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Straight Guy in a Sauna

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Eastbourne is a seaside town famous for attracting senior citizens as tourists. It is quite a genteel town, and with its Victorian glories more than a little faded, it appeals to a mature clientele. Although that wasn’t me, I wanted to get away from London for a weekend on my own, which I like to do every so often. I find that when you’re away from home, on your own, that’s when interesting things happen to you!

I searched around and found a great deal on a junior suite at the Grand, which is Eastbourne’s most prestigious hotel, though a little threadbare and past it’s best. I finalised the booking and jumped in the car to head down there. On arrival, as I was checking in, the receptionist mentioned that the gym, pool and sauna were open. I fancied getting a sweat on so I took my bag to my room, stripped off and wrapped myself in a towel and robe, and headed down to the sauna.

I always like the sauna in a hotel because it gives you a chance to do some great people watching and check out the ladies. The sweaty, intimate environment, with people barely clothed and the sexual tension hanging heavy in the air is a big turn on and as I made my way down, I began thinking about the weekend’s possibilities. I had always hankered after well-built mature women and had enjoyed many an encounter with women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s.

I was fixated on the idea of Eastbourne being a haven for women of a certain age, often holidaying in groups. In my mind, they were unencumbered by their usual hang-ups and on the lookout for a casual encounter. Ideas and scenarios were flooding my mind as I arrived at the pool area and I was beginning to get a little turned on.

I entered the men’s changing area and discovered to my disappointment that the sauna was situated within the changing area and therefore was for men only. As crestfallen as I was, I still fancied getting a sweat on so I had a quick shower and headed in anyway.

The sauna was empty and the heat was just right, so I sat down in my towel, on the top row. I closed my eyes and let the feeling of the heat overtake me. Thoughts of casual encounters with busty, sexy mature women were still floating through my head and I was pretty relaxed as I had the place to myself. My towel was loose and my cock was semi-erect and partially uncovered.

After a few moments, I don’t know how long, the door opened and someone joined me. I shifted the towel to cover myself and the guy sat down and introduced himself as Jonathan. I politely said ‘hi’ and introduced myself, then closed my eyes again – I didn’t want to be rude, I was just hoping to return to my reverie.

Jonathan however started making conversation, so I responded and we got chatting. He asked about what I was doing at the hotel and I explained that I’d just needed to get away from it all and that I did just that every so often. He explained that he was local and worked at the university as a lecturer and used the sauna on a sort of membership basis. He said that at this time of year, Eastbourne was pretty short on tourists, that he usually had the sauna to himself and it was nice to have someone to chat to.

Now, I’m a pretty easy-going and open guy, although my distinct preference is for women, especially mature women. Other than a few fumblings when I was a much younger, I’ve never had any experiences with men but have thought about them from time to time, in a sort of abstract way, and even fantasised about them once in a while.

I looked over at Jonathan as he was speaking. He was a slim, good looking man in his late 30s/early 40s with a close goatee and a little grey hair at the temples. He was sitting with his eyes closed and his head back, talking about the courses he taught, and I noticed that he was sitting on his towel but that it was open and he was naked.

I took a quick glance at his cock and although it was not exactly hard, it seemed like it was not entirely soft either. It was a good size from what I could see and it was uncut – and it was that fact which fascinated me. I had never seen a foreskin in the flesh and I have always been really intrigued by them. My eyes lingered over his manhood, and my mind filled with all sorts of imagined scenarios. My own cock started to twitch again at this point and I was semi-erect.

In a moment of madness, I couldn’t help myself, I just pulled my towel back and left my uncovered. I don’t know what I was hoping for, but I shut my eyes and titled my head back, mirroring Jonathan’s own position. We remained like that for some time, making conversation, though my state of arousal and my attempt to partially control it, made my throat dry and sticky.

