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Bikepath Babe

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So a funny thing happened today…

I was walking home from the city along the bike-path, the one flanking Coronation Drive and the stretch of river. Ahead of me was a girl – maybe Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian even, but definitely South Asian – strolling at a slower pace. When she looked out over the river and I saw her in profile, I figured her to be in her mid twenties, almost half my age. It made sense, since the University of Queensland was nearby, so she was probably a student.

And she wore a cute summer dress, a slip of a thing in light cotton that barely reached mid-thigh. Similar to a baby-doll dress, I suppose. It was navy with a smatter of white daisies printed all over it.

Her dress rippled in the breeze, and her hands strayed across her ass in a brief attempt to flatten the dress down. It was a deliberately lazy effort, though, as though she was having a little fun nearly flashing in public. Soon the breeze was back to tugging at the hem until it bested the dress and exposed a whole butt cheek (her black panties were a bikini cut, stretched across half her cheek, bunching slightly towards the crack of her ass). But what a beautifully round and perfectly brown cheek it was, too!

It was all I’d been waiting for, to be honest, so I decided to pick up pace and overtake the girl to be on my way, but as I passed her and she looked over her shoulder at me, I was struck with the sudden thought to compliment her. Perhaps it was the way her dark eyes locked onto mine, or the little mischievous arch to her lips, but it emboldened me.

“I’m going to miss the view,” I smiled.

“What view?” the girl said dryly, inferring my meaning and turning sour.

Seemed I’d misjudged the room: it was one thing to be teasing me with a little show of her rear end, but entirely another for me to bridge the personal space and make contact.

I waved my hand toward the river.

“This one, of course,” I said.

She wasn’t buying it, however.

“Bullshit, you were talking about my body.”

She stopped and turned on me, blocking my path.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean any offence,” I said lamely, wondering if she intended to try and push me in the river.

“So what did you mean, then?”

Fuck a duck, but this girl was determined. I should have just kept my mouth shut.

“If you must know,” I sighed, “the wind lifted your dress, so obviously I was referring to your ass. But, hey, whatever.”

She narrowed her eyes and shook her head slowly at me.

“Yeah, and I bet you had a good look, too,” she sneered.

I was about to simply jog on past her and be done with the confrontation, when I realised I detected a hint of playfulness in her voice. She was enjoying the parry, at making me defend myself. Of twisting the truth from me. Time to play along.

“Well, van escort I certainly looked, but I wouldn’t say it was a good one. The wind had its own ideas on that score.”

She let out a short laugh.

“Yeah, let me know if the wind gets any more clever ideas,” the girl smirked, turning to walk on ahead. “I’d hate to think I was showing the world my knickers.”

I kept pace, maintaining enough distance that it didn’t look creepy to the cyclists whizzing past. The girl glanced over her shoulder, giggling at me following like a love-struck puppy.

She slid her hands down over the curve of her ass, smoothing down the dress, then caught the hem and gave a little flick so the dress flew up and briefly exposed her whole ass. Fuck, it was nice. Two perfect brown globes wobbling with every step, her plain black panties cleaving each cheek.

I swear I started panting like a cartoon wolf, and not from exertion. Leave the jogging to the other bastards; I was staying right where I was behind the girl in the daisy-print summer dress.

She reached a water fountain and stopped for a drink, bending at the hip. The dress rode up her thighs and over her ass, exposing her rear for all passers-by. Two guys drenched in sweat stopped their conversation as they trotted by, heads turning in unison to take in the girl’s exposed derrière.

“You know, you’re ass is so hot I think it needs cooling down,” I suggested.

The girl roared with laughter.

“Oh my god, did you just say that?” she wheezed, her hand covering her mouth. “That’s so corny!”

I wanted to say that it was “so horny” but even I know when to draw the line at cheese.

“I’m serious,” I insisted, pressing the water fountain on and running the water over my other hand. “Here.”

She grinned and positioned herself behind the fountain so I could lift her dress and pat my wet hand over her bare ass. Fuuuuuck it was gorgeous, nice and soft. It was turning me on something chronic.

“Feel better?” I asked breathlessly.

“Much,” she said, biting her bottom lip. “Do you have anything needs cooling down?”

Before I could answer she brushed the back of her hand up the front of my shorts, feeling my semi-erection.

“Yeah you do!” she chuckled. “Come.”

She grabbed me by the shirt-front and pulled me across the bike-path, right in the firing line of a squad of lycra-bedecked enthusiasts. They cursed us as they sped past.

“Up here,” the girl said, pointing to the shrubbery on the incline up to Coronation Drive.

The traffic is always busy and on the move along this road, and there’s nowhere for cars to stop along it. We found a tree that had views of the road but kept us relatively hidden from the bike-path users.

“Gotta get you van escort bayan cooled down,” the girl said hungrily, hurriedly untying the string on my board-shorts and pulling them down to my knees, underpants and all.

