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Her Birthday Dinner

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They had planned to go out to dinner that evening to celebrate her birthday. She was very much looking forward to it. He had told her he had a special surprise for her, and her mind filled with the possibilities: Was he going to give her as a present that elegant gown she had seen in the fine clothing store? Perhaps he would surprise her with a necklace, pendant, or other fine piece of jewelry? Maybe, just maybe, he would tell her of the vacation plans he had made for her, as they had talked of going away to a number of exciting destinations?

She looked so beautiful that evening, coming from work dressed in a smart pantsuit with a silk blouse. Her rich hair, as always, was draped gracefully across her neck and shoulders. After they met outside her building, he reached for her and pulled her near, kissed her, and placed his lips almost in her right ear. He whispered, “Shall we go?”

A warm smile crossed her face, as she looked into his eyes. She nodded up and down in a knowing way, and extended her hand to him. He took it in his, and they departed together.

In short time they had arrived at the restaurant, and they sat side by side in a corner booth with a flowing white tablecloth. The decor was magnificent, and so was the food. The evening and meal moved quickly along, though she was quite anxious to receive her gift. At last, her eyes brightened when he leaned toward her and, whispering, asked if she were ready for her gifts.

“Gifts!” she thought. She smiled deeply and watched as he pulled from his coat a small bag and presented it to her. She opened it and looked in amazement to find a small vibrating toy.

While she thought of the enjoyment of using the toy later that evening, he leaned over again, and whispered, “Please put the toy in now for your Master.”

“Now?” she thought. “Now? Now, in this restaurant?” she said in disbelief.

He leaned over again, and whispered, “Your Master, is waiting. Take off your pants please. You don’t want to disappoint your Master, do you? Don’t worry; no one can see you. The tablecloth extends all the way to the floor.”

Uneasily, she began to unzip her pants and slide them down her slender, tanned legs to her ankles. After slipping off her shoes, the pants fell completely to the floor. She felt the cold of the leather seat against her bare legs, but she had little time to reflect on her situation.

Leaning over, he whispered, “Your panties, dear. Have you forgotten, silly? You must remove your panties, of course.”

She started to break out in goose bumps as her hands fell to her sides and she almost unthinkingly began removing the black lace, french-cut panties that had previously rested snugly on her hips. Soon, they were completely off, and the cold of the leather seat sent a shiver through her body that mixed with the erotic sensation of the leather against her bare, firm bottom. She felt as if she were riding a mare, naked, with the saddle pressing into her in ways she had never imagined.

“We can’t have your clothing get wrinkled,” he said knowingly, as he bent down to pick up her görükle escort shoes, panties, and pants. Gathering the clothing, he folded the items neatly and placed them on the opposite side of the booth from her.

She was uncomfortable with the feeling that her clothing was now out of her reach–that she no longer had it in her control. But she didn’t have long to reflect on her ever-increasing feeling of helplessness. His whisper pierced the silence, “The toy, dear. Please, put the toy in you.”

Her pussy, already moist, quivered along with her entire body. “He can’t possibly mean that? Here? In a public restaurant?” she thought. She was so overcome that she had trouble thinking clearly and looked at her Master, waiting for him to relieve her fears. But he would only add to them.

“Do I have to lift up the tablecloth or are you going to put the toy inside of you, dear?” he questioned. She sat almost frozen until he then picked up the toy, pulled her hands toward him, and placed the toy in them.

The toy had a plastic base about 3 inches across and a penis-shaped protrusion about 6 inches high and 1-inch wide. Before she knew what was happening, he had helped her slide the toy into her ever-moistening pussy. She let out a faint moan after it was fully in.

The toy had two straps to hold it in place, and he fastened them around her waist. A small wire ran from the toy to a control mechanism. After looking down in disbelief as to what was happening to her, she looked up to find her Master holding the control mechanism in his hands. With another knowing smile, he turned it on the lowest vibrating mode.

A warm and tingly feeling began to radiate inside her to her belly, and down her inner thighs. Her thoughts began to cloud over until the silence was again broken with another whisper from her Master: “I have more gifts for you, dear.”

She looked bewildered as he removed another bag from his coat and handed it to her. Her eyes widened. She beheld two sets of cuffs–one set for her ankles, one set for her wrists.

“Were you expecting something else?” he whispered, as she looked at him in astonishment. “Here, cuff your ankles with this set, dear.”

“Now?” she exclaimed, hushing her voice as best as she could. “Oh, please no, sir. Not here.” “Later, sir. Later, please, sir. I will be so good to you.”

“Later, of course, dear, ” he said. “We will do this again later, but it will be twice as enjoyable for me if you would be so good as to do it now. You don’t want to disappoint your Master, do you?” he said a bit impatiently.

She knew she had to comply with her Master’s wishes. She slowly bent down and clasped one set of cuffs over her ankles.

“Excellent,” he whispered. “You know how to please your Master. Now, let me have the honor of cuffing your wrists together. Please hold them together for me under the table.”

