Erika’s Arctic Nudist Camp

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Svalbard Airport, Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

A chilly wind blowing down from the mountains rustled Odd’s hair as he stood outside the terminal building, and he remembered that he needed to wash it, as well as some other parts of his anatomy. He watched his ‘girlfriend’ clamber up the stairs to the Scandinavian Air jet’s front entry door. The young woman turned at the top of the steps. She looked back, searching. Odd waved and smiled. The woman spotted him, waved back, and blew him a kiss. She disappeared inside the plane. With his hand in his pocket, Odd discretely scratched his balls, and rubbed his itchy cock. He had met this sweet American girl for the first time last night in the hotel bar. He had spent all night fucking her. She was now carrying a full load of his cum inside her as she entered the plane, and he was drained dry. He wondered if it was seeping out into her pants. He supposed it was. Not too much, though. He hoped she would bear his child. A very long shot, he knew. He also hoped she would never return to Svalbard. Because that could be fatal for both of them.

Odd headed back inside the terminal to the cafe. He sat sipping his coffee and munching a granola bar when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Hi, Mr. Odd.”

Odd turned to meet his new client. He got off his stool and shook hands. A woman in her mid-twenties stood in front of him assessing him critically. She had straw hair cut short, peachy complexion, blue eyes and a slim athletic physique. Odd thought she looked like a strong young woman. This was only the second time they had met. He had signed a contract as a guide for her business venture, ‘Polar Bare Adventures’, the previous week.

“Hello Erika. Odd is my first name. Just call me Odd. Would you like a coffee?”

“No thank you, er, Odd. I’d rather get started.”

Odd nodded, finished his coffee in one gulp and stood up. Ten minutes later he was driving her up the Longyear Valley road in his SUV, inland towards the heart of the island. After a few miles Odd pulled onto the side of the track and they got out, shouldering their daypacks. Odd put his Mauser 98 hunting rifle in the back and covered it with a cloth. Erika watched him.

“Aren’t you taking it with us? I thought it was the law to be armed outside the town.”

Odd looked at her. Now he would find out if this girl was serious.”It is. But we don’t need it. It just annoys the bears.”

She looked at him intently. He knew she would not find another guide — it was June, the height of the Arctic island visitor season. All the local guides were booked solid till September. He waited. After a moment’s thought she spoke.

“OK. They say you’re the best guide on Svalbard. Show me the sites.”

Odd smiled and led off up the steep hill to the south west. The young lady had asked him to show her south facing sites, as sheltered as possible, and rarely visited. Odd knew that she was setting up an adventure business of some sort. Svalbard was becoming quite the tourist hub, visitors having doubled in recent years. It was early afternoon, but they had plenty of time. It never got dark at this time of year. They reached the ridge he had headed for and hiked along it. Odd knew of three sites which might meet her needs. After an hour’s walking, during which he pointed out the wildlife, including ptarmigans and a noisy snow bunting, they reached the first possible site, a steep sided bowl facing south east. She looked around, striding about the landscape.

“Not bad. But it probably only gets direct sun for a few hours. Take me to the next one.”

A half hour later they descended into a shallow canyon. The sun still shone brightly and Erika sat on the scrubby slope looking around.”Better. Next one.”

The last site Odd led her to was flatter and more open so it would have sun for as long as it shone. It faced a shallow lake and had a good view south down the valley. It was snow-free at this time of year.”How far to the road?”

“Maybe an hour up over there through that pass.”

She nodded, and started to remove her clothing. Odd watched her in silent puzzlement. First the shell jacket, then her fleece, revealing a long sleeve T-shirt under which he could see a sports bra. Next the boots, hiking pants, the long underpants. She stood before him in her panties and T-shirt, looking at him with a defiant smile. Then with a flourish she pulled off the rest. He examined her body, which turned out to be a toned well-muscled tribute to Pilates. She kept her sports bra on for a moment, then unhitched it and threw it on the pile. She stood before him completely naked. He noticed that her trim blond pussy hair matched her head. Her nipples were like little buttons in the cool air.

“I’m a naturist. I plan to open an adventure business which will include naturism as a part of the package.” She bent down and pulled her boots back on. Then she strode about the site like she owned it, occasionally breaking into a trot as she inspected it from higher up the slope. “The erzincan escort view is good from up here,” she shouted.

