Early Morning Lovers

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Michael rolled over in the bed, looking at the bright blue numbers of the clock across the room. 5:30.

If I hurry, I could get in another round he thought, smiling to himself in the dark as he rolled back over toward the woman in the bed beside him. Sure she was older and a little fuller than when she was younger, but as her wedding band glistened in the light of the street lamp outside Michael couldn’t help but be excited all over again. Down below the covers his dick swelled to life again, growing thick and long as he scooted in behind the woman’s ass. His hands slid down her body, past the curves of her waist before coming to a rest on her perfect bottom. Well, perfect to him. In reality, gravity and age had taken a toll here too, but it didn’t matter to Michael. He was as in love now as he was the first day he saw her. As he caressed her ass Tanya let out a quiet purr of delight – little more than a sigh of content.

Was she still sleeping? Michael grew lightheaded as his hands slid past the stretch marks on her hips and into her own secret garden. Parting the bush of the suburban housewife, he slid his fingers inside of her, and found that she was still wet from the earlier romp they had enjoyed last night. Tanya rolled over, spreading her legs slightly as she went, but seemed to remain asleep. A mischievous grin played across Michael’s face in the dark as he lowered his head quietly beneath the covers. Sliding all the way to the foot of the bed, Michael returned up the middle, parting Tanya’s legs as his goatee began to scratch against her inner thighs. She parted her legs even more, and he wasted no time. As he lowered his eyes to his target his nose pushed against her bush, rubbing it upwards toward her stomach. He caught the scent of sex, still heavy in her, as his tongue slid from between his lips and into her pussy.

If she had been asleep before she wasn’t any more. Tanya’s hands snaked down from up above as she alanya escort spread her legs to their furthest. Her smooth skin slid across his shoulders as she lifted her legs and wrapped her calves around his head to draw him in. Michael couldn’t resist now if he wanted to. His tongue darted in and out, making swirling motions as he alternated between sucking on the folds of her pussy and stabbing at it with his tongue. His nose continued to push her muff around as her hips began to rock back and forth in the dim light of the room. Eager to help his lover Michael slid his arms and hands beneath her, raising her ass higher as she arched her back. She grabbed at his hair, short as it was, and pulled his head even harder against her pussy. As he sucked and poked at it with his face she ground her hips against him until he could barely breathe. Arching her back more and more she whimpered as his attentions began to take their toll. Her thighs glistened with sweat now from the heat of the covers, and letting go of his hair she reached up and threw them off, revealing the two lovers in the dim light.

Free of the confines of their bedding, she pressed her head against the headboard and arched even more, biting her lip now to keep from calling out too loud. In the next room, their 7 year old daughter still slept, and neither wanted to wake her. Michael continued to suck her pussy as he ground his face against it, and his arms slowly raised her up even higher, making it easier to eat the succulent pussy but harder to breathe. Above him, his elbows dug into the bed as his outstretched palms cupped Tanya’s ass, giving her something to rest against as she fought to breathe. Her efforts to keep her tits from falling to the outside by pinning them between her arms finally failed, and the 38D breasts slid to the outside under their own weight. Neither seemed to notice. The large globes of milky white flesh joined her hips as they rocked antalyajazzfestival.com feverously in the act. Pushed to the point of another orgasm, Tanya released Michael’s head and raised her long nails to her nipples, pinching and pulling on them as her chest heaved up and down in ecstasy. Almost breathlessly she called out.

“Fuck me, fuck me with that beautiful hard dick of yours.” she commanded.

Below, Michael stopped for a moment, looking up to regard the slut now in heat at the other end of the bed. “You know the rules. Not until you cum.” he responded, dropping his head. Tanya growled in frustration, pulling on her tits again and moaning as her body began to quiver. Michael slid his hands together, still supporting her, until his fingers tapped along her ass. She arched her back, surprised by the move, but relaxed moments later as Michael once against cupped his hands against her ass. Each time she rocked her body against his face though his fingers drew closer to her ass. Finally, he pulled his elbows out, allowing only his arms to support her. Almost immediately Tanya dropped, not expecting the sudden lack of support, and as one finger slid into her ass Tanya could hold it back no more. Grinding her teeth she moaned through her mouth anyway, her body locked in a frenzied orgasm as her pussy released wave after wave of juices on to Michael’s face. Michael, pulling away with his face covered in her cum, rubbed it on her thighs and belly as he slid up her body.

“Now I can fuck you, you nasty cum craving school teacher.” Tanya loved when he said stuff like that. It made her so horny. Made her feel so dirty. Michael’s dick, despite being almost three of her fingers thick and probably eight inches long, slid effortlessly into her drenched pussy. He rocked back and forth, her legs spread wide to either side. Grasping one of them, he pushed it back toward her, leaning in to suck at her lusciously full breasts.

Her nipples were already hard, but they grew even harder under Michael’s attention. The longer he sucked the more painful it got for Tanya, who was busy concentrating her energy on the action down below. She reached up long enough to push her other tit toward his mouth, and Michael greedily switched.

“Fuck my naughty pussy.” she snarled. “Fuck it hard.”

Michael let out a throaty growl as he released his mouth from her swollen nipples, and reached back to grab Tanya’s other leg. His cock slurped from her pussy as he shifted, but once he had her legs in front of him again he pushed them together and tightly toward her chest, her milky white thighs framing her now vulnerable pussy. Almost immediately he stuffed his cock back inside her, this time driving it deeper than ever before. Tanya cried out, but Michael quickly silenced her with a nearby pillow. Her body shaking, Michael pistoned her pussy with his dick, ramming it in harder and faster each stroke.

“That how you like it slut? That how you like it when you get your nasty pussy fucked? You horny slut.”

Michael pressed his weight against her legs, freeing his hands for other things. As his dick rocked in and out, Tanya lay there, wiggling and writhing as she milked his cock. Michael reached up, grabbing at her tits once again. Pulling on her nipples, Tanya let out fresh new moans, and began to pant as her body quivered. Michael, sensing the time was right, didn’t hold back. His cum erupted inside her, squirting deep inside and in every direction. Her greedy body took it all, milking and squeezing, ushering it even deeper inside her body. Michael briefly rested on Tanya’s legs, letting the last of his cum squirt inside her before rolling to the side. The two lay together for a few minutes, each breathing hard from their efforts before. Tanya was the first to speak.

“You have to go now, my husband will be home soon.”

With a wordless nod Michael crawled from the bed and dressed in the dark. A few minutes later he was driving, alone in the early morning dawn as his sister in law made the bed with fresh sheets and awaited her husband’s return.

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