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She was in town having some work done on her car. It wasn’t at his shop, but she planned to stop and see him nonetheless. They had arranged it the week before, timing it carefully so that she would be done right before he went on his break. She arrived two minutes early, giving herself some time to straighten her clothes and fuss with her hair. Ten minutes later, she was still waiting in her car, no sign of him.

When she strode into the building, the manager stepped out of his office to greet her, not expecting the young woman he saw to be as domineering as she was. She stood there, sharp black heels, the hem of her skirt several inches from her knees, the white button up barely visible beneath her black coat and white scarf, waiting for service with an air of dominance.

“Good afternoon. Welcome to O’Reillys. My name is Brian, how may I assist you today?”

She looked at him, measuring him up and down, and slowly pulled off the sunglasses.

“I’m here for Derek,” she folded up her glasses and slid them into her pocket. “Where is he?”

“Just one moment miss, I’ll go get him for yo-.” He began turning away to head out the back door when the sound of her heels clicking against the linoleum floor stopped him.

She had crossed the floor of the lobby in seven long strides, only stopping when her heels met with the toe of his, “I will go get him. Also, in the future, you may address me as Ma’am.”

She strode past him, leaving him speechless. He didn’t know what he should do nor did he want to be the one to tell her she couldn’t go to the employee only break room. He decided to just go back to his office and finish the inventories he had been working on. He’d let Derek deal with her.

The door to the break room swung open as she strode to it. The worker exiting the room held the door open for her but didn’t say a word so Derek didn’t realize who was walking through the door. Right away she noticed him with wet hair sitting as far away from the door as possible. He was also playing on his phone. Knowing he was in here playing on his phone while she waited in the cold for him annoyed her to a whole new level.

Annoyance fueling her steps, he had no time to react before she snatched the phone out of his hands and said,”You kept me waiting outside for ten minutes. Explain yourself.”

“I…I just lost track of time. Some idiot spilled oil on me and I had to take a quick shower. I’m sorry Dusty. You know I didn’t do it on purpose,” he managed to stumble out.

He stood up and tried to take her hands in his but she swatted them away from her.

Grateful for an excuse, even a semi-valid excuse, to execute her plans for him, she ordered, “No. Don’t touch me until I give you permission. Bend over the table.”

When he hesitated, she gave a sharp, “Now!”

He slowly bent over the end of the table, his ass sticking out like he knew she’d demand. Dusty took her time going back to the door, savoring the anticipation that was growing in the room, and locking it before she walked behind him. She molded herself to his back and reached around his waist. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned his black work pants, moving on to the zipper once the button was free of it’s loop. She was careful to not touch his dick. Right özbek escort now he had only one thing coming. His pants slid down and, like always, he was commando. His ass was at her mercy. She stepped back and admired his ass cheeks. She could see his erection, almost hidden by his hoodie.

Her hand left a bright red mark across his cheek and the room echoed with the sound. He jumped against the table, clearly not expecting such a hard blow to begin with. His poor ass hadn’t been properly warmed up and it stung him a little. However, her hand pushed against his lower back, encouraging him to assume his position again. His other cheek was soon sporting the same mark, although this time, he knew what to expect and didn’t need her hand to keep him in place.

“That’s two. Only eight more to go. I think since you made me wait ten minutes, that you should receive ten. Does that seem fair to you?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Her anger cooled a bit when she heard him switching to calling her Ma’am instead of Dusty. The next four blows still stung, but they were not nearly as harsh as the first two. She stopped and ran her hand over his ass. It was now covered with six very distinct hand prints.

“The next time we have a lunch date, will you keep me waiting?”

“No Ma’am. I will not keep you waiting.”

“I’m glad to see that you’ve learned your lesson. However, you aren’t done yet. You still have four to go.”

“Yes Ma’am. Please beat my ass.”

She felt her clit tingle when she heard the words and decided she wanted to leave him with an impression of this afternoon. Glancing around, she saw an old antenna propped against the wall. That would do the trick.

The antenna swished through the air and left a sharp, clear line across his buttocks. He couldn’t help jumping from that blow and she gave him a second to offer her his ass again. The next three swished through the air in rapid succession. He jumped each time, but managed not to move too much. After she delivered the final blow, she set the antenna down on the table next to him and ran her hand over his ass to soothe the pain.

“Now get on the table. Lay on your back. I want your head at the end of the table,” she ordered him.

He stumbled around the edge of the table and managed to lay down, squirming from the feeling of the cold table against his hot ass cheeks.

“Give me your belt.”

He stopped squirming and looked up at her, confused at her request. Dusty tsked at his hesitation. Slightly annoyed but also grateful for the opportunity to “punish” him further. She cupped his balls tight in one hand and slapped his hard cock with her other.

“I thought I had trained you better than this. When I give you an order, I expect you to immediately obey. Now, I think another ten are due. This time, I want you to count them for me.”

“Yes ma’am. As you desire.” Dusty’s sub was quickly remembering all of the previous training sessions and proper etiquette for responding to his mistress.

Dusty looked around the room debating on what to use on her naughty boy. There was a package of tie down straps that looked like they had recently been returned and Dusty knew she would utilize them.

With a wicked grin, azeri escort Dusty slowly ran her thumbs up her skirt, knowing Derek would fixate on the movement. Grinding her hips back and forth, she slowly slid the black thong down her long legs. There was barely enough fabric there to cover her wet pussy but it was perfect for what Dusty planned.

