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Birthday with Girlfriend

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We had spent the night at her apartment after a great night of dinner and drinks. As I rolled over to look at her, she was still asleep. She had slept in nothing but her sexy white see through boy shorts. The sheet was draped over her chest, exposing her perfect breasts. As I was staring at her, my cock began to get hard. I pulled a couple of tugs on my hard on before closing my eyes and trying to go back to sleep. Next thing I know, I’m awakening to a familiar soft wetness surrounding my penis. My eyes still closed, I quickly recognize the sensation as the texture of Julia’s wonderful lips. I opened my eyes and watched her beautiful blonde hair bob up and down on my cock. Waking me up with a blowjob had been something I’d often fantasized about, but had only once mentioned to her.

I felt her lips slide down and up my shaft, her hand grasp the base of my cock. I’m about 7 inches when fully erect, and Julia took all seven of them deep in her throat, teasing me with her tongue as she removed her mouth from it. Most of the women who had sucked my dick previously were the same. Bob up and down over and over until I came. Sometimes they would swallow and sometimes they would not. There was never a dull moment with her blowjobs, and no two were ever exactly the same. She knew I loved it when she kept me guessing. This morning, she went up and down the sides while she fondled my balls. Eventually she took her mouth off of my cock and licked my scrotum. Those of you who read the first story in this series know that I am neatly trimmed down there, but there is one spot on the underside of my sack that is hairless. She continued to tongue my balls while she stroked my cock, now slopping wet from her saliva. My breath became shorter and heavier, and she sensed that I was nearing orgasm. She slid her mouth back on it and continued sucking. Eventually, it became too much to bear and I erupted with 4 loads of cum. She has never had a problem swallowing my load, and today was no different. She cleaned everything up and came back up to my level on the bed as my hard on subsided.

“Good morning birthday boy. I love you,” she whispered into my ear, the first words we had spoken to each other all day.

“I love you too darlin… That was wonderful. Thank you.” I responded as we began to kiss.

“You think that was great? Just wait until you see what I have planned for the rest of the day…”

She refused to let on what this was, but I knew it was going to be great. We continued to lightly make out for a while, but before things got too heated again, she reminded me that we would have more fun later that night. In the meantime, I had to go to work. I finally climbed out of bed and went down to the gym. My morning work outs were something I did religiously. It sucked, but the sex is worth the results. After 40 minutes on the treadmill, I came back to the apartment, gulped down a cup of coffee, and got in the shower. Julia was still in bed but came waking into our bathroom about five minutes into my shower. Our shower has a glass door which does now conceal the body in it. I saw her walk in, still dressed only in the same pair of panties she slept in, and then had blown me in. She slipped out of her panties and stepped into the shower just long enough to give me a kiss and tell me she loved me and was proud that I had worked out even on my birthday. She pinched Gaziantep Cumhuriyet Escort my rock hard ass and then went back into the hallway, still naked and soaking wet.

I finished my shower, letting the hot water relieve some tension from the gym. I lathered my body with the soap, cleaning every square inch of skin. I stepped out into the bathroom, wrapped a towel around my waist, and stood at the sink. I did the usual grooming. Shaving, brushing my teeth, hair, etc. I went back into the bedroom, where Julia, still prancing around the apartment naked, was waiting for me. She loved watching me get dressed, and had picked laid out my favorite suit on the bed. I dropped the towel, reached into my dresser, and dug out a pair of boxers. She watched as I stepped into them and slid them up my legs and over my manhood. I finished getting dressed, including a new power tie. Before I walked out the door, Julia dropped to her knees, unzipped my slacks, reached into my fly and gave a couple sucks on my cock while pulling herself in as she grabbed my butt through the fabric of my pants. As soon as my cock was back to full erection, she let it slip of of her mouth, dried it off, put it back to my boxers and zipped the fly back up, having never even unbuckled my belt. “More later,” she told me as we hugged goodbye. With that little tease fresh in my mind, I had to leave for work with a massive bonet. She told me to be home, showered, and ready to go out at 7 that night. We exchanged I love yous, and I walked out the door. It was true- even aside from the amazing sex and stunning beauty, I was madly in love with her and would do anything for her- both in the bedroom and out.

My work day passed uneventfully. My coworkers sang to me and put a cake in the break room, but that was pretty much it. However, my wonderful lover sent me a text around noon that read, “I was just thinking about this morning and how beautiful your cock is. Feeling it slide between my lips, and then feeling your hot man juice spraying down my throat made me so hot. I’m laying on the bed, completely naked touching myself.” I immediately began to twitch, and I felt my erection pressing against my boxers, making a tent in my suit. I tried to get back to my work, but the texts continued. “I want you”, “I need you inside me”, “I’m super horny…”, and so on. I noticed she had checked in on Facebook to Victoria’s Secret with the caption “Someone’s been a good boy this year!” Finally, she went for the kill, sending me a picture of her naked body in what was obviously a department store dressing room. By now I was leaking pre-cum and my cock was painfully hard. I told her what effect she had on me, and she just said “Good :)”

Figuring it was nearly impossible for me to get any work done, I closed up my computer and packed my briefcase and went home. When I got back to the apartment, there was nobody home, and I assumed Julia was still out running errands. I changed out of my suit and figured I’d go back to the gym to burn off the pent up energy that had accumulated over the past few hours. Throwing my gym shorts and running shoes on, I decided to head out the door for a run. I decided to take advantage of the last few days of summer by running shirtless, thanking God for having the body with which to be able to do so comfortably. When I got back, my wonderful girlfriend was lying on the bed completely naked, apparently waking up from a nap. I noticed that she had fallen asleep with her vibrator in her hand. I teased her about it, and she just smiled and said “I told you that you left me horny.”

