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One Night Can Change Your Whole World Ch. 01

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Greetings all. Sorry it has taken a while for me to post new stories or followups to my two current stories as work and other things have gotten in the way. At the recommendation of my editor, I am posting the first 5 chapters of this story (one a week) while I finish working on other writings.

This was a series I wrote previously to the Domination series and there are some similarities between the two (or at least I can see them) but please enjoy. I have not decided whether to fully abandon this one or to let it continue (it was posed to be a 8-10 chapter series). Please let me know what you think and if I should continue it or not.

As always, all comments and suggestions are encouraged as I do read them all. Though I do most only respond back to those that email me through the site.

A huge thanks to WA001 for assistance editing the series



With his final midterm finished, Adam was happy that he would finally have the next two weeks off for winter break. He was looking forward to some peace and quiet. His freshman year in college had gone smooth enough but he was happy to not have to deal with homework, studying or the annoying college guys and slutty girls that roamed the college campus. There was only one guy that he ever called a friend and he used the term sparingly.

Johnny, his so-called friend, was a normal college guy. Sleeping with any woman that had a heartbeat he could find and would give him a chance. While he was the textbook version of a male slut, he was also a big book worm like Adam was and liked the same books that Adam did, specifically fantasy style.

Adam had even created his own 5 book series that was more popular than he had thought it would be. It was his way of escaping from the world, instead of drinking or doing drugs like most people would do at his age. He had even used an agency to help him publish his books, which had netted him a nice sized bank account. While his parents would nag him all the time to get a job, his 6 class schedule didn’t give him much time to work on the side, so he just focused on his books, not that he ever asked them for money once the cash flow had started to come in from the first book.

His college tuition was also paid for in advance by a couple small scholarships he had received along with his college fund that was setup by his grandparents. Adam, along with his sister and his cousin, each had college funds that would pay for about 70-90% of their degrees, depending on where they went of course. He was just glad the scholarships had paid for the rest of it along with his books as well.

Once Adam was on his way back to his car, Johnny called out to him, trying to stop him from leaving just yet. They didn’t hang out much outside of school, but they did have 4 classes together and they were somewhat close. Johnny came running over to Adam, waving at him like a crazy person the whole time.

“Hey man, where you off to?” Johnny said.

“Headed home actually,” Adam said as a matter-of-fact not really caring what Johnny had to say at the moment.

“What would you say if I told you there was a party tonight that is going on at a friend’s house? He let me know there will be a ton of girls there and I promise you I will get you laid. What do you say?”

“I don’t really do parties all that much,” Adam said plainly. He didn’t mind the idea of partying, it was more having to deal with the crowds of people and with most of them being drunk and dumb, that just made him want to not go even more. Plus, there was only one woman out there that he ever gave a damn about, but he knew she would never give him the time of day. True, he wasn’t a virgin, but he didn’t really date all that much and had only been with two girls and only had sex three times in his young life. Though he did watch a lot of porn being a hot blooded male.

“Come on man, please tell me you will be there. I will definitely make it worth your while,” Johnny said with a crooked smile. Johnny was tasked with bringing some new guys into the fold to entice more girls to come and he was running out of guys that would trust him.

“Uggh, fine. But don’t expect me to stay if the party is lame as hell,” Adam said as he hung his head in defeat. He liked the criticism that Johnny gave him on his books as well as being able to talk with him about other books. If he lost his friendship, he would have to rely on the 40 year old virgins and others he didn’t have any direct line of contact to. He had expected most of his fans to be more like him, somewhat nerdy and quiet, but Johnny was more like a normal guy and his insight was something that helped Adam for his upcoming books. He did have some female fans as well, but he never expected them to be anything other than the quiet nerdy types. Little did he know that he was wrong.

