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Wanda Labors with Desire

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This takes place after Wanda Maid Mad.


Julie had been working nights staking out the home of a high-value bail skip. He finally got a chance to sleep in his own bed after getting the drop on the unsuspecting fugitive. Wanda was thrilled to have Julie home to snuggle with. She had been experiencing the very vivid dreams associated with pregnancy. Julie was good about making love in the morning when he got home from his stakeout shift but it was difficult for Wanda to wait some nights. She had been having some of the sexiest dreams lately. She would wake up aching to have sex to find Julie’s side of the bed empty.

Wanda was excited about the prospect of post-dream sex. Wanda didn’t know if it was the changes to her own body but she had been having really erotic dreams about women and women’s bodies. She was sure that Julie’s kink of her showing off in public had affected her. She was dreaming about her and her cousins in public situations. She was okay with that but the dream where she and her cousin were involved in degrading sex had really shaken her. The other night she dreamt that she and her cousins were lined up bent over the supermarket checkout counter guys were lining up to use them sexually while her high school principal worked the cash register. The customers ranged from Antonio Banderas and the guy from Hercules to her high school bullies. The dream would go from sexy to a nightmare depending on who was taking her at the time. The roller coaster of sex with the cast of Dawson’s Creek to getting taken from behind by a guy who used to snap your bra in school drove Wanda crazy. Wanda saw Julie standing in line waiting and watching as Wanda was pounded by the stoner kid from the convenience store. Wanda was concerned about what Julie would think and then he took his place behind her cousin Tanya.

Wanda woke up wanting sex in the worst way after that dream. Finding Julie gone meant that she had to take matters into her own hands literally. Wanda worried as the imagery she found most sexy was the stuff that disturbed her the most. Watching her husband cheating with her cousin. Or having her breasts roughly milked by ex-best friends as a crowded store watched. Wanda wasn’t able to tell anybody about the dream or how hard she had orgasmed from thinking about it.

Almost as if on cue Wanda had another of her sexy dreams the first night Julie was home. Wanda woke up hot and sweaty and slick and prepared to take care of herself when she realized the mass behind her was her still fairly new husband. Wanda excitedly rolled the sleeping lump onto his back. Julie’s eyes swung open as Wanda straddled him. Now that Wanda was twenty-some weeks along, her baby bump prominent enough that woman on top sex had become pretty standard.

Instead of trying to explain her need for sex Wanda just pulled her shirt off. she noted how fast Julie rose to full mast bahis siteleri at the sight of her bra covered tits. He was so reliable. Wanda felt Julie grasp the sides of her hips trying to get a hold of her panties to slide off. Wanda shook her head and pulled her panties to the side and took Julie inside her. Julie was shocked at how fast she took him with no foreplay or warm-up at all.

Wanda was grinding into Julie with abandon when she decided to tell Julie about her dream. Julie was curious but unsure where this was going. Wanda told him that If he didn’t think it was sexy he could just sit quietly and stare at her breasts. While unsnapping her bra. Julie couldn’t argue with that as he gazed at her huge pregnancy boobs.

“We were in the school gym.” she started.

“Who’s we?” Julie asked.

“Me, my cousins, you, your cousin Raphie, and Dillon and his crew.” Wanda answered.

“Okay.” Julie said.

“Raphie was groping Ashley and Britney through their shirts.” Wanda said.

“Were they liking getting felt up?” Julie asked his interest peaked.

“They seemed to but it made Dillon mad seeing his sister getting felt up by a Mexican.” Wanda responded.

Julie nodded his understanding as Wanda picked up the pace and pressure that she was grinding into him as she recounted the details of her dream.

“Raphie challenged them to a basketball game. If our team won You and Raphie got to fuck Ashley and Britney and if their team Won then they got to have their way with me.” Wanda said her neck rolling as she spoke the dirty words.

“Wow.” was all Julie could say.

“All of a sudden the gym bleachers were full of cheering spectators.” Wanda continued a Julie got harder as this sounded delightfully familiar.

“Dillon’s team were now wearing rubber presidents masks like in that movie you took me to.” Wanda said revealing a weird detail.

“How did you know it was still Dillon’s friends playing if they were wearing masks?” Julie asked curious.

“Well you could tell Dillon was Ronald Reagan because he was kind of chunky. His really tall friend whose ribs you broke in class was Lincoln, Britney was Nixon, Ashley was Clinton and Dillon’s friend that tried to touch my breast in class was Washington.” Wanda told him.

“The girls were playing?” Dillon asked.

“Yes a co-ed game, My cousins were on our team.” Wanda said.

Julie was shocked by how hard his wife was pressing into his pelvis. She was really into the story she was telling.

“We weren’t doing very well. You and Raphie were missing shots left and right.” She told him.

“Yeah, I kind of suck at basketball.” Julie admitted.

“Dillon started taunting me about finally getting my pink little pussy.” Wanda told her husband.

Julie felt a chill as he imagined the hated Dillion talking like that to his wife.

“I canlı bahis siteleri was getting desperate as they continued to score on us. I was horrified at the thought of Dillon on top of me. Somehow I thought he would kill our baby if I let him fuck me.” Wanda explained.

