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Mom Knows Best Ch. 02

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Immediately after their discussion with Princess Kira, Sabrina and John phoned the reception to arrange a meeting with the hotel physician and another one with the man named Rajiv who would teach Sabrina in the art of wearing properly a saree. He insisted on meeting immediately for the first contact the two of them. John was puzzled and disappointed as he wanted to have a short walk in the city. Rajiv promised he would not keep them too long.

They discovered that Rajiv did not want to cause an incident during the meal or in the hotel. He explained that a saree could be worn quite conservatively with the belly nearly fully covered and the navel concealed by the fabric or much more sexily with the saree worn low, the navel proudly exhibited and the belly as uncovered as possible. Sabrina would have opted for the conservative way but John had other ideas.

– Darling, I love you and I want for you always the sexiest outfits, from now on.

It was the first time that John’s ideas would prevail on his mother’s. So far, Sabrina had kept the upper position in their relations but since they had decided for this honeymoon trip, things had become to change rapidly. Sabrina had discovered that her son had become more self assertive and that herself more submissive just as she had been with her first husband. If he wanted that she wears the saree as he liked, why not try to please him?

– OK, luv. I will put it on as you want!

So while John went to visit the town, Sabrina had her first lesson. The garment was flimsy, flowing and form fitting. A short skirt and even more a short would have been rather wanton, compared with the elegance of the saree but Sabrina was very aware of the fact that all her curves although discreetly covered were simultaneously in full display.

– Oh, Rajiv, this saree is superb but I can’t wear it in public. It’s too. . . erotic. My breasts and buttocks are too much visible!

– Non sense, Mrs Putnam, you just need to get accustomed to it. What about a walk into the city looking for your husband?

– OK! I will change immediately!

– Not at all. Just put on some shoes. High heels should befit your figure.

So ten minutes later, Sabrina had her first walk in an Indian city, wearing a saree. She noted that most women were wearing more European looking clothes such as Salwar or lengha. Sabrina with her sexy outfit was followed by the lewd eyes of many men and the scornful gaze of as many women. Rajiv seemed not to care so Sabrina decided to follow his example. It was quite a turn on for her to being watched that way. An observer could have noted that she was now placing her feet on the same line like a top model at a show. It was sufficient to make her hips swivel when she was walking and attracting even more of public attention even though she didn’t do it on purpose. When they stumbled on John, he immediately recognized Rajiv but was stunned when he discovered that Sabrina, the shy Sabrina was following him with several men leering after her.

– My god, Sabrina, you look as if you had always worn a saree. You look exotic and sexy.

– Thank you, darling. Rajiv insisted I wear it while we were looking for you.

– He was quite right about it. I think I will ask you to wear a saree on occasions when we are back in the States.

– If you want, hon.

– Just a problem with your bra. The blouse, the choli if I remember it properly, is too low cut. I can see your bra. Rajiv, is it OK?

– No, sir. When she put it on, the bra was not visible. The choli must have moved somewhat when she was walking. Finding a choli of the matching color tomorrow may be difficult. I would advise you to just take off your bra.

– Going to the reception with no bra under my dress, impossible!

– May I point out that Princess Kira was not wearing one either when we met her?

– You think so?

– Yes, her nipples were erect at the end of our discussion and were poking through the silk.

– In that case, I will, too.

– You have toilets here, take it off there and see if it suits you!

– Thank you Rajiv!

Thus Sabrina walked back to the hotel bus and then returned to their palace hotel without a bra. She was proud discovering that her breasts did not sag down significantly. John seemed to appreciate her slightly more mobile tits as she could see a tent form under his fly. When he was so much excited, she was always in for a two hours or more long delicious fucking session. She became instantly wet just thinking what John would do to her. During the last months, since the last of her sons had left to build their own lives, their fucking had become steadily more rewarding for her with earth shattering orgasms each time. You could easily become addicted to such pleasure and she was, completely, into it.

In the hotel restaurant, the other guests applauded Sabrina when she entered the hall still wearing her saree. When John closed the door of their bedroom behind them, Sabrina knew she would have little sleep that night. John pulled up her saree, unwrapping her like a Christmas gift, bonus veren siteler leaving her in petticoat and choli with just panties underneath. John took off all her garments, ripping her panties in his frenzy.

