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Daddy’s Princess Learns Her Place

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Daddy’s Princess Learns Her Place


Why Respect For One’s Elders Isn’t Always The Best Policy

She was daddy’s princess. She graduated from a very exclusive private school, and had been accepted into an Ivy League college. Her clothes, the ones she bought anyway, came from Rodeo Drive, courtesy of Daddy’s American Express. Her hair stylist’s client list boasted several A-list celebrities; you had to be someone and you had to be invited. Her perfect body was toned by the advice of a private trainer, and tanned by the best technology available. Her car was imported from Italy, though she was no longer licensed to drive it. Nothing on the road flew smoother or faster. She was about to turn 19, and had everything going for her.

She was 5’2″ and 105 well-toned pounds. Her breasts were 32B. She had thought about augmentation, but decided against it. It left subtle scars, and she would have to wear a bra. She only wore underwear when Daddy would request it. She didn’t mind his request; Daddy only bought the best for her. She had hazel eyes, and had no idea what her natural hair colour was. Except for the hair on her head, every inch of her perfect body was waxed. This week her hair was honey blonde, and the evening had started with it in pigtails, Daddy’s favorite. It was now bunched up in Daddy’s hand, while he used the other to smack her perfect little bottom.

At present, she was naked and bent over the dining table, smearing Japanese make-up and hormone-laden sweat all over her mother’s place at the table. The cock that was working its way in deneme bonusu veren siteler and out of her expertly waxed and very tight 18-year-old pussy was that of her Daddy, fucking his little princess where her mother eats her food.

Daddy was 40 this year, but nobody would know it to look at him. Trim, toned, well groomed. A sophisticated man, a man of taste, and a man of the world. Aggressive, which certainly contributed to his success, and the lifestyle his princess enjoyed.

She had inherited Daddy’s competitive nature; it had first manifested itself in the competition with her own mother. The pinnacle of this competition, for her, was seducing Daddy, taking her mother’s husband for her own lover.

Her mistake had been in believing that she had dominion over her father after she seduced him. In a single slap across the face, Daddy had settled the question of who was in charge. She had never experience the sensation of being touched in such a disrespectful, violating nature. That he did it with such aplomb was enough to succeed where so many others had failed in trying to rein her in. Daddy was the man she had dreamed of; only Daddy could satisfy her need to be ruled over.

She reflected on this as her Daddy’s large and rock hard cock moved in and out of her tight little pussy. His strokes were deep and deliberate. They penetrated not just her body, but also her very soul. When they were together, she felt joined with him in every way. Being with Daddy was not like so many clumsy tumbles in the back seat of a car with some silly boy gerçek para ile slot oyunları she wanted to be seen with just because he was popular. Such acts had always ended in disappointment for her; two or three half-hearted strokes and a grunt later, and she had only a gooey mess to tell her she had been fucked.

Sex with Daddy was different. She had already had three orgasms; bent over her mother’s table place, from the dick that had helped create the pussy it was fucking.

The fourth orgasm began to take over her tiny body. She was moving her ass in time with Daddy’s thrusts, meeting him in the middle, hoping to swallow all of the man into her hungry pussy. She enjoyed the point of contact between their two bodies, her ass colliding with Daddy’s firm stomach, his balls slapping against her engorged clitoris.

As Daddy’s dick began to swell again, betraying its intention, she decided not to reach back and stave off his orgasm again. She would let him cum this time; she wanted to feel his seed deep within her womb. The muscles in her vagina began to contract around Daddy’s enormous throbbing penis, and the wave of orgasm shook through her petite body, causing her to buck wildly on the table.

Daddy’s penis responded in kind, doing its familiar dance against the constricting walls of her vagina, as Daddy plunged his manhood into her for the final stroke, the deepest stroke, the stroke that always preceded the rhythmic splashes of his cum that would splash back against her cervix, and surround Daddy’s penis mobil slot siteleri inside her vagina, until it finally leaked out onto Daddy’s balls, and pool in the spot where her mother sits down to her meals.

Wave after wave of semen, penis throbbing in time, and leading her vagina in its conclusion of the act.

Daddy finally collapsed onto her back, his semi-erect cock still inside of her. She loved it when Daddy would let his cock soften inside her pussy. He had let go of her hair, and she could feel is warm breath on the back of her head. She could feel his chest heaving against her back, mashing her tittes further into the table where she lay.

Finally, Daddy was flaccid and climbed off of his little princess, allowing her to peel herself from the dinner table. She got up and sat down on the table, facing Daddy, with her legs spread, allowing proof of her conquest to drip onto the table.

“Eat THAT, bitch,” she thought, as the mixture of hers and her Daddy’s sexual juices leaked out of her pussy and onto the table. Daddy leaned in close, between her legs, as they embraced and kissed deeply.

“I love you, Daddy,” she thought, as their tongues and souls mingled. She really did not grudge sharing Daddy with her mother and the housekeeper; she knew Daddy was just too much man for only one woman. Certainly too much man for her, and she cherished his attentions.

Daddy left to get cleaned up; Princess left to revel in the remaining afterglow of the experience, and to examine the welts that Daddy had left on her behind. She gathered her clothes and headed to her room, leaving the mess for mother to discover.

“She’ll probably think that’s from her and the gardener. Stupid, drunken bitch” she thought to herself, as she made her way to her room to revel in her satisfaction. To replay the events of the night in her mind as she masturbated herself to sleep with Daddy’s seed still deep inside of her.

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