We were both Betturkey hot and sweaty by now and we both commented on how we were enjoying the heat. Every so often, I would look to see if Jonathan’s eyes were still closed and if they were, I’d cast my eyes over his shining body with beads of sweat running down it, and I’d sneak another glance at his fascinating, glistening uncut cock.

This was really turning me on in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Between the sight of him and the thoughts running through my head, and the fact of being naked and sweaty myself, it was all I could do to control myself from having a full-blown hard-on. I was semi erect, I was gently pulsating and there was pre-cum on the end of my cock.

I closed my eyes and returned to my position and a few seconds later heard Jonathan shift in his seat. I opened my eyes and looked over at him, and at that moment, saw him looking down at my lap. I looked up at him and then down at his cock which was now obviously hard and really quite big, with the head poking through the end of his foreskin.

My cock began to really twitch and harden further at this sight and I swallowed hard. He took his eyes away from my cock, looked up at me and said something like, ‘well, look at the two of us’ and I muttered something about having never seen an uncut cock in the flesh and he asked me if I wanted to take a closer look.

At this point I was really turned on, my manhood was now really throbbing and all I could think of was how desperately I wanted to touch that cock; to hold it in my hand; to pull back the foreskin and reveal the tumescent head. I must have been barely audible when I mumbled that I wanted to touch it.

Without hesitation, I dropped to the second shelf of the sauna and moved over to where he was. I was now sitting by his knees, with this large, fascinating, throbbing cock at my eye level. My hands were shaking as I reached out and gently touched his cock, which was hot and covered in the sweat running down his body. It sprang back against my touch. As I touched it, Jonathan took a breath and shifted slightly, opening his legs so I could sit between them and more easily reach his cock.

At that moment it was just the two of us in the world and I could think of nothing other than taking hold of this big, beautiful penis, so I wrapped my hand around it and gripped it gently. I slowly pulled back the foreskin to reveal the head of his cock. It was an incredible sight and I was unable to take my eyes of it.

A musky, sexy, sweaty scent hung in the still, humid air and my arousal was mounting. I stroked my hand up and down a few times, getting a feel for this glorious cock and drinking in the sight that I beheld.

Jonathan’s pubic hair was neatly trimmed and his balls seemed huge and were completely smooth and hairless. I wanted to touch them and I reached out with my other hand and cupped them. That gave me a jolt-like thrill and without thinking I just blurted out ‘I want to taste you’ and Jonathan muttered his assent as I lowered my head and stuck my tongue out.

I touched the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue and we both shivered. I licked the precum off his cock and took it into my mouth, tasting its salty sweetness and, mixed with the sweat and his musk, I was just overwhelmed. I parted my lips, lowered my head and took his amazing cock into my mouth. He gasped and his cock throbbed as I inhaled it deep into my mouth, taking it as far down my throat as I could, though it was too long to take it all the way in.

I pulled back a bit and sucked on it, hard, then soft, swirling my tongue around and pushing it under the foreskin as I pulled it back and forth, tasting and inhaling and seemingly knowing what to do, without ever having done it before. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, feeling it twitch and pulse and grow bigger in my mouth. I luxuriated in its warmth and hardness, all the while drinking in Jonathan’s glorious, dense, musky scent and his sweet, salty, sweaty taste.

All the while, my own cock twitched and leaked precum, but I didn’t touch it, so absorbed was I in this stranger’s incredible meat, in holding it, handling it, tasting it. I took his cock out of my mouth and ran my tongue from the bottom of his shaft, to the tip of his cock and back down. I started running my tongue over Jonathan’s balls and he shifted down towards me and spread his legs further so I could reach more easily.

Instinctively, I took one of his massive bollocks into my mouth and gently sucked on it. Again, the sweat and the scent just added to my arousal which was now so intense that the blood was pounding in my ears, Betturkey Giriş deafening me. Jonathan’s moaning sounded miles away.