– Shit! Why do you bother to wear panties? They just impede me when I want to fuck you. Tomorrow, we will visit the Taj Mahal. You will wear your saree but I don’t want you to wear any undies for the rest of our honeymoon!.

– Even in the swimming pool?

– I would like, silly girl, but Indian people are rather prudish. When we are back home, You will discard all those undies and swimming suit. You will use only our own swimming pool naked. It’s secluded enough from outside view.

– As you want, hon.

John made Sabrina on her knees in front of him. It was another feature of his ever more domineering mood. Except for the first night of their affair, he had not asked for a blow job but since he had moved his belongings in her bedroom, he had taken the habit of beginning always thus. In order to please him, she had done all her efforts to become the best cocksucker he would ever meet. Her submissiveness had flared accordingly.

John pushed his cock into her mouth, invading slowly her throat as she relaxed her muscles to let him in. Her lips were caressing his engorged shaft while her teeth were nibbling at the foreskin, sending electric jolts to John’s brain. He was gaining in length and girth, forcing her to open even wider her mouth. Her tongue was caressing the underside of his cock, sucking on his head when he was pulling out. This evening, he was bigger than usual. If it was the result of her wearing a saree without a bra, she was ready to put one on every day. It may even be better if she did not put on a panty underneath. The next day would tell.

Sabrina concentrated on her task. She at last sensed his semen rushing through his erect cock and erupting into her eager mouth. She managed to simultaneously swallow his huge load while milking him completely. He slowly pulled out of her mouth.His sixth or seventh spurt splashed against her face, covering it with his goo from her eyes to her chin. Some droplets even ended in her hair. John found her so wanton that he took a picture of her face dripping with his jizm. He then ordered her to scoop the sperm on her face with her fingers and lick them clean. He was treating her, his mother, as a cheap street whore. She felt ashamed, her face was crimson from embarrassment but she was terribly turned on by his lewd orders.

– You should not blush so easily, Mom. I want you as my fuck toy for the rest of our lives and I am planning to make you discover all the fantasies I have in my mind with you as the star.

– You. . . You always dreamt of fucking me!

– For years, sure. And now, I want you to discover all the various pleasures sex can offer. So far, we have been rather shy but now that we may pretend to be husband and wife, I want a sexy and wanton wife that will make every one envious.

Their short discussion had been sufficient to provide him with a proud erection.

– Sab, climb on the small table. On your four, with your back toward me, OK. Now part your legs as wide as possible and let your head drop on to the table. I am going to fuck you doggie style. We never tried that positionÉ

– Anything you want, hon! I am now your loving wife and I want you to show me all the things a newly wed bride must know!

John had just to position himself behind Sabrina’s bottom and push forward. His mother was sopping wet and ready to welcome him in. She screamed when she felt him banging against her cervix.

– Oh, John, I feel you so deep inside me. Ohhh, It’s sooo pleasaaant! Continue, please, harder. . . deeper. . . Ahhha, again, please.

Sabrina was proud of her son’s performance, able to fuck her with his long hard cock just minutes after having filled her mouth with his hot sperm. She clamped her internal muscles around his erection, trying to give him as much pleasure as she could. In her mind, it was what should be expected from any loving wife. At this instant, she was no more his mother, eighteen years older than him but a woman in love, ready to do anything to please her hubby.

John was now moving in and out of her cunt at an ever increasing tempo. Sabrina was moaning continuously. John was by far a better lover than his father had been, longer and harder cock and vastly superior stamina. Even when she was at University and had had dates with different boys, she had never experienced anything like what she was experimenting, a man ready to fuck her a long time to give her a series of tremendous multiple orgasms and strong enough to regain maximum hardness in minutes.

John moaned and stiffened. His cock erupted once more in her womb, triggering her own climax. She felt as if fireworks were exploding around her. It was fortunate she was still on the pill. Her fertile period may be in a fortnight but it’s better to be careful, with John having recently decided to fuck her always bareback. She feared that he would soon bahis deny her to use pills. She already felt so guilty with their affair, she could not face the situation of her being pregnant from her own son with a baby that would be her child and her grand child together. . .

