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Back to the Woods

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We were so horny.

I couldn’t believe how long it had been since we’d been out together. With all of our recent problems with sickness and death in our family, my wife and I had been stressed with her mom coming to live with us. To be honest it wouldn’t have been so bad except someone was always there when my wife needed a good fucking. It was to the point where I had to jack off in the shower just to relieve my blue-balls.

My wife I could tell was feeling the pressure too, but with her mom sleeping in the room next to ours, and our paper thin walls, it was just too much. We couldn’t try to be quiet, and really let loose which is what brings us here, back behind the YMCA.

A few years ago we’d really enjoyed coming here just for a quick screw since we didn’t have a house, and we’d come back many times. After awhile though we just sort of lost time and interest in the place after we started seeing more people take occasional walks there.

Now though my wife, Wanda, was dressed in a light yellow sundress that she had picked up the week before. It was tight and low enough to see her 36c breasts, which didn’t need a bra, and cut up and inch above her knees.

I’d had a hardon since she came out of the house dressed like that and announced to her mother, that we were going shopping. To be honest as I’ve stated before that isn’t my most favorite thing to do, but that was before she teased me all day.

I don’t think that ten minutes went by that we were shopping that my wife was slowly groping me in one of the outlet mall stores. She was merciless the way her mouth formed a seductive grin with her pouty lips painted with that slutty red lipstick that I loved. Her hands had been all over me, teasing me, playing, getting me hard, all the while letting my hand trail to her hard nipples and play with them. By mid-day, we were all worked up like teenagers and I was about to take to her a restroom and have my way with her when I heard her whisper to me, “Why don’t you take me back to the Y?”

“The Y?” I asked her puzzled, then I figured out where it was and that leads to here and now. Wanda had both her hands rubbing my hard cock while my hands were busy playing with her tight ass, massaging it. Her tongue slid past my lips as my eyes closed, and I didn’t even worry that we were in a small park behind the local YMCA.

Her hands quivered as she unbuttoned, then unzipped my jeans. It felt good to have her take my rising cock in her hands. She kissed me hard then, and I grabbed her face with both my hands, relishing the passion of our kiss. Ataşehir Escort I couldn’t bear it anymore, with all the teasing, and I guided her head towards my awaiting cock. I was about 6 1/2 inches, and medium girth, but was visibly shaking as she teased me with her long tongue.

My fingers tensed in her long brown curls as I felt her lips kiss, the start to swallow my veiny cock. The next thing I knew I felt that warm sensation I used to know all too well as she slid that tight mouth up and down, sending shivers up my spine.

It always got me hot to see her looking up at me as her mouth kissed and sucked at my hardness, gets me hard now writing about it, then she licked my dripping precum, and kept it on her tongue. Moments later she moved back to my mouth rather quickly and kissed me, relishing that both of us were sharing that sweet precum.

My hands immediately were pulling up her sundress and feeling that sopping wet pussy, since she never wore panties anymore (they were always soaked). One finger, then two slid right into her tight shaved pussy as she jerked me. Her pussy was sopping wet now as I shoved those fingers in harder, thrusting them like a cock. Her cunt juices were running down my hand as she bent up against the tree to steady her leg. I knew we were here for a quick fuck, but it felt good to play, since it had been so long.

Moments later I was holding up her sundress as one of her hands gripped my buttcheek, while the other hand was spreading her pussy lips, inviting me to fuck her hard. I couldn’t resist as I guided my cock to her open lips, feeling her juices cover it, then that warm sensation evelope my cock as she pulled me in, now actively grunting as she guided my thrusts.

I managed to slip off the shoulder to her sundress now, freeing her perky breasts. I played with one, her the other, both of us teasing her rock hard nipples. I squeezed one somewhat hard trying to determine just how horny she was, and it was then that she whispered to me.

“Remember when we used to have people watch us?” she asked, breathing heavy.

“Yea, I…” I stammered, trying to see if someone was watching us.

“Don’t turn around yet,” she whispered to me, biting my ear. ” I think it’s the gardener.”

It used to be that I would try to leave or feel uncomfortable about someone watching us, but after a few times we both found it to be very hot. and a bit more comfortable. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to feel Wanda’s pussy grip me tighter as she said a little louder, “Fuck me doggie style.”

