Christina Looks for a College Ch. 07

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Her whole body shakes violently as a flood of her wonderful release comes pouring out of her tight, throbbing pussy; all the time still pounding it with that great toy of hers. She has wave of orgasm upon wave of orgasm as they torture her body with their earth-shattering pleasure. After a few more she slowly starts to come down from this ultimate high; just in time to see Will and Matt approaching her with their throbbing, rock-hard dicks in hand.

While Rachael has been taking care of her own personal needs, Will and Matt were also able to finish theirs. When Rachael was busy getting her toy together the boys were nearing the end of their solo journeys as well. Just after Rachael started sliding the full length of that light pink toy in and out of her dripping center, the boys opened their eyes to see what she was up to. And of course they loved what they saw.

Here now was Rachael spread eagle on her bed and sliding the full length of a light pink vibrator in and out of herself. This brought two huge smiles to their faces as they looked at each other and then back to her. Her delicate, red pussy lips were spreading around the full thickness of the toy as if it was specifically built just for her. They looked so thick, full and accepting of the toy. It was as if her pussy was pulling it in as a necessity. The lips spreading around it, slowly collapsing around the thinner, tip as it left her tight center. Then the lips spreading again as the toy slid back into her dripping hole; this pattern repeating itself over and over; the boys in a trance as they watched it.

They soon felt all the blood of their bodies rush to their pulsating cocks and that familiar sensation of release coming to them. It was then that Matt turned his back to Will and continued to get ever closer to coating the room with his sticky love. He tightened his grip on his member and gave it a few more slow strokes. He felt his whole body tense up as he reached for his boxers on the floor. He let out one more extended moan as the head of his dick opened up and his sticky liquid erupted from it; stream after stream of cum shot out of him and into his boxers. After a few more strokes he was spent and needed to catch his breath. His once hard cock, now slowly collapsed between his legs.

Will had a similar experience behind Matt’s back as he shot load after load of his love into an old shirt that he found under Rachael’s bed. Slowly they turned to each other as they heard the words of pleasure come pouring out of Rachael’s soft lips.

They watched as Rachael’s body was rocked by her waves of several orgasms. Her whole body shaking violently as one and then another took control of her. Her screams of pleasure and passion filling the room. This certainly was a sight to see as their spent cocks now slowly returned to their previously engorged states.

As the show continued before their eyes, Will leaned over and told Matt what their next step should be. Matt shook his head in agreement as their eyes went back to Rachael’s final moments of sweet release.

Just as Rachael was starting to come down from her great mountainous high, Will tapped Matt on the shoulder and they both rose; removing any articles of clothing still clinging to their hot bodies. They slowly approached Rachael on her bed; cheerleading skirt pulled over her stomach, vest pulled up, her huge breasts still exposed for them to see. Her eyes were slowly opening and her breathing was beginning to return to normal as the boys arrived at her side.

She smiled up at them as they smiled back at her; all three looking like they had just been through a war.

Rachael then parts her sweet lips and asks Will, “So, did you enjoy that as much as I did?”

Will responds with a huge grin on his face, “But of course, don’t I always enjoy the shows you put on for me?”

Rachael looks at Matt and poses the same question to him. He just smiles back at her and that is all she needs to see. Next thing she knows, Will is taking her into his arms and turning her over onto her stomach. He dangles her legs over the edge of the bed and spreads them nice and wide. As he is doing this, Matt has gotten onto the bed and is lying on his back; his rock-solid, throbbing cock rising from the depths of his muscular body. Rachael now knows what the boys want as she looks up to see Matt’s manly-hood presenting itself to her and feeling her boyfriend’s equally hard, but thicker tool at the entrance of her pulsating love tunnel.

Rachael looks back at Will at smiles giving him her seal of approval to proceed and this he does. Will steadies himself on Rachael’s sexy legs and slowly pushes all he has to offer into Rachael’s waiting and accepting entrance. Rachael cries out in pleasure as she feels her tight hole spread open accepting her man’s gift to her. Slowly Will pushes forward into Rachael’s tight grasp as her soaking wet love tunnel accepts every inch that he has to offer. Her moans increase as Ümraniye Escort Will stretches her more and more; every nerve lighting up inside of her like a firecracker. Her eyes roll back into her head as she can take no more and Will has filled her to capacity with his long, thick pole. He lets her get used to this new, but familiar feeling as her tight pussy pulsates and wave after wave of excitement cascades around his thick dick.