She was still thinking on how she should react if John told her he wanted a baby from her when he pulled himself slowly out of her cunt. He was not flaccid at all. Just a few touches of his hand on his cock were enough to restore his youthful hardness. He put some lotion for the hands on his cock and lubricated profusely her ass hole. She arched down her back to make her buttocks more prominent and parted her ass cheeks with both her hands in order to help him as much as she could. She had better as each time he had ass fucked her without lubricant, she had been sore for days. Moreover, he had told her repeatedly that it was much more enjoyable for him that way. Such a declaration sounded like orders for her.

John let her then take some sleep but he woke her around two AM to fuck her once more. The walls of the honeymoon suite were thick but a few guests were fortunate enough to hear her screams of ecstasy. Their wives were privileged to enjoy the immediate outcome.

The bus transport to the Taj Mahal was scheduled at eight AM. Sabrina was ready nearly forty minutes earlier. Following the orders from her son, she wore neither bra nor panties underneath and her saree was worn low to show her belly button. John found her so sexy that he bunched up her saree and her petticoat and fucked her fully clothed, leaning on the back of an armchair. After a very gratifying moment for both of them, Sabrina had to restore completely her make up. They arrived just in time for the bus. Rajiv was their guide for the day. He welcomed them and congratulated her for wearing perfectly her saree. He just advised her to wear higher heels to enhance her figure somewhat more.

During a mid distance halt for refreshments, Rajiv ushered Sabrina and her son into a small shoe retail shop. They found there five inches stilettos, the only ones matching her saree color. Sabrina was not used to wear so high heels and stumbled awkwardly to the bus. Rajiv told her to practice walking in the bus central lane. At the beginning, John had to help her to prevent her from falling but when they arrived to their destination, she had gotten the knack of it. During the visit of the monument, she did not try to run but she didn’t either linger in the back of the group. She felt sufficiently at ease to put on her new high heels at the dinner with princess Kira. The princess complimented Sabrina on her outfit and the ease with which she was wearing it all.

– One century ago, you could have been one of my waiting maids!

– Thank you, princess. I would have been honored.

During all their stay in India, Rajiv did his best to meet her alone but John was always around them. Sabrina was wearing everyday her sarees (she had several now) and nothing underneath. It did not bother her any more. John had not tried to have her discard her pills as she had expected and that had left her a sour taste as if he had lost interest in her. He had remained exactly the same, loving and caring, eager to fuck her any time but he seemed to have no intention of breeding her.

When they flew back home, Sabrina proposed John to wear a saree again but he did not agree. He chose a rather short, around mid thigh, denim skirt, the shortest she had picked when she had prepared her luggage and a blue choli they had bought in Delhi. Her belly would be even more on view than when she was wearing her sarees. Although she was no more in her twenties, the outfit perfectly suited her slender figure and the high heels John had told her to put on emphasized her perfect look. The only problem for her was that John had forbid her to wear a bra or panties underneath. Her slightly swinging breasts in her clinging choli were sufficiently interesting for the men around to attract their attention on her but her short skirt requested a continuous attention from Sabrina. She had to be careful when she sat in the waiting lounge to keep the man facing her to have a direct view on her panty free cunt. But she had also to think twice before bending to pick something on the floor. Otherwise, her skirt would have rolled up and let everyone watch her bare buttocks.

John whispered at her ear :

– Darling, you are really cute and sexy. I won’t be able to wait until we are back home before fucking you.

– Every one considers now that you are my Lord and Master. The decision is no longer mine, just up to you.

They had a transfer at the Singapore airport with a two hours delay there. They looked for some quiet place but none was really available. They finally went to the toilets and discovered that there was a larger room for handicapped people that suited perfectly their needs. Sabrina bunched her skirt around her waist and pushed up her choli. She bent at the waist above the higher than usual toilets bowl and opened wide her legs without being deneme bonusu told by John, She turned her head toward him.

