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Heat Goes on with Jack and Irene Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is another in a continuing series of stories about the sexy siblings Jack and Irene. Other stories in the series include: Heat Goes on With Jack and Irene Ch.1, High Noon Heat With Jack and Irene, Hot Night With Jack and Irene Ch.2 and Hot Night With Jack and Irene.


Jack’s stiff prick thrust through the sticky folds of his sister Irene’s engorged pussy. With each thrust plunging deeper and opening his sister just a bit more, the springs of his sister’s bed creaked with growing insistence.

To twenty-one-year-old Jack, who was having the greatest erotic time of his life, the noise was like the music of the spheres.

Added to the music of the bed springs was the symphony of Irene’s breathing; deep gasps followed by soft moans and almost bestial grunts.

Irene was a woman aroused.

Jack was on his knees between his sister’s widely parted legs, carefully probing his cock into her. From his vantage point, Irene’s shapely but fit twenty-eight-year-old body seemed perfectly laid out for his perusal.

Her chestnut brown hair spread out behind her head and across her pillow. Her arms stretched back and her hands tightly clasped the metal rods of the bed stead. Her abdominal muscles were tightly flexed and her belly was braced for a hot stream of Jack’s come.

Jack had other ideas, though. His jizz, his hot man seed, was staying inside of his beautiful and insatiably horny sister.

He thrust forward with more force and the creaking noises built. Irene’s impressive D cup breasts began to jiggle and her nipples sprouted in all their glory.

He glanced across the room at the full-length mirror that had such a prominent place in his sister’s room. Irene looked so perfect, so beautiful and she was his for this night. Her breasts looked so good in that mirror. They were jiggling every which way now as if they had a will of their own. He was lucky to have such an erotic sister with such beautiful breasts. No saline implants like those porn sluts he saw on the Web. Even his beloved Micki Night, his favorite porn lady, had implants.

He looked away from the mirror and stared down at Irene’s lovely face. Her eyes were half-shut, as if she had slipped into a trance. Her belly rose and fell with greater speed as her breathing started to come in ever shorter gasps.

Suddenly, Irene spoke, her voice raspy with passion.

“You love shoving your prick in me, don’t you lover? You love how tight and wet I am. I love having your cock in me. Your cock is so big and strong. I can’t get enough of it…”

Jack no longer heard his sister. Her words inflamed him and he was fucking Irene like an engine, practically slamming her against the mattress. Harder and harder he fucked her until he was gasping for air and she was squealing and crying out.

He was just about to come when she squeezed ankara escort his cock like a vice with her powerful pelvic muscles and clamped her thighs against his hips. Jack slowed his thrusting until he stopped, his stiff, come-swollen cock trapped inside his sister.

Irene smiled a wicked smile at him. “Not so fast, lover. I want to feel you inside me. Really feel your stiff cock in my pussy. You don’t want to leave your slutty sister’s pussy just yet do you? I thought you wanted me, lover. You don’t want me after all?”

“I want you!” Jack’s voice was little more than a hiss.

“Then pull out of me.”

Jack froze.

“Pull out of me!” Irene’s voice was insistent, almost angry.

“But I want to come!”

Irene giggled. “I want you to see a few things. Just pull out. After you see them, you’ll want to fuck me even more!”

Jack did as he was told. His prick was shrinking now , so, frustrated, he retreated from the castle keep of his sister’s womanhood.

Irene gestured toward the dresser by the mirror.

“Look in the top shelf, lover. I’ve got a gift for you. I did more than get my nails done tonight.”

Sighing, Jack left the bed and went to the dresser and pulled open the top drawer. This had better be good, he thought. What the hell is she doing?

He reached into the drawer and pulled out what looked like a necklace that had clamps at both ends.

“Don’t you know what that’s for, lover?”

Jack shook his head.

“Come over and I’ll show you.”

Jack returned to the bed. Irene was sitting at its edge, her legs opened, the landing strip waxed slit of her pussy soaked, her majestic tits hanging like beautiful sacks, her sweat-dampened hair tangled about her shoulders and face. Jack’s prick stiffened with resurgent passion as he sat beside her.

Irene took the necklace from him. “I’ll show you what it’s for.” She took one of the clamps and carefully attached it to her left nipple. She stretched the chain so that it bridged her cleavage and then she clamped her right nipple. “You’ve never seen any of your porn girls wearing something like this?” She jiggled her tits and the nipple chain shook as she spoke.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve seen it after all, ” Jack said, his cock hardening at the sight of the fetish jewelry decorating her breasts.

“But you’ve never seen them on your slutty, porn star sister,” Irene said, lying back on her bed. Jack had to admit to himself that the gold chain looked incredibly hot on her.

“No. But doesn’t it hurt to wear that?”

“A little. But anything is worth it for you, lover. I just want to please you. In the shower this morning and when you dropped by my store this afternoon, I found out you have a real dominant side. A side that wants me to be your cock whore, your porn slut. I don’t ankara escort bayan mind playing that, lover. I don’t mind giving in to you at all. Check under the bed. There’s another gift there I’d like you to see.”

