Revenge of the Stepped On Ch. 01

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It started out innocently enough. Well, for me anyway. You see a couple of the ladies at work were swapping tales of their sexual escapades and one name kept coming up: Kevin.

Now, Kevin, well, he turned out to be from the mail room. So what were all these high powered female execs doing with him? Could he really be as good as they made out? Was he as endowed as they said?

Someone had even written, as cliché as it was, “For a good time call Kevin @ 555-971-9191” on the bathroom wall. Now I know you are thinking why call. Or is the number really real?

Well the answer is that, like Samantha on “Sex and the City”, I like to have sex like a man–no regrets, just passion. So, of course, you knew it was coming, I called him.

His voice was deep and rich and vibrated with pure sensuality. We made plans to meet first to see if we’d like each other. As it turned out our decision to meet at a hotel restaurant was a good one.

When he turned me around in my seat I nearly passed out. He was gorgeous. The quintessential black man with wide shoulders, thick lips, large hands (and something else I hoped as I glanced at his crotch openly) and a large bulge that had me salivating quickly.

When I realized why he was in such a hurry to leave I was suddenly in a greater hurry. When Kevin saw me he was already semi-hard and he got so hard that already large member got larger and the head poked out from underneath the bottom of his shorts!

I am 4′ 10″ tall, have hair to halfway between my knees and ankles that is reddish in color, green-blue eyes and an attitude that simply says, “Obey me.” At least I had the attitude until I saw his one-eyed monster sneaking out of his shorts. That is what made me drop to my knees in the elevator on the way up to the room he’d already reserved for us.

I wish I’d seen the look on the faces of those entering when we stopped but I was too busy worshipping his 16″ monster cock. Waiting was suddenly not an ability I had any longer. I had to try and deep throat him if possible and believe me I gave it the good ol’ college slut try. Unfortunately, the only way to do it at first involved me hanging my head off the bed and him facefucking me.

All the women whom had talked about Kevin said he was kinky so when I cuffed üvey kız kardeş porno my hands behind my back after first blindfolding myself he took it in stride. I loved the way he simply ripped my clothes from my body after we got in the room and tossed me on the bed. I figured he’d fuck me quickly then send me on my way.

What he did instead was to remove his clothes telling me about what he removed and how he looked as he did it. Then, when naked, he crawled over me allowing his cock to momentarily graze my lips, but not enter them. He licked me slowly as he moved until he got to my pussy. I’d always heard that black men don’t eat pussy and that those that do are really bad at it–not if you used him as a guide they aren’t.

He took his time eating me out. Slowly, ever so slowly, he worked me towards the peak but every single time he denied me it. He was a good pussy teaser and he was enjoying me juicing up but not fully releasing. Now I know what it is like when I do the same type of tease to a hard cock.

I fairly screamed at him to make me cum but he was not to be persuaded to do so. His fingers got into the act and, one by one, the more I juiced up, the more fingers he inserted in me. It happened so gradually that I barely noticed he had 4 fingers in me and was working on the whole fist. I didn’t know whether to applaud, cry, scream in pain or scream in pleasure as his whole hand was now in me. He then pushed his hand and arm into me. He moved it in and out slowly to get me used to the motion but soon enough I was begging for him to fuck me hard and fast with it.

I could feel the lube being applied to my ass but didn’t care. My pussy was full and that is what counted; besides if his arm could do this imagine what his cock would do. By the time I figured out his cock wasn’t going in my pussy it was too late. I’d been so aroused I’d forgotten his arm was in me there already.

I grunted as he pushed his cock in my shitter, but not from pain but rather the pleasure of his cock filling my ass so. With his arm and cock in me I was severely doublestuffed and loving every minute of it.

The sound never registered in my mind until it was too late. There, all around me, with video cameras, were the workers xnxx porno I’d overheard talking about Kevin.

“I told you she was a fucking slut,” said one.

“No doubt about it,” said another.

“Aren’t you glad this is all recorded on disc,” said the third.

All in all there were 10 women around us and I still had a cock and arm inside me.

“Hey, Sandra,” one yelled, “in case you haven’t recognized us all yet we are the ones you stepped on on the way up the corporate ladder!”

My heart sank.

“What do you want?” I stammered.

“Nothing at all hon,” said one, “we are simply going to end your career and marriage in one fell swoop!”

I was in tears. I am a great worker, but if this got out a few things would happen: 1) My husband would divorce me and get the kids in the custody battle which would be both messy and public 2) I would either get fired from a job I could not afford to lose or become the company whore 3) I would be disowned by my God-fearing, ultra-religious family. None of these things I could afford to happen.

As you can imagine, and it should come as no surprise, I begged them not to release the video.

“Please,” I begged, “I’ll do anything you ask to get that back.”

“Anything?” the ringleader of the group asked.

“Anything,” I answered.

“Well,” she stated, “I can think of a few things you can do–starting with getting that cock out of you. You aren’t worthy of it slut!”

The cock popped from my ass quickly as I didn’t want to anger them by going too slow.

“Now, bitch,” she said, “that is you name from now on–BITCH. You will do as we say or we will ruin you. Now, bitch, I expect you will need sex from time to time so from now on you will wear no underwear of any kind and your clothes are to be such that they allow easy access at all times. Next, you will only have sex when we tell you; if your husband starts thinking you are frigid we will thaw him out. Make note of everyone you see here they are your new Mistresses. You will please them whenever, wherever they are and you will do so regardless of who else is there. Am I clear? If not, let me spell it out you are our property from now on to with as we see fit.”

“What can I say,” I thought. zenci porno

“Of course Mistress,” I said.

“Good slut,” she said, “from now on you are ours. My first order for you when you leave here is this: Get a couple of sets of ben wa balls and one small, one medium and one large set of both butt plugs and anal beads.”

My eyes went wide.

“I can see your surprise slut,” she said, “but it makes no difference. I expect to see you in my office Monday morning at 8 am sharp with the ben wa balls and the small set of anal beads in you. Make sure you put them in your ass as soon as you get out of the shower slut.”

My jaw dropped.

So I was to be a company whore, but, at least for now, I was to be a lesbian company whore. How long that status would last I did not know.

Monday morning rolled around all too quickly, or slowly, depending on your point of view. As I walked into Ms. Alvarez’s, the ringleader’s, office with both the anal beads and the ben wa balls in and no underwear on wearing a black dress that left me completely available to her she smiled. Ms. Alvarez is the company CFO and as such wields enormous power, so when she told me to get under her desk and eat her out I didn’t hesitate. Ms. Alvarez was a gorgeous Hispanic woman with the tightest conch I’d ever seen in a women’s gym.

She told me not to make a sound as she had an appointment with a possible employee and he was not to know what was going on, though I was not to stop either. It was then that I heard a familiar voice–my husband’s–he hadn’t even told me he was searching for a job.

Now what could I do? Confront my husband and thus assure him I was a lesbian whore for my company? Or maybe I should just keep quiet and act as if nothing had happened. I could not face him as these women all had proof of my infidelity with Kevin and his 16″ horse cock–video proof. Heck, I am fairly certain they set me up for this.

How could I break this to my husband and not lose him and the kids? Would it excite him to know my body was ravaged by Kevin’s huge cock? Would it arouse him to know this slutty woman, his very own wife, was fucking black cock on the side as well as eating women’s pussies in risky situations?

All it would take to get his answer was a simple movement or sound. Of course explaining all the anal beads and ben wa balls would be a bit more difficult but then given where I was at the moment I think he’d have an idea of what was going on.

It took me but a few moments to make my decision.

And my decision was to…

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