– I am ready, love.

John opened his fly and his cock sprang out, ostensibly eager to fill any hole it may find. The door was not soundproof, so Sabrina thought wise to calm him somewhat.

– Please gag me with anything you have on hand. Otherwise I may scream and attract attention.

– OK but with what? Uhh I know!

He plunged into a plastic bag with things he had just bought at an airport shop. It was a big brown vibrator.

– It was a gift for your anniversary. You will just get it in advance.

John made it into her mouth slowly to let her get accustomed to its not negligible size until the fake balls at the extremity touched her chin. It was the moment he had chosen to begin to enter her, parting her cunt lips and opening her slowly but steadily. She moaned in her gagged mouth and tried not to hamper his penetration. She bent back her head and closed her eyes in bliss as he was filling her to the hilt. He began his in and out moves, triggering waves of pleasure in her belly while his hands massaged her breasts and his fingers groped her nipples and rolled, pinched them pulling them down until she moaned convulsively. Her climax was shattering and she had tremendous difficulties not to fall on the bowl. She needed several minutes before recovering enough to open her eyes.

John was still deeply embedded in her cunt but he was now presenting blisters of pills to her eyes. God! It was her contraceptive pills he must have taken in her wallet. She had not taken one this morning. She had better take one in a hurry. She took out the vibrator from her mouth.

– Yes, give me one. I forgot this morning! I’m on my fertile period.

– Nope. You will never need them any more. I want you to be the mother of my babies.

They were at the crossroads she had been afraid to reach some day. Her son wanted her to become a mother again and wanted to sire her offspring. His decision rekindled her guilty feelings : she should never have agreed to be the date of her son and when the evening had taken a sexual twist, she should have stopped everything. She had on the contrary let develop their mutual affection. She was terribly ashamed just acknowledging that she had expected that her son would want her to give him children. In fact, she couldn’t wait for him to make his move and assume his prerogatives in their couple. If he wanted a big family with her, she would never oppose him. For the time being, she resolved to offer a token opposition.

– No it’s impossible. I am your mother.

– Fuck. You are no more my mother. You are my wife and I intend to have several children from you. If princess Kira was right, four or six pairs of twins would be perfect for me. And for you?

– I would have loved to have two or three babies after you.

– Forget it. You will soon be the mother of a large family as Pincess Kira had promised you.

While he told her so, he was opening the blisters and one after the other let the precious pills fall into the toilet bowl where she could see them under the water. He waited until the last pill had been discarded before filling her womb with his hot potent seed. After several minutes, he slowly pulled out of her cunt replacing immediately his cock by the vibrator she had spit out.

– Just to make sure that all my semen will remain inside you until we are arrived.

– As you have decided.

– Now flush yourself the bowl and swear never to use any.

– I swear it, Honey.

The tests in the following days proved that she had conceived that day, bent over the toilet bowl of the Singapore airport. Four months later, they watched together the first images of the twin babies that developed in her womb as princess Kira had predicted.

Sabrina had a PhD and John had a master degree. They decided to take all the possible precautions to keep their unusual relations out of public knowledge.

They used all their spare time to look for a new larger home with some land around to cater for the needs of the large family John wished. Nobody who knew them as mother and son should live in the vicinity. They found what they wished in a small community ten miles from the center of their town.

They changed their appearance, too. John let his beard grow in order to look maybe ten years older. Sabrina oppositely let her hair get longer and flowing. With a slightly blonder shade, she would look younger. Now John looked just a bit older than his wife, nothing unusual about it.

As Sabrina moulded herself into her new role of John’s young and sexy bride, she completely changed her clothing, dressing up with the only objective to please him. He had precisely depicted how he would like her to appear and she was so deeply engrossed in her love for him that she never even imagined to rebel against his wishes. Now she was always wearing short (sometimes very short) skirts, mini shorts and low cut blouses. Whenever she had a formal occasion, she would sometimes put on a gown but always with a slit that daringly exposed her thigh. Under her garments, there was no bra or underwear to constrain her except suspenders and nylon stockings. Sabrina could never been seen even in her bathroom without her five inches high spiked heels.

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