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Threesome of My Dreams

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What is she doing here?” I thought to myself as I drove into my driveway. My wife’s hot new friend Tina was here and my dick began to stir. My wife had become friends with Tina a few months ago and every since I had first met her I couldn’t get her out of my head. Even though she was 40 and 13 years my senior she had the body of a twenty year old. She was lean and trim with wide hips, a perfect ass and beautiful c-cup breasts. My wife Rebecca was also a stunner. I bit heavier but had a full curvaceous body that made any mans mouth drool. Every time I was around the two of them together my dick was always at attention. I had always wondered how I had gotten so lucky to be around such beautiful women in my life. I am just your average joe, nothing special. I had been lucky enough to be with lots of women but I knew when I saw Tina for the first time that I had to have her.

I walked up to the door of my home and eased the sliding door open. I walked in and didn’t see anybody in the living room, so I started toward the bedroom door. As I approached the door I heard Rebecca moaning. I eased up to the door and peered in and was shocked at what I saw. My wife was on her back naked moaning as Tina laid out beside her, with Rebecca’s nipple in her mouth and her left hand between Rebecca’s legs gently rubbing her clit. My eyes switched back and forth between Tina’s mouth suckling my wife’s breast and her hand bringing Rebecca closer and closer to an intense orgasm. As I eagerly watched the show before me, my hand instinctively began rubbing my cock in my jeans.

As Rebecca neared her orgasm she opened her eyes and saw me standing at the door. Her eyes grew big as she jumped out of bed and shouted “Oh Shit! Chance what are you doing here?” I smiled and looked over at Tina who was still fully dressed, looking like she was ready to die, and said “I got off early. What’s going on here?”

Tina spoke up “It’s not what it looks like. I uh…..”

Her eyes widened as she saw the bulge in my pants and it grew even more. Rebecca walked over to me and asked quietly “You’re not mad?”

“No baby. As a matter of fact I am really turned on by it.”

She smiled and wrapped one arm around my neck and ran her other hand over my rock hard cock and said “I see that.” She kissed me as she started to unbutton my jeans. She dropped down to her knees and pulled down my jeans. Tina stood in the corner awestruck at what was going on. Rebecca looked and her and smiled and said “Come on over her you need to see this cock.”

I watched Tina slowly walk over to us. She was still wearing her tight black polo shirt and mid-thigh high white kaki skirt. She walked over to me, her eyes never leaving my cock. Rebecca beckoned her to join her on her knees beside her. Tina dropped to her knees beside Rebecca and anxiously waited for my cock to come free of my boxer briefs.

Rebecca eased my briefs off and as my cock sprang free I heard Tina gasp. “Impressive isn’t it?” Rebecca asked. Tina was speechless she just stared in shock and nodded yes. Rebecca just smiled and looked up at me and said “You ready?” I quickly answered “Oh yeah.” She took my cock and slid it into her hot wet mouth and began sucking my dick. As she bobbed her head anadolu yakası escort up and down on my cock I just stood there watching this sight before me. Here I was standing in my bedroom, my wife giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life and the new object of my desired on her knees beside her watching with open anticipation.

Rebecca spit out my cock and looked at Tina and asked “You want to try some of this?”

“Oh no. I can’t do that.”

“Why not? This cock is the best.”

“I’ve never don’t that before, and I don’t think I can. There is no way that thing will fit in my mouth.”

“Sure it will. Come on I’ll show you.”

As Rebecca encouraged her Tina gently grabbed my rock hard cock in her tiny hand and gently started stroking it. With a little more encouraging she gently began to lick the underside of my cock. Then she eased the head of my dick in her mouth and began sucking. As she got used to my girth she slowly started sucking more and more of me into her mouth. “That’s right suck that dick baby!” Rebecca said to Tina as Tina began to suck my dick with more abandon. Animal instinct began to consume Tina as she began to swallow my cock into the back of her throat. I never thought it could be this good. It took all I had to keep from coating her throat with my cum.

Rebecca stood up and urged Tina to her feet. “I know that Gary doesn’t please you and you have had to look to other people to try to feel that void.”

“That’s right, but I told you that they were just there for the sex and always got finished as quickly as they started.”

“Well I promise you that this man here will bring you to heights you never thought possible.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know that you have never had an orgasm and he is going to help you out with that.”

“I don’t know, I…”

“Trust me you will love it.” Rebecca said as she took Tina in her arms and kissed her passionately. As they kissed Rebecca reached down and grabbed Tina’s shirt and pulled it over her head. As her wonderful tits bounced in her black silk bra from being freed from her shirt I began to stroke my cock as I walked up beside Tina. I took her hand and lead it to my cock as Rebecca dropped to her knees and unbuttoned Tina’s skirt. Tina began to slowly slide her hand up and down the length of my cock as I began to massage her wonderful tits through her bra. As Rebecca eased off her skirt she reached up and grabbed her panties and eased them down as I unhooked Tina’s bra. As her panties and bra fell to the floor Tina’s hand began to stroke me faster as her breathing became faster.

Rebecca led her to the bed and laid her down on her back and began to kiss her as I climbed on the bed between Tina’s legs. I lifted her right leg to my shoulder and began to kiss the inside of her knee. I looked up to see Rebecca sucking on Tina’s left tit and Tina had her eyes closed in pleasure. I smiled and slowly started kissing my way down her thigh. As I neared her hot hairy bush, Tina quickly closed her legs around my head and pushed me back, afraid of what I was about to do.

Rebecca eased her legs back open and said “Just relax. You will love this.” ataşehir escort

“I don’t know I’ve never had anyone do that before.”