My cock sprung up in full view. I wanted to cover myself from the traffic, but the girl wouldn’t allow it.

“Don’t be a pussy,” she laughed, pulling my hands aside and admiring my cock.

She opened her mouth and slowly leaned in until her lips pressed on the head, then she darted her tongue out and spread a gob of saliva across it. Effortlessly she guided her lips across my helmet and down my shaft in one swift movement, almost swallowing me to the balls in her first mouthful. She gagged, but held her position. I could feel her throat constrict on the soft helmet of my cock.

We were observed, I noticed. Faces, indistinct and momentary, wiped past fleetingly, peering from windows. A truck driver bellowed his horn in appreciation after he’d passed, unless it was directed angrily at some moron on the road. But I’d seen his face turn in our direction as he’d sped by, so I was sure the horn was meant for us.

The girl pulled my cock from her mouth with a final dramatic suck, popping it out with a loud smacking of lips.

“Feel cooler?” she asked, a half-smile on her lips as she stared up at me earnestly.

I nodded dumbly, my balls aching for more.

“Wanna see my butt again?”

I nodded again.

The girl stood and turned to face the road, holding onto the rail fence skirting the footpath. First, she reached under her dress and slipped her panties down to below her knees, then spread her legs.

“Tell me what you want to do to me,” she urged.

The traffic was making me nervous: she’d made herself even more apparent now, and in this position she was also clearly visible to anyone down on the bike-path. While the cyclists wouldn’t have time to glance up into the bushes and see us, anyone walking at even a brisk pace could.

“Don’t you wanna see my butt?”

“Yeah, I do,” I stammered, feeling conflicted.

When the girl wiggled it I fell to temptation, and lifted that summer dress for more viewing. Her ass was beautiful, her cheeks parted in this position for me to see her cute little chocolate starfish. I swear it winked at me, the flesh contracting and relaxing to pucker her butthole.

Then I noticed the inside of her thighs were darker. I reached down and ran two fingers up one. She was dripping wet, was why. I kept sliding my fingers up until I found her pussy. It was steamy hot to the touch, and when I rubbed it I could feel her juices actually dripping down onto my hand and running between my fingers.

“Ooooh fuck me,” the girl moaned, turning back to face the traffic. escort van Another car tooted its horn in appreciation.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

I held the base of my cock and guided the tip up into her pussy. Her cunt was like a yawning chasm, and was so wet that when I drove my cock all the way home I felt the hair on my balls stick down with her pussy juice.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes…” she was gasping, bucking her hips against me.

I heard voices behind us, and glanced nervously down to the bike-path. Two older women in gym gear were pointing up at us. I couldn’t hear what they said but by the tone of their voices it wasn’t encouraging. They moved on however, shaking their heads.

I kept pumping into the girl as she gasped and moaned. She was going wild, turned on by being fucked in front of traffic in broad daylight. I suppose she was an exhibitionist, and to be honest this proved the perfect way for an exhibitionist to get off. It occurred to me this probably wasn’t the first time she’d done this.

For some reason that thought – the idea she was super slutty and I’d been lucky enough to be chosen for today’s little adventure – brought me to climax.

We were doing it without a rubber so just as I felt my cock get red hot and ready to explode, I yanked free and gave it a quick tug, feeling the sperm fill and burst from the hole on my cock-head. I aimed it between her legs but noticed some landed on her inner thigh. It oozed down over her knee with the patch of pussy juice.

“Fuck damn,” she gasped, smiling back at me, beads of sweat on her forehead.

I knew she couldn’t have cum, unless she had some mini-orgasms. Frankly, as a male I’m pretty oblivious to the female orgasm. I like to think it gave her as much pleasure as it did me.

She slid her panties off all the way and stuffed them into her handbag, then straightening her dress I held her hand as we carefully crept down the hill and back onto the bike-path. She went over to the water fountain and unabashedly began washing the sex juices off her legs, using her hand to cup the water.

I was feeling a bit embarrassed by what had just happened, but the girl just shrugged it off, and we walked for a little bit along the path, laughing about how the people in the cars would have caught only a glimpse of us doing it against the safety fence.

“I turn here,” I said when we’d reached the underpass tunnel that led to behind the hospital across the road.

“Good,” she said strangely, beaming. “Might see you again sometime.”

I suddenly felt compelled to ask for her number, but as she turned on her heel and strolled confidently off, I was struck silent. It was like she just snatched the opportunity away, perhaps to remain all mysterious.

So of course, it was only after I’d gone into the tunnel, hearing the cars speed past overhead, that it occurred to me we hadn’t even exchanged names! I’d fucked a perfect stranger in the bushes in front of traffic.

Normally I’d have taken the train home from the city, but man was I ever grateful I’d decided I’d needed the exercise today!

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