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Daughter’s Desires Ch. 03

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We woke abruptly. “What the fuck is going on here,” screamed Jill.

“Get out,” yelled my Dad, jumping up and moving to face Jill. Taking her arm, Dad led her physically out of the bedroom. I pulled the blanket up over my head, wanting to hide, to make the experience go away.

“You fucking asshole! You pervert!” screamed Jill. Her voice grew less audible as Dad took her down the stairs. “Little bitch!” I heard last. I closed my eyes hard, doubling over, locking my knees to my chest. I rocked myself softly. I hummed to myself. Quiet, warmth spread around me under the blanket. Darkness again surrounded me, I drifted to sleep.

Some time during the night, Daddy returned. I woke about 4:00 am, he was with me, his breathing slow, deep. He was deep asleep. I moved over to him, pushing my back side to his front, snuggling close. He stirred slightly, his arm moving over my waist, his hand up my front, draping down by my tits. Safety, security assured, I again drifted off.

I woke, Daddy was still sleeping soundly. We had parted in the past several hours, he turned to his stomach, head facing away from me. I slid quickly, quietly out of the bed. I looked at him. He looked peaceful. My chest swelled, my love for him almost bursting out of my body. I slipped quietly out the door, down the hall to my bathroom. Starting the shower, I took my turn on the pot, and jumped into a hot stream of water. Soon, it was cascading over my body. I moved side to side, allowing it to flow over first one shoulder then the other shoulder, streams of water running down my body. I reached for the shampoo, washing my hair thoroughly. I rinsed my hair, conditioning as I finished. I grabbed my body soap,

My mind raced to our lovemaking. My cunt throbbed, blood rushing to my clit. I squeezed my legs tightly together. My hand holding the soap moved over my tits slowly, tantalizingly. I closed my eyes. My free hand moved down my torso, sliding in the cascading water, over my mound, my slender finger quickly jumping into my sex, raking my fingernail over my swelling clit. Rubbing a nipple hard, I mashed my clit against my body, starting to flick it back and forth. My body responded, a warmth spreading through my core as I flicked my clit back and forth. My now soap free hand was caressing my firm tit flesh, rolling the hard nipples between my fingers. I would slide my finger deep into my crotch, penetrating my hole, sliding my finger deep into my body, slamming my hole, retreating to my clit, and repeating. I fucked myself hard. I lost thought, I lost time, I became lost in my bodies fire, my hips humping my own hand, pressing firmly against my palm as my fingers danced over my clit. My mind projected a massive cock into my crotch with each penetration of my finger. I opened my legs wide, spreading my lips, thrashing my own clit. Both hands now worked my clit hard, with one hand thrusting several fingers into my wet hole, the other pulling, twisting, mashing my clit. My orgasm approached quickly, with the force of a runaway train. I could feel it coming, driving my hands to a frenzy in my crotch. Every fiber of my sex screamed, every nerve afire, every penetration fixed to the cock, the massive Daddy cock invading my hole, driving me to my orgasm. Grunting loudly, I came. My breathing came in gasps as my fingers continued their assault on my clit and cunt. Without slowing my masturbation, my clit jumped to life, another orgasm approaching again. My brain screaming loudly, I came a second time. I slowed my fingers, my hands now softly pressing my mound, my fingers carefully caressing my clit. My breathing began returning to normal. I slumped to a sitting position, the hot water cascading over my body. Turning, I let the spray land directly on my crotch as I leaned back, feeling the glow of sex spread through my body. Regaining all senses, I rose, turned off the shower, jumped out and toweled dry.

I dressed quietly. Heading downstairs, I fixed coffee. I knew Daddy would wake soon, and his first question would be “That coffee ready yet?” I ran out and grabbed the Sunday morning paper, placed it at his place at the table. I went to the family room, turned on the TV to watch Sunday Morning with Charlie, my favorite news show. We always watched it together. This morning however, Daddy slept later than normal. I wondered how long he had been up with Jill. I shook my head, wondering about Jill. I grabbed a cup of coffee, curled up in my place on the couch, and watched the show.

Shortly, Daddy did come down, his hair tussled, sleep combed. One side was almost straight up. I laughed at him as he got his coffee and headed for his chair. “Sit here,” I asked as he approached, patting the space beside me. He did, sliding in beside me. I noted he had on an old favorite pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt, appropriate to get the day started before his shower.

“Hey baby,” he whispered. “You OK?” he queried. “I hope everything is OK with us,” he continued as he leaned my direction, his eyes pleading. I reached to him, my hand caressing the side of his face.

