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Librarian Ch. 03

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I wasn’t sure what to expect coming in to the library that morning, I mean my relationship with the head librarian had substantially changed in the last two days. Besides me calling her Denise, which I am not entirely used to, I now need to figure out the whole bit about our sexual relationship. I had pretty much decided to keep myself busy working or once all the work was done, reading in the books she had recommended for me and let her decide if anything else is going to happen.

Working first in the stacks, I quickly got the returned books replaced and completed a quick walk through, dusting here and there, and picking up any stray trash. I then went through the new release section and rearranged the books in proper order and even when through the children’s book area and got it looking somewhat orderly. Heading back to the checkout desk I noticed some fresh cut flowers in a vase so I figured Denise must be in.

I didn’t see her right away so figured she was probably in the kitchen making up the coffee. Usually arriving to work first I had tried to make the coffee, but not being a coffee drinker myself I really didn’t have a clue how to do it. After the first few attempts she delicately suggested that I leave the coffee to her.

Quickly surveying the checkout desk I straightened out the miscellaneous staplers, stamps and pens that were tossed about. It was only then that I looked over to the suggestion box and noticed it the top was not completely closed. During the time I had worked there I had never heard of anyone leaving a suggestion in the box. Most of the town knew Denise and they’d simply tell her what they thought might help improve things.

The suggestion box was used so infrequently that Denise had not even mentioned it during my Escort Pendik intense, extensive training period. Anyway, I finished stacking the check out cards and then walked over to the suggestion box. Opening the top I saw a piece of paper neatly folded in the box. Picking it up, I slowly unfolded it and read it.

Immediately a chill ran down my back as I read the words: “it was decent but too short and u didnt make it flow that well if u get my meaning.”(1) It was signed Anonymous. It seemed obvious to me that this comment had nothing to do with the library or its operation and everything to do with my meeting with Denise the day before. I was debating whether to show it to Denise when I heard her voice.

“Whatcha got there? Don’t tell me we have a suggestion,” she said cheerily.

Realizing that I had to show it too her now I held out the piece of paper saying, “I don’t think it has anything to do with the library.”

She unfolded the note and I noticed one of her eyebrows raise up as she read it. Walking over to the main entrance into the library she looked over the doors, especially around the locks and hinges. Walking back to the desk she said, “We both know what this has to do with.”

“What are we going to do?”

“We are going to run the library like we always do. As for the note, let’s examine it. It says it was decent, not indecent, so I have to think it was appreciated some, so no one’s going to arrest me for indecency with a child.”

“I’m almost thirty,” I said.

“Tsk, tsk, that’s not the point here and yes, I know you are every bit an adult. The note goes on saying it was too short. Well of course it was short, while we were in my office, we still were in a public library fucking, so we had to be quick. Considering the fact I had not had a man touch me in I don’t know how long I am surprised I wasn’t quicker. Or was it your cock, no, if you ask me it was plenty long for me.”

I shrugged.

“Oh it was Jerry. Now the note went on saying we didnt make it flow. Now first of all, this is a library and I am a librarian so why in the world would someone not properly punctuate the contraction. I can live with the too familiar u instead of “you” but this is the civilized world and while punctuation is a fading art form, we still need to use an apostrophe with contractions. I mean we aren’t animals here.”

I lifted one of my arms, reached up and scratched under it.

“Present company excepted. Anyway, flow. Why didn’t our sex flow Jerry? Do you think perhaps it’s been a good decade since I have been properly fucked?

“Yes I know what u mean,” she shouted.

“But Denise, it’s not about what’s in the note, it’s the fact that someone saw us. They know what we did.”

“Jerry, I don’t know if I mentioned this to you before, but this library has a ghost, a ghost with poor handwriting skills and an abysmal understanding of punctuation.”

Smiling disbelievingly I said, “So what are we going to do.”

“Well, I know what I am going to do,” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me back toward the stacks. “I’m going to show this ghost too short and lack of flow.”

“What are you doing?” I asked as we moved back into the less popular stacks, into a dark corner.

“Don’t worry, I think you like this,” she said, pushing me up against the wall between stacks. She grabbed a nearby stool, sat down and quickly unfastened my pants. As she pulled out my cock, she said, “Our ghost is a voyeur, but the ceiling here is too high, he can’t get over here quick enough.”

She began stroking my cock, watching it as it quickly became erect. “It’s been a few years, but let’s see how I do okay?”

I just nodded, feeling her tongue running up and down the length of me and then her mouth suddenly slipped over the head. As she began sucking the head, she continued running her hand up and down my shaft, while her other hand came up and tickled my balls. Slowly I began moving my hips back and forth, fucking her mouth as I got closer and closer to coming.

Looking down I watched as her gray hair bounced as she moved her head, sliding it up and down on my cock. The sight of my erection disappearing between her lips was exciting, especially as she sucked hard and her cheeks seemed to implode on me. The sensation ran down my cock to my balls and I suddenly came, spurting my cum into her mouth, splashing her again and again. She swallowed like a pro, not gagging or choking once.

When she finished up she gently stroked my cock a bit more, milking out the last drops of cum. As it beaded on the tip of my cock she’d quickly lap it up, not chancing it spilling on the floor or any of the books in the stack. As I was zipping up, she stood up and kissed me on my lips and said, “Reminds me of when I was a kid. I so loved the library.”

“You mean you used to… in the library?”

“Oh all the time. Why do you think I am so easy on those kids I catch feeling each other up these days? I mean they are safe and who knows, they may pick up a book between copping feels and maybe they’ll read some.” When she finished she said, “Well we better get back to work, there’s a book up there at the checkout desk that’s just waiting for you to read.”

We walked out of the stacks and I headed to the checkout desk and Denise headed to her office.


(1) Quote from a comment by Anonymous

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