Best Friends Visit OnaSpa Ch. 03

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I woke up, initially disoriented and then, as I gained a stronger foothold into reality, it dawned on me I really was in this fascinating place called OnaSpa. The light was streaming in through the blinds, and I surveyed our beautiful bedroom. Ali was not in the bed. It slowly came back to me what had happened the night before and I had a sudden feeling of panic that maybe things had gone too far. What if this put some kind of strain on our “best friends” relationship?

After peeing, I padded to the living room. No sign of Ali. When I went back into the bedroom, I saw the note on the night table:

“E- I woke up early. I’ll be at the breakfast patio outside by the pool area. If not there, maybe gym? – love, A”

I tied my hair up and threw on a white waist length tank top and a pair of sandals. I checked my pussy and decided to use the bidet quickly. I remembered my pussy being so wet the night before, slathered with Ali’s saliva.

As I passed through the complex, I saw many beautiful women, many obviously sweaty from a workout. I passed by two girls wearing matching tennis outfits, except they had no skirts or panties. They were in an embrace, kissing. There were a number of women around the pool masturbating. Ali and I saw each other from across the pool area, and we both waved. I had to admit, I was nervous!

I sat at her table. The sun was bright, and there was a light, warm breeze.

“Hi sweetie. How did you sleep?” Ali asked.

“Like a rock. You?”

“Same. Although I woke up really horny, so I came down here and masturbated by the pool.”

“So…uh…about last night,” I said cautiously.

“I’m sorry if I was too aggressive.”

“No, no, it’s ok. It was nice. I…uh…was just wondering what it meant…you know…where it puts us. I guess I never thought of myself as someone who kisses girls.”

“Honey, it’s ok. I think being here, it’s so sexualized, one’s bound to get a little ambiguous.”

“I guess it’s freaking me out a bit, and I’m also worried about our relationship. I’m not really sure where we stand.”

Ali moved her chair around the table to sit next to me and leaned in to give me a hug. “Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I really hate that this is freaking you out. Nothing’s going to change. We’re still best friends. We don’t ever have to do any of that again. It doesn’t matter to me. Our friendship is the most important thing. I love you sweetie, and nothing will stand in the way of our friendship.”

“Ok, well I know maybe I am over reacting a bit.”

“No it’s ok. Elle, anything you want to make it more comfortable…tell me; I’ll do it.” Ali reassured me.

We hugged for a bit. As the anxiety began to melt away, I noticed Jessica approaching with Lydia. They were both totally nude with heels on, and Lydia was carrying a shiny gold vibrator.

“Hi guys!” Jessica said.

We all exchanged hugs and cheek kisses.

“So what’s up?” I asked cheerfully, concealing the weight of the prior moment.

“Not much. I’m on my way to do a class, and Lydia’s going to masturbate by the pool,” Jessica said.

“Oh great! Lyd, maybe I’ll join you. I wanted to take a dip. It’s a beautiful day!” Ali said, sort of stretching out the word “beautiful” for emphasis.

“That’d be great. Find me. I’ll probably be masturbating for the next hour or so, before I go on the clock. Are you coming to Jess’s cunnilingus class today?” Lydia inquired.

“Yes! I forgot to mention it. I’m definitely coming. Elle’s going to come watch.” Ali looked over at me, “Aren’t you?”

“Yep,” I said, directing this at Lydia and Jessica: “I know Ali wants me to be there on her first day.”

“Great!” Jessica said, excitedly. “You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure, and,” she said, grinning at Ali, “so will you, young lady!”

“I’m sure,” Ali said quickly. “Jess, how many girls do you think I’ll…uh… be…uh… doing it on today?”

“Usually, in a given session, you get to perform cunnilingus on 3 or 4 girls. And likewise, 3 or 4 will do it to you.”

“Wow, ok.”

“Don’t be worried, you’ll love it. It’s great to taste the different pussies, and you’ll learn a ton. I hope I get a chance to taste you, Ali.” Jess said, with a soothing quality to her voice.

Ali looked over at me with a half-excited, half-worried look.

“Ok, so see you later today,” Jessica said, and we all bid our goodbyes to one another.

“Shit! What time is it?” I blurted out.

“It’s about 10:15,” Ali said as she pointed out the clock across the patio. Apparently there were tons of clocks around so the guests didn’t have to wear their watches.

“I forgot I’m getting together with Stephanie to masturbate at 11.”

“Oh! Right! The massage girl. Cool!”

“I had better get back and take a shower and get ready. So what should I wear?”