I was now in a state of bliss, I took both his cum filled balls in my mouth and with my hand wrapped round his beautiful dick, I was just acting on instinct as I sucked on his huge balls. It was that same instinct that let his balls drop from my mouth and then gently lifted them to reveal his tight, puckered asshole. Without thinking, I lapped at it with my tongue. It was moist with the beads of sweat that we were both covered in and Jonathan gasped loudly and raised his legs, holding them up at the knees, to expose his ringpiece to me, allowing me to probe him properly, which I was desperate to do.

On reflection, in more rational moments, I wonder why I did it. I love eating pussy and have often enjoyed rimming women but even at the height of my male fantasises, I had never gone there. However, my arousal was so complete, that it just felt right, it was what I wanted, what I needed in the moment. I just had to have the full experience, to taste the foreskin, the balls, the anus. To lick, to suck, to probe, to explore. I pressed my tongue hard up against his asshole and I felt it give way as I forced myself in. It was sweaty and salty, earthy and musky and I loved it.

Here I was, tongue-fucking a strange man’s asshole in a hotel sauna – anyone could have walked in on us but I was so high, I didn’t even consider it. I was so turned on at this point that if someone had even touched my cock, it would likely have exploded.

Then the door did open and we both looked up in a state of shock. A man came in and quickly closed the door behind him. Without a word, he calmly came and sat next to Jonathan, in the top corner of the sauna.

He was a much larger man, probably in his 50s, with a big belly and a full beard. He was covered in greying body hair and he sat down, opened his towel and started playing with his cock as he looked us both over. I watched his cock harden in his hand as he stroked it for a few seconds and as my shock evaporated, I was quickly returned to my state of arousal. I tried to look away from this new cock and back at the asshole I had been eating, but I was transfixed.

I lifted my head up and took Jonathan’s throbbing cock back in my mouth, taking as much as I could and sucking it deep. All the while I was watching the man next to us breathing heavily and stroking his cock rhythmically . It was shorter than Jonathan’s cock but thicker with a beautifully bulbous purple head on it and massive thick veins.

At this point, I was absolutely gagging for the taste and smell of male meat and the presence of another cock, one that was available to me, was impossible to resist. I raised my head from Jonathan’s cock and moved over to where the other man was.

I looked up at him and he was now sweating from the heat of the sauna and no doubt from his wanking. Pausing for a second, I got on my knees and took his whole cock in my mouth in one motion. In doing so, I found myself pressing my nose into his pubes and up against his abdomen. In contrast to Jonathan, this man was hairy and fat, and the combination of his unkempt pubic hair, his strong, rich scent, his big sweaty belly and the taste of his tangy, veiny, fat, pulsing cock all added to my state of delirium. I had given myself over to pure lust.

By now I was up on all fours and had truly abandoned myself to this situation, the like of which I had never experienced. I was stroking Jonathan’s cock with my hand and, all the while, bobbing up and down, sucking furiously on the fat, salty cock in my mouth. My own cock was so hard and twitching, it must have been dripping precum.

As I sucked on that bulbous penis and heard moaning in my ear, I arched and stretched my back like a cat, feeling an incredible sexual tension running through me. As I arched my back down, I felt Jonathan run his hand along my spine and as he reached my lower back, he moved round to position himself behind me.

I don’t know what possessed me but I arched my lower back up and stuck my ass in the air and stretched, as if spreading my cheeks and opening myself for him. I could feel him resting his hands on my ass and then pushing my cheeks apart, to expose my asshole.

I felt his Jonathan’s hot breath on my ass and the next thing I knew I felt a charge as if an electrical current was running through my whole body. Jonathan was gently touching and teasing my asshole with his tongue and I gasped at the sensation, trying to concentrate on the fat cock that I was sucking.

I sucked harder and Jonathan’s tongue started probing me with more insistence now, one minute lapping at my perineum and asshole and the next, pushing up against my sphincter, driving his tongue into my ass. I was stretching and pushing myself back against his tongue when I felt his fingers touching my arse, stretching it by pulling my cheeks apart. I felt a finger press up against my hole and as it slid in quite easily, I gasped with unexpected pleasure. Because we were all so sweaty, Jonathan’s finger slid up my butt with ease and before I could catch myself, I felt another finger join it.