With Bostancı Escort that she turned around and presented that dripping pussy, along with her puckered asshole, both needing attention. I slid my cock up and down the length of her slit, making her her quiver every time it passed over her sensitive clit. She groaned as I did it, but took my cock and guided it to her juicy cunt. With one thrust she was bucking against me, and stealing glances over at our admirer. I was partially behind the tree, so I couldn’t see him, but it was obvious that it was making her very hot.

“It’s the gardener we’ve seen here…he’s watching. We’ve seen him here before. He’s in his fourties I think…” she grunted out as I pumped her fastly. “Is he big? I asked her wanting her to tell me that he had a nice big dick, for some reason that turned me on knowing that she was seeing a nice big one, probably wanting it.

“Nice size…looks thick though.”

“God…I’m gonna cum…” she pants as her pussy tightens up and starts to convulse. My hands gripped tighter against her nice ass and thrust harder. My hands feel her perfect breasts, and then I feel her hand below my legs, caressing my balls. It’s then I can’t hold on any longer and she knows it. Her hand kneeds my ball sac as I start to feel her pussy tighten again. Suddenly I feel it shooting, as she completely tightens around me, draining my cum into her.

We both rest up against the tree, and realize that we’ve forgotten about the gardener. She looks up only to discover that he is gone, and shakes her head to me, and instantly I know.

I start to pull up my pants when I feel her push me back against the tree. she looks up at me with that naughty grin, and says, ” Don’t worry, I’ll get you all cleaned up.”

With that, her head lowers down to my cock, and her tongue starts licking me, tasting all of her cum and mine mixed. I look down to see her enjoying it as she smears some of the cum on her face. My eyes close as her mouth envelops my cock again and I enjoy the sensation of her sliding up and down.

I just layed back and enjoyed it, then I felt her stopping, and breathing heavy allover my hard again cock. Opening my eyes I discover that the gardener had his thick cock, planted right in Wanda’s sopping wet pussy. As surprised as I was, I found myself getting harder seeing him pump in and out of her. Here was this guy in his late fourties pants pulled down to his knees feeding my wife his cock. I couldn’t help but notice his hairy balls which seemed to make it even hotter since my Kadıköy Escort wife’s juices were allover him. She groaned again, and pushed back against his thick veiny cock as she looked up at me as if to see if it was okay.

I nodded then took her head and face-fucked her while playing with her hard nipples. She moaned as he played with one, while I rubbed my hard cock against the other. It was a turn on for us both to have this 40’s guy fucking the hell out of my wife, and in her used pussy no less.

Then the gardener pulled her hair a bit, looked at me, then started really pounding into her with his 7 inch prick. I held her up while she took both her hands and spread her pussy and ass for him.

“C..can I cum in her too?” he asked as he kept thrusting in and out.

“Well…I don’t…” I started, but was interupted by Wanda panting. “Yes..go ahead, cum in me!”

She was aways horny from the times that people watched her, but having someone else fucking her was making her go into total slut mode. I could tell she was about to cum again, and felt her body go stiff as he kept pounding.

“Come on…” she gasped as she turned her head to look at him. “Fuck it! Come on…” then she whetted her finger and slid it halfway in her tight puckered asshole.

For minutes, they grunted and bucked against each other while I furiously jerked my cock, against her tits.

“So tight,” he said quickly. and I knew her pussy was from all the times that she did it to me. It got me hard watching her pussy take his veiny cock while she fingered her tight ass. Moments later he was caressing her hand that fingered her tight ass as he suddenly froze in place.

Knowing that he was going to cum Wanda dug her index finger deep in her ass while pushing back against him. He seemed to hold his breath as she bucked against him, draining his cock. It got me so hot seeing her like this I lost control and my cock started spurting allover her milky breasts. Wanda rubbed them as much as she could as she was cumming again too.

“Yes..that’s it…fill that pussy.” she cried as both of them continued to convulse. She looked back at me and took my cock in her mouth, sucking and milking the cum out of it as I leaned back exhausted.

Not a word was said by them as the gardener pulled up his pants, zipping up. He did stop for a moment to admire Wanda’s leaking hairless pussy, then leaned in to kiss her one more time. She responded back by massaging him through his pants, as their tongues intertwined. Moments later he had left, and went back to trimming the grass.

We talk about him all the time, and we’ve started going back to the park just to get away from everything at home, sometimes we’re watched, other times not, but it’s always hot. I actually watched another older couple there last week, but that’s another hot story.

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