“Wear something casual. I’ve got a really nice v-neck top with a matching canvas belt. It’s in the left drawer.”

“Perfect,” I said, relieved to have simplified my choices. bursa escort I wanted to look nice for Stephanie, but I didn’t want it to be too formal.

“Are you excited to be masturbating with her?” Ali asked.

“Yeah, I’m not particularly horny right now, but I assume I’ll get in the mood. I guess that is the hard part about making an appointment to masturbate!” I said, with a guffaw.

We had a good chuckle about that.

“Well, have a good time, sweetie. Do you want me to stay out of the suite so you guys can have privacy?”

“No, no. Not at all. Come by if you want.”

“Thanks. After I hang out with Lydia I think I’ll take a nap by the pool and then we’ll see.”

“Ok, so off I go!” I said, getting up. As I headed out, I was struck by the familiar image of people standing in the breakfast buffet line. Except that this line consisted entirely of nude women. At that moment, I had a little internal chuckle at how familiar and comfortable this version of hotel reality had already become.

I raced back to the suite and took a shower and got dressed. As I was slipping my shoes on, there was a knock at the door.

I swung the door open and Steph was there. She was wearing a belt and high heels and was carrying a little bag with her.

“You look smashing,” she said to me.

“You too. I’m glad we could get together.”

“Me, too. What a lovely suite!”

“Yeah, we got upgraded by Sarah. Very cool, no?”

“Absolutely,” she said as she scanned the photos on the wall.

“Would you like to have a drink on the balcony?”

“Sure, that’d be great. It’s beautiful out. I see you have a nice view.”

I got Stephanie her preferred drink and poured myself a greyhound, easy on the liquor. We stood on the balcony, leaning on the railing, and talked animatedly. I learned she had been in the same business that I was in, but threw in the towel for a better—at least certainly more sexual—lifestyle! We even knew some names in common in the industry. If only those people could see us now, nude and preparing to masturbate with one another!

“So what did you bring in the bag?” I asked.

“Oh! I brought some toys. Are you into anal masturbation?”

“I have only done it once.”

“Well do you mind if I do it?”

“Of course not. I might try it again myself.”

“Sounds good. I’ll help you if you need. Where should we masturbate? Out here or in the suite?”

“Where would YOU like to do it?”

“Maybe inside? Those couches look sooo comfy!”

“Great! Do you want to start now?” I asked, matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, I’m pretty aroused. I was working this morning and helped several girls come, along with doing a few full body massages. I was looking forward to coming for you.”

We continued as we walked into the living room.

“You do regular massages too?”

“Yeah, come by for one!” She was already caressing her breasts.

“Wow, I’d like that. Oh! Maybe I’ll get a couple of towels….I’m sure I might make a mess,” I said, veering off to the bathroom.

Returning from the bathroom, I saw Steph looking at the pictures on the walls, continuing to caress her breasts.

“So how do you want to do this?” I said as I laid the towels out on the couch. “Do you want me to watch you masturbate and then you can do likewise, or do you want to do it together?”

“Let’s do it together. I also want to hear more about your experiences with that guy Randy.”

Randy was someone—a real jerk, actually—who we’d both worked with at separate companies in the same industry. We chatted while caressing our pussies. No subject seemed untouched, and the conversation flowed incredibly smoothly. Steph had changed positions so that her pussy was more visible to me. I returned the favor. It was amazing looking at her nude body up-close as she became more and more aroused. Steph started shuddering and I watched her face as she came.

“Wow that was quick,” I said, with mock envy.

“Well, I plan to come a few times, so I thought I’d just go for it,” Steph said, as she caught her breath. “I’m going to use a dildo anally now. Do you want to try?”

I was already in plenty of pre-orgasmic bliss, so I declined. I encouraged Steph to go for it. She seemed like a pro at it, liberally lubricating herself and the dildo with a lube she’d brought. I watched as she scooted way down on the couch and slowly inserted the dildo into her anus. It was beautiful to see her eyes seemingly involuntarily close as the dildo went in.

As I watched this unfold, the orgasm swept over me. My body bucked wildy as I came. As my eyes snapped open and shut, I saw Steph smiling beautifully at me, guiding the dildo in and out of her ass.

“Nice?” Steph asked, huskily.

“Yeah. Very. That dildo in you is very hot, I must say.”

“It sure feels good.”

We masturbated and talked more. Half an hour later, Ali keyed into the suite.

“Hi guys!” Ali said, animatedly. “How are you doing?”

“Just great,” I said, sprawled out on the couch, with my legs drawn up to my torso.

