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Feeling Sound

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“Thank You, Master,” My sweet wife and slave said softly, holding the gift in her hands. she sat beside Me on the sofa, looking inquisitively at the wrapped box. “It’s clearly too heavy to be skimpy lingerie,” she mused with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. “It’s not rattling, and it’s not ticking. You gave me my ‘mundane’ gift when W/we were at dinner last night with my parents and sister. So, what is it?”

“I’m not about to tell,” I replied amusedly, reaching for My glass to take another sip of wine. “I guess you’d best open it.”

“Of course, Sir.” With the delicate care of a world-renowned surgeon, she carefully peeled away the transparent tape at one end of the wrapped box. Working with such caution I have never understood from her as she unwraps gifts, it took well over a minute for her to reveal the box itself: thin and long, made of reinforced cardboard and designed for shipping purposes.

“Now i really am intrigued, Sir,” she laughed. Setting the glass aside again, I placed a hand upon her bare thigh, My fingers resting just underneath the hem of her black denim skirt. she needed a few moments to open the box, and she peered inside, then blinked in wonder.

“you seem somehow confused,” I noted, even though xslot this is what I had expected from her.

“It’s just that i’ve never seen a control box that large before,” My slave admitted. “i can see that it’s a vibrator, but the control box…”

“There is a reason for that,” I assured her as she lifted the plastic-sealed toy from the box. “I saw this online a few weeks back and I realized that this is something worth exploring. Have you ever wonder what sound feels like?”

she looked up at Me curiously. “i’ve felt the rumble of thunder after a nearby lightning strike. The floor of O/our favorite club often vibrates from the overpowering bass sounds. Is that what You mean, Sir?”

“Yes,” I replied, “but more. This is the first time I’ve seen one of these ‘in the flesh,’ as it were, but from the description online, it reacts to the sounds received through one of its microphones – either the ambient microphone, which looks like that small hole on the front near the top, or through the Audio In port at the top-right. In other words, as you have the vibrator itself within you and the optional attachment pressed against your clitoris, I could have you hooked up to the CD player so you can truly know what Lords xslot Giriş of Acid feels like, or I could put on the Halloween Sound Effects CD and you can feel the screams and howls and creaky floorboards.”

her glowing smile and sparkling eyes spoke volumes. “You are so creative, Master,” she praised Me, reaching forward for a hug. “Thank You, Master. Thank You.”

I laughed softly into My slave’s ear before kissing her neck. “There is one other thing to consider,” I noted quietly. “Have you ever felt your own screams?”

she stiffened slightly for a second, then relaxed against Me once more. “So i assume that this year, my birthday spanking is being replaced by something a bit more painful?”


she kissed My neck. “Could it be with the bullwhip, Sir? Please? You have not used it on me in quite some time.”

“I was thinking of many-holed wooden paddle,” I admitted, “but it’s your birthday, your decision.”

“The bullwhip, Sir. Please, the bullwhip.”

“The bullwhip it is.”

W/we kissed – a long, slow, romantic kiss of a kind that it made the previous conversation seem as different as night and day.

Not thirty minutes later, she was on her back upon the xslot Güncel Giriş kitchen table, a small pillow supporting her head, thick leather cuffs at her wrists and ankles secured by ropes to the sturdy legs of the table, a thin elegant collar encircling her neck, a blindfold robbing her of sight. I admired My slave’s nudity, the small red-colored “slave” tattoo which would otherwise be concealed by clothing when in public.

Having already eaten her to one orgasm, I slipped the vibrator easily inside her, placing the attachment against her still-sensitive clitoris. I then added the required battery to the control box, and set the larger-than-average device between her thighs. I took a moment to drink in the sight of My beautiful, trusting, loving wife and slave, knowing that her parents (and probably also her sister) would skin Me alive if they knew how I treated her, even though she was a very willing participant in these non-mainstream activities.

Casting all thoughts of “the mundanes” aside, I flipped the power switch on the control box, and ensured it was set to Ambient. Fully nude Myself, I quietly tiptoed around the large dining room table to the appropriate position, and waited quietly, purposely making My slave wait as long as possible, building up her own suspense and anticipation, so that when her breasts were finally kissed by the bullwhip, she would truly scream loudly.

I had to wonder: Would the her own screams cause her to climax again?

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