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Laura’s Strawberry Shortcake

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This is a continuation from “Laura’s Cherry Pie” and if stories involving a woman’s menstrual cycle are offensive to you please don’t read any further.

* * * * *

Once Laura and I had worn each other out she let me use the applicator to insert a tampon into her pussy so that her juices would not be wasted on the bed. We fell asleep with my head on her thigh and her hand on my cock. As the sun poured in the window the next morning Laura’s alarm clock went off and I was treated to the vision of bloody flow seeping out from around her tampon; even the tampon’s string was damp.

“You’re leaking,” I told her as I licked my lips. Laura spread her legs wider and I buried my face between her heavenly lips. Licking and sucking all over her as I didn’t want to miss a single solitary drop. Once I had the lips and the top of her thigh cleaned up I took the string of her tampon between my teeth and slowly pulled it out.

Her tampon was absolutely soaked with her bloody run off. Getting it all of the way out I placed it on the other side of her and dove back into her vagina. My tongue probing as deep as it would go feasting on her monthly flow. She was squirming under my cuntal attack as she found my asshole with her fingers and had jabbed two of them all of the way up there up to her knuckles.

Soon Laura was bathing my face with her cum as I continued to lick and swallow all she had to give me. Satisfied Laura rubbed my head and told me, “That was fucking fantastic.”

Grabbing the tampon I swirled to face her beautiful face and placing one end of the material in my mouth I leaned toward her. Deftly Laura caught the other end and we began licking and sucking the deposits out of the tampon together. Unfortunately, this didn’t last too long as I let go of my end to tell her, “Shit, I really have to go piss.”

“Well then let’s go,” she responded enthusiastically. As we got to the bathroom Laura dumped the destroyed tampon in the garbage and sat on the toilet. Motioning for me to come over Laura gave me a sinister smile. Standing in front of her my prick was at her eye level. Leaning forward she took the head of my penis into her mouth and did nothing.

When I didn’t begin pissing she popped me in the ass with her hand signaling me to go ahead. Relaxing I was finally able to release the piss into her throat. I could hear her feverishly gulping as my urine kept filling her mouth. Evidently having drunk enough Laura removed my pecker from her mouth and aimed my piss all over her body especially her breasts and twat. It looked like a rain storm hitting her body.

Under the bathroom lights her wet breasts seemed to glisten and shine. Moaning she ran her hands all over her wet body giving me quite a show. Leaning down she licked the top side of one of her boobs clean of my urine. Then looking up at me with big puppy dog eyes asked, “Are you thirsty? Get into the bathtub and I’ll serve you your drink.

“Fuck yes,” I replied. In seconds I was in the tub with my mouth surrounding her pee hole and my hands on her sweet ass. She placed both of her hands on my head while bracing her feet against the sides of the tub.

“Fuck, you sexy bastard; drink up, drink my fucking piss from my nasty snatch,” she exhorted. Then her golden nectar began gushing into my mouth. I gulped and gulped for everything I was worth. Her salty warm fluid tasted heavenly to me but I couldn’t swallow it fast enough as it began leaking out the edges of my mouth.

Golden streams began flowing down my chin working their way to my chest Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort and points beyond. When her bladder was emptied in me and on me I stood up and we had a wonderfully passionate pissy kiss as our tongues danced merrily together. Then Laura spun around and ground her rear against my crotch hungrily.

Wasting no time I pulled back and aimed right for her nasty cunt. Laura held onto the wall as I pounded her cunt without mercy. Thrust after hard thrust my prick darted in and out of her sweetness. Just then the alarm clock went off for the second time. Fearing that she would call a halt to things in mid-fuck I started ramming her even harder.

However, she didn’t put a stop to things but only became more aggressive as she used the muscles of her twat to squeeze me even harder trying to milk out my cum. Meanwhile her hips were rising up to meet my thrusts. It didn’t take long for me to fill her honey pot with my own deposit as I felt her juices surround my pecker.

As my cock slid out of her pussy my menstruating lover turned on the water. We spent the next twelve minutes helping each other scrub all of the remnants of our kinky love making from our bodies. We played a little but when the alarm went off yet again Laura jumped out of the bathtub and reached for her towel and threw me one.

Neither of us could afford to be late for work so we hurriedly dressed and went to the kitchen. Once there she tossed me a couple of doughnuts and we each grabbed a can of soda and sucked them down. Walking up to me she purred, “If you come back tonight I’ll let you have more fun with my fucking bloody pussy; I’ll even give you some Strawberry shortcake you kinky bastard.”