Adam got in his car and headed home after he said goodbye to his friend. He would have to rethink his schedule over the winter break since he wanted to work on his matadorbet book tonight and get a couple more chapters done. Once he arrived home, his mother was home, but his father was still at work. His parents had a rocky relationship the last couple years and he tried to stay out of it so they could deal with it the best they could, though anyone with eyes could easily see they were not the happy couple they should be.

He greeted his mother as he always did and headed up to his room. He decided to leave his jeans on and just wear a polo shirt to the party. He wondered where his older sister was but then again, she did have a boyfriend and they were getting pretty close from what he had overheard from the stories she would tell their mother. Ashley, his sister, was recently talking about moving in with her boyfriend and that they should take their relationship to the next level. They had been dating since she started college three years ago.

Ashley, also known as Ash to those that truly knew her, was 5’10” with blonde hair that came down just past her shoulders. Her hair was naturally wavy and looked almost golden at times. Her body was more athletically built and her long and silky smooth. Her skin was more on the tanned side due to her days spent tanning by their pool. She had large breasts, as Adam had noticed her bras in the laundry a couple times.

When they were younger, they were almost inseparable. However around when she started high school, she started to ignore him and their closeness was almost none existent by this point. Adam would still try to be close to her as she was his best friend and sister, but she would blow him off on most occasions and after a while, he stopped trying to talk to her. Even family events had been awkward as she would ignore him as much as possible. Her hugs even came more like an ex-girlfriend that didn’t want to hug him or be near him.

Once Adam was finished getting ready, he realized he still had about 2 hours before the party started. He decided to do some work on his book when he heard his sister come into the house. She sounded more chipper than usual when she greeted their mother. He could hear them talking about something before she ran to her room. Ashley’s room was located next to his so he could easily hear when she entered or came out.

He had even heard what he thought was her masturbating occasionally but never had the guts to try and spy on her. From most of what he had read in the erotic stories, most brothers did spy on their sisters from time to time but he never wanted to invade on her privacy. He did catch a glimpse or two of her coming out of the bathroom with a towel around her but he generally wouldn’t get a glimpse. She had big hips, something she got from their mother and her ass was more than perfect he thought.

He heard Ashley rummaging through her room, sounding like she was in a hurry for something. He decided to crack his door open and noticed that when she came out and went to the hall bathroom, she was wearing a black slip dress that only stopped mid thigh. It had lace around the top and had spaghetti straps that held the dress in place. It also fit her body almost perfectly showing off her lovely curves. Adam couldn’t help his mouth watering as he was practically drooling on himself.

Adam shook his head at the sight and decided to relieve himself before he left for the party. About 20 minutes later, he heard his sister talking to his mother again before she left the house. He was still sad that they had lost their friendship and that she wouldn’t even come say hi to him most days, but that is how it was going to be going forward he guessed.

Adam had planned to start looking for places to live so he could get away from his nagging parents and his sister who all but ignored his existence. He was looking forward to having more time to spend on his books. He was just about to finish up the 5th book of the series and start a new series built on a different world but was still trying to figure out the details.

The last hour and half went by quickly and Adam decided it was time he left so he could add some more disappointment to his life. He pushed his dark brown hair back behind his ears and decided to head out. He told his mother he would was leaving and said goodbye to his father as well, who had arrived without him noticing. His mother’s hugs were always a little too tight for his liking but he expected that she was like that with everyone; he figured he could chalk it up to the lack of affection his father was giving her. His father on the other hand, hadn’t hugged him in his life that he could remember. Even when he was younger, his father would get mad at him when he would even think he would even try to hug him, telling him that guys don’t hug.

Adam drove the 35 minutes it took to get to the party and it was at a house in an upper scale neighborhood. The house itself looked like a small mansion with two stories and a huge driveway. Cars packed the street near the house along matadorbet giriş with the driveway forcing Adam to park a good way away having to walk over to the party. While walking, he texted Johnny, who replied before he was at the house that he was near the door and to just come on in.

