Dear Diary: My First Bukakke

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Well, I did it. I had my first bukkake last night. Or should I say WE had our first bukkake party last night. I never thought that the idea of a bunch of men cumming on one woman would be so erotic, but I was curious and Kid was SO excited, I could tell. He acted so different all day long, on the phone. Quiet, subdued. Usually he’s really excited about stuff, really animated. But yesterday he was so quiet. When he picked me up, he just sat in the car, staring at me, not talking. I thought something was wrong. I didn’t realize until the next day that he was just so excited, and maybe a little nervous.

I was nervous. I was worried that the lady of the party wouldn’t want me there. But when we got there, she came running out to meet us with a big smile on her face. God she’s beautiful. I was wet just thinking about her. I knew she wanted the guys to herself, and I didn’t want to participate, all I wanted to do was watch. Plus I wanted to see Kid with her. I wanted to watch him. So we hugged, and then she hugged Kid. And I knew that it was going to be fine. She is such a sweet person, she has a wonderful personality to go with that wonderful body of hers. And her husband is so cool, they are so secure in their relationship. I love it. Her and I were making plans Betturkey to go shopping together, and for us to all get together with other friends. Then she asked me to be her director. I didn’t even know what this was. She said “I will do anything, but I’m not very agressive. You seem more outgoing, and I would really like it if you would tell me what to do.” Oh my god, this is like a dream come true! All I had hoped to be able to do was watch, but to actually get close to her! Could I hope that I might get to eat that beaufitul pussy?? I said sure, but it was my first time, so she would have to help me a little. She smile and said I would be fine.

There weren’t a ton of guys there, but there were a few. All of the guys were really wonderful guys, great attitudes. I was nervous, worried that my lousy directing would screw it up for everyone else.

We started by everyone getting naked. Cept me. I took off my pants but left my shirt on. Nerves. Lol. Plus I didn’t want her to think I was taking any of her limelight. She’s really a submissive, she’ll do anything you want her to do. The guys all lined up and one by one she sucked on their dicks, with her husband and SC taking video and pics. I got the place of honor, I went down and dove into that beautiful Betturkey Giriş pussy of hers. Oh delicious, she was a true blonde and all that blonde hair just made me ache. She tasted so sweet, and to see her moan, and rotate her hips to what I was doing just sent me over the edge, giving me my first orgasm. After a while, I let one of the guys get in and eat her for a while, and I went up to her face and tits. I sucked on those beautiful tits of hers, gently scraping my teeth against her nipples. When she got to Kid, I was so wet. I watched her suck on kid’s dick, and even helped her, fulfilling a fantasy of Kids. During one of the few breaks, her and I shared a long, lingering kiss. And Kid got down and ate my pussy, making me cum, which made me scream. I forgot that there was a roomful of people watching. Of course, SC got pics of all this, as well as a few others, and I got some really good pics. I can’t wait for him to send them to me so I can post them. Everybody came on her face, and we got some pics of that. Oh the sight of so many men cumming on her face, that was so sexy. And then after, when everyone was gone, it was me and Kid, her and her husband, and SC. Kid was fucking me, and they were all talking, then she started sucking on SC’s dick, with her beautiful ass in my face, so I started to eat that pussy again. Then, I got out of the mix, and Kid slipped on a condom (btw, everyone else did, too) and slid into that beautiful pussy, with her still sucking on SC’s dick. I grabbed the camera and got a GREAT pic of that. Oh fuck that was so sexy, watching my baby fuck the shit out of that sweet pussy, while she sucked on SC’s dick. Damn, get’s me wet just thinking about it. I will never forget the sight of him banging away at that pussy with her sucking SC, and the look on Kid’s and SC’s face. Absolutely incredible.

And after, Kid fucked me some more, never stopping until it was time to go. We came home, and he fucked me again. When he came, he came for a full minute. One of his most powerful orgasms he’s ever experienced. HE was so exhausted, but I was so turned on that I had to cum yet again. I pulled out my toy, and Kid fucked me with it while I fingered my clit. My orgasm was so much that I gushed out, I would have probably squirted if that vibrator hadn’t been buried inside me.

This morning, after he left and went home, I logged into the net, only to find him online, and he begged me to come over. “I need you! I need to be inside you!” I remembered last night when he told me he needed my pussy, “you don’t know how bad I need this pussy” He has me so hot all over again by that one simple sentence.

So, I’ve got to go. I’ve got to take care of my baby. *grin*

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