“You were pregnant in your dream?” Julie asked.

“I wasn’t but somehow I was, I don’t know it was a dream.” Wanda continued.

“What did you do about not wanting to lose?” Julie asked.

“I started exposing my cousins.” Wanda said to a shocked Julie.

“What?” Julie gasped in surprise as his dick throbbed inside Wanda.

“I started pulling their jerseys up to expose their tits.” Wanda said grinding Julie like never before.

“Why?’ Julie quizzed.

“To distract the other team.” Wanda said.

“What did your cousins do?” Julie asked clearly interested.

“They were furious, but I didn’t want to get fucked by those guys.”

“You would rather me fuck Britney and Ashley?” Julie asked teasing.

“I didn’t think it through but yeah I’d rather that than let those pigs get me with their dicks.” Wanda said.

Julie didn’t push it because Ashley had actually sucked him off one time when he was strapped to a chair.

“Did flashing your cousins work?” Julie asked.

“At first, but I had to keep upping the ante to keep the other team making mistakes.” she said.

“Upping the ante how?” Julie asked as she ground hard into his erection.

“Dillon’s friends started pulling my cousins’ shorts down and fingered them through their panties while the crowd watched and cheered.” Wanda said getting really turned on by the memory of her own being exposed to a crowd and felt up.

“Did your cousins’ distraction work?” Julie asked picturing the sisters in his head.

“Well then Britney and Ashley started cheating too.” Wanda continued.

“Cheating how?” Julie asked.

“Britney stripped off her uniform and was just in her tennis shoes and Nixon mask. Your cousin kept running around and sticking her in the ass with his dick.” Wanda said a little mad about Raphie’s actions in the dream.

“What about Ashley?” Julie asked.

“She started sucking you off. She was wearing the Clinton mask.” Wanda continued.

Julie winced a bit. He got the irony of getting sucked off by a girl in a Blow Job Billy Clinton mask but the thought wasn’t very sexy to him. He also was a little wary about the whole Ashley sucking him off in real life thing. They never discussed that but Julie figured it was a sore spot for his wife.

“So it was basically one on one with me and Dillon. All the rest of you were Wrapped up with the other players. Dillon was doing pretty good so I took of my jersey to distract him. The crowd was chanting for my tits.” Wanda said having a powerful pregnancy orgasm as she shared the dirty güvenilir bahis memory.

Jule didn’t let her off the hook and wanted more details, sensing that Wanda could go over a second time if she pushed on.

“Then what?” Julie asked as he pumped his wife from below.

“Dillon couldn’ help but grab my bare tits.” she said as a second climax built.

‘Yeah, I hear he likes to do that.” Julie cracked.

“The ref called foul and the whole game came down to my foul shot.” Wanda said.

“Wow, high pressure.” Julie said.

“Yeah, so I was lined up to take the shot.” Wanda said.

“Topless?” Julie asked making sure.

“Yes topless, I was about to shoot when Dillon came up behind me and yanked my shorts down.” Wanda said as her walls tightened around Julie’s erection.

“The crowd was cheering for my bare pussy, and my shot went wide.” Wanda recalled.

Julie was holding his breath waiting for his wife to continue the story.

“Dillon grabbed me under the arms and lifted me into the stands. I was passed around the crowd like it was a mosh pit. My shorts were pulled off my feet. My ass and tits were groped and I felt fingers slip into my pussy as I made my way around the stands. When I made it back to the court Dillon was naked exept for the Reagan mask.”

“What about the rest of the team?” Julie asked as he pumped away at his close to climaxing wife.

“The goons were holding you down on your knees.” Wanda said.

“Yeah only in dream land.” Julie quipped.

“Raphie was busy groping Ashley and Britney. My cousins were just watching in horror as the crowd carried me toward he naked Dillon and his evil Reagan mask.” Wanda continued.

“You’re such a Democrat.” Julie joked.

“My dad is the one always going on about Republicans fucking black people not me.” Wanda said.

“Well, it sounds like some of that rubbed off on you.” Julie said amused.

“The crowd had my legs spread apart as the carried me to Dillon’s erect schlong.” Wanda continued.

I remember feeling his little penis brush against my open pussy and slowly slide past my wet lips. I threw my head back so as not to see Reagan’s evil smirk as he slid all the way into me. I opened my mouth in shock and your cousin from out of nowhere appeared and shoved his horsecock into my mouth.” Wanda said as she exploded into a second orgasm.

“And then?” Julie asked as he felt his own climax building.

“And then I woke up.” Wanda said rolling off of her husband.

“Babe? You’re just going to leave me hanging?” Julie asked surprised.

“Julie, I think I just had a contraction.” Wanda said scared.

“It’s too early you’re not even thirty weeks in. I read pregnancy books while I am on stake out. Its just Braxtons contractions.” Julie said confidently.

“You read pregnancy books?” Wanda asked admiringly.

“Yeah.” Julie said proudly.

“You know about Braxton Hicks contractions?” Wanda asked.

“Yeah probably triggered by two massive orgasms some stud just gave you.” Julie joked proudly.

“What did your book say about my water just breaking?” Wanda said to her stunned husband.

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