He entered the home and found a lot more guys than he did girls. He just sighed; he knew this was a bad idea. He quickly found Johnny who was trying his luck on two ladies, but they looked like they weren’t going to give him the time of day. He thought Johnny should probably just give up, but that was never what his friend would do. Though he doubted Johnny would ever try to force a girl into anything, he was never good at taking the hint when he wasn’t wanted by any female.

Adam walked up and grabbed Johnny by the shoulder getting his attention and allowing the ladies to make their hasty retreat. Adam could care less as he greeted Johnny, “So I guess the party is a bust as I thought it would be.”

“Nah man,” Johnny said, “You just got here late as most of the girls found their way upstairs with the guys they decided on.”

“Right,” Adam said as he rolled his eyes, not believing a word he said, seeing as how there were close to 15 guys and only about 4 or 5 girls still roaming around. Unless one guy got lucky and had 6 of them up there, this was going to be a sausage fest like most of the parties he had been to and he would get irritated easily.

Adam found himself a corner and leaned against the wall, running through his emails and doing some research for his new series. He could see people moving about the party from the corner of his eye but ignored them for the most part. Then he heard something, like someone was trying to talk to him. He initially played it off like other people talking amongst themselves, but then felt a tug on his arm.

“I said, thank you for helping me and my friend out earlier,” the brunette woman said. Adam remembered her from earlier as one of the ladies that Johnny was hitting on. While being cute and about as close to a 10 as he has found, he wasn’t the type of guy to pick up a girl at a party that he didn’t know.

“Your welcome, I guess. But I didn’t do it for you, more to ask Johnny why the hell he would tell me about a party like this,” Adam said trying to keep his annoyance from rising.

“You don’t seem to like people do you?” she asked confused by the way he was speaking.

“Not particularly. I’m not what you would call a people person. I prefer my solitude.”

“Well if you ever do feel like breaking out of your shell, my name is Tanya and you are definitely cute enough for me to give you a chance,” Tanya said handing Adam a piece of paper with her name and phone number on it. “If you are ever looking to break out, call me. I’m sure I could show you a good time.”

“Thank you, I will keep that in mind.” Adam wasn’t ever going to call her, but it was nice of her to give him some compliments he thought. He realized he should have repaid them to her but knew that now was too late. He just shrugged and went back to what he was doing.

After about 45 minutes, Adam decided to find a bathroom so he could relieve himself. Since he didn’t drink beer, he was only drinking water and had gone through three bottles since he had gotten there. He headed over to the bathroom and realized he had to wait behind two others that were waiting as well. While he was standing there, Johnny made his way over letting him know there was a bathroom upstairs that he could use that would probably be free.

Adam made his way upstairs and he found the bathroom pretty quickly. After he washed his hands and went to open the door, he heard a commotion in the room next to the bathroom. The woman in the room seemed to be arguing with someone and the guy sounded like he was threatening to leave. As he opened the door, he heard that bedroom door open and heard the guy leave the room.

“Fuck you Ashley! That is way too kinky for me. We are through!” he heard the guy yell as he walked by. From the back, he recognized the guy as being his sister’s boyfriend.

He could barely hear sobs coming from the next room and from what her boyfriend said, it was Ashley, his sister that was in that bedroom crying. Adam debated on just heading back downstairs as he didn’t want to get involved with his sister’s relationship but then again, if he had hurt her, he wanted to be there for her and he would deal with whooping her boyfriend’s ass later on.

He walked over to the door, which was surprisingly still partially opened and peaked his head in. He saw that her head was down as she was crying and she was handcuffed to the bed with a blindfold on and was completely nude, with the exception of some nipple clamps that were on her breasts. He nearly choked when he saw her like that and he saw her head pop up, hearing a noise coming from his direction. Adam froze instantly worried that she saw him.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to call out Adam’s name. It was a mistake. Please untie me and I will give you the best blowjob you have ever had and I will ride you like you have never seen.” Ashley said through her sobs.

