Cheating with Redheaded Lawyer

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Tammy and I had arranged to meet for a networking lunch a few weeks earlier. I hadn’t thought much about her until I saw her waiting in front of her building for me. Stopped at the light just before her building I could see her hair blowing in the wind, the tight red curls blowing across her face. She was wearing a black pantsuit that highlighted her amazing ass. As I pulled up to the curb I waived and she was opening the door when I did something unexpected. With my thumb and pinky I slipped my wedding ring off and placed it in the door. I felt an immediate surge of excitement. Tammy was a forty-year-old woman, recently divorced and very attractive. I kept asking myself why I removed the ring.

Just as I asked myself this question I surprised myself again by saying, “You look amazing, I love your hair.” Tammy was a bit surprised by my enthusiasm, but she was used to controlling the situation.

Lunch came and went and as she sipped her coffee she made some comment about how she was too old for guys my age (35). I quickly responded, “Oh no, you are EXACTLY my type.” It was a little forward, a little awkward and we sat in relative silence until the bill came. Driving back to her office was just as awkward, with almost no words exchanged.

When I pulled next to the curb Tammy asked, “Do you want to take the rest of the day off an come to my house?” I squeezed the steering wheel tightly and quickly agreed. I definitely wanted to.

When we got to her place Tammy went straight for her bedroom and undressed. We weren’t going to discuss this, we were simply going to do it.

Tammy stood in front of me naked. She was in surprisingly good shape for a forty-year-old woman. Her breasts were smaller than I had imagined, but they were perky and in proportion to her small waist. The tight red curls flowing down over her shoulders offset Tammy’s white skin. Her features were dark, her eyes were full of life, burning through mine as if she was looking for something. Tammy’s confidence was unmistakable, she was powerful, she was a woman who took what she wanted. Many men had stood in her bedroom all of them certain that Tammy would be amazing in bed.

I rubbed my ring finger with my thumb and remembered removing my wedding ring. I looked down as I did.

Tammy walked toward me and pressed her body against mine, wrapping her arms around me and asked, “Are you in love with her?”

I hesitated and she said, “I only have one rule, if you are going to sleep with me you can’t sleep with her anymore.” She spoke with diyarbakır escort authority and confidence; I could hardly imagine disobeying her. We began kissing and soon I found myself lying in her bed, our bodies in a tangled web of passion.

The moment I penetrated her was the first sign of vulnerability Tammy ever showed. She moaned as I entered her, her eyes closing, her hands squeezing my shoulders, her breathing strained. I quickened my pace and I could tell she was going to have an orgasm. She was completely out of control for the first time that evening. I smiled at her when she opened her eyes and she tried to speak, but couldn’t as she climaxed.

After her body relaxed I slowed my pace and began to prepare for my own orgasm when Tammy opened her eyes and said, “You can’t cum inside of me.”

I didn’t ask why, but soon had to pull out as I ejaculated on her stomach. After I did she pulled me to her lips and my semen got all over both of us. She told me how much she enjoyed it and then explained that she wasn’t on the pill and that I would need to wear condoms if I wanted to finish inside of her.

We lay next to each other for the next hour or so when she asked, “Won’t your wife wonder where you are?”

She was right, it was almost ten and I hadn’t checked in since five. I sat up on the side of the bed and agreed with her and began to identify my clothing around the room. Tammy got out of bed and began helping me to gather my things. I watched her move and as I did I became aroused once again, Tammy took note of my arousal and took my penis in her hand and softly asked, “Do you need to go again big boy?”

Tammy stood there, her back slightly arched, her breasts pointing upward, her legs spread apart slightly and the most devilish smile I had ever seen. She said, “Careful, you might fall in love with me.”

I grabbed her and said, “It might be too late” and I proceeded to kiss her.

Once we were back in her bed, Tammy climbed on top of me and said, “So we are making love this time?”

I nodded saying, “Definitely.”

Tammy rode my cock bringing herself to orgasm once more, once she was done she leaned forward placing her hands on my shoulders and said, “Do you want to cum inside of me?”

I thought to myself, of course I did, but did I want the consequences? Most certainly not. She was holding me deep inside of her as she rotated her hips back and forth seductively.

