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Blind Man’s Bluff Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The following story involves graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. If such things offend you, please read no further. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy the story.

This story is, as the name implies, the second part of an earlier story. Please reference that story for descriptions.

* * * * *

Wes hung up the phone in an eerie silence. After having a wild, passionate night of sex with two young ladies, he had called his older brother Vic to tell him all about it. After a long conversation, his brother had told him that he was involved . . . with another guy. That had pretty much set Wes back on his heels. His whole life, he had tried to live up to his brother’s legend. He had always been one year behind, and he had finally given up. Now, the guy who had been seen as a god by his parents and everyone he had gone to school with had just dropped a bombshell; he was bisexual, and was involved (apparently romantically) with another male. And strangely, the thing Wes felt the most was relieved. If his brother wasn’t everything his parents had ever wanted, then Wes didn’t have to be either. Vic wanted to make sure Wes was o.k. with it before Wes got on a plane to come visit him. Wes was a little weirded out, but hey; Vic was still his brother. He was still going to go visit him, and he didn’t anticipating their relationship changing that much. But Wes was SO looking forward to his parent’s finding out. It would serve them right to have a little shock to their system.

But the conversation did have an effect, just not the one he might have expected. When his brother talked about his “friend,” he sounded happy. Vic had never sounded that happy before. Wes realized what it must have been like to hide his true nature under the façade his parents and community had created for him. Having that façade lifted and finding someone he seemed to care about had done wonders for his brother.

Wes wondered if he would find someone like that. His brother had suggested enjoying life, and it sounded like Wes was off to a good start. People aren’t looking to find someone even more miserable than themselves to spend their lives with. Wes had gotten a laugh out of that. The two confirmed travel plans, and Wes had hung up the phone.

A few days passed, and the day his plane was leaving was approaching. Wes had been deep in thought, trying to figure out exactly what he really wanted. The sex with those two swimmers had been great, and could potentially reoccur. But he wanted to be as happy as his brother had sounded. Did he need to start looking for a soulmate, or should he just play it by ear?

These were the types of thoughts that were floating around his head as he headed to the university library. He had gotten his class list for the following fall semester, and figured he would check out one of the assigned readings for the trip. Luckily, his university allowed that even over the summer for students who were of a certain status and had already enrolled in the fall. But like many first year students, he hadn’t spent nearly as much time in the library as he probably should have. He was completely unable to use the library’s antiquated database. He was completely lost. He went to the information desk.

There was a man there talking with the reference librarian. He had an air of pompousness about him. A three-piece suit (even though it was after hours during the summer), wide tie, small circular glasses, and slicked back hair completed his image. He looked like an accountant.

The librarian was a lean woman, but not thin-looking in the breakable sense. She had thick-rimmed glasses, and a nice-looking blouse that completely covered her medium sized chest. The rest of her body was obscured by the counter. Wes would put her age in the early thirties. But she had a delicate beauty about her. She wore no make-up, which was a shame because Wes thought she had some wonderful features that could be brought out, including high cheekbones and full lips. Her eyes, even behind those glasses slightly obscured them, seemed wide and beautiful. As he weighted for the man at the counter to conclude his business, Wes imagined what the woman would look like without her glasses and with her hair released from the severe bun she kept it in. He imagined she would be quite striking.

The man at the counter seemed to be finishing up, he leaned forward and kissed her very properly on the cheek. For her part, the woman just stared blankly off to the side. They exchanged cordial goodbyes, and the man wandered off. As Wes approached the counter, she seemed to be fiddling with her wedding ring.

“Hello,” he said, and she reacted as she had been awoken from a daydream.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there. Can I help you?”

“Yeah. Sorry, but this is so embarrassing. I can’t find a book.”

“There are some right over there,” she said with a bit of a smirk.

“Hah (pause) hah. I walked casino siteleri into that, didn’t I?”

“Just a bit,” she said with a laugh. She was prettier when she laughed. “Seriously, what’s the book?”

“‘Introductory Biology,’ by Smith and Greenwell.”

