Darling Nikki Pt. 02

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Chapter 1 – The Morning After

The next day, Nick awoke thinking it was just a really messed up dream. When he got out of bed and found that Samantha had unlocked and removed the dress, panties and shoes, but everything else was still on, he was pulled right back to reality. He looked in the mirror on his wall and saw that he was standing there in a very tight and rigid, pink and white, vinyl bustier with garters holding up some very girly white seemed stockings with pink bows at the top. He saw the silouette of a 20-something girl looking back at him, all except his hair. It was almost enough to start getting him in the mood when last night’s little escapades came rushing back to him.

“Oh shit.” Nick thought immediately. “what the hell happened last night, and why didn’t Sam get me out of this stuff before bed?” He looked around for his robe but couldn’t find it, he put on a pair of boxers, pants and a t-shirt over his sexy lingerie, in case Samantha had not remembered anything from the previous night. as he walked into the kitchen, he found that he was wrong… OH so wrong.

“What the hell are you wearing?!?” Sam asked “I paid a lot of money to have you wear that dress and damn it, you WILL wear it. Don’t think just because I took your dress and panties off of you last night that you can dress as you please! I did it so you could pee during the night and not get it all over your new latex panties. I will say that I like the fact that you have,what look like boobs under your shirt, and that you are thinner than before, that bustier was well worth the money. I also like the fact that you still know what you are.” She added, as she tapped her throat. Nick knew what that meant, he still had the choker on that said “Sam’s Slut” across it.

Nick heard a few snickers from the other side of the kitchen, Kim and Jess were cooking breakfast and remained quiet during the entire encounter. “Doesn’t he have heels too, Sam?” Kim asked. “I’m jealous because his legs and ass were so damn cute with those on.”

“Make sure you don’t get anyhting on the dress either, Nikki” Jess added. “would be a shame to have you ruin our fun before it really started.”

Nick knew he was trapped, there was no way out of this situation, but maybe he could convince them to at least let him out for a little bit. “Sam, don’t you think I should at least have a shower? I would hate to ruin your fun”

Sam thought about this for a minute, then finally said, “you are right, you should be able to get cleaned up before the big day we have in store for you. Bring me every stitch of manly clothes you have and put them in the living room.”

“But…” Nick started.

“Go, bitch! I’m not repeating myself!” Sam bellowed.

“Ok.” Nick saw his chances for escape dwindling away, he brought out all of the drawers from his bureau and dumped them in a pile on the floor and returned the drawer. Next he took all of the hangers in the closet and placed them on the pile. Finally, he took off the clothes that he was wearing and put on the panties from last night to hide his now hardening cock. He then put those on top of that pile of clothes and stood there waiting for Samantha’s approval.

“Is that all of them?” Samantha asked as if he were 5 years old and in trouble.

“Y-yes, ma’am” the defeated sissy replied.

“Good Girl. I’m sure the Salvation Army or Goodwill will love your donation.” Sam said with a smile.

“What about my work clothes?” Nick blurted, “Those are in that pile too!”

“Don’t you worry about that, sweetie. We’ll get rid of those nasty boy clothes for you… and get some nice blouses and skirts for work.” Jess replied with a devilish grin on her face.

“I guess you still don’t realize, you aren’t a man anymore.” Kim said, “not that you were much of a man before, but at least now, you’ll have a reason to wear panties all day long.”

“Oh that reminds me, Nikki” Sam added, “If you get fired because of the way you dress, Kim has a friend with Civil Liberties. He’ll not only get your job back, you may get a raise out of it… so be bold!”

“This can’t be happening.” Nick said as a mascara stained tear ran down his face. “I like being a guy, I watch sports, and play racquet ball, and drink Kartal Anal Escort beer!”

“Thanks for the tip! we’ll have to pick up some sports bras and skirts for you too.” Sam said jotting it down “but the beer will have to change to wine, or mixed drinks. Beer is yucky and has too many carbs for a girl like you.”

Chapter 2 – Planning For What’s Ahead

Just then Sam got up and grabbed Nikki by the arm and led him to his room. “All of this will have to change too, this is too masculine to be your room. You’ll have to get a new bed too, that twin size isn’t going to be big enough if you expect your boyfriends to come over.” also, a nice, fresh coat of paint. that would really make this room sparkle!”

“BOYFRIENDS?!? What the… Why are you doing this to me? I’ve said I was sorry and that I’ll pay you back, please can’t I just do that and go back to the way things were?” Nick cried.

“I’m afraid that’s no longer your choice, Nikki.” Sam turned to her new sissy slave. “Don’t you remember what you did last night? You said that your life was nothing compared to this. You wanted this so badly, even after Jessica tried to make you think it over. Jess showed you the pills that she took for months and months to get her body to where it is right now. You just gobbled 3 of them down before she could tell you what they were, then you looked deep into my eyes and said that you were proud to be my little sissy slut.”

“I really don’t remember any of that, and I’m afraid to ask this now, but what were those pills?” Nikki asked.