She leaned forward and whispered, “Do you want me to carry your baby?” Kissing edirne escort my lips lightly she then whispered, “You have to spend the night with me if you cum inside of me.”

Just then I came to my senses and rolled her to the side as I escaped just as I began to ejaculate on her sheets. She laughed as I fumbled for a towel saying, “I guess you have to get home.” This time I found my clothes, kissed her goodbye and promised to call. When I got home my wife was already asleep, I couldn’t help but feel horrible. This was the first time I had ever cheated.

The next day I called Tammy and arranged to meet her again, my guilt having subsided. We met for lunch and I spent the entire meal with a raging hard on and little if any appetite for food. Tammy, ever the control freak, explained that if I wanted to make love to her again I had to agree to three conditions a) I would have to consummate the relationship by going all of the way without a condom, b) I would have to spend the entire night and c) I would have to marry her if I got her pregnant. She told me to think about it as she leaned forward and kissed me goodbye. I sat at the table realizing that she was insane and that I couldn’t betray my wife anymore.

Three days later I called Tammy and explained that our brief affair was over, I wasn’t willing to accept her conditions. She understood and let me know that I should let her know if I changed my mind. It took several months to get Tammy out of my head. I had almost completely moved on when my company relocated to a new office complex, the same complex Tammy’s law firm was moving to. I began seeing Tammy in the courtyard eating her lunch or reviewing briefs. I saw her headed to her car. I saw her headed to the conference room. I saw her almost daily.

It took me a couple of weeks to ‘bump’ into Tammy. We exchanged pleasantries and chatted for a bit until she had to get to trial. We ‘bumped’ into each other several times a week for the next couple of months. I was working late, just after 6PM, when I saw Tammy headed to her office instead of heading home. I walked across the courtyard and let myself into her law firm’s reception area. No one was there so I began wandering around until I found her office. I stuck my head in and said hello, mentioning that I noticed she was working late.

Tammy had on a silk camisole and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Leaning over the desk pouring over papers I could see her nipples pressing against the silk. She had her heels off and she was digging in for a late work elazığ escort session. Tammy said hello, explained she had a big trial tomorrow and asked me to rub her neck. I stood behind her and massaged her shoulders and neck as she worked in silence. Tammy stopped working as she let her head hang down as I rubbed. My phone began to vibrate and I stopped rubbing to see who it was, it was my wife. I took a couple of steps toward the door and turned my back to Tammy and answered. As we discussed what time I would get home I felt Tammy’s hands encircle my waist. I could feel her body pressed against mine. Closing my eyes as I felt her warmth she took the phone out of my hand and closed it allowing it to drop to the floor.

I turned and Tammy and I began kissing. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest and I whispered, “I have missed being with you Tammy.”

We resumed kissing and I desperately wanted to make love to her, but she abruptly told me she had to get back to work. She kissed me on the cheek and told me to scram. I forgot my phone on the floor as I was ushered out of the office. After I got to my office I realized I left my phone and turned around to get it. When I got to the doorway I saw Tammy leaning back in her chair, her eyes closed, fingering herself. I quietly bent down and picked up my phone and knelt down in front of her and pushed her legs apart. Startled she began to stop me, but before she had a chance I had my tongue in her pussy. She let me eat her out until I brought her to orgasm.

I stood up and began unbuckling my pants and she told me I had to go, that she didn’t have time. I didn’t listen and as she stood I lifted her against the wall, slamming my cock inside of her. We collapsed to the floor as I began pounding her. She was loving it. I was completely dominating her as she accepted my cock deeper and deeper inside of her, her back arching her legs wrapping around my waist.

Tammy stared into my eyes and asked, “Are you going to cum inside of me?” I knew what she meant. Just as those words hung in the air my phone began to vibrate again. We both looked over at the phone and then back at each other.

Next, without thinking about the consequences, I said, “I can’t help myself, do you want me to?”

Tears formed in Tammy’s eyes and she said, “Yes, I want you to.”

I leaned forward and began kissing her as I filled her fertile womb with my seed. Tammy began to choke up as she told me she wanted me to stay, but she had to finish her closing. I had to go, but she wanted to spend tomorrow night together in her bedroom. I agreed.

When I got home I explained to my wife that I had to head to Austin the next day for a quick trip. She understood and I laid in bed awake all night thinking about Tammy.

To be continued…

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