She checked her terminal. “One copy. Third floor. You just go up and . . . You know, it would be easier just to show you.” She looked around to verify that no one else was waiting for service. The library was pretty much deserted. She headed towards the stairwell, apologizing that the elevators were shut down for maintenance reasons. They chatted amiably about the weather, what classes he was taking, and if he had plans for the summer. Wes didn’t mind the idle chit-chat. She had a long skirt on, which clung to her hips and legs. She actually had a very nice ass, and her calves seemed strong and toned. He watched her butt move all the way up to the third floor, wishing that the book was a little further up the stairs.

They made their way along the narrow stacks of books until they came to book’s assigned location. She seemed confused as she scanned the shelves.

“It should be right here! Those twits who do the reshelving had better not have . . . Damn. I think it is still waiting to be put back. The problem with using students to do these things is that they are usually really anxious to leave for the summer, and don’t always get their jobs done first.” She shifted direction, squeezing by him in the narrow aisle. Her midsection brushed closely against his, and he found himself getting a little hard. He hoped she hadn’t noticed. She led him to a room in one corner of that floor of the library. There were piles of books all over the place.

“If you like,” she said dejectedly, “I could look for it and leave it for you at the desk for the morning.”

“No, that’s alright. I’ll help you look.”

The two maneuvered around the small room, bumping into each other several times. Wes could swear that at times he had caught her looking at him from the corner of her eye, but he convinced himself he was imagining it. At one point, she was looking at a high stack of books, and she stood on small stool to get a better look. Luckily, Wes saw her waiver before she actually lost her balance. He went over and braced her. He noticed, a little late, that he had done so by placing one hand directly on her ass. He was embarrassed and quickly removed it. Unfortunately, she had shifted her weight a bit when he caught her, and now she was completely off balance. He was forced to catch her. His member was more than a little aroused already, and her leg was rubbing against it as she collected herself.

“Thanks,” she said blushing furiously.

He was also blushing. “I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t watching . . .”

“Well apparently you were. You caught me.” She was still blushing as she turned away, apparently looking for the biology book on the tips of her toes.

“Are you o.k?” Wes asked.

“Yeah. I just . . . I saw you looking at me earlier.”

“I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just . . .”

“It’s just,” she interrupted, “that no one has looked at me like that in a long time.” There was a period of silence. “I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Wes wasn’t going to let it go at that. “I’m surprised. I saw your husband here earlier. I can’t imagine anyone NOT looking at you like that.” He didn’t see her face, but he heard her sobbing. He moved and put a hand on her shoulder. She reached up as if to remove it, but just let her hand rest there instead. She turned around. Her eyes were mildly red from her brief crying fit. Wes looked at her, then gently removed her glasses. She looked confused, until he wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. She leaned her head and kissed his hand.

“I’m not sure how to ask this . . .,” she paused, ” but would you hold me.”

Wes wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into him. He had a major hard-on by that point, but didn’t much care. She just held her body next to his. She let her hand slide between them and rubbed the back of it against his member.

“It’s so big,” she mumbled. In response, he reached around and grabbed her wonderful ass.

“So tight,” he whispered in her ear. She began kissing his neck, and the kissed became more heated. He grabbed her ass tighter and pulled her up and forward, and she actually lifted one of her legs up and wrapped it around him.

“I’m not sure I should do this.”

“My question is, do you WANT to do this?”

She thought about it for a moment. She pulled away from him, and he thought for a moment she was backing out. But she reached behind her and undid her hair, letting it fall below her shoulders. Wes went to the door and closed it. He turned around and took his shirt off. He then shirked his pants and underwear, and put his clothes on a stack of books. She had been doing likewise. She was actually in pretty good shape. Her undergarments were very conservative, and removing them in front of him was making her nervous. He yüksek bahisli casinolar flipped the light switch to off.

“You don’t have to . . .”

“It’s o.k. Trust me.” He put his glasses on the stack of books and moved towards her. He was careful, as tripping and falling would probably disrupt the mood. He heard her as she finished getting undressed, which gave him a cue as to which direction to head. Finally he bumped into her by grabbing one of her breasts. It was warm, with a large nipple. He used his other hand to find its partner, and he was soon was massaging her very soft, if not overly large, tits. “You really shouldn’t hide these. You have a wonderful body.”