“Hormones! you took a 3-day supply of them at once, so if you start feeling like crying uncontrollably or your nipples get tender that’s why.” Sam stated almost laughing.

Almost as if it were on queue, Nikki started to sob, uncontrollably. Blackened by the mascara, his tears streamed down his face, and onto the pink latex of the bustier he was wearing. “I-I-I don’t remember that.”

“Well it’s a good thing I took lots of pictures then huh?” Sam said with a smile, as she pulled a flash drive out of her pocket and waved it in front of him. “Everything that happened last night is on this. C’mon, I’ll show you.” Sam grabbed his hand again and pulled him to her bedroom where her laptop computer was.

There were enough pictures to paint a vivid picture in his memory. Posing with Jessica’s cock in his mouth smeared with lipstick. There was one with a beer bottle in Nikki’s ass and Kim laughing at him. Also, there was one with him laying on the couch passed out in his entire costume on, his dress pulled up, his left hand on his dick and his right thumb in his mouth. He had cum all over his face, he could see it very clearly in the pictures.

“Shit…” he said finally. “There has to be something I can do to get these pictures back from you and to make everything good again between us.”

“Everything is fine with me. You decided yesterday that you wanted to be my little sissy slut, and I’m going to hold you to it!” Sam replied. “Jess called an old friend of her’s to come over and help you adjust better. I said that I could handle it. You aren’t going to make me a liar are you? Because by the way she explained, he doesn’t spank you like a normal sissy’s training, he fucks you until you beg for him to just beat the hell out of you. By the way you were acting last night with that beer bottle in your ass, I’m betting that’s about the only thing that’s ever been up there, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes… I’m not gay, I don’t know why I would do such a thing.” Nikki said, fighting back tears.

“HA HA HA! Not gay?!? Are you shitting me?” Sam said, very amused. “From what Jessica said last night, she’s never had such a good blowjob. Why don’t we refresh your memory a little.” as she walked to her bedroom door. “Girls! Could I get a little help in here?”

“Sure, no problem!” was the synchronized response from Kim and Jessica.

Sam reached under the four corners of her bed and produced a length of rope that Nikki could only imagine was tied securely to the frame of the bed. The other two girls entered the room and forced Nikki on his back with his arms and legs in spread eagle fashion. Sam securely tied Nikki’s limbs one by one to the ropes, as she Kartal Yaşlı Escort explained; “I love to tie up my men for sex, the less they can move, the better. Jess, put that pillow under his head, there you go… have fun, sweetie.”

Just as Nikki was understanding what was really going on, he began to fight the ropes. “P-P-Please!! Don’t do this! I’m not gay!”

“Bullshit you little sissy bitch!” Jessica hissed, as she climbed up onto his chest and pulled her 8″ cock out of her lacy red panties and slapped him on the face with it. Kim and Sam were laughing hystarically because he again was helpless and about to suck a fat cock.

“Give it to him Jess, make him remember what he did last night.” Kim said with a devilish grin on her face.

Jessica rubbed his lips with the head of her massive member but he wouldn’t open his mouth. “You’d better just open up and take your medicine, you’d hate if Charlie had to come over and have his way with you. You’d BEG for my cock then. He’s at least 11″ and isn’t gentle with it.”

A single tear rolled down his cheek again as he reluctantly opened his mouth to accept the monster that was waiting there. Just as he opened Jessica rammed her cock to the back of his mouth and made him gag a little. She didn’t back down though, she started thrusting her hips and held the back of his head as she fucked his face again. Moans of sheer delight and pleasure escaped Jessica’s mouth as she looked down between her 36C breasts at the sissy sucking on her cock.

Just then, Kim noticed something. Nikki’s panties were starting to develop a bulge in the front. “My, my, my. For such a straight man, you sure do have a nice little hard-on growing from sucking that cock. Sam, do you think I could have a little taste of a your little sissy’s clitty?”

“MMM, By all means, hun. I’ll be right there.” Sam said as she walked to her closet and began looking for a something.

As she climbed onto the bed, Kim noticed that she couldn’t pull the latex material down because Nikki’s panties were snapped securely to the frilly vinyl bustier. That didn’t stop her though. She reached in a leg hole and pulled his semi-hard 7″ cock out, and licked the tip. Just as she did, she felt another tongue licking her wet pussy. Samantha was standing directly behind Kim with a double headed strap-on dildo and began to push it into Kim’s moist box. Kim never looked up to see what Sam was doing as she was engulfed on Nikki’s sweet sissy cock.

Sam began to move in rythym to the movements that Jessica was causing. The only sounds that were heard were Jessica moaning with pleasure, as Nikki began to suck harder on the sweet cock that was forced in his mouth. Jessica began to tense up a little, then slowed down as to savor the moment as long as possible. Nikki picked up on these feelings and opened his mouth wide to swirl his tongue around her shaft. Sam was now deep in a rythym fucking Kim. It seemed to be pushing Kim into a deep orgasm, at which point she began to moan while Nikki’s cock was in her mouth. With Kim orgasming, the smell of sex in the air, the sweet smell of Jessica’s musk and pre-cum, and not to mention the fact that Kim was now sucking harder and moaning on his cock, began to push the sissy into a deep and powerful orgasm of his own. Jessica couldnt hold on anymore and shoved her cock deep into Nikki’s throat as Nikki began to scream in ecstacy, causing her to erupt into a volcano of cum into Nikki’s mouth. Nikki had already squirted his sissy juice into the ever waiting mouth of Kim, who was now kissing and sharing it with Sam.