With these words she almost reflexively drew her wrists together and extended them as she felt the soft lining of the cuffs again clasp in place over her limbs. The feeling of her helplessness görükle escort bayan began to overcome her. She was naked from the waist down, bound at her ankles and wrists, unable to reach her clothes, and unable to stop the toy that was relentlessly vibrating inside her.

She looked up and quivered even more strongly as her Master’s hand reached for the control and increased the rate of vibration. Her chest began to beat faster and her lips opened wider, as she began to softly moan. Her thoughts began to run away with her until the sight of a birthday cake approaching the table caught her eye.

A shock ran through her body as her Master said, “I had informed the staff that it was your birthday and asked that a cake be brought to the table. You don’t mind the attention, do you, dear?” he broadly smiled.

The pounding of her heart had mixed with the unceasing vibration through her body to make it difficult for her to utter any words. She could barely speak as the cake was laid on the table and the staff gathered around to sing happy birthday. All the eyes in the restaurant were on her for what seemed like an eternity. Helpless and bound and naked, she endured each moment–each second.

When everyone had finished singing, her Master exclaimed, “Blow out the candles dear.” She looked at him in disbelief of her predicament and barely had enough of her senses left to comply, other than reflexively to blow out the birthday candles as she had done all her life on other birthdays. Everyone stared at her, everyone clapped. She didn’t even realize that she had orgasmed.

Covered in sweat, she slowly regained a little composure. Her Master cut a piece of cake for her and placed it to her lips. She took a small bite, and it relaxed her a bit until his voice again pierced the air. “You know, wouldn’t this cake look better on a clean tablecloth?” he said matter-of-factly.

Another shock ran over her body. After all she had just experienced, the fear of being exposed in such a position was almost overwhelming for her mind and body. She mustered up all the strength she could, fighting the unceasing vibration in her vagina, and begged him no.

“No, Master,” she cried. “I will do anything for you, but please, not here. I will suck your cock so lovingly all the way home in the car, but please, please don’t let them remove the tablecloth.”

At this request, he took a strawberry and held it in front of her. “Show me here how you will suck my cock,” he instructed.

“Master, please no,” she cried.

“Alright,” he said. “It looks like our waiter is back. Let me ask him for the new tablecloth.”

“Oh, please, Master. Please no. I will show you,” she begged.

With these words he extended the strawberry to her lips. “Show me how you will suck me,” he demanded.

In short time she had extended her tongue and run it around the tip of the strawberry, caressing it lovingly. Slowly, she leaned farther forward and took the plump strawberry in her red lips and slid it back and forth in her mouth. Their eyes met as bursa escort he smiled.

He could see that she was truly sucking the strawberry as if it were indeed his cock. He was very pleased and motioned for her to stop. She too smiled and looked lovingly at him. He then increased the vibration setting of the toy to its highest level. She wished it went higher and quivered in delight, but not for long.

“I almost forgot,” he said. “I have another gift for you; it’s in the car. I will be right back.”

Before she could say anything, he had gotten up and was heading toward the door. Alone in her condition, a feeling of shock again started to overtake her body.

She saw her Master say something to the waiter as he walked by him, and then watched in disbelief as her Master left the restaurant. He was gone. She then watched as the waiter disappeared, and calmed somewhat. But soon she spied the waiter appear with a fresh white tablecloth. Her heart pounded, as the vibration continued to shake relentlessly inside her, and her mind started to drift away as the waiter moved ever closer to her table. She almost fainted when he began to extend his arms to remove the cake, holding the fresh white tablecloth draped over his arm.

She couldn’t scream, she couldn’t run. She had never felt so helpless as she had at that moment. She was about to lose consciousness when the sight of her Master stepping in front of the waiter roused her with a jolt.

After dropping a large tip in the waiter’s hands and saying a few words to him, the Master eased back into the booth. The waiter slowly moved away to another table, looking back and smiling.

“You didn’t think I forgot about you, did you?” her Master grinned. “I told you I had to retrieve another gift for you,” and with these words removed a bright colored box he held in a bag. “Let’s get you unbound and dressed,” he whispered, and gently removed her cuffs and helped her slide her panties and pants back over her sweat-covered body.

Before she realized it, she was fully clothed, but something wasn’t quite right: It was the toy. It was still inside of her. “But, sir, you forgot about the toy,” she said.

“Your Master doesn’t forget,” he said firmly. “We’re both here to celebrate your birthday. Now, please, open the box, dear. Please, open your present. I have mine.”

Accepting the feeling that relentlessly stirred inside of her, she removed the ribbons wrapping the box, removed the top, and beheld inside a beautiful evening gown–a gown just like the one she had admired in the window of the fine clothing store during an earlier evening together.

On top of the gown lay an envelope addressed to her. She opened it, and read the words as he spoke them to her: “Happy birthday. Every day will be a new adventure for you–everyday will be celebrated as if it were your birthday. Your and your mind will be taken to wonderful and magical places–places that you can only now imagine.”

She knew in her heart that he was right. She had never experienced anything like she had that night. To be bound, naked, and helpless in a public place. And yet she felt a calm settle over her. Only her Master and she had known–no one else. It was their secret. And she yearned–oh, she so yearned–to be led each day through other such experiences under the safe and gentle control of her Master.

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