My sphincter was tight and my whole body was taut with sexual tension but as I bucked back on the fingers in my ass and tried to keep sucking the cock in my mouth, Jonathan slowed me, and held me still, telling me to relax and to let him loosen me up. I stopped writhing and felt his fingers pushing in and out of my ass a few more times, and I felt my anal muscle slackening.

I went back to the delicious, fat, sweaty, meaty cock I was fellating and as I regained my concentration on it, I felt the fingers slide out of my ass and sensed Jonathan repositioning himself behind me. The next feeling was of something much bigger pressing up against my ass and it was obvious that Jonathan was readying to fuck me.

I gasped for breath, drooling on the turgid meat I was slobbering over and felt a moment of sharp pain, which passed very quickly and was followed by such a sensation of fullness and satiety that I could not put into words. I have enjoyed lots of anal sex with women, when I was giving, but I never really understood where the pleasure lay for the person receiving it. The feeling as the pain subsided and that huge cock filled me up was all I needed to know, to understand.

Jonathan gently pressed his cock into me and gently slid it out, our combined sweat acting as a lubricant. Slowly, he did the same again and again, gradually building up speed. I felt an ecstatic buzz emanate from my ass and spread throughout my entire body as Jonathan’s strokes got hard and faster. I could hear him moaning behind me as his thighs started to slap against me. His cock felt magnificent inside me, stretching me wide, filling my asshole and reaching into my insides in a way I had never experienced. I felt invaded, penetrated, filled, owned, possessed by that incredible cock.

The fat cock was still throbbing furiously in my mouth, though it was hard to concentrate on blowing it properly, while being so completely overwhelmed by the incredible ass-fucking I was receiving. I suspect that the sight and sound of me being shafted in the ass by Jonathan’s large cock was adding to the hardness of the fat, tumescent cock that I was sucking.

I was at that moment, totally possessed by cock. I was being ass fucked and face fucked and I was revelling in the glorious sweaty, funky, musky stench that enveloped and surrounded me.

My cock still hadn’t been touched but it was pulsating like I had never know. I felt the tension building inside of me towards an orgasm and I knew at that moment I wanted a mouthful of cum, and an ass full of cum.

As the thought floated around my head I felt the stranger shift slightly and his cock became really engorged in my mouth. Then he said, ‘I can’t hold it, I’m gonna cum’ and I sucked that fat cock head like a man possessed, desperate for him to shoot his load down my throat. I only knew that I wanted to taste his salty seed as it filled my mouth and slid down my gullet, and he duly obliged.

He stiffed once more and unloaded his heavy cum-filled bollocks inside my mouth, grunting with pleasure and bucking his hips. The taste and the sensation were glorious and as his salty, sticky jism filled my mouth, I struggled to swallow it down. He unleashed rope after thick, delicious rope into my mouth and I greedily sucked his cock harder, in relentless pursuit of every last drop of that delicious juice.

All the while behind me, Jonathan had been quickening his pace and just as the cock in my mouth finished filling me with jizz, the cock in my ass began to pulse uncontrollably. I felt his thick cum explode up my ass as he continued to pump me for all he was worth, banging that glorious cock in and out of me. As he emptied his cum filled balls inside my ass, I shot my load without even touching my cock.

We all sat for a few minutes in silence, with only our breathing audible. Then, as calmly and quietly as he had arrived, the older man climbed down from the top bench, wrapped his towel round his waste and stepped out of the sauna. Jonathan also didn’t speak but placed a hand on my thigh, smiled at me by way of a goodbye and then stood up and left. I lay on my side for a few minutes longer, bathed in the aura of that amazing experience, with the taste of cum still in my mouth, the musky scent heavy in the air and the gentle throbbing buzz in my ass slowly subsiding.

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