OF course, I readily agreed to come back and we kissed gently once more before we each got in our own cars and headed to work. It was a long day. I was anxiously awaiting quitting time as I knew Laura’s delights were waiting for me. I lusted for her Cherry Pie but, what did she mean by offering me strawberry shortcake? My prick stayed hard all day just thinking about the night ahead and the wonders of her bloody cunt.

Just after lunch Laura called me and suggested that we each stop for fast food on the way over to her place so we would have more time to play around. It sounded like a great plan to me. Finally it was time to leave. I raced for the door and sped out of there right into the first drive through I came to. I didn’t even really taste the food but it was gone before I parked the car at her place. I ran to the door like a fool as she wasn’t even there.

Straightening my hair I looked down the street waiting for her. An eternity of a minute passed before Laura swung her car in and parked it. Meeting her I gave her a big bear hug and a soft kiss before letting her unlock the door, saying, “Hi there sexy lady.”

“Hi there yourself; you know what, my tits are swollen, and my pussy lips are puffy, I am gushing blood like a bitch in heat, and haven’t changed my tampon all fucking day. So, get your fucking ass inside and hug my cunt and see what you think now of hot bloody twats. Don’t give me any fucking small talk it is time to put up or shut up.”

Laura ran inside and took a position in front of the easy chair as I followed closely behind her slamming the door on my way. Greeted by the brilliant red of her panties I smashed my face into her crotch as she pulled her dress off over her head. The gyrating movement of her hips was driving me nuts and my nostrils were filled with the smells of her bloody pussy. I began to pull down her undies when she stopped me.

“Oh God, Laura, I want your hot bloody twat in my mouth right now. Your nasty hole smells fucking wonderful, Oh fuck let me lick up your mother fucking cunt; your stench is driving me nuts,” I begged just as I inhaled deeply. Whipping around she shoved her big ass in my face.

“You talk as if we are dogs. So, sniff my ass like the stud you are, sniff your bitch’s bloody hot cunt.” Sniffing for all I could I ran my hands all over her panties. As I did this she took off her bra and tossed it aside while still grinding my face.

“Laura, this is fucking nasty, but please come on let me rip these god damn panties off that sexy ass?” No man had ever sounded more desperate than I did at that moment. Feeling sympathy for me Laura fell down into my lap and put her arms around my neck. Snuggling up to me she gave me a sultry kiss before speaking again.

“Ok my sexy bastard I tell you what I came home for lunch and got a surprise ready for you. Stay here and take off EVERY shred of clothes and come straight back to my room. Now, don’t just throw your clothes off take them off just like you do when you don’t have my steamy HOT bloody cunt waiting for your hungry mouth.” Sliding off of my lap Laura went to the kitchen and buzzed back to her room carrying a bag.

Hurriedly I discarded my clothing thinking about the contents of the bag. Removing my briefs my cock bounced hitting me in the stomach. I was excited and thought I had gotten undressed too fast so I stood there for a minute or so just waiting. Deciding not to worry about the bag I sauntered, as casually as I could, to her room.

When I got there the towels were replaced by a sheet of plastic covered by a thin piece of cotton material. She was laying on the bed tweaking her nipples with the bag laying beside her. Excitedly I blurted out, “My God you look so fucking sexy, Laura.”

“Well, come here and take off my panties and drag out my tampon. Then, have a seat in the chair while I show you the surprise. Oh, you can suck the tampon if you wish.” As I put my knee on the bed the plastic crackled. Roughly I ripped down her panties as she lifted her hips for me. The moment the panties were off of her feet she spread her legs wide showing off her wonders. Wanting to get on with whatever she had in mind I quickly found the string of the tampon and gave a tug. It slid out smoothly and easily.

Walking over to the chair she had pointed to I had a seat and lifted her tampon to my nose and then took it into my mouth. After I started sucking her flow from her dirty feminine protection Laura pulled an empty tampon applicator from the bag. Then, she pulled out a baggie with a few pieces of pre-cut pound cake in it. Taking one of the smaller pieces she put it in the applicator.

Using the applicator as usual she stuck it into her vagina and pushed in the piece of pound cake. Next she took a long sliver of the heavy cake and laid it deep between her cunt lips so that it ran from just above her clit to her anal opening. This was followed by her pulling out a can of whipping cream and thoroughly covering her entire cunt with a layer of cream and topping it with three Strawberries.