While Rachael his getting used to this wonderful feeling now inside of her, she looks up to see Matt’s pole standing straight up at attention; his hand now around it, sliding up and down the full, hard length of it. She slowly sticks out her long tongue and gives the head of it a small lick. This causes a small moan to escape from Matt’s lips. So Rachael licks it again and again; until Matt’s moans are consistent. His hand has increased its pace on his throbbing tool and Rachel decides that it is time to raise the stakes a little higher. She now takes the tip of his purple-headed tool into her warm, wet mouth. Her lips slowly spread open as she accepts a little more of him into her orifice.

Rachael holds it in her mouth as she softly teases him with a few flicks of her tongue. Matt’s hand has now left its place on his throbbing rod as his moans become louder. Ever so slowly Rachael takes some more of his long dick into her mouth. She begins moaning around him as she feels Will slowly pull out of her tight tunnel and push his way slowly back into her. This new sensation brings Matt to the next level of pleasure. Will slowly starts a slow, but steady pattern in and out of his girlfriend’s very wet pussy. And as he increases his pace so does Rachael on Matt’s throbbing rod. Soon Rachael has all that Matt has to offer her as she feels his long, very hard dick slide past the entrance to her throat and into it.

Will looks down and watches as his tool disappears into Rachael’s pussy to only appear again. He loves it as he sees her puffy, pink lips open up and pull him back in again as if they never want to let him go. He starts to get into a rhythm as he increases the speed at which he slides in and out of Rachael’s dripping wet pussy.

Rachael has also increased the speed at which she is sliding her sweet lips around Matt’s long tool. She loves the feeling as she feels it slide in and out of her throat like her fingers sliding in and out of herself just moments ago. Her moans increase along with Matt’s as the room is once again filled with a chorus of lovemaking.

Will has now begun to pound Rachael’s defenseless pussy as a puddle of their lovemaking begins to form on the floor below them. Rachael’s pussy has not been this wet in a long while. Will leans forward now and grabs a hold of Rachael’s two beautiful mounds hanging from her chest. He grabs each nipple between two fingers and pulls on them. This causes Rachael to let out a scream of pleasure only muffled by Matt’s dick still sliding in and out of her throat. Will continues to play and massage Rachael’s breasts as his long, thick, throbbing dick pounds away relentlessly at her dripping wet, pulsating pussy.

Electric waves of pleasure now travel through each of their bodies as the intense sexual scene continues. All three are nearing the point of no return; Will sliding the length of his manly-hood in and out of his girlfriend’s tight pussy. He feels every nerve in his body on fire as her tight tunnel creates a vice-like grip around him. Rachael’s muffled screams still filling the room as Will has activated every nerve inside of her into a raging inferno of pleasure and of course Matt who is getting the best deep-throat blowjob that he has ever received.

After a few more intense moments of this powerful pleasure creating scene, Will cries out that the end is near for him. He informs Rachael that he is going to fill her so full of cum that she will not be able to contain it.

Rachael responds as she momentarily removes Matt’s cock from her grasp, “Ohhhhhhhhh, Will please fill me up with your hot, wet love! I want to fell it drip out of me and run down my legs!”

Will replies, “Well here it comes then!”

Will’s whole body tenses up as he feels a wave of intense pleasure go from his stomach up to his head and down to his toes. This electric shock travels back to his very center and he pushes his entire thick dick deep into his girlfriend’s accepting pussy.

He holds it there as he yells out in pleasure, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhhhhh yes!”

He shoots load after sweet load of his cum deep into the depth of Rachael’s being. She also lets out some muffled screams as she feels each flood of hot cum hit every nerve deep inside of her sweet pussy. Will lets the last few loads leave him and into his woman. He then slowly slides out of her not so tight pussy and collapses onto the floor. As he slides out, a flood of their mixed fluids comes pouring out of her like a fire hose being turned on Anadolu Yakası Escort at a fire.