Jack knelt down and pawed around under the bed. His groping hands removed two lengths of cord with cuffs at one end.

“You should know what those are for, lover.”

Jack was so astonished, he almost laughed. “You want me to tie you to the bed?”

“Of course. Go right ahead. Don’t worry about them hurting me. I bought them at a fetish store. Beginner’s bondage cords. The cuffs are padded. Very safe and comfortable.”

Irene lay back on the bed, gripping the rods of the bed stead in her hands. Jack slipped one wrist after the other into the cuffs and then secured the cords to the bed stead.

He stood back and looked down on his sister, her wrists cuffed to the bed stead and her legs spread wide open.

“You love the way I look?” Irene moaned. “Fuck me some more. I’m wet for your cock. I want you in me.”

Irene’s voice sounded so aroused Jack couldn’t help himself. He joined his sister on her bed and knelt down between her legs and took his stiff prick in hand, teasing the outer edges of her soaking pussy. Irene moaned and shifted against her bonds. She lifted her pelvis from the bed and presented her pussy to Jack, inviting him to drive his cock into her.

Jack pulled his cock away, denying her his hardness.

“Oh, please, Jack. Give it to me! Give me your cock!”

He teased her pussy again with his cock head and Irene lifted her pelvis again, struggling to engulf his cock in her pussy. Again, Jack refused her.

Irene whimpered now. “I’m begging you, Jack. Give me your cock. Give me…”

Her voice collapsed into a groan as Jack suddenly drove his stiff prick into her and started fucking her hard, pinning her shoulders to the bed with his strong hands, looking down on her chained tits as they swayed with the weight of his attack. He took one hand away from her shoulder and started roughly pinching her clamped nipples with his fingers, making her squeal with pained ecstasy. He then kneaded and slapped her breasts as they shook like dough.

This got Jack harder still. Irene grunted and wailed, passion and desire breaking over her like storm-tossed waves. It almost seemed Irene was really his.

All the same, Jack noticed, as Irene was losing her composure, her pussy gripped as tight as ever, almost strangling his cock. He lasted for a few more deep thrusts and soon he shot spasm after spasm of his hot seed deep inside her.


Their lovemaking over, Jack and Irene showered and went downstairs.

Famished, they ate a quick dinner and then they went to the living room, where Jack turned on the big screen escort ankara TV. While a re-run of a thirty-year-old sitcom prattled away in the background, Irene sat on Jack’s lap, nude except for a flesh colored thong. She ran her newly lacquered fingernails along his hair and along his bare washboard stomach. Jack’s prick stiffened against his sister’s generous but well-toned ass.

They kissed softly, then Irene spoke, sadness in her voice.

“This can’t go on forever, you know.”

“I wish it could.”

“You know that’s impossible. Stu’s back in two days and Mom and Dad will be home next week. There’s no way we can go on like this.”

Jack winced. Stu. Irene’s fiance. What an idiot that guy seemed to be. Jack wondered what Irene saw in him. When he spoke, he hoped his dislike didn’t come through in his voice. “Maybe we can somehow.”

Irene held Jack a bit tighter. “I’ll think of a way. Maybe I’ll find a room somehow, rent a place, where we can meet secretly. A little hideaway where we can have our secret world, our secret life.”

“That would be good.”

His cock was rock hard again.

Irene rose from Jack’s lap and knelt down in front of him, rubbing her palm against the crotch of his under shorts.

“Yes, our own hideaway, lover. A secret place where we can enjoy each other forever. Think about it. A place where we can get kinky and nasty together. I want you. lover. I can’t imagine not being together like this at least every now and again.

Jack shook his head. “I can’t either. I can’t get enough of you.”

In reply, Irene moaned deeply. She pulled his prick out of his shorts and pumped its shaft with her fist, while softly caressing his cock head with her hot and well practiced tongue.

She opened her mouth and Jack thrust inside.

The warmth of her mouth and the prickliness of her tongue felt incredible. He thrust harder inside her, holding the back of her head in his hands and shoving his cock in her mouth faster and faster. The sounds of Irene’s slurping and gagging made his cock even more stiff. During one thrust, his cock hit the back of her throat and Jack lost it. With a loud grunt, load after load of his hot jizz fired into her eager mouth and down her straining throat.

Exhausted, he slumped against the sofa and tilted his head back. Irene slinked up beside him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She kissed him and let the wads of his come in her mouth ooze into his.

When the hot and sticky kiss ended, she snuggled up against him and Jack played with her nipples. There were still little marks on her areolae where the clamps had been earlier.

Irene smiled. “That turns you on, lover? You want me as your little submissive cock whore? Soon, we’ll have a little place where you can do what you want with me.”

Jack’s voice was hoarse. He was so tired, and yet so happy.

“That would be wonderful.”

He knew the words didn’t capture how he contented he was. All the same, Irene held him tighter and kissed him again. He met the kiss, his tongue snaking around hers.

Jack had never been so happy. No matter what, he would still have his sexy sister as his special lover.

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