My eyes must have been bulging out of their sockets as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If I ever were to cum without my prick being touched this would have been the time. I decided to wait to see if she were done decorating her cunt or if she was going to pull anything else out of her bag of tricks.

“Well, how do you like the Strawberry Shortcake I made especially for you?” She smiled broadly as she pushed the bag aside. Putting the wet tampon down I stood up and admired her work closely. All the while my cock was throbbing out of control at the vision before me.

“Oh shit, it is fucking unbelievable, Laura; you are one hot little bitch.”

“Well, then dig in; come on and eat your dessert. Be sure to lick the ‘plate’ clean,” Laura cooed very sensually. It was the best Strawberry Shortcake I have ever seen in my entire life. Climbing quickly between her long sensual legs I wrapped my arms around her meaty thighs. I couldn’t wait to eat through the entire treat she had prepared for me on the way to the natural strawberry juice her cunt was producing.

Flicking my tongue out I scooped up a mouthful of whipping cream. Working quickly I pulled each of the strawberries into my gluttonous mouth then proceeded to eat up all the cream from around her twat working my way to the cake. The closer I got more and more of her bloody juices were being intermingled with the cream. Laura was seductively rubbing her legs all over my body as I finally reached the first piece of pound cake.

As the layers of the dessert came away the sexy aroma of her vagina began once again filling my nostrils. Biting into the piece of cake, after dislodging it from between her pussy lips, I found that it had absorbed a lot of Laura’s bloody flow. I scarfed it right down and then instantly returned to her cunt to retrieve the last piece. Looking at Laura’s love tunnel I could see the end of the piece of cake she had shoved in and it was apparent that Laura had produced so many juices that the piece of cake had expanded slightly.

First I tried pulling it out with my teeth but ended up just biting off a small but wonderful piece of totally saturated menstrual cake. Then I surrounded her hole with my mouth I sucked as hard as I could and the sweet dessert came out maybe a half an inch which I quickly bit off. I repeated the sucking of biting of the dessert until I retrieved every crumb of the nasty blood filled cake.

Her cunt, now empty of the food, seemed to be juicier than ever with her bloody menstrual flow. I buried my head as deep as I could get into her twat licking eagerly. My lover’s moaning was getting louder as her hips began moving as a result of my attention. I sucked her clit hard into my mouth working it between my lips as I moved one hand to her asshole and jabbed a finger deep inside of her rectum.

Soon I was rewarded with a massive flow of Laura’s sweet cum flooding my face which I quickly licked up. Laura’s hands were fully entangled in my hair. She was Cumming so hard that I thought she might crush my head between her thighs. As my tongue flicked over her little nub Laura groaned in ecstasy, “Oh fucking shit, fantastic, Get up here and fuck me. I need your cock to fill me up, right now.”

Without hesitation my cock was sliding into her pussy; ramming into her with a fury previously unmatched. In the midst of ramming my member home Laura suddenly gave me a hard shove rolling me onto my back and quickly remounting my stiff cock. She rode my cock masterfully stroking up and down as she threw her head back in pure lust.

Reaching up I grabbed her bouncing boobs and almost viciously mauled and squeezed them as her fingertip diddled her clit. Harder and faster she moved up and down my flagpole grunting with every stroke. My balls were boiling as her muscles contracted around my cock. I just couldn’t help it any longer and shot a huge load of cum into her hot hole as she let out a small yelp.

To my utter surprise she wasn’t done yet as she kept riding my pecker wilder. Even more surprising was that I was staying rigid in her cunt. She came twice more before my cock shriveled up and slid out of her. Climbing off of me she came up and locked lips and whispered, “How was that for a different dessert?”

“Lady, that was one sweet and delicious dish you served me,” I whispered back. We snuggled arm in arm for awhile before starting back up again. We spent that second night in lust again doing everything we could think of. She is the only woman that I know of who is as horny as I am.

Laura has never shoved pound cake back up her pussy since that night deciding that crumbs or little hunks might get caught up there. But, that hasn’t stopped her from serving me more kinky dishes like wieners, bananas, or grapes. As of this writing it has been three months of great sex especially during her menstrual cycle. I still don’t know if we are otherwise compatible because we are having too much fun in the bedroom. Finally, I have found a girl who loves having her Red Hot Cherry Pie eaten and fucked as much as I like doing the eating and fucking!

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