“It’s good from down here, too,” he muttered, his eyes watching her every movement.

Odd was thirty eight years old, probably fifteen years older than this young American. He felt his cock stirring in his pants. It didn’t matter, he had plenty of clothes on to hide it. She returned to him and sat next to him, completely unembarrassed, staring out ahead at the lake, its waters shimmering in the lemon sunlight. She seemed to know what he was thinking.

“It’s not too cold. I feel good, with a little exercise. This is the site. Of course, I do not expect 24/7 naturism. But in the summer enough for pictures and stories to tell. An hour or so a day. Longer indoors. The tents will be warmed by heaters, and all the other popular clothed Svalbard activities will be available. Nature tours. Polar Bears. You know.”

“It will be too cold, Erika.” She was crazy. He desired her very much.

She frowned at him, arose, trotted down to the water’s edge and started to do calisthenics. He lay back on the slope in the sun, almost too warm in his layers of clothing. He watched her perform her exercises, enjoying her bending over as he homed in on her firm buttocks and tempting pussy. So many things going through his mind. Odd’s dick got harder as he watched her. Such athleticism. Such courage. Then, with a flourish, she splashed about in the shallows getting her boots wet, and ran back up to him laughing. She stood in front of him dripping, her eyes flashing at him. His desire for her grew even stronger.

“Mr. Odd. You too. Come join me. Take off your clothes.”

Odd shook his head. He wanted to, but his cock was rock hard. Verboten for naturists. Now she looked annoyed.

“I am your client. This is a request. I was hoping to keep you on for the business. It will be necessary to lose your clothes on occasion. Clothed people make naturists uncomfortable. There are benefits. There will be visitors, many women. Free spirits. Odd, come on. Are you afraid of me?”

Odd considered her. This nutcase American, totally without shame, naked, hands on hips, berating him as if he was a schoolkid and she was teacher. Very well. Odd stood up, shed his outerwear, his thermal fleece, his outer pants. There he paused, standing in his undershirt and his thin long underpants. His cock looked like a fat tube stuffed down his pants. He saw Erika’s eyes on it, sparkling.

“Come on, everything,” she commanded.

He pulled everything off, hopping around in his bare feet as his long pants and underwear came off. Then he bent down and put his boots back on. He looked down. His cock was long and hard, sticking out high and proud. Erika had her hands on her hips staring at it.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

She shook her head. “Don’t be. I’m flattered. It’s magnificent. I can see we are going to get along. May I touch it?”

He nodded. He hoped she was not just teasing him. He needed to cum. He found the situation so erotic, despite or perhaps because of the surroundings.

“You are thin and rangy. No fat on you,” she said as her hand reached out and gently grasped his cock. “So soft. Yet so hard. You can’t hike back in this condition.”

He remained silent, staring at her breasts and belly. She spat in her palm and started to work his cock up and down. He noticed a little cold breeze had sprung up. She must have noticed it too because she closed up to him, putting one arm around him pulling him to her until their bellies were touching. She pumped his cock faster between them. Her face was close to his. He realized she was in command.

“Relax and cum, Odd. Then we will be closer and can work together better.”

Her hand gripped him as she pumped, ever faster. He felt the cold wind on his ass and knew he was about to cum. Silently he felt his cock jet out a slimy load on their touching bellies. Instantly he felt it lubricate her still pumping hand as she milked him, spurt after warm spurt. Soon he was done and only the cool breeze was left. She stepped back and examined her hand dripping with his cum, and her belly slick with it. He looked down and saw that he was covered too.

“We can wash in the lake. Quickly, before we get cold,” she ordered. He followed her down to the water’s edge and they both splashed freezing cold water on their bodies until they were clean. Then they ran back up to their clothes and dressed.

“Now, that is what naturism is all about. Did you not enjoy it, Odd?”

“Yes, I did Erika.”

As they turned to hike back up to the road, neither of them noticed a Polar Bear that had been watching them from the other side of the lake behind a boulder, almost invisible in the shade.

They discussed plans for the camp site as they made their way back to the car. Her family was due to arrive in four days, just enough time for arrangements to be made and the camp set up.

“Why are your erzurum escort parents coming?”

“They are putting up the money. They want to see.”

“Are they nudists?”