“Daddy, Uzun porno everything is great,” I replied. Unplanned, I leaned to him, kissing him directly on the mouth, lingering, my tongue slipped quickly between my lips, between his, dancing with his tongue. We maintained the kiss longer than I anticipated. Daddy’s hand reached around my head, pulling me close. The kiss was tender, loving, expressive, yearning. Our first kiss was followed by little kisses, playful kisses, lip tugging, and more kisses. We each moaned, our breathing the most noticeable thing about this sequence of kisses. We moved closer, moving our bodies, twisting. Being more nimble, I moved over his legs, straddling him, my crotch planted directly on his lap. As we kissed, I could feel his cock growing under my ass. Suddenly, Daddy pulled back.

“I need a shower Baby,” he stated, pushing me off his lap, jumping up, and heading up stairs. “Start breakfast sweetie,” he asked. “Sausage casserole,” he yelled as he headed upstairs.

I knew this recipe by heart. 1-lb smokie links cut in thirds, 6-eggs beaten, 6-slices of day old bread diced, 2-cups milk, 2-cups shredded colby/jack cheese, shot of mustard, a dash of salt, dash of pepper, mixed thoroughly and poured into the casserole pan, cooked at 400 for 35-45 minutes. Feeds 4-5 easily. We always had leftovers. I never liked the leftovers as much as Dad, but it is good especially the first time. Taking 15-minutes to fix, I dropped it in the oven and sat at the kitchen table to read the newspaper.

Dad finished his shower, and came back down shortly. I was up pouring another cup of coffee as he rounded the corner of the kitchen. I stood tall, giving a great view of my form as he entered the kitchen. “How much time before breakfast is served,” he asked.

“Thirty minutes,” I responded.

“Good,” he replied. He headed directly to his chair at the table. “Baby, come here,” he instructed. Carrying my coffee, I sauntered up to his chair, standing in front of him. Spreading his legs, he reached to pull my body closer. His hands caressed up and down my legs. Nothing was said. He pulled me close, wrapping his arms around my backside, pulling my body tight against him. Me standing, him in his chair, my crotch was way below his mouth. Bending over, grasping my ass cheeks, Dad pulled my crotch to his mouth, kissing my clothes, blowing warm air into my crotch through my shorts. His hands slid up, his fingers grazing under my shorts, running over my panties, pulling me forward. I raised a foot to his chair, slipping it beside his thigh, opening my legs wide, opening my crotch to him. My hand caressed his shoulder, the other one running my fingers through his thinning hair. His mouth found my mound, moving down, his tongue tracing my slit, pushing the material firmly against my sex. I groaned appreciatively.

Pushing my leg down, leaning back, his hands grabbed my waist band, pulling the shorts down in one easy motion. A second pass, he removed my panties. My furry mound was now naked to his gaze, his mouth, his tongue approached me. I arched forward, wanting him to taste me. Clean, freshly washed, I knew I would taste great. I placed my foot back on the edge of his chair as his tongue slipped just slightly into my folds, pressing on my clit. My hips jumped into his face involuntarily. He pulled back.

“Here’s the plan,” he stated. “I want a snack before breakfast,” he continued. Reaching back to the table, he patted his place at the table. “I want your ass right here,” he said. He moved to turn his chair around. He gave me room to slide along the table. It was cold on my bare ass, but I moved directly in front of him. “Up,” he commanded softly. I moved to sit on the table. “Lay down Baby,” he instructed. He directed my legs, placing them on the sides of his head, supported by the arms of the chair. He moved close to the table, sliding between my spread legs. Leaning forward, he inhaled deeply, and growled. His head turned, he nipped the flesh of my thigh softly, kissing along the leg, moving painfully slow up my thigh toward my crotch. At the top of my leg, he pulled back, and moved low on the other thigh, and repeated his march toward my cunt. As he got closer, his tongue reached out, thrashed one side of my lips back and forth, moved top to bottom without really penetrating me, and moved to the other lip, repeating his teasing.

My ass flexed repeatedly, lifting my crotch up, trying to capture his tongue in my slit. My body was now burning with desire. My cunt was flooding, my senses focused on my crotch. He stretched his arms up under my legs, lifting them, around my hips to the front of my body, pulling my body toward the edge of the table. Groaning, he pulled my cunt firmly against his mouth. He sucked my clit deep into his mouth without any teasing, any additional foreplay at all, just sucked the fucking thing into his mouth hard and fast. A grunt scream escaped my lips as I humped my pussy into his face. He thrashed my clit, holding it between his teeth, nipping at Öğrenci porno the flesh, his tongue grinding it hard against the inside of his teeth, back and forth. His head turned side to side quickly, pulling, stretching my clit hard, his mouth pressing hard against my sex. Such direct, focused thrashing of my clit lifted my orgasm immediately, driving me hard toward blowing my goods quickly. My hands helped lift my crotch, almost pushing my cunt into his mouth. I was gasping for breath. I arched, tilted my hips, wanting him to eat me, wanting to cum on his mouth.