I just smiled and said “Just lay back and enjoy.”

She laid back and said wearily “Ok.”

My mind was going nuts. Was I about to finally eat the pussy I have been dying to get my tongue and dick in? Yes I was and there was no turning back now.

I gently licked the inside of Tina’s thighs as my fingers gently spread her hairy pussy lips apart. My tongue slid across the soaking wet slit of her pussy teasing her clit. With the contact to her clit made Tina jump and moan out loud. As my tongue danced around her pussy her moans began louder and her breathing became faster and more erratic. I looked up to see Rebecca sitting next to Tina smiling as she watched me bring her friend much needed pleasure. I then slid my tongue back across Tina’s clit and she jumped again and I knew it was her time. I began my tongue assault on her clit and she began to go crazy. She started thrashing on the bed and moaning out loud as she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me harder into her soaked pussy. I knew she was close to her first orgasm so I slid my middle finger into her pussy and pressed against her g-spot as I sucked hard on her clit.

Then it hit her. Her body went stiff as her orgasm rocked her body. She laid there motionless as my mouth and face was flooded with her nectar. She finally screamed out in pleasure as she glamped her legs around my head. As her orgasm subsided she released my head. I looked up and saw Rebecca rubbing hit clit fast bringing herself to an orgasm. As I knelt up on the bed between Tina’s legs she was still in a different world. Her eyes were glazed over as she continued to come down off her first orgasmic high.

“Holy shit! What the fuck was that?” asked Tina.

Rebecca laughed and said “That my friend was your first orgasm. What did you think?”

“That was incredible.”

“Well get ready cause we are just getting started.” Rebecca smiled at Tina as she smiled back at her. Rebecca then crawled over to me and kissed me passionately. As we kissed she pulled me down to the bed on top of her. “Fuck me now.” Rebecca told me as she broke our kiss. I quickly positioned myself between her legs and slammed my throbbing cock all the way into her. She let out a groan of pleasure as my cock bottomed out in her pussy. As I began to piston my cock in and out of her pussy she wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me in even deeper. It didn’t take her long to reach her second orgasm of the night as she let out a loud yell of pleasure. As she orgasmed I slammed into her as far as I could go and held it there until she came done off her orgasm. “Wow! You make me cum so good. Now it is her turn.”

Tina’s eyes sparkled as she realized she was about to get the fucking of her life. I stepped off the bed and pulled Tina to the edge of the bed. Tina looked nervous and said “I don’t know about this. I’ve never had a dick this big before. Gary looks like a matchstick compared to this monster.” I just smiled and said “Relax I will take good care of you.”

I dropped to my knees and spread her aydınlı escort lips apart again and started licking her wonderful pussy again. She started moaning and creaming instantly. I stood up and started rubbing the head of my dick against her clit. She rolled her eyes back into her head and let out a moan. I eased my head to the entrance to her hot pussy. As I began to enter her I was quickly met with resistance as she was very tight. I gently pushed a few inches in before pulling out and easing more in on the next push. I continued this until I bottomed out in her pussy. “Holy fuck! That’s a big dick!” Tina moaned as I eased my dick almost all the way out before slamming back in all the way. I began to pick up the pace as she began to get used to the length and girth of my dick. As I began to really pound in and out of her she began to thrash about again as I knew she was close to cumming again. I took this opportunity to rub her clit with my thumb. This put her over the edge as her second orgasm rocked her hard. Her pussy gushed her cum as I slammed into her over and over again. I pulled my cock out and Rebecca quickly crawled over to us and took my cock in her mouth and sucked off Tina’s cum.

Tina laid there on dream street again as Rebecca turned around and prepared to get mounted from behind. I quickly kneeled on the bed behind her and guided my dick into her waiting pussy. I began slamming into Rebecca’s pussy hard and fast and she began to push back against my thrusts. Tina rose to her knees and crawled over to me and kissed me as I continued to pound into Rebecca.

“You gonna fuck me like that?” Tina asked as I continued my furious fucking.

“If you think you can handle it.”

“Oh I can handle it big boy now come over here and fuck me!” Tina said as she bent over on all fours. I pulled out of Rebecca and lined myself behind Tina. I slammed my cock all the way into her waiting pussy and began fucking her with everything I had. Rebecca laid down in front of Tina and Tina quickly dropped her head to Rebecca’s waiting pussy. “You are definitely a quick learner. That’s just the way I like it.” Rebecca said as Tina began licking Rebecca’s pussy like her life depended on it.

As I watched my beautiful wife getting her pussy ate by her best friend while I fucked the shit out of one of the best pussies I ever had I knew that I would not last much longer. Rebecca must have noticed it and told Tina. “He’s ready to burst. You gonna let him cum all over you? Huh? You gonna let him cum all over that beautiful face of yours?”

“Yes! Yes! Cum all over my face! Cum all over my face!” Tina yelled as she was slammed into her third orgasm of the night. I pulled out and began to jack off as Tina knelt below me. I grunted as my cum erupted from my cock. The first burst slammed across her forehead. The next bursts landed on her cheeks and nose as I continued to cum. As my last bit of cum dribbled onto her chin and tits she sat there speechless at the amount I had cum. “Holy shit! That’s a lot of cum!”

Rebecca laughed as she took my cock in her hand. “The best part is he is just getting started. Look. He is still rock hard.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No. He has at least to cum at least two more times before he is finished.”

Tina smiled and crawled over to me still covered in my cum and said “Well in that case…” as she took my cock back into her mouth. I thought to myself this is going to be a hell of a day.


If you like this story let me know and I will continue this awesome day!

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