After my shower, I went back into the bedroom, where Julia was standing in nothing but a black thong. She reached into her dresser and pulled out the matching bra before putting on a sexy red dress. We went out for dinner and drinks, laughed, kissed, and had a generally great night. Finally, at the end of the night, when we were both tipsy, but while she was still sober enough to drive home, we got in the car and headed back to her apartment. When we got home, she led me down the hallway to her bedroom.

“I want to see your boxers,” she told me matter-of-factly, knowing I had worn her favorite pair of black boxer briefs. She came over to me and we made out in the middle of the bedroom as she undid my pants and let them fall the floor. She told me to step out of them and to wait on the bed and open the bottle of wine that was sitting on the nightstand. Sitting on the bedroom floor was the iconic pink bag from Victoria’s Secret, which she took with her into the bathroom. “I’m going to slip into something a little more comfortable,” she whispered. When she came out, she was wearing the sexiest lingerie set I had ever seen on her, a white camisole which perfectly supported her large breasts and a matching see-through mesh thong. She turned around to allow me to see her ass, and I almost lost it right then and there. The white waistband yielding to that perfectly symmetrical triangle right at the small of her back made such a great fit on her incredible body.

Julia climbed on top of me and rubbed her breasts across my body. She kissed me as she gently rubbed my throbbing erection through the cotton fabric of my underwear. “I have a show for you,” she told me as she pulled my boxers down to my ankles and off of my feet. Now laying fully nude in front of my amazing girlfriend, I was eager to find out what she had in mind. She cuddled up next to me and stroked my cock as she told me the plan, “You’re going to watch me masturbate. You are going to see me strip naked and stick my fingers in my vag. I am going to fuck myself with a vibrator like I do when I’m craving your thick, hard penis. You will be tempted to rub your cock, but if you refrain, you will get to feel my wet pussy sliding down your shaft until you shoot your cum inside me. My lips are going to rub up and down against your dick pulling every ounce of your juice into my body. If you have to jerk off, though, I won’t stop you. I’ll just keep pleasuring myself until you watch me get off. Either way, you win”

The logic was hard to argue with and after she turned on some music, I watched in awe as she slowly slid off her camisole. Though we have a very active sex life, and I have seen her naked more times than I could ever count, her body never fails to give me a raging boner. Sitting across the bed from me, she reached into the elastic waistband and pulled down her panties to expose her freshly shaven girl parts. Pre cum was now starting to leak from the tip of my cock, and I started to tend to myself, but I wanted to have sex so I stopped after only a couple of tugs. I continued to gaze as my lover rubbed her breasts together, pulling on her nipples. Her soft skin radiated beauty and she slowly slid her right hand down her stomach to her pubic region. She traced her pussy lips and let out a soft moan as she touched her clit. It was not a secret between us that we both masturbated frequently, but this was the first time she had let me watch, and this fulfilled fantasy was making me uncomfortably hard. Using her index and ring fingers, she pulled her lips apart and slid her middle finger into the opening that was typically occupied by my cock and/or tongue. As she fingered herself, she started to moan and breathe indicating that her pleasure was increasing.

By this point, my dick was stretched to levels it had never reached and was so hard that it was actually starting to hurt. My balls hung low and deep below the shaft and her eyes were focused on this like a laser. She had always told me that she got off from knowing what effect her body has on me, and she was proving it tonight. She walked around the bed and grabbed her vibrator out of her nightstand. As well behaved as I had been to this point, I lost my self-control when I watched my lover slide her toy into her pussy. As her moaning increased, so did my pleasure. She turned the vibrator up in intensity and she starting breathing heavily, rubbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. Finally, her hips bucked as her orgasm shot through her body. I watched her slip the vibe out of herself and wipe the pussy juices off with my boxers. I have to say- although watching her masturbate was the most erotic experience of my life, I was glad it was over. I had followed her rules and was now about to have what I expected to be the best sex of our relationship.

After she regained her breath, Julia stood up and walked into the bathroom and got ready for bed. Knowing what was in store for me, I quickly followed her. When I got to the sink, I gently slapped her ass and told me how hot it was. She looked at my still throbbing hard cock, and we kissed. She told me to wait for her in bed. I eagerly followed her instructions, and awaited our inevitably very hot, but very quick, sex. Because of the way her bedroom is laid out, she was able to turn the lights off before climbing into bed, so when the lights went out, I heard shuffling into the bed. She planted her lips on mine, and my cock sprung right back to attention. We were both naked and I felt her skin against my body. Julia climbed on top of me and straddled my midsection. I smiled as I reached up to feel her soft tits.

“Are you ready for your birthday sex, baby” she asked me and before I could answer, she was lowering her pussy onto my cock. We have had sex literally hundreds of times in the year we’ve been dating, but the walls of her cunt had never felt so soft. I felt her wetness sliding down my shaft, immediately turning me on. She continued to ride my cock, changing her pace as she put her hands on my chest for weight support. Finally, the sex got to be too much for me. I had been on the brink of climax for a while now, so it only took a few minutes of feeling her vag massaging my cock until I erupted. I burst an entire day’s worth of pent up sexual energy into her pussy, splashing load after load after load of my hot cum. After I was done, she got off me and licked her juices off my cock, leaving it nice and clean. She lay next to me in bed, I put my arm around her, and after one last hot make out session which resulted in my fingering her pussy, we exchanged I love yous and fell asleep.

By far the best birthday I have ever had.

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