Ali walked over to the couch and bent down to exchange cheek kisses with Steph, who was sliding the dildo in and out of her anus. I could see as Ali bent over that her pussy had been and continued to be very wet; a lot of vaginal fluid and residue had visibly accumulated between her legs.

“So, uh, Al, do you need a towel for your pussy?”

As she sat down, Ali spread her legs to inspect her pussy. She apparently couldn’t see the build up of ooze from her vantage point.

“Do I need it?”

“Well not necessarily, but I could see build up on your pussy. It looks like you have been having a lot of fun,” I said, grinning.

“Yeah, well I came pretty hard a few times. I think Lydia and I masturbated for almost an hour by the pool.”

Steph chimed in, “Do you guys ever taste yourselves while you’re masturbating? I especially love tasting girl cum when it’s sort of congealed a bit and sort of oozing from a girl’s opening. I do that a lot to other girls when giving vaginal massages.”

“Hmm, there’s an idea,” I said, strangely intrigued. “They like for you to do that?”

“Yeah, a lot of girls like it when I eat their cum. Of course, I also go down on a lot of my clients. “

“Do you want to taste my cum, before I clean it up?” Ali asked Jessica.

“Yeah! Why not? Scoot over a bit.”

“So,” Ali instructed, “I can’t really see down there, so just scoop up whatever you want with your finger. Is there enough there?”

“Yeah. Even if it’s a small amount, I love it,” Steph said as she put her dildo aside. She leaned in and scooped up some of the residue, sticking her finger in her mouth and sort of provocatively licking it clean. She reached over for a final bit.

“Wow you’re still quite juicy, there a nice bit of girl cum here. You won’t need a towel anymore,” she said with an aroused grin.

“Good?” Ali said, with a little embarrassed trepidation.

“Yeah, great. Thanks. I really love that.”

Ali looked relieved.

All of this intimate eroticism was making me so horny and just then I started coming. Steph and Ali watched me as my whole body undulated. I felt so exposed, and it felt good.

“You look beautiful when you come,” Steph said, resuming her anal dildo play.

“You’re too kind. That felt great. I couldn’t believe how great it looked to see you taste Ali’s cum. Speaking of which, Ali’s going to be tasting some pussy juice this afternoon.”

Steph looked at Ali for elucidation.

“I’m going to the cunnilingus class. Beginner, of course.”

“Oh great! That’ll be fun. Are you nervous?”

“Yeah. Pretty much.”

“Don’t be. It’ll be fun. You’ll make good friends, too. I’m still really close to the first girl I went down on.” There was a pause, and then Steph changed the subject a bit. “So have you done any pee play?”

“I like to pee sometimes while I masturbate. I peed for Elle one time when we were away at my parents’ desert house.”

“That’s great. There’s a great class on that if you want to check it out. Several of my clients like to pee while they’re receiving their vaginal massages.”

“How does that work?” I asked.

“Well, they just come in with full bladders, and we have a special massage room for that, because it obviously gets very wet. Most want to have their orgasms coincide with them releasing the pee.”

Just then, Steph shuddered as she came. This one wasn’t as big as the previous one.

“Wow…. Sorry for the interruption,” she said sheepishly, pulling the dildo out of her ass. We both giggled, and Ali gave her a quick affirming caress on her outer thigh. “So, is anyone hungry? I’m starved.”

It was already afternoon; we’d been hanging around masturbating and talking for more than an hour. I didn’t eat anything at all when I met Ali at the breakfast patio.

“Yeah, I am,” I chimed in. “Al?”

“I’m maybe too nervous about doing that class, but I’ll go with you guys. Will I have enough time to get ready before 2?”

“There’s really nothing to do to get ready,” Steph said. “It’s really come as you are.”

“But what about freshening up? I probably ought to take a shower.”

“You could, but all you really might want to do is freshen up here with the bidet. It’s not a high pressure deal.”

“Should I get dressed up?” Ali was clearly worried about all the “pre flight” details.

“Well, since it’s a daytime class, it’s really meant to be casual. Probably most girls will be dressed like you are now, or just completely nude.”

“Ok, well, so, let’s go then,” Ali said.

We all got up and wiped our pussies, put our shoes on and padded out the door. At the restaurant, Steph and I ate like horses, and Ali picked at a fruit plate. After lunch, we wandered around the grounds a bit and chatted with a few girls. Ali went back to the suite to freshen up and consider changing outfits. At a bit before 2, we headed over the classroom area. There were about 10 women in there, all chatting nervously. Many wore waist görükle escort bayan chains and some kind of shoes, but were otherwise fully nude. Ali had changed out of her shirt and was just wearing a belt, along with mid-high heels. We introduced ourselves to each in the group, and then I saw Jessica walk in.