Adam’s mouth dropped when he heard that she was calling out his name. Could it be that his sister was having sex with her boyfriend and she called out his name of all people? If it was possible, his cock got harder and strained through his pants much more than he had before. He could feel it hurting against his jeans, just begging to be released. From his point of view, he couldn’t see his sister’s pussy but he could smell her arousal in the air and knew that they must have been in the thralls of sex when it happened. What if she called out his name during her orgasm, wouldn’t that be the sweetest thing in the world?

Adam decided to press his luck as he stepped into the room, closing the door and locking it. He quietly walked around the other side of the bed and Ashley’s head never turned, only responding to sound. She stayed quiet at the moment, waiting for something to happen. Adam noticed a small bag by his feet that had all sorts of sex items in it. He had been into bondage and submission as much as the next person but never really tried it since he never dated a girl much longer than a couple months.

Adam then used his fingers to run up her leg, eliciting moans from Ashley. She let her head rest back against the pillow as she tried to relax, feeling her boyfriend’s fingers running up her body. Adam continued running his fingers up towards her breasts but instead of touching them directly, he ran his hand around her breasts.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” Ashley said between her moans.

Adam looked down toward the bag and saw a flogger sitting right on top, like it was dropped there. He picked it up and smacked it against his hand. Hearing the noise the flogger made, caused Ashley’s body to shake involuntarily in anticipation. She could also feel her pussy get wetter as she waited for him to take care of her.

Adam didn’t have much experience with this kind of thing, but he had watched enough videos about it and knew enough about the human body to know where he shouldn’t hit. He swung the flogger down onto her lower stomach, trying to make sure some of the leather hit her mound with a loud SMACK.

Ashley shook again as she moaned loudly. “Yes baby, harder. Please punish me as I have been a very bad girl.”


The flogger came down again twice, getting closer and closer to being right on top of her mound. She shook each time and moaned louder with each hit from the flogger. ‘Damn, she really is into this isn’t she?’ Adam thought.


The flogger came down again, this time coming down hard on her breasts. “Oh fuck. I love you so much baby,” Ashley said as she felt the sting each time it came down turning her on even more.


This time, the flogger hit one breast, then hit her mound directly, then to her other breast. Adam could see her hips starting to move like she was being fucked by an invisible man. “Oh god. If you keep that up, I’m gonna cum baby. Please make me cum. I’ll do anything for you,” Ashley said.


Adam hit her with the flogger again, this time alternating randomly from her breasts to her pussy. “Oh fuck here it comes, FFFUUUCCKKK,” she screamed out as he watched her orgasm. Her body shook, her back arched and he could smell her aroma getting much more potent. While she was in the thralls of her orgasm, Adam put his knee on the bed and bent over, taking her clit in his mouth, sucking on it and raking it over his teeth. This caused her orgasm to wash over her even harder as she fought to get out of the cuffs.

Ashley had never had an orgasm that powerful before. She knew this kinky side of hers had possibly scared her boyfriend off but now he was back and he gave her true bliss, even after she had screamed out her brother’s name during her last orgasm.

While Ashley was going through the aftershocks of her orgasm, with her body twitching every couple of seconds, Adam put small kisses around her puss and followed with a trail of kisses up past her navel to her breasts. Though her breasts still had the nipple clamps on them, he was still able to gently kiss the sides of her breasts along with nibbling here and there.

Once she was able to compose herself after her orgasm, she wondered what he had in store for her next. She still had yet to feel him inside of her yet and her clit throbbed in anticipation while her mouth watered wanting to feel him in one way or another. She sat for a few minutes waiting, getting nervous about what would happen next.

Then she felt it. His fingers were tracing all over her body again. She felt goosebumps running all over, following his fingers. She trembled every few seconds feeling her paradise getting wetter and wetter. She could feel her sweet nectar running down to her dark hole and onto the bed. Without even thinking it, her mouth moved on its own, “Please… please put your cock in my mouth. I need to feel you throbbing inside of me,” she said between pants. She could feel her sex getting stronger by the second.

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