“Oh God Daddy,” I whispered. I was lost. No thought, just desire forced my body forward. I grunted, groaned deeply. I clamped my legs over his back, pulling his body tighter into my crotch, driving his face firmly into my cunt. He continued his assault on my clit. “Yes,” I grunted over and over.

I raced to my orgasm, running hard and fast headlong into his assault on my clit. Within minutes, my body screamed for climax. My cunt drove all thought. I reacted, humping, driving my body against his mouth, his tongue. He licked up and down my slit, reaming my hole, forcing his tongue deep, then licking back to my clit, sucking it into his mouth again. This was repeated many, many times over the next 20-minutes. My body tensed, my hips arched, my ass lifted up from the table. Arching high, breath held, I came. My hips thrust up and down hard, grinding each inch of tongue into my hole, each nip of my clit. Arching, holding high one more time, my body exploded into a second orgasm as big as the first. I screamed, my hips dropping flat on the table. I had to reach and push him away from my cunt. My clit was too sensitive to have him eat me anymore. I squeezed his head with my thighs.

He stood quickly, grabbed his rigid cock, pressed against my soaked slit, pulled the head up and down between my soft lips, found my wet hole, and pushed forward hard. His cock exploded into my body, my wet tunnel opening, grabbing, and sucking his massive cock into my sheath. He lifted my legs vertical, his hips thrusting hard against me, our flesh slapping with each thrust of his body.

Grabbing my thighs, Daddy slammed my cunt hard, driving, thrusting his monster cock into my tight pussy. I reached to my tits, tugging on the hard nipples, twisting, pulling, rolling the nipples hard. Daddy continued his piston approach to fucking me, slamming repeatedly in, out of my wet cunt. His balls slapped my ass with each thrust, the flesh against flesh slapping noise filling the kitchen. I glanced at the clock. Daddy grunted hard. “Oh fuck!” he shouted. He pulled me hard against his probing cock, holding deep in my body. I could feel his cock spasm, explode, filling me with several spurts of creamy cum. I ground my hips, humping his buried cock. His face was a mass of frowns, almost grimace like I thought. I hoped it felt as good to him as it felt to me. With a loud gasp, he began breathing again. Slowly, he pulled his cock out, almost exposing the head, then pushed slowly back in my body. He repeated slowly several times. I could feel his cock deflating with each stroke. One more time, he pushed tight against me, humping hard, driving his flaccid cock deep again. Leaning over me, he kissed my chest, his tongue dancing over my tits. Standing, he watched our crotches as he pulled his limp cock out of my drenched cunt. Leaning quickly, he pulled his shorts up, turned to the stove. Moving quickly, he took the casserole out of the oven. I moved to clasp my legs together, enjoying the feeling of my freshly fucked body.

“Come on babe,” he said. “Breakfast will get cold,” he continued. I moved to sit up on the table. “Damn good appetizer,” he quipped. “Damn good!”

I pulled myself off the table. Daddy did not hesitate. He slid into his chair, and started his breakfast, sliding my plate to my place for me. As I bent to pull my shorts up, Dad smacked my naked cheek softly. Standing, turning to face him, he just grinned ear to ear. I slid into my chair. “I loved the appetizer myself,” I said under my breath. I grinned at Daddy. He glanced my way as he shoved another bite into his mouth.

“Eat, you will need your strength later,” he volunteered. I had no idea what he was talking about. I sat, my cunt throbbing, with twinges of my orgasms causing my muscles to spasm every once in awhile. I would squirm in my chair, pressing my crotch down, feeling the spasms, enjoying. Each caused small groans in my body. God I wanted Daddy again. I watched him as he ate. Who would have guessed I fucked my Daddy? I wanted to scream how happy I was. I wanted to tell Daddy how good he made me feel. He glanced my way, caught me watching him. “Eat goofball,” he said pointing at my food.

“I love you so much Daddy,” I whispered huskily.

Daddy grunted, a broad smile crossing his face. “I love you too Baby,” he responded. We finished breakfast quickly. “Let’s skip church today sweetie,” Daddy commented as we loaded the dishwasher. “I want to go shopping,” he continued. “We will leave about noon,” he finished.