She took the thong and wrapped it tight around Derek’s throbbing cock and balls until they were both straining for release. Unbuttoning the top few buttons of her white top, Dusty then set to work restraining her sub until he couldn’t move. The straps held his feet spread apart, his wrists bound to his upper thighs, and his chest held down tight to the table. The only part of his body Derek could move was his head.

“Now, remind me how many times I am going to slap that delicious cock of yours and what you will be doing.”

“Ten times ma’am. Your slut will be counting each one ma’am.”

“That’s a good boy.”

Derek’s head lifted at the sound of Dusty unlooping the previously requested belt from his discarded pants. He felt a slight tingle of fear but knew his mistress wouldn’t give him anything more than what he could handle. Although he thought he was prepared for it, the first time the folded up belt slapped his cock, he couldn’t help but hiss through his teeth.

“One ma’am.” Derek wasn’t sure he’d be able to make it to ten if the blows continued to be this intense. Seeing his mistress was standing there in heels, knowing only the skirt stood between his tongue and her wet pussy, the slight jiggle of her tits when she struck him, all of that mixed with the sweet pain of the blows was making it difficult not to cum all over his tied up body.

“Five ma’am.”

Dusty was standing at the foot of the table, enjoying seeing her sub tied up tight with his throbbing cock straining against her thong. She decided to finish his cock punishment elsewhere though. She strode to the top of table, reached under for the final ratchet strap, and tightened it around his neck so he couldn’t move. Thanking her heels, she straddled his head with her clit just out of reach of his tongue. Not wanting to get distracted, she wrapped the belt around her hand again and continued his punishment.

“Ten ma’am.”

Dusty was pleased to hear the desperation in Derek’s voice. She decided to reward him for being such a good sub and not losing count.

With a slight bend of her knees, her clit was at Derek’s lips.

“Lick me slut.” Dusty moaned out as his skilled tongue slid up and down her clit. She reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them to give Derek a better view of her tight asshole, knowing how much he liked sliding his cock inside her. Before too long, he had her on the brink of cumming but Dusty didn’t want to cum just yet. She stepped away, wiped his lips, and kissed him lightly.

Remembering Derek had just recently showered gave Dusty another idea. With some finagling of the ratchet straps, Derek went from being flat on his back to having his legs over his head. As Dusty tied off the tail of the strap, he realized the vulnerability this position offered his ass. With the way Dusty had him restrained, he couldn’t stop her kazank escort with anything other than the safe word. His cock jumped at that thought.

Dusty again strode to straddle Derek’s face. She permitted his tongue to pleasure her clit as she unbuttoned her shirt completely, leaving the midnight black bra that only barely held her tits in place to taunt her sub. Again, she let him bring her to the peak of cumming before she stepped away. This time her sub moaned at her departure.

Grabbing his belt again, Dusty climbed on top of the table behind Derek. She let it hang loosely for a moment, trailing the tip across his ass to the tip of his cock. Then, with expert precision, she brought the belt down across his ass, the red mark raising almost immediately.

Derek cried out from the pain but quickly began anticipating further strikes. He preferred the long whip at home but loved Dusty’s creativity when it came to inflicting pain. He sighed as Dusty began striking him, with shorter pauses between each stroke. He felt himself sliding into a state of bliss.

Dusty realized the exact moment Derek went into his subspace. His cock was still hard, compliments of the tiny thong, but his entire body had relaxed. This was her most treasured aspect of playing with him. The trust it took for him to slide into subspace almost brought tears to her eyes. Wanting to bring him even more pleasure, she reached down into a coat pocket and took out a tiny vibrator. Sliding down to her knees, she pressed her aching tits against his back and started teasing Derek’s ass with her tongue. Reaching around his leg, Dusty, ever so lightly, placed the vibrator on the tip of his thick head. Slightly saddened it wasn’t her lips wrapping around his dick, Dusty continued to both lick his tight ass and tease his cock. When she pushed the tip of her tongue inside Derek’s ass, she finally stroked his cock from the tip to the base. Losing track of time, Dusty continued her licking until she felt Derek tighten up, hinting towards his imminent orgasm.

Not wanting to have him cum, much less all over his own face, Dusty climbed off of the table and straddled his face for the final time intending to ride his tongue until she herself came. As he licked her dripping wet cunt, he unconsciously thrust his cock, seeking his own sweet release. Moving just slightly forward, Dusty was able to slide his dick between her tits, giving him some pleasure from the boob job. Unable to help herself though, the boob job didn’t last long as she wanted his cock down her throat. Feeling his thick head slam against the back of her throat was all she needed to finally cum on Derek’s tongue. Her knees buckled from the pleasure and she collapsed on Derek’s chest with barely enough state of mind to avoid suffocating him.

When she was finally able to feel her legs again, Dusty stood up and started getting dressed. She started freeing Derek from his restraints, starting with his cock and balls but stopped there to finish getting dressed. Based on his still throbbing cock, Dusty had a sneaking suspicion he would try to toss her down on the table in his place and continue pleasing her clit with his tongue. With a wicked grin, she continued releasing Derek, but left his feet and hands tied up. There was just enough freedom in the straps she knew he could wiggle free.

Buttoning up her coat, Dusty gave him one final kiss and said, “I’ll see you at home.”

As the door closed, she could hear him frantically trying to escape the straps. With a chuckle, she slid her sunglasses on.

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