She now comes to the realization that she needs to find a way to put out the flames of the roaring fire inside of her that Will has started. Suddenly an idea comes to her. She releases the full length of Matt’s tool out of her mouth and slowly stands up. Once she has her balance she smiles at Matt and tells him to hold on, she quickly removes the cheerleading outfit from her sexy body and she then gets up on the bed and straddles herself over his very long dick. Matt now smiles back at her as he realizes what she is thinking. Slowly Rachael pushes down onto Matt’s throbbing dick as she feels her very sensitive pussy lips open and accept him into herself. She keeps pushing down until she has taken all of him and filled her very slick pussy even more than before.

They both let out extended moans as Matt feels her very wet and warm pussy wrap itself around his tool and Rachael feels even more very sensitive nerves come alive as Matt’s long pole touches places that Will’s did not. After a few moments of getting used to these new feelings, Matt reaches up and takes Rachael’s rock-hard nipples and bountiful breasts into his hand. This sends a new wave of pleasure to Rachael’s center and she wants more. She slowly lifts her body off of Matt’s and feels his very long rod slide out of her dripping center; she slowly slides down onto it again. She starts to pick up the pace as she slides up and down the full length of Matt’s manly-hood. Each time she slides back down it, she feels it hit new nerves she never knew that she had.

Matt has continued his play time with her wonderful breasts bringing her two centers of enjoyment as Rachael has worked up a nice, steady rhythm feeling Matt slide in and out of her. Soon she feels Matt tense up below her and knows that she is about to feel another powerful series of blows from a man’s tool. She begins to pound herself onto Matt’s body; her breasts bouncing along in rhythm with the rest of her body.

Suddenly she feels Matt’s hands leave her breasts and grab a hold of her waist as he holds her dripping wet pussy down onto the full length of his pulsating dick. She screams out as he hits another nerve deep inside of her that she never knew existed.

Matt screams out, “Are you ready to be filled with more than just my dick?”

Rachael replies, “You bet I am! Please bring it to me!”

And with that, Matt screams out in pure pleasure as his first load of sweet release fires out of his pulsating dick and deep into Rachael.

Rachael screams out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhhhhh… Yes!!” As she feels this first shot hit deep up into her.

She continues screaming as shot after shot of Matt’s hot liquid hits nerves that have never been hit before for Rachael. It is like her whole body is suddenly a lighting rod of pleasure as it lights up with hit after hit of exploding pleasure caused by Matt’s long dick and thick juices. After a few more jolts of almost unbearable pleasure, Rachael feels Matt’s body lay motionless and flat below her. She has now pleasured both of her hot male visitors, but she has still not reached the final heights of her sexual completion.

This is when she realizes she needs to act quick and her body responds. She gently pulls her now lose pussy off of Matt’s quickly diminishing hard-on and straddles his face. As she makes this move a great rush of sexual liquids come pouring out of her and onto the bed below. She has been filled with so much that she even leaves a trail of evidence of her activities up Matt’s muscular chest. She immediately puts her happily abused pussy right onto Matt’s lips. He accepts this forced invitation well and immediately clamps his lips right onto her throbbing love button, this causes yet another wave of extreme pleasure to travel through her hot body.

He slowly but forcefully begins to lick up and down the full length of Rachael’s thick, red and throbbing clit. He licks it up and down and left to right. He circles it and makes figure-eights on it. He continues this assault increasing his speed and pressure on Rachael’s pleasure center. Her body rocks on his face as screams and moans leave Rachael’s sweet lips. Her hands are now playing with her bountiful breasts and large, thick, extremely sensitive, rock-hard nipples.

Suddenly, Rachael feels her own body begin to tense up and she knows that the end of her pleasure-seeking journey is nearing its conclusion. She slowly slides the full length of her soaking wet pussy up Matt’s face and there her puckered entrance meets Matt’s lips and tongue. Matt gets the message and he quickly slips the full length of his thick tongue into Rachael’s waiting tunnel. Rachael lets out an exaggerated moan as she feels Matt’s tongue fill her completely. Matt begins to slide his tongue in and out of Rachael’s flooded center, each movement bringing another scream forth İstanbul Escort from Rachael’s lips. Rachael has decided to take one hand away from her heaving breasts and proceed to rub her pulsating clit as Matt continues to slide in and out of her pussy.