I went to my room, picking out clothes that would show my form in good taste. I wanted Daddy to look at me all day, to cause his mind to flashback, to cause a lust in his groin. I wanted him thinking with his little brain.

We walked around the mall for a little bit before Dad headed directly to the nation’s most well known sexy night wear store. We strolled down the aisles, finding a variety of sleep wear that was very seductive. Dad picked out several outfits in varied colors that were in my size. I loved them. I could not wait to get back home and try the night gowns on. They would make me feel very sexy.

As we arrived home, Daddy asked that I take the night wear to my room, and try on the dark blue baby doll outfit. I was off in a shot. I laid the outfits on my bed, looking at each in detail. I stripped out of my clothes in a flash, grabbed the dark blue one, and slid my body into the soft material. The bottoms fit terrifically, form fitting my ass snugly. I caressed around my ass, my fingers feeling the material. I sucked in my tummy slightly as my fingers slid over my mound. 18-years old, a firm and taunt core, my abs almost rippled as I sucked my tummy in. I glanced in my full length mirror, spinning my body back and forth. I looked good! The bra was a tiny bit large. My B-cups were firm, nipples pointing up, very perky came to mind. But the bra did not force flesh to be pumped up out of the top. I still looked good! One more turn, lifting the back, I leaned over slightly, getting a good look at my ass. I ran to my closet, getting some high heels. Putting them on, I walked to the mirror, spun, leaned over again. My ass presented fantastically, my legs long, taunt. I could see the outline of my lips between my legs. I needed to get down stairs to Daddy before I soaked the crotch.

“Daddy,” I called as I reached the top of the stairs. Just several seconds passed, he stood at the bottom of the stairs. I strutted down the stairs carefully, each step crossing in front of the prior step, sauntering, slowly making my way down the 15-steps. “You like?” I asked.

“Yes,” Daddy drew out the word, making it many letters long. On the bottom step, I reached to the hand rail, swung a leg out, spun my body around, showing the view from my backside. I glanced back at my father. He stood watching, his eyes glued to my ass. Why, I don’t know, I widened my feet, and bent very slowly at the waist. My free hand reached to my thigh, sliding down my leg as I bent over. The top of my nightgown slid up my ass, exposing the brief panties, showing more cheeks than material. Dad was mesmerized. I arched my back, placed my hand on the steps in front of me and rocked my hips. I glanced around my legs, watching Daddy. He reached out to my legs, my ass. His hand flattened on my flesh, slowly sliding up, over my ass. I rocked under his hand. He stepped to me, his hands now taking my hips bones. Slightly bending at the knees, I moved my ass directly in front of his crotch. Daddy moved quickly to pull me flush against his body. His hips thrust against me playfully. My ass was too high. I reached to remove my high heels, kicking them off. Now my ass was directly aligned with him without requiring me to bend my knees. I could feel his cock under his shorts as he slid his crotch back and forth against me. “Yes Baby,” he growled under his breath.

Daddy’s hand slid down the curve of my ass, sliding between our bodies slowly, softly. His fingers traced along the edge of my panties, sliding underneath as his hand moved toward my crack. I felt his fingertips wiggle to slip between my wet lips. I groaned as his fingers moved deeper between my legs, coating each finger to the first knuckle. His hand flattened in my slit, he edge of his index finger running over my clit, mashing it against my body. Extending his thumb, he shoved it instantly into my hole, driving it deep with his first thrust. Closing his hand, he was able to extract his thumb slightly, and drive deep instantly. He ravaged my hole, hammering his thumb deep repeatedly. His hand roughly mashed my lips flat as he massaged my clit. I grabbed the steps, bent my legs slightly, spreading my thighs to allow deeper penetration. Daddy’s free hand grabbed the waistband of my panties, pulled hard and literally pulled the material from my body, sliding it down my legs. I kicked the panties free of my feet. Daddy roughly spread the cheeks of my ass, sliding his hand up my backside.

Coated, the tip of his thumb rolled over my tight hole, my sphincter puckering against the intruder. Leaning down, Daddy slipped two fingers into my cunt, driving them deep in my body. As he thrust in my pussy, his thumb pressed forward hard, popping through the tight ring to slide into my virgin ass. His penetration was swift, driving hard in and out of my ass. Within seconds, his thumb was totally buried in my ass, his fingers lodged deep in my cunt as well. I could feel him squeezing his digits together, pinching the membrane between the holes. Thrusting in and out fast, hard, he hammered my body. I could not breathe. I had to brace myself against the assault of my body. But it felt so damn good. My body responded, filling me with a need scream, grunt, and push my body back on his intruders.

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