“You think so?” she said shyly. He suddenly felt hands wrap around his eight inch shaft. “Oh my God,” she muttered. “It’s huge!” She grasped it like it was fine china and she was afraid of breaking it. She stroked it fairly gently with both hands. Then she cupped his balls while continued to fondle his manhood. Her hands were so soft and so gentle, that he was afraid he might shoot his load a little too soon. Particularly when she started tugging on him like she was expecting change.

“Oh, hold on girl,” he said. “You don’t want this to end so soon, do you?”

“No, I want it though.”

“And you’ll have it. But first . . .” He got down on his knees and pulled her towards him. Her mound was lightly furred, but he hadn’t expected her to be shaved. He pushed her lips apart and lightly blew his hot breath into her opening. Her whole body shivered in his hands. He grabbed her ass strongly to hold her in place, and he started to lick. He wasn’t sure if she had ever been eaten out before, but he was determined to make this time special. He licked up and down, then stuck his tongue in and made wide swirling motions with it. He rubbed her mound and her clit, and stuck one finger inside her. And he repeated this over and over again.

She actually had grabbed handfuls of his hair, forcing his face to remained buried in her crotch. She was moaning like a woman possessed, and he was thankful the library was mostly empty. She had a particularly sweet aroma when aroused, like something inside her was waking up. While licking, he stuck the thumb from his right hand in her pussy, then quickly sunk one of his fingers into her ass. She jolted suddenly, and he moved to conduct damage control.

“Don’t worry. Trust me, it’ll feel good.” He sensed her uncertainty, but she didn’t object, and he felt her sphincter relax. He started twisting his hand back and forth like he was going to toss a bowling ball, and her moaning got louder. This new stimulation, along with the generous application of his tongue, took her over the edge.

When the orgasm hit her, she almost sounded surprised, sort of like the noise people sometimes make when they see a friend they hadn’t seen in quite some time. Wes imagined her eyes were wide open right now. She actually had to lean against a table as pleasure wracked through her body, and she knocked over a stack of books in the process. She was panting and making a lot of “hunh” noises, the last of which went on for several seconds. Wes never released his grip, and he felt her cum seep onto his face.

“See? I told you’d enjoy it.”

“I . . . I want more. I want it inside me.” She grabbed him by the ears and pulled him to his feet. He lifted her up and put her on the table where the books had been. With very little fanfare, he sunk into her needy pussy.

“Oh! Oh God! You’re splitting me in half! Don’t stop! Just fuck me!” Wes heard her flailing her arms out and knocking more books off the table. And Wes went to work as if he were a machine.

Wes started a tempo that was hard and fast. He felt his waist being encircled by her legs. He leaned in, located her breasts, and started to maul them with his hands and his lips. But while he enjoyed her mammary assets, his primary goal was clear. He was going to fuck this woman’s brains out. And she wasn’t going to settle for anything less. She had his waist encircled with her legs, and her arms were wrapped around his chest. Her fingernails were digging into his back, and he knew he was going to have some interesting scars in the morning.

Since he really wanted to take it to her, he stood up with her still attached to him. She was being held up by her legs and his dick. He began bouncing her up and down on his shaft. And if her grip wasn’t solid enough, she latched her lips onto his neck with enough suction to make a leech jealous, and he felt the hickey beginning to form already. He had enough presence of mind to keep one hand on her ass for support, so he reached all the way around with the other one and proceeded to once again stick a finger up her ass. There was no resistance at all this time. Just more moaning and more suction on his neck. And soon there was more cum as she let loose for a second time. Wes was glad he had a firm grip, because when her body stopped trembling and the cum stopped flowing, her entire body mobil casino went limp. He lowered her back onto the table and gave her a chance to catch her breath. He hadn’t pulled out of her yet, because her pussy was just too warm and inviting.