“Hey girl!” I exclaimed.

“Hey Elle! How are you guys doing?” Jess asked.

“Great,” I said, replying for the both of us. “Steph says hi. We masturbated earlier.”

“Oh great!” Jess said as she moved to the front of the room. The room was outfitted with several gynecologist-style tables with stirrups and also a number of comfy-looking day beds, as well as several plush chairs. One of the “exam” tables was outfitted with what looked like a camera system.

“Ok girls, my name is Jessica, and I’m here to teach the cunnilingus class. As you know, this is a masturbation resort, but a lot of girls are curious about being with other girls, so we offer this kind of experience for those who are curious. This is typically a beginner class, so I would love to just get the lay of the land and go around the room and have each of you introduce yourselves, tell me a little bit about your masturbation habits and also why you’re here, what you want to get out of it, and maybe if you’ve had any previous experience.”

Each girl took her turn, and the group applauded for each one as they shared their intimate aspirations. Pretty much all were straight girls who were avid masturbators. I guess I never really thought about how many women might have Ali’s (and I guess my) proclivity for a masturbation “lifestyle.”

Most had gotten the idea of trying cunnilingus here, citing the incredibly sexualized atmosphere and all the beautiful women. One girl said, “You think you’re straight but then you’re surrounded by all these beautiful nude women, and it sort of makes you think about trying other things. It sort of changes your concept of what’s sexy.” A few of the girls described some experiences with other women. Jane, a redhead with a beautiful body described how she’d had a couple of experiences eating pussy in her adolescence and how she wanted to see what it was like in adulthood. One of the women was, like me, just there to watch.

At her turn, Ali said, “I’m Ali, and I’m visiting OnaSpa with my best friend Elle, who’s over there, for moral support. The only girl I’ve gone down on is Elle. I did it last night, and I enjoyed it a lot, but I want to try it other women. I love to masturbate and stay nude for long stretches of time, so this place is unbelievably perfect for me.”

“So, thank you everyone for sharing,” Jessica said. “What I want to do first is to show you guys the camera seat. I can perform certain techniques, and you can see them up close on those TV screens,” she said, pointing to 4 large flat panel TVs on each wall.

Jessica beckoned to the back of the room behind me and there was Lydia! Ali and I waved to her and she flashed a bright smile.

“Lydia is my assistant for this class and she’s going to be my ‘demonstration subject’.”

Lydia knew this to be her cue and headed toward the middle of the front wall where the camera-equipped exam table sat. Lydia climbed up on the table, and Jessica helped her legs into the footrests. Jessica grabbed Lydia’s hips and guided them into a certain position, and then she flicked on a switch. Suddenly we could see Lydia’s vagina vividly displayed on the screen, from an angle.

“So first I want you girls to choose a partner. Maybe just pick the person nearest you. You’ll all get a chance to eat several girls, so don’t over think it.

Ali turned to the girl nearest her. Her name was Kyle and she was extraordinarily beautiful, a sort of sandy blonde, with nicely trimmed pussy hair. They held hands and then hugged each other for reassurance.

“So once you’ve chosen a partner, decide between yourselves who’ll be the receiver and who’ll be the giver. There are exam tables like this one, or you can choose a day bed or even a chair. Whatever’s more comfortable, or sexy, or both. The exam tables can be raised or lowered to make it more comfortable for the girl doing the licking.”

Ali and Kyle decided Kyle would be the giver first. Each of the five pairs of girls moved to a spot in the room—most choosing the exam tables, surprisingly. The ‘receivers’ mounted their tables or beds and their partners helped them spread their legs and put their feet in the right places.

“I’m sooo nervous,” Ali mouthed silently to me as she settled in with her legs agape.

Audibly, I said, “You look great. Enjoy it.”

Ali and Kyle were talking back and forth, giggling nervously. I overheard Ali say, “Let me know if it doesn’t taste, uh, right and I’ll go freshen up.”

Kyle replied, “Ok, no problem. I’m sure it’ll be great.”

“You seem confident,” Ali said in amazement.

“No, not really. I have major butterflies. But I’m glad my first time is with you. You are really gorgeous and nice.”

Jessica’s voice interrupted their conversation. “Ok, so I want to give just some basic pointers, so look over here or up at the screens. How many girls are wet already? Raise your hands.”

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