After a few more strokes of Matt’s graceful tongue and her expert fingers, the pinnacle of satisfaction is upon her.

She screams out to Matt, “I am going to soak your face!! Are you ready?”

Matt forces his tongue deep into her and that is all she needs. Rachael’s whole body tenses up and she releases the first of many floods of her female cum all over Matt’s face. He laps it up as more and more of her wonderful fluids mixed in with his and Will’s fill his mouth and cover his face and body.

Rachael screams out to Matt in pleasure, “Ohhhhhhh.. Yes!!! Yes!!! That is what I wanted!! Matt you are so good!!! Please make me cum more!!” as each powerful orgasm rocks her cheerleading body.

After a few more powerful orgasms surge through her body and she covers Matt’s face in all she has to offer him, she collapses on the bed next to him. Her body shakes and convulses with the remaining pleasure that his rocking it. She feels numb all over as if someone has taken her ability to touch from her. After she finally catches her breath she hears the sound of both Matt and Will snoring away as she has worn the poor babies out. She decides to join them as she grabs a pillow and a blanket off of her floor and curls up next to Will and falls asleep, a sweet satisfied smile on her face.

Chapter 7-Part 2

It has been a few hours since Rachael, Will and Matt have finished their pleasure bringing session together and slowly Matt awakes to a familiar sound. Matt slowly opens his eyes to the world and realizes where he is. Suddenly images of his earlier fun come rushing back into his mind and dick. This stirring between his legs continues when he realizes that what he is hearing is not a part of the images in his head, but rather going on currently in the room. He slowly sits up and follows the sound with his ears. It sounds like two people enjoying each other’s company in an extreme fashion. He follows the sound to below the bed and there he finds his two friends awake and doing well on the floor. In fact he finds the loving couple in a classic 69 position. Will on his back with Rachael’s wonderful pussy in his face. On the other end, he finds Rachael’s sexy lips sliding up and down the full length of his friend’s manly-hood. They both have their eyes closed concentrating on the task at hand and so they do not notice his eyes taking in their intimate moment.

He immediately reaches for his now throbbing dick and begins to rub the head on it. He continues this rubbing until he realizes that he better go and answer the call that nature he is currently sending him. He slowly slips down off of Rachael’s bed and makes his way over to his pile of clothing. Once there he picks up his jeans and slips them onto his athletic body. He then walks towards the door and slowly opens it, not wanting to disturb his friends. He slips out of the door and as he does he looks down to see Will open his eyes and give Matt a nod to let him know that all is well; Matt nods back at him and closes the door behind himself.

He makes his way down the hallway and to the room for which he seeks. He then takes care of business and well as throwing some water in his face to freshen up some. Next he starts to head towards the stairs to seek out some food in the kitchen when a wonderful sound comes dancing to his ears. He listens carefully and follows it down past Rachael’s room. Once there the sound becomes very distinctive and he smiles as he takes it all in. It is definitely the sound of two young women in the process of reaching orgasms.

Matt decides to be brave and slowly opens the door to see what treasures it is keeping from him. As he opens it, his jaw drops and his eyes pop out as he sees two very attractive women on a bed pleasuring each other. He watches as a tall brunette who he recognizes as Layla is on top of an equally hot woman with shorter brown hair, whom he recognizes as Lisa. Layla is driving one end of a very long, thick double dildo in and out of Lisa’s pussy; Matt watches as he sees the pussy lips on both girls open and close around each end of the dildo; moans of great pleasure coming from both of them.

Matt decides to stick around and watch yet another great live show and closes the door behind him. Unfortunately it slips from his hand and closes a little harder than he intended it to do. This causes Layla to open her eyes and look at him. He immediately tenses up afraid of what might happen next. Much to his surprise, Layla just smiles at him and waves him over with her head. He does not hesitate and quickly comes up behind her. Once there he stands behind Layla’s lightly trembling body and wraps his arms around her. He takes each one of her D-sized breasts into his hands and gently begins to massage them. Layla turns her head back towards Matt and plants a sensual kiss on his lips. She then goes back to pounding herself on the thick dildo which she shares with her sister Lisa. All the while Matt’s cock is rising to the occasion in his jeans.

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