“I’m . . . I’m not done. Let me do something nice for you.” She pushed him away gently. He was regretful at the feeling of his cock sliding out of her, but it wasn’t unattended for long. He heard her slide of the table, and it seemed she was kneeling in front of him. “I haven’t done this before, so I hope I do o.k.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not far away anyway. Just take the tip and may be the first few inches. Cup the part that’s in your mouth with your tongue. Ooh, that’s it.” She was quick to please. “Now stroke the bottom of the shaft with one hand, and fondle my sac with the other.” Immediately, he felt her nervous hand wrapped around the root of his cock, and his testicles were also embraced. Her stroking increased in tempo and strength, but her handling of his genitals remained gentle and tender. She knew enough to keep her teeth away from his skin. And the fact that she wasn’t making the mistake of trying to take too much at once made it actually a very pleasurable experience. Her simple desire to please made this just as enjoyable as the blowjobs from either of the two swimmers individually (though together, they had blown his dick AND his mind). It turns out he wasn’t kidding either. He had been awfully close, and finally he blew his load. Luckily, the only part of his cock in her mouth was the head, and it spit his stuff all over her mouth. She wasn’t able to keep it all in, and he heard her coughing a bit as she gagged and spit some of it back out. But she had apparently kept a good amount of it in her mouth, because he heard the sound of swallowing.

“That was fuckin’ incredible,” he told her with complete honesty.

“I did o.k.?” she said. It sounded strange. She was at least a decade his senior, but she sounded like a little girl.

“You did better than o.k.”

“Oh shit! How long have we been up here?”

“Almost an hour, I think.” He went over to the wall and flipped back on the light switch. He found his glasses and looked over at the woman. Her hair was a mess, she had stripes of cum at the corners of her mouth, her body was covered in sweat, and she had a slightly glazed look in her eye. She had also put her glasses back on.

“Damn, that thing was awesome,” she said huskily, staring at his shrinking member.

“Why thanks. You’re looking pretty awesome yourself.” She had reached for her clothes. “Hey, do me a favor.” She looked up, slightly longingly. “Don’t put your panties on. Go without.” She looked hesitant. “You are fucking sexy. Every now and then, you need to remind yourself of that. If you don’t wear them, I guarantee you’ll feel sexier, and people will notice.” She just smiled and tossed her underwear to him. She put on her blouse, lovingly licking the remnants of his spunk from her lips. She pulled her skirt up, wiggling her hips to get into it.

“By the way,” he continued, “I didn’t even get your name.”

“You’re right. How very ungentlemanly of you!” she said with a smile. “But its Joan. Joan Cunningham.”


“Yes. My husband is Thomas Cunningham.”

“Tho . . . Thomas Cunningham? Not ‘President of the University’ Thomas Cunningham?”

“The same. I’m surprised you didn’t recognize him. There’s a big picture of him next to the registrar’s office.”

“I am SO dead!”

She strode over to him, with a very sexy sway in her hips. “No, you’re not. He won’t find out. And if he ever does, I’ll make sure he doesn’t do anything to you.” She kissed him on the neck where the hickey was going to form. “Thank you. I don’t think I even knew how much I needed that.”

“Can I make a suggestion? Without offending?”


“I’m serious. You could be so sexy when you want to be. Do you still love your husband?” She thought, and gave him a faint nod.

“He just doesn’t seem to see me anymore.”

“Make him. Go home some night, push him onto the bed, and fuck the living hell out of him. But not tonight. You look pretty well fucked right now.”

“That’s because I am. But you’re right. And thanks again. Hmm. That’s funny.” She reached down and picked up the book she had been sitting on. “Here’s what we were looking for.”

“I’ll treasure it always.” They smiled at each other, then one at a time left the room. She was back at her counter, which was still abandoned. He checked the book out and headed for his room.

He spent the next several days in fear that the university police were going to come busting into his room and gun him down, but that never happened. Apparently Joan had either kept her husband from finding out or had made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

The day finally came for him to go visit his brother. He got to the airport several hours in advance, but only barely. His car was sputtering a bit for the last mile. He would have to take care of that when he got back. He was unfortunately catching a redeye flight, as it had been the only thing in his price range. His brother had helped out, so he didn’t have to do the multiple-connection fiasco just because it was cheaper. And he got to keep the same seat on the same plane for the whole trip.

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