“No. And the term is naturists.”

Odd hiked on, wondering about this strange girl.

A Week Later

Early in the morning Odd found himself driving a minivan back down the road to the south. Next to him in the passenger seat was Erika. They had been working continuously together to get the camp ready, with help from Odd’s contractors. She had never mentioned their sexual encounter at the lake again, all her dealings with him being quite matter of fact. In the seat behind him were Erika’s parents, a pleasant middle-aged couple who were clearly nervous at the prospect of camping out in Svalbard, the “Polar Bear Capital of the World” as they insisted on calling it. The mother’s frequent references to ‘The Lord’ in every other sentence suggested to Odd that they were religious. Next to them was their nineteen year old son Eddie, Erika’s brother, a sulky youth who Odd could tell did not want to be there and did not get on with his sister. Erika’s father turned out to be an experienced hunter and Odd had helped him rent a rifle from the Sports Center in Longyearbyen. The Mauser 30.06 was in the back along with a flare gun and flares for the tripwire.

“I heard a British schoolboy out camping was killed by a Polar Bear just a couple of years ago. Is that true?” asked Erika’s mother as the van bumped along the uneven road.

Erika intercepted the question. “Yes, mom. But it’s very, very rare. Isn’t that so, Odd?”

“Ja, Erika. Usually they kill Norwegian schoolboys.”

Erika glared at him. No more questions from the parents. They bumped another mile up a track and unloaded. Odd thought that Erika was annoyed with him, but as she reached across him to pick a map out of the door pocket she surreptitiously stroked his cock through his pants and gave his balls a quick squeeze. He smiled at her and the smile was returned.

They hiked to the camp, finished earlier that day by Odd’s men. He had been through all the safety precautions with Erika, who knew them backward and would explain to her family. Trip wires rigged to set off flares, food and waste storage far away, toilet facilities likewise. Odd did not foresee a problem for this group. Bears were not unknown this far from the coast, but rare. When they were all set up, Odd turned to bid them goodbye.

“I will be back late tonight. I am going to visit a friend in a valley over to the west. Have a good time.” They all watched him go, and Odd knew they felt a little afraid. He was confident they would be fine.

Two hours later, after a long climb across the mountains towards the ocean, Odd descended into a shady valley where the deep snow and ice never completely melted. He walked along until he came to three caves still filled with winter ice, the low sun just tickling their upper reaches. He wondered which one she was in today. He caught a flash of sunlight reflecting from the middle one, aimed straight at him. She liked to play games. He walked on another half mile to his cabin, set into the cold shady slope. No-one in their right minds would build a cabin here, but he had his reasons. He walked past a Polar Bear and her cubs a short distance up the slope, and waved to them. They watched him pass.

He reached the cabin, pushed open the unlocked door, set down his pack and flung himself on the large quilted bed. The cabin was gloomy, as the sun did not penetrate here even in high summer. He switched on a dim battery-powered light and wondered if he had time for a cup of coffee. He heard three soft knocks on the door. Apparently not.

No matter how many times he had been with her he still felt the same intense mix of fear and desire when they met. He stood up and opened the door. No-one there. He returned to the bed. Knock knock knock. He opened the door again. No-one there. He was tired. He muttered some Norwegian oaths under his breath.

“My Lady, please.”

The room lit up behind him. He turned and there she was, sitting on his bed smiling at him. Astrild. His lover. She looked exactly the same as she had when he had met her the first time on a midnight summer hike nineteen years ago. The cabin was now better lit but the source of light she brought was unknowable. She was tall, almost as tall as he was. A high-cheekboned Nordic beauty with a hint of Slav eyes, alabaster skin, snow-white hair falling to her shoulders, slender willowy body, her hard ass sitting on his bed, her long smooth legs stretched out before her, toes wriggling at him in sport. She wore a seal-skin bodice, hanging open, and a knee length seal-skin slit skirt. He knew from experience that she wore nothing underneath. His desire started to outweigh his fear.

“It is so hot today, I can hardly bear it,” she said, flapping her hand in front of her sweet breasts.

Odd was used to this drama. She was always too hot bursa escort in the summer. The flapping didn’t do any good. She didn’t sweat. He walked over to her, knelt before her and kissed her hand. She acknowledged his kiss with a tender stroke of his cheek and patted the bed next to her. He sat down beside her.

