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Femdom Vacation Ch. 04

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*** Part 4 – Please read chapters 1-3 for the full story ***


I parked at the strip club and Mistress Alana and Goddess Jana got out of the van. I followed them to the door. A large muscled black man was doing security.

“He’s with us” they said as we all walked in, not paying a cover.

We entered the club and it was relatively early in the evening, but there was a decent crowd watching two women dancing on opposite ends of a large stage. There were various dancers walking around making conversation with the men in the club.

“Go have a seat and we’ll be back in a few,” Mistress Alana ordered me.

I sat at an empty cocktail table and watched the show. The woman dancing in front of me was attractive and had some very sexy moves. The second woman was crawling on her hands and knees and making conversation with the men at the front row in exchange for tips.

The song ended, the ladies collected their tip money and the DJ called out the next two women. A beautiful cocktail waitress brought me a drink. While I was settling up with her taking my first sip, I saw Mistress Alana dancing on stage. She was stunning and had the crowd’s attention. Money started flying onto stage as she slowly undressed. She climbed and fucked the pole between dance moves and illustrated her strength on her way down the pole. My cock was pressed hard against the cage.

She moved around the stage, rubbing her tits in the faces of the front row men. When she was directly in front of me, she looked me in the eyes while she had a random man’s face buried in her tits. One by one, men tipped her as she let strange men motorboat her. On the third guy, she looked me in the eye, mouthed “fuck you, bitch” to me and then blew me a kiss. She then ran her finger down the man’s face and put it in his mouth Betturkey while looking me in the eyes.

Their song ended and it was time for them to leave the stage.

I ordered another drink while the next dancer came on.

Mistress Alana was on the other side of the club talking to a few men. She sat down at a booth with the men and it looked like they were all having a good time. Sooner than later, she walked away with one of the men, leading him to another part of the club.

While I was watching them walk away, thinking of what she was going to do with him, another dancer came and sat down with me. She was tall, had dark brown hair and was wearing a t-shirt that was cut up revealing most of her large breasts.

“You look lonely sitting here alone,” She said.

“I’m just enjoying the view.”

She smiled and said, “would you like to smell, feel and possibly taste some of these women?”

“All of them I believe,” I replied.

“Why don’t you take me for a private dance so you can experience more than just looking.”

I really wanted to, but knew it was’t physically possible.

I told her that I would love to, but I couldn’t. “Sorry, it just isn’t possible.”

“What isn’t possible?”

I pointed to my crotch and said, “it just isn’t possible there.”

“You mean it can’t get up? It is too small? What’s the deal?”

“Well…” I couldn’t finish my sentence as she put her hand on my leg.

She ran her hand up my thigh and I started to get squeamish. “Don’t worry, I’ve been able to show men with small penises a goooooooo.” She stopped before she could finish her sentence as her hand was on my caged cock.

I felt my cock pinch the chastity device as it tried to get hard.

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on there, but you are going to pay for a private Betturkey Giriş dance so I can get to the bottom of this. I’m going to rock your world.”

I was flustered.

We stood up. She towered over me, took my hand, and walked me to the private dance area.

The door man told us which room to go in. It was dimly lit and had a large soft couch that was basically a giant pillow.

She shut the curtain, turned around to me and told me to take my pants off.

I looked at her confused.

She raised her voice. “I said, take your fucking pants off. Now. let me see what’s going on there.”

I pulled my pants down as instructed and my semi hard dick was trapped inside the chastity device. She started to laugh and asked if I had the key.

“No, my Mistress does.”

“And where is she?”

I murmured, “I don’t know.”

I wasn’t lying. I didn’t know exactly where she was.

Just then, MIstress Alana walked into the small dimly lit room.

“You don’t know where I am? Bend over her knee bitch boy.”

I was laying over the stripper’s lap. I could smell her sexual essence and I could feel my caged cock on her thigh.

But then I felt my ass get spanked. And spanked again. And again. It felt like both of them were taking turns smacking my ass. It was beginning to sting. I let out a whimper of discomfort after what was probably the 30th crack on my ass.

Then I heard Mistress Alana’s voice and it was reassuring.

“You are mine. You are mine to hurt and humiliate, right slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress what? Repeat what I said.”

“I am yours. I am yours for you to hurt and to humiliate.”

She laughed. The stripper laughed as well. It made me so horny, but unable to get hard because of the chastity device.

Mistress Alana Betturkey Güncel Giriş then took her other hand and put it over my mouth. It was wet, sticky and salty. She started spanking me with the other hand repeatedly.

After spanking me, she caressed my ass with her hot hand and tightened her sticky hand over my mouth. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I just jerked a guy off in the private dance area. You are eating his cum.”

The song ended and the other dancer left the room. Mistress Alana ordered me to get dressed and to go back to my table.

She gave me an order – “You can’t have another drink for at least an hour. I want you to savor that sperm I made you eat.”

I sat there for the next hour, watching the dancers. The tall woman from the private room appeared on stage. In the middle of her dance, she made a cock sucking motion to me with her fist and her tongue. It just added to the humiliation. At the end of the night, after Mistress Alana’s shift was over, she came and got me at my table.

“Did you have a good night?” She asked.

“Yes, Mistress. I did. How about you? Did you have a good night, Mistress?”

“So far so good, but it is about to get better.” Then she let out her sadistic laugh again.

We walked out to the van and she opened the back door and sat down on the seat. She was wearing a short skirt without any panties. “Get down there and eat my pussy. I’m so fucking horny and I need to cum.”

I started licking her pussy, tasting her salty sweetness. I tongued her hole and then started working her clit with my tongue, making various motions that were making her moan louder and louder.

“I’ve been rubbing my pussy on cocks all night,” she yelled while I tongue fucked her.

“Two guys came in their pants rubbing on this pussy!”

I tongued her harder.

As her breathing intensified, she held her breath and then yelled out, “You’ll never fuck this pussy!”

She pushed my head away and climbed in front of the van to the driver’s seat.

“We have one more stop before we go back to the hotel tonight.”

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