Chapter 3 – New Emotions

Jessica got off of Nikki’s chest and began to kiss him. Tasting her own cum on his lips and tongue and realizing that Nikki was again crying. “What’s wrong Nikki? Didn’t you like the taste of my cum?” Jessica asked in a whisper.

“I… did.” Nikki sobbed. “I really did like it. I thought I was so straight. The idea of sucking dicks never turned me on. What the hell is wrong with me?”

Jess untied his hands and held him tightly against her breasts. “It’s ok, Nikki. It’s the hormones you took last night. They are starting to take effect and it’s making you feel things you never would have before.”

“But Kartal Zenci Escort I don’t want to be a fag.” Nikki replied.

“HA HA, could have fooled me, sissy boi. Judging by the way you are acting, all three pills are kicking in at once. I’m not going to let you take another one today. If you take another one today, tomorrow’s emotions will just be worse. We can’t have our little sissy slave depressed.” Jessica said as she broke the loving embrace and stood up. Nikki’s eyes were glued to her cock. The way it swayed with her body’s every move. He loved it, and already wanted it in his mouth again. Jessica saw this and smiled. “Soon enough sweetie, first we all need to eat breakfast, take showers and get ready, you’ve got some shopping to do today!”

Chapter 4 – Nikki’s New Wardrobe

After breakfast, the four girls cleaned the kitchen and parted ways to get ready for the day ahead. Samantha took Nikki into her bedroom again to get him ready.

“Ok, my little sissy slut,” Samantha began, “We’ve got to figure out what to do with your hair. It’s too short to be anything close to a woman’s sytle, you’ll have to wear a wig until yours grows in.”

“A wig?!” Nikki protested.

“Yes, a wig!” Sam snapped, “I have a few of them in my closet, we’ll see which one fits you the best. From the way it looks, I think you are going to be blonde for a while. Just until your real hair grows in enough to do something with.”

“But what about work? Everyone will…” Nikki was cut off.

“I don’t give a shit about anyone at your work place. You are mine, and you’ll do as I say, or I’ll have Charlie come over and let him fuck you with his big black cock.” Sam bellowed. “If they give you problems at work, you let me know and we’ll take care of it.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Nikki replied, defeated.

“Good girl, now, go online and look up some new shoes. We have to find ones that will fit your feet. Kim and Jess are out picking up some new clothes for you to wear. Oh and by the way, you should know that you wear a size 6 dress, incase you find a cute little sissy dress that you might want. Also, you better not buy any ‘unisex’ clothes. If I see anything that would look normal on a man or a woman, I’m going to call Charlie.”

“What about if I want to go work out?” Nikki inquired.

“That’s simple, a sports bra and an athletic skirt. or just an athletic dress. Adidas and Nike both make really cute ones. You might want to go check those out too.” Sam replied.

“Well… if I want to do free weight training or something like that, my muscles…” Nikki was cut off.

“…won’t grow that big anymore. Those hormones are essentially estrogen, with some improvements. Great for building big boobs, not pecs.” Sam said with a smile. “And if I have my way, you are going to have at least a D-cup. I want you to have a 38-24-36 figure. There’s nothing hotter than a sexy woman with a hard cock. That also reminds me, we have to get you some more bustiers if you are going to have a 24 inch waist.”

“Wait, what?!?” Nikki said, stunned. “I don’t want to change my body into a woman’s body! I like my body! Why don’t I have any say in this?”

Sam turned to her sissy and smiled “Because sweetie, you gave me the best present anyone has ever given me last night… you gave me your body, mind and soul. It’s all on tape too, just incase you forgot that.”

Now completely feeling defeated and embarrassed, Nikki finally knew that there was absolutely no escaping or going back to his original self. The mere thought of watching any type of sports on TV or live in person seemed like a distant dream, the thought of having a guy’s night out was now impossible, unless it was to a gay bar. Instead of reading Maxim and Men’s Health magazines, he’d learn to love Cosmopolitan and Redbook.

With a sigh of defeat and tears rolling down his face, Nikki looked up at Samantha and decided he’d play along, as long as he wouldn’t get hurt, “What kind of make-up would look good on me for work?”

“Let’s not worry about your job for a few days, why don’t you call in and say that you have a family emergency. That should buy you a couple of weeks to get a good start on the transition.” Sam replied.

to be continued…

**Author’s Note** Feedback is great, I’ve put a few ideas in my story that others have mentioned to me that they would like to see. I welcome these ideas! if you have a good idea for something you would like Nikki to experience, let me know, I’d love to put it in my story.

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