“What have you been up to, Odd?”

“I have been working for a group of visitors who wish to start up a summer nudist camp in Svalbard. Down by Ragnar’s Lake. It is quite amusing, don’t you think?”

She looked shocked. “Yes indeed. Surely it will be too warm for them in the sun. I swim in the lakes and sea all day to keep cool at this time of year. Do they really intend to expose themselves to the full power of the Arctic sun?”

Odd never knew when she was joking. He also never knew how much she understood about the outside world. She was an Ice Sprite, a Princess of the Northern realm.

“I think they’ll be safe. They have sunblock.”

She patted his hand and stood up. She had a look on her face that he knew very well. She was always most passionate in the summer months, despite her complaints about the heat. She frowned at him.

“What is that thing there, in your pants?” she said pointing to his crotch where his cock was swelling in anticipation as he sat on the bed.

Odd was used to her games and played along. He knew she could kill him in an instant. But he also believed that she loved him, although he was never quite sure.

“I don’t know. I’ve never noticed it before.”

“I need to see it.”

Odd undid his pants, fished around inside, and pulled out his cock. It was half erect, and wobbled about. He felt foolish but he knew what she wanted.

“I must investigate,” she said as she dipped down and took his cock head in her mouth.

Sex with Ice Sprites, especially Svalbard Ice Sprites, some of whom cleave to the Russian community down along the coast, is an unforgettable experience – as Odd well knew. He had been with many women over the years — always one night stands with visitors in the town. The local women were too afraid to couple with him because of Astrild. She killed rivals without compunction. As she took him in her mouth he felt an intense warmth mixed with an ice cold sensation as if his dick had sucked a peppermint. It was the most intense pleasure he had ever felt. He knew he must not cum as she gently sucked his cock, so he imagined he was being eaten by Polar Bears which is probably how she would kill him if she ever wished to.

“My Lady, I cannot stand too much. I beg of you.”

She stood up and wiped her mouth with her hand. Her saliva and his precum glistened on her wrist. He watched as she pulled off her seal skin skirt, exposing her sublime pussy. It was wet and even she could not hide it. Or did not want to. He rolled his eyes.

“My Princess.”

“Do not mock me or I will freeze your cock solid and snap it off.” She stooped down and looked into his face, her eyes glinting with menace. Odd knew she was a good actress and almost certainly playing with him. But he also knew the rumors about men she had killed, some supposedly unfaithful lovers. Relationships are tricky on Svalbard.

She pushed him back onto the bed, took hold of his boots, unloosed them, threw them into the corner, and pulled off his pants. Then she stood up and walked away.

He lay there with his cock hanging out of his underpants trying not lose his erection due to his fear. Over fifteen years he had almost gotten used to this. He watched as she stalked about the cabin ignoring him. She kept her top on, but Odd’s eyes feasted on her superb naked ass and pussy which was getting wet all of its own accord. She seemed distracted, as she opened drawers and rattled pots. He knew why she was restless.

“I’ve run out of seal meat. Did you bring any?”

The Svalbard seal meat, properly prepared with local secret ingredients, was a powerful aphrodisiac. Unfortunately it also had psychotic properties.


“Then what use are you?”

Odd gripped his stiff cock and waved it at her as he lay on the bed. His desire now had overtaken his fear. She turned to him, her eyes locked on his stiff lengthy dick, its end dripping. She shook her head irritably and turned away.

“I am already too hot.”

But then she pivoted and walked back toward him. She stopped, looking down at him on the bed. She bent down all gangly and lifted her seal skin top and threw it to the corner of the room. With a display of mock courtesy she picked up a deodorant stick he had given her the year before (he came so close to being killed that night) and smeared it on herself in all the right places. Now she smelt good, or at least better, and Odd wanted her so much.

“What is this thing?” she said, reaching down and stroking his cock. “It is so slippery. Ugly. But it might be fun.”

Odd knew when to keep his mouth shut. He gazed upon the magnificent form of his lover; her wild white hair, her always-angry beauty, thin waist and below her gorgeous adorable pussy, thinly veiled by snow-white pussy hair and as he could see, already secreting love juices he noticed running down inside her slender thighs. Not quite the Ice Princess she wished to be. But Odd kept quiet.

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