tanned legs. I feel my little thing jump. Feel the panties pull at the pink ribbon tied in a bow around the base of my little balls.

He lowers my panties to just above my knees and lets them hang there, fixes the lace at the top and bottom, so it isn’t turned inside out, displays them. He sits back and looks up at me. Looks me up and down, smiles slightly, he takes it all in. He always does.

“So pretty. So fucking pretty.” He stares at me.

I’m standing with my wrists cuffed to a locking neck collar. That’s part of my reward too, he insists. He secured my wrists as soon as he arrived. I’m wearing large hoop earrings that ‘clink’ against the metal hooks in the collar. My hair is done perfectly, the way he likes it, pulled off to one side, almost over my left eye. I have on way too much makeup, another think he likes. Dark eye makeup and hot pink lip gloss with deep pink almost red lip liner, I have a very cute almost passable look and he appreciates that too. I have a very kinky look that makes even straight men think twice, work hard at it just for him. I’m wearing 3″ spike heel pink pumps and white lace ruffle top girly ankle sox. That’s all I wear other than my pink ruffled panties, now dangleing just above my knees.

“You’re very sexy. You know that, don’t you, baby.” He leans forward runs his index finger up the top of my naked thigh sinop escort and then flicks the end of my now semi-erect penis with his middle finger. I flinch back from the slight pain of it, struggle to not dip down. I correct myself and stand straight up, feel my penis start to go slightly limp. “Very nice!”

“Yes, Daddy. I do it for only you, only you. I want you so bad right now.” I look down at him and he looks away from me. He takes the pink ribbon around my balls and penis, pulls at it, unties it and lets it fall to the floor. I feel my his other hand reach back and cup my right cheek. His hands are huge, strong. He runs his hand gently over me, pets me, toys with the crack of my rear with his fingers. Feel a finger go deeper between my cheeks, brush against my little hole, I immediately respond, my tiny penis stands up for him.

“Let’s get this over with. I don’t have a lot of time today.” He holds my rear end tightly as he bends forward and takes a small bottle of k-y from beside the chair. He slaps my rear hard, pushing me toward him, toward his face. I wince as he takes his hand away from my rear and puts k-y all over it. He puts the plastic bottle back on the floor and then forms his fingers into the shape of and ‘O’ around the base of my balls. He squeezes, holds me tightly in place, pulls me upward. This pushes my tiny erection straight up in front of him. I feel his other hand gently glide over the head of my penis covering it with k-y. Then I feel him take just the tiny head of it between his thumb and index finger. He runs his finger over the hole, hears me start to moan, almost cry for him. He begins. I start to whimper can hardly stand straight for him.

“That’s it. Let it go, baby. So cute, so submissive, what would you do without your Daddy.” He leans forward to the edge of his seat, starts to work, drives me crazy. “Did you play with men on-line since I saw you last?” He takes his hand off of me quickly, looks up at me as he tightens the hold around my balls, pulls me up onto my toes. He hears the panic in my voice fill the room…

“No, Daddy, no! I was a very good boy, didn’t do anything like that…please…”, puts his fingers back on me, starts to feel the pre-cum on the end of my penis, rubs it all around the head…”no, I swear…”…

“Shhhhhssss, just enjoy your little reward. Such a good boy.” I feel him start to pump with his finger and thumb, rapidly. “Cum! Do it for me, don’t make me wait, baby, cum. You know what I want from you, do it.” He stares at my penis, feels me quiver as he works me, takes me to the edge. I see him look up at me, sternly…”Cum, do it, fucking cum, bitch!”

Hear him laugh as I start to shake. Cum runs down all over my penis as he holds it straight my by my balls, feel the warmth of it as it spurts and then drips down my little thing. He runs his fingers over the tip of it, “Very good, a good little boy. And in less than five minutes.” I don’t dare say a word as he finishes with me. Feel him milk the shaft gently after I go soft. And then he releases me. I don’t wait to be told. He holds his hand up, the one with the most cum on it. I bend forward and lick it clean. Then the other, I taste my cum, lick it with my tongue trying to be very careful not to get my lipstick on his hand.

“I have to see this for myself some time, have to get someone to film you like this, very erotic. I want to watch you being milked, watch you clean up after. This is very hot. Only problem is I can’t watch your pathetic little show, I have to milk you. I want to see it from all angles, see that ass of yours quiver, shiver and shake.” He sits back in his chair. “What if I found someone to do this for me, send you to him, not have to touch that sissy thing ever again?”

“Daddy, please don’t say that, I love you doing this for me. Please, you know I love you, don’t want anyone else. Please…” He hears the pleading in my voice. Watches me beg him, he sits forward in his chair, sivas escort reaches out and runs his hand up the smooth inner side of my left leg. There’s cum all over the front of my dangling panties. Some of it drips onto the tile floor.

He stands, I feel him take me by my left arm and pull me to the back of his chair, firmly. Feel him hold my arm so tight I cry out, Feel him push me forward, bend me over the back of his chair, my face pushed into the seat of it. I feel his foot push my feet apart, he spreads my legs. He slaps my rear then runs his hand over the curve of my cheeks, can feel him looking down at me. Then I hear him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. “You know that even though I’m in a hurry giving you your sissy reward always puts me in the mood. You know you make me want to fuck you, baby, makes my cock hard when you do your little submissive reward show. You love that, don’t you, baby?” He doesn’t wait for an answer. I feel his erection run up between the crack of my rear, feel him put it to my tight little hole, “Uhhhh, yes!” He pushes it in deep…then pulls back out quickly. “I knew there was a reason I keep you as my sissy bitch…ooooo, you are the best little fuck I think I’ve ever had, better than my wife…and that’s saying a lot. Oooo…yes!”

Feel my little hole open wide for him, feel him use it to just run the head of his erection in and out of, short little teasing strokes, he makes me open and close around the head of his cock quickly. I can feel him enjoying my tight rear end, feel him as he uses me. Then he just pushes it in, doesn’t wait for me get ready, pushes it in as far as it will go. He starts to fuck. I cry out, jump slightly. He ignores me and I feel him start to pump to cum. He pushes my face down into the chair seat, feel him take my rear in both hands tightly. He holds me in place as he starts to fuck very hard and very fast. Only sound in the room is my soft whimpering and his erection sliding in and out of me in long strokes, can hear the k-y slippery sound.

I stay perfectly still for him, know that he likes me to do that, just let him use my rear until he finishes. He is very big, large 9″ cock, big even when he’s soft. I can not get him all the way into my mouth when I please him that way. And he can’t get it all the way into my rear, hurts to have him do this when he fucks me in this position. Fucks me so hard and rough I start to cry softly, as he loses himself to my rear end. I can’t help it, can feel my eye makeup start to run from tears in my eyes. I close my eyes.

When he cums he squeezes the sides of my legs, leaves finger mark bruises when he does that. He lifts me up slightly like a limp doll, holds me in place and buries it in as far it will go. I cry out loudly, can’t help it, start to push my back up, arch it off the chair seat. I struggle to hold the arms of the chair, keep still for him. Feel his short, fast strokes…”Ooooooo, fuck! Yessssss! You little bitch, so good…ooooooo!” Then he holds it all the way in as he just barely starts to go soft. He finishes, releases the sides of my rear end, lets me drop to the chair back.

He slaps my rear hard, makes me wince. “You are so precious, Precious!” He laughs. He gave me my nickname, ‘Precious’. Knows I don’t like it but he calls me that anyway. I feel him take two final long slow full length strokes in and out of my butt, he’s semi-erect but still huge…”Oh yeah.” He pats my rear and pulls out. I shake slightly as he does, feel my rear end tighten. I stay in place, feel like I can’t move. I know what he wants next.

He stands runs his hand up between my cheeks, spreads them. “Lot of cum for you, baby. I treat my little boy very nice, no?” He takes my arm, helps me up off the back of the chair, turns me toward him. He pats the side of my cheek. “Good boy…or should I say good girl?”, laughs when he says that. He steps back and looks me up and down. My makeup smeared, panties down around my knees, tekirdağ escort his cum starting to drip down the tops of my legs, I look at him, smile slightly, wink at him…”You know I’ll do anything for you, Daddy. Anything.” I look to the floor.

He watches as I kneel and slightly struggle not to fall with my hands locked to the side of my neck collar. I do what he wants. Hate the taste of my rear end on him, hate it, but would never say that to him, ever. I take him in my mouth, suck the last of me off of him, run my tongue around the head, suck the last of his cum off of his cock. I feel him start to get semi-hard, just a little. I run my tongue up over the hole, make my tongue into a little point, start to lick the hole up and down the way he likes. Then I feel his hand push my forehead away, his cock falls out of my mouth. “Precious, you know I don’t have time for that now, spent too much time here already.” He motions me up, back up onto my feet, takes my arm and helps me get up. He bends forward and pulls my panties to my ankles, has me step out of them. He uses the clean rear end of them to wipe himself clean of my lipstick. Tossing them to the floor in front me he turns away and pulls his pants back up quickly, fixes his underwear, zips up and fastens his belt. He takes his keys out of his pocket. “Let’s get you unlocked, baby. I have to go.”

He unlocks my wrist cuffs and collar. “You’re a mess, Precious. You get yourself all pretty after I leave. I’ll call you tonight. Have something I want to talk to you about, talk to you about seeing a friend of mine, he’s a photographer.” He watches as my face bolts up to him. He puts his finger on my lips, “Shhhh, we’ll talk later.” He stands, walks to the door. I have to get home, my wife will be there in about an hour.” He turns to me, “I may have her go down on me, think about you while she does it.” He laughs, knows that makes me slightly jealous.

I hurry to him at the door. “Thank you, Daddy, thank you. You know I love it when you visit.” He runs his hand down the front me, feels me respond to his touch. I look down at my little thing, feel it struggle up between my legs. He reaches up and takes my right nipple between his fingers, grabs my rear with his other hand, holds me up on my toes…”Put that think back between your legs. You be a good boy, no other men on-line, I know what a slut you are. I’m going to try to see you later tonight. Wear something very cute, very red and tight. Red, like the end of my cock when I stick it in you.” He takes his hands off me, doesn’t hear me moan with excitement at his touch. He turns and leaves the room. I hear him hurry up the stairs to the front door and then close it behind him. Hear his car start.

I turn and face the mirrors all over the room, feel his cum running out of me, dripping down my legs and to the tops of my ruffled ankle sox and shoes onto the tile floor as I walk away from the door. I put my finger up against my little hole, push it in slightly, hold his cum in me. Feels sore in a very submissively good way, I feel used by a real man, feel so slippery and wide open. Think to myself, ‘fuck his wife, she can’t give him what I do’, feel very jealous for split second.

Looking at myself in the mirrored room I see that he’s right. I am a mess. Have to shower and make myself smooth, soft and pretty, have to fix my hair and makeup, put on something he likes to see me in. Just in case he can get away later tonight, I want to be ready for my man…and maybe his photographer friend too. I have just the outfit! That makes me very hot to think about. So hot that I have to do my dirty little act before I do anything else…let my thing fall out from between my legs, after tucking it at the door for him. I stand and face the mirror, start to play with my little penis. Writhe and fuck my hand, do it so sexy and slow, think about what it would be like to do this for him, my fantasy. I know he’s not interested in that. I masturbate and think about the sissy I really am. See my eye makeup running down my cheeks, lipstick smeared all over my mouth and chin, his cum on my legs, feel it up between my cheeks, my cum all over my panties on